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Democracy is an Illusion (Perspective)

January 4, 2021


The covidscam has alerted millions to the fact that the world is controlled by a small cabal of satanist central bankers who wish to enslave us. Most everyone who is "successful" serves their demented agenda. This article from 2005 provides background for people new to our ugly political reality.

from Aug 20, 2005

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

A "Far Side" cartoon describes our innocence about democracy.

A slave rowing a Viking ship puts up his hand and calls to the whip master: "Yoo-hoo! Oh, yoo-hoo... I think I'm getting a blister."

Like this man, most people cling to the belief that our leaders represent our interests.

"Yoo, hoo, Mr. Bush, you lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction."

At an elite gathering, Bush peered under his lectern and quipped: "Where are those weapons of mass destruction?"

A tiny cabal of international bankers chooses our "leaders". This clique, which subtly controls every significant facet of our society is gradually establishing an Orwellian global police state. Much of the ruling class has been duped to think they are building a better world.

Prove it, you say?


"The Naked Capitalist" by W.C. Skousen (available at & is yet another smoking gun. It is based on the revelations contained in Professor Carroll Quiqley's "Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time." (1966)

Quiqley, a Professor of History at the Foreign Service School at Georgetown University was a trusted insider who had access to their private archives. He felt the plot, which he supported, was too important to be kept hidden. However, shortly after publication, his book was taken off the market.

Cleon Skoussen was an FBI agent for 16 years and the Police Chief of Salt Lake City for four years. His "The Naked Capitalist" distills the most shocking evidence from Quigley's daunting 1300-page book.

At just 122 pages, "The Naked Capitalist" (1970) is a concise, lucid and absolutely convincing account of the international banker conspiracy. Historians have betrayed the public trust by largely ignoring this material.


Quigley confirms that a network of banking dynasties has, in Skousen's words, "acquired a choke-hold on the affairs of practically the entire human race." According to Quigley, they include "Baring, Lazard, Erlanger, Warburg, Schroder, Selingman, the Speyers, Mirabaud, Malet, and above all Rothschild and Morgan." (Citations are from Tragedy and Hope, 51-52)

Quigley confirms that, starting with the Bank of England in 1694, these dynasties organized themselves in a system of central banks that charge their respective nations billions of dollars in interest for the privilege of using currency backed by the nations' own credit. In other words, they have carried off a swindle of monstrous proportions.

Quigley quotes William Gladstone who as Chancellor of the Exchequer said in 1852: "The government itself was not to be a substantive power in matters of Finance, but was to leave the Money Power supreme and unquestioned." (325)

This power of the Bank of England. . . was admitted by most qualified observers. In January, 1924, Reginald McKenna. . . as chairman of the board of the Midland Bank, told its stockholders: 'I am afraid the ordinary citizen will not like to be told that the banks can, and do, create money. . . . And they who control the credit of the nation direct the policy of Governments and hold in the hollow of their hands the destiny of the people.'" [25]

Able to create money out of nothing, they naturally grabbed as much of the world's real wealth as they could. Quigley writes about the formation of their American cartels: "The period 1884-1933 was the period of financial capitalism in which investment bankers moving into commercial banking and insurance on the one side, and into railroading and heavy industry on the other were able to mobilize enormous wealth and wield enormous economic, political and social power." (71)

Indeed their representatives, the "Eastern Establishment" i.e. the Morgans and now the Rockefellers run the United States. (72) The principle mechanism is the Council on Foreign Relations.

According to Quigley, the ultimate goal is "nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled the central banks...acting in concert." (324)

Quigley confirms that the bankers have usurped mankind's collective instincts by financing the Socialist and Communist movements. Bankers love big government because the ultimate monopoly is the State. Through it, they take over their competition and control debt, resources, market demand and labor.

Speaking of the Communist takeover of the US government in the 1930's and 1940's, Quigley writes, "it must be understood that the power that these energetic left-wingers exercised was never their own power of Communist power but was ultimately the power of the international financial coterie." (954)

In other words, millions of idealists committed to human brotherhood and equality were (and are) duped into advancing a totalitarian scheme to concentrate the world's wealth and power into the hands of the superrich. More opportunistic Leftists, Communists, Feminists and Globalists prosper while piously pretending to serve humanity.

The Money Power controls the debate and encourages gridlock by backing all shades of the political spectrum and marginalizing anyone who shines the spotlight on them. (Ever wonder why the word "Rothschild" has never crossed Noam Chomsky's lips? Or why the John Birch Society debunks the obvious fact that 9-11 was an "inside job?") The media is controlled through direct ownership and advertising.


Quigley writes: "To Morgan all political parties were simply organizations to be used, and the firm always was careful to keep a foot in all camps. Morgan himself, Dwight Morrow and other partners were allied with the Republicans; Russell C. Lewffingwell was allied with the Democrats; Grayson Murphy was allied with the extreme Right; and Thomas W. Lamont was allied with the Left." (945)

The Lamont family was "sponsors and financial angels to almost a score of extreme Left organizations including the Communist Party itself." (945)


A small cabal of people who are not even citizens hold the financial purse strings of every nation.

This goes a long way to explaining "globalization" and the push to one-world government. It explains the assault on race, religion, nation and family. The bankers want a homogenous deracinated neutered world that offers no basis of resistance.

It explains why in a time of supposed security danger, the southern border of the US is practically porous. The bankers want to undermine America's European character, which it perceives as a threat.

It explains the carte blanche Israel receives, the war on Iraq, and the fact that there is no opposition to the war in the mainstream parties or press. This war desecrates a cradle of civilization and assails Islam. It is also an opportunity to create more debt and enrich the bankers and their corporate allies.

It explains 9-11, the Patriot Repression Act and the phoney "War on Terror."

It explains the depraved mass media and stupefying education system. I could go on but you get the picture. We are krill at the mercy of a gigantic whale. At the very least, let's not waste energy thinking we live in a free and open society.

Our democracy is a ruse. Ostensibly it expresses the aspirations of the people. In reality, it masks the insidious anti-human agenda of the central bankers.

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Comments for "Democracy is an Illusion (Perspective)"

Bruce said (January 4, 2021):

Thank you so much for the latest (re ) post, "Democracy Is An Illusion ". I have not seen this one before.

So many need this refresher course because of Love of Money.

I know that, as usual, I benefitted.

John from Dublin said (August 24, 2005):

firstly would like to congratulate you on your piece entitled “Democracy is an Illusion” Your work is an eye opener for humanity and for those who will listen to you it is even more important its a breathe of fresh air.

I am sick of trying to convince people what is going on but they are so locked into their own matrix they will never listen.

I want to bring something to your attention have you watched a DVD called The Money Masters?

If not then I suggest you go to and order it as you will love it.

It is a presentation by an American Professor very detailed factual information.

Nancy from Iowa said (August 24, 2005):

So what do you propose that we do about this?? I am a 57-year-old
grandmother with a bad knee who can barely get through the day. I also have
a severe loss of cartilage in my neck. I am an honest and decent citizen who
tries to live by the golden rule. I have five precious grandchildren who
deserve a chance at a decent life. My mother is a recent widow who is crippled and needs my assistance as often as possible. What on earth can someone in my position do to make this world safer and better for the next generation? Is there any hope...or should I just take some extra sleeping pills and forget it. I try to pass on articles like yours, but people just
get mad at me and tell me that I need to "get off the internet" and get a
hobby. ~Nancy from Iowa


I would ignore these problems and concentrate on nurturing those around you and projecting a positive happy energy. We all can serve in different ways.


Gail said (August 24, 2005):

Right on! Thank you for the courage to share what needs to be shared. I wish that I did not have to agree with you. Alas, reality is what it is.

If you see Svali,

tell her I owe her a debt of gratitude. I affirm everything she has written. Please tell her that SHE IS A GIFT TO HUMANITY. She is also a gift to me personally. No one could have affirmed my reality except one who has been there.

Bless you both forever. To God be the Glory.

Pete said (August 23, 2005):


Have just sent your article about lack of democracy to my wife to photocopy it so I can give it to my friends.

You write some good stuff which has lost me a friend, but that’s no problem to me….. there are bigger things at stake.

Please keep writing and opening eyes to true spiritual realities behind the scenes.

Michael (Houston) said (August 23, 2005):

We en masse seem to suffer the paradoxical "...infirmity of will"

....Ralph Waldo Emerson, Compensation and Self quoted in text

"Discontent is the want of self reliance. It is infirmity of will."....

Robert said (August 22, 2005):

"The Whale & The Krill" sounds like the title for one of Aesop's fables. Alas, not.

I believe you have revealed the Elite's grand design, the complete submersion of the caucasian "masses", which to my disappointment would include fine intellectuals like you and Norm Finkelstein, charming Ashkenazis though you may well be, but surely thorns in the Zionist bottom.

The Elites have caused the "visible" managements of Western nations and the US to roll out their red carpets, though there will be some self-serving deceitful high-level handwringing about "invaders". By grand design, Great Britain and The Netherlands will soon be Muslim countries.

While, here in the US we already have Hispanics as over 50% of the populations in 4 states, with more to come swiftly thanks to unlimited border crossing and rampant reproduction, which is bound to ensue if you put twelve hot-blooded mixed illegals in one motel room in the dark with no working television.

A nearly brain-dead, anxious and distracted population has made little reaction to the expressed intention of the Hispanics to dominate the entire Country.

"Depraved mass media" and "stupefying education". You're right. You could go on and on. Oppressive fascist oligarchy covers most of it all for me.

More complete understanding arrives when you consider the dismal character and low intelligence of the President who the Elites managed to illegally install twice in a row. Talk about utter contempt for the public.

Well, it could be worse. The poor Britains will soon be at risk of losing cherished body parts under strict Moslem fundamentalist law, while hopefully I'll be condemned to something more Napoleonic, with the possibility of wanton women bringing themselves and wine to my comfortable cell now and then in order to improve my Spanish.

And, to think several years ago I was about to enroll in a Cantonese language class. Tough to keep up those bad boys.

Alan (Newcastle, UK) said (August 22, 2005):

Dear Henry

You have noticed the madness.

Debt emasculates the borrower and empowers the lender – it’s a simple

The credit free-for-all of the last 7 years is so exceptional in its
magnitude and so globally pervasive in its reach, that suspicion about the
banking industry’s real motives must be expounded.

Debt levels are not just high, they are preposterously so, and the
socio-economic profiles of many borrowers are historically unparalleled and
simply don’t make sense without reverting to ‘conspiracy’ as an explanation.

Student debt for example is anomalous. Suddenly, under-achieving kids who
can barely string a sentence together are getting outstanding A-grades in
Advanced level papers and getting places in some of the UK’s top
universities. It just doesn’t make sense without proposing that debt is
driving it.

What’s more, irresponsible lending has reached levels of absurdity that are
making newspaper column inches internationally. When infirm and economically
inactive pensioners are being offered loans they could never dream of paying
off, alarm bells should start ringing.

I can only conclude the scam is precursor to a terrifying calamity being
prepared for humanity with debt as the means by which social control can
continue to be wielded.

These past few years of seemingly unending prosperity (built on debt) have
been enough to get the people hooked on pleasure, so much so that they will
do anything to continue getting their fix, even if it means selling their

A short period of banker-inspired austerity either through war, economic
collapse or probably both, will get the people clamouring to have their
luxury appetites slaked once again. They will scream out for a ‘saviour’ who
will wipe their slate clean with the only condition being they are signed up
to an innovative new cashless banking system requiring the insertion of a
micro-chip for their own protection and security. For more details see
Revelation 13.

John said (August 22, 2005):

Dear Henry,
I'm a longtime fan, and simply must congratulate you on your latest article,
so short, so sweet, so true!

I'm also a longtime reader of Lew Rockwell's daily postings, and subscribe to the
libertarian viewpoint. But your article made me wonder. You mention that
the banking cartel make sure they have influence in all camps but
marginalise anyone who points the searchlight at the cartel itself. You
point out, for instance, that Chomsky makes sure never to commit this
cardinal error. Well, this is true of LRC, too. I've been waiting for
articles pointing the finger at Zionism, or at the international bankers,
but all you ever get is a celebration of 'the free market'. Fair enough, in
that 'freedom' is the primary issue where libertarianism is concerned. But
what about the 'freedom' to conspire, to monopolise, to dominate, etc? Lew
Rockwell simply never lets this question arise.

Libertarians rightly point out that the traditional left-right split in
politics is a sham, and that all parties along this axis promote centralised
state power as against the freedom of the individual. They posit a vertical
alternative to the conventional horizontal axis. This altenative is based
on the issue of individual freedom versus the power of the state. On this
axis, all tradition politicians, and politics in general, rank extremely
low, while libertarianism and anarchism rank extremely high. At this level
of thought, there is tremendous debate about how far you can reduce the size
of intrusive government. There are 'minarchists' who propose a minimal
state, and 'anarchists' who propose the complete absence of state power.
Anarchists say that any minarchist state will inevitably attract
power-hungry politicians and end up as a monster. Take the USA, founded as
a minimal state and ending up as it is now, a maximal one (despite the
supposed protections of the constitution and Bill of Rights).

Lew Rockwell's libertarianism is primarily concerned with money and
property. Capitalism is defended, since it is an intrinsic feature of a
free market. But what if a cartel of capitalists pretty much own all the
major world governments? Then, state coercion can be used to promote the
interests of monopoly capitalists and bankers, and individual freedom is
inevitable diminished. News media can be owned or suborned and used as
propaganda tools on behalf of the ruling elite. University and research
funding can be used to suppress any knowledge dangerous to the controllers.

So now I ask: are Chomsky and Rockwell dupes or, even worse, red-herring

I could go on, but I'll leave it there and thank you again for an inspiring

Dear John,

Chomsky knows that he would not be working at MIT if he mentioned the Rothschilds. Whether he is an active agent I don't know. As for Lew R, if he isn't making $, he probably just has a limited view.


Carlos said (August 22, 2005):

"When is America going to wake up?"

I think America will not wake up because so many
people are on medication. When people have a personal crisis in this country they allow "health care professionals" to convince them they need
pharmaceutical, synthetic, chemical drugs to help them cope. In reality, they need the nutrients no longer in the soil, hence, no longer in the food. They need the toxins removed from the air and water.

Everyone is suffering
from a biochemical imbalance. I believe all of this
is not the doing of governmental bumbling idiots,
morons, misguided and misled public servants, it's
intentional. That's the only way it makes sense.

People become agitated by the complete lack of common sense in what they see happening. They must play political games to keep their jobs. They must sell out their fellow man to retain the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.


Martin said (August 22, 2005):

Mr. Makow, Thank you for your brilliant

observations. Our supposedly

enlighten society has no clue. We have never been a nation of free people. The power/money mongers play with us as if we were a board game. They have all the power and money they want. Playing the game gives them the ultimate satisfaction. When they tire of toying with us, they will let us implode.

Brian said (August 21, 2005):

Sir a great article,I only wish that the majority of Americans would understand this,I know this,and have lost most of my friends and family for even talking about the Illuminat and new world order and how our country is more communist than free,Bush needs another 911 attack and we will have martial law,there goes the consititution out the window.

Its now Bush this dumb ass is only a stooge for the intl bankers,zionists,and secret satantic masons.I as a 62 yr old vietnam vet,know the lies of all wars,which are caused by bankers and war profiteers and etc,since the begining of time.

Thanks again and God Bless you for your work,they will one day come for us,who talk like this,I got plenty of ammo and still a good shot,as asshole bush says bring em on.

Mario said (August 20, 2005):

Frank Zappa once said that when the illusion of democracy and freedom
stop being profitable in Amereeka, all the props will be thrown aside,
the curtain will rise and you will see a huge brick wall. You seem to
echo those very same thoughts and thats why Im starting to respect you
Dr. Makow. Most people seem to forget that The US is a republic with
democratic principles. I dont hate America, but I do despise the corrupt
scum that run the government. Good day

Dian said (August 20, 2005):

Smoking gun, you say, Henry?
The challenge of pointing to "the smoking gun" these days is best answered with a question: "Which one would you like to see first?"

Pavlov (Australia) said (August 20, 2005):

How succinctly you put it, Henry. You're selling wake-up pills to the masses. I wonder if they will be able to afford to pay for them. I know that you might say that they can't afford to be without them. I think the truth is that their spiritual poverty certainly threatens to consume them. Still, having legs to do so, one must stand up in the face of the devil. Carry on!

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at