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Here Come The Lesbian Rangers!

September 16, 2022


Back to school 2022. 

When this article first appeared in 2005, we didn't realize it described the start of an official government policy to foist lesbianism, a developmental disorder, on unsuspecting youth. In 17 short years, the campaign to cause gender dysfunction has reach the point of encouraging youth to change their gender. Our society is truly satanically possessed. Happiness is the result of fulfilling our natural gender identities. Satanism perverts/inverts nature.

This article shows how even lesbians admit it is caused by family dysfunction.

This is the equivalent of the university and government hiring two middle-aged males to meet virgins, go camping and initiate them.

By Henry Makow PhD

University students continue to face a bizarre government campaign to make them homosexuals, part of the Masonic banker attack on marriage, family and the birth rate.

At the University of Winnipeg, co-eds were invited to participate in a lesbian "Reorientation Week."

They were asked to become "rangers" with the "Lesbian National Parks and Services," the brainchild of local "performing artists" Shauna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. (See Poster)

This is the equivalent of the university and government hiring two middle-aged males to meet co-eds, go camping and have sex.

The two womyn had a "field office" in the university art gallery staffed by a university employee in ranger uniform. They took part in pancake breakfasts, barbecues and interviews on campus radio.

"Lesbian Rangers salute and welcome you!" their brochure said. "Here you will encounter new, even life-changing lifestyles and ideas. These may challenge you in uncomfortable ways."

The university art gallery, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council, sponsored this obscene attack to the tune of about $10,000. This doesn't include thousands of taxpayer dollars already expended on their promotional video and "Field Guide" which includes examples of lesbian "flora and fauna."

Their message: "Homosexuality is natural. Question the heterosexual model. Heterosexuality is a social invention."

When I went to university, students learned to question authority. Today, they learn to question their gender.


Does the LNPS actually exist? This is social engineering masquerading as art, propaganda disguised as parody. It is a shock tactic. Eventually the outrageous becomes accepted. Often, what happens in the imagination occurs in reality.

The Lesbian Rangers don't actually work in any parks. But the artists claim to have hundreds of junior members called "Eager Beavers."

Their video (online) is full of such double entendres and sexual innuendo. The two "bush women" leave "no stone or lesbian unturned." It's a "lesbian-eat-lesbian-world." Knots are practiced in various bondage positions. Their website is called www.fingerinthe

Yet, in the video, they fine a heterosexual male $100 for wearing a lewd T-shirt ("Blow me") and intimidate him when he protests. He is reprimanded for "threatening the lesbian environment." Rangers are urged to make "citizen's arrests."

In the video, they "rescue" a straight female from drowning. She is enchanted by her hairy-legged saviors and "sees the world through brand new eyes."


If the University of Winnipeg is an indication, universities are playgrounds for lesbianism. It makes sense. Enrollment is already 2-1 female.

In June 2001, the University of Winnipeg made headlines when high school students attending a summer art history course complained they were shown lesbian porn and instructed to use zucchinis instead of seeking male companionship. The instructors were not removed.

The following year, the "Womyn's Center" sponsored an event where co-eds had casts made of their breasts! Imagine if heterosexual male students sponsored such an event.

Each February, the gay-dominated student council sponsors a "Question Your Gender" week.

The "Sexual Harassment Officer" stated that the university takes a grim view if only one student is made "uncomfortable." Apparently this rule only applies to the discomfort of feminists, gays and lesbians. The claim of "victimhood" masks an aggressive destructive ideology.

In Women's Studies courses, co-eds learn to be feminist "change agents" and harass professors who step out of line. Women's Studies originated in the training schools of the US Communist Party in the 1940's. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsors Women's Studies. If you Google "Rockefeller Foundation" and "Women's Studies," you will get 117,000 entries.


Lesbian activists are funded by the Illuminati bankers to depopulate and destabilize society in advance of "world government." Their message is that lesbianism is not a developmental disorder but a natural alternative for women.


Unfortunately, many ex-lesbians disagree. In her book, "Restoring Sexual Identity" Anne Paulk surveyed 265 ex-lesbians like herself and conducted numerous personal interviews. She found that,  "same-sex attraction is seldom really driven by sexual needs; it is driven by an unconscious desire to be loved and to trust another person. It is also frequently driven by a desire to reconnect with the feminine but in the wrong way."

"Childhood trauma, poor self-image, anger at men, poor relationships with either or both parents, and pro-homosexual media propaganda are several key elements in women developing an attraction to other women."

In... the "classic development of lesbian attraction," Paulk discovered that these women had ... domineering, critical, detached, or weak mother; and/or ... a father who was detached, critical or abusive."

"In many cases, the mother was viewed as weak or was cruelly dominated by her husband. Seventy-five percent of the women viewed the male as a more favorable role model for their lives--with a rejection of their own gender and pursuit of male characteristics."

"An astounding 90 percent experienced some form of abuse themselves. This abuse was not just sexual but included emotional abuse (70 percent), sexual (more than 60 percent), and verbal abuse (more than half of those surveyed.) "


As far as I could tell, University of Winnipeg students mostly avoided the Lesbian Rangers. But there are many feminist or lesbian professors who are harder to avoid. They make their dogma of male oppression of women (i.e. divide-and-conquer) a prerequisite for a passing grade.

Let's not mince words. Orwell's "1984" has arrived. The government and universities are foisting a developmental disorder caused by dysfunctional families on our children.

Dempsey and Millin try to be campy and nice but they are really obnoxious hypocrites. Like fellow lesbian Irshad Manji, they are New World Order "change agents," cultural agitators highly paid to subvert the young. Destruction of the family is a main tenet of the Illuminati's Communist Manifesto.

The LNPS motto is "Treat a Lesbian as you would like a Lesbian to Treat You." I ask them, do they want to be treated like they are treating straights? What if straight society launched a comparable campaign teaching them that their deepest life desires are not natural but a "social construct"? Can you imagine the cries of homophobia?

It's ironic that they refer to lesbians as an endangered species.

Heterosexuals are the real endangered species. They are the ones who conceive and nurture the young in nuclear families. And when they disappear, so will the human race as we know it.


The Heterosexual Closet

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Comments for "Here Come The Lesbian Rangers!"

Sandy said (September 16, 2022):

recently spoke with a lesbian friend who I'd known had emotional issues, but didn't know why, except that she had no contact with her family. She told me she had finally laid charges of sexual abuse against her brother. It had taken 40 years of mental torture which has ruined her life effectively, for her to finally do something about it. she described the huge weight that had been lifted from her shoulders and now put on him to deal with.

Although one of my oldest lesbian schoolfriends seems to always have had a lesbian orientation and came from a loving, supportive family, over the years I had noticed a pattern of a number of my lesbian friends having had traumas with men in their lives, so I asked this friend if she was aware of this pattern and she just nodded yes. I am also researching my family history in Tasmania and I am finding stories of sexual violence perpetrated against my female ancestors in every generation, including my own mother being sexually assaulted by my grandfather. Eight of my ancestors came here as convicts, so they were a pretty rough lot, but sexual violence towards women has always been there, and has increased again here in Oz thanks to the lockdowns, particularly vicious in Victoria, where they are recording the biggest levels of mental illness and fear, unsurprisingly, according to a recent survey of the misery caused by the lockdowns.

I think lesbianism has presented itself to women who have suffered from dysfunctional families as a viable way to have a loving relationship when they can't trust men, while the underlying problem that causes sexual violence, controlling, elitist and therefore infantilising attitudes that us feminists used to call patriarchy, has now been applied to everyone in the guise of women's liberation! It is a cunning perversion of women's desire for the removal of legal, economic and social discrimination and to be free of the fear of sexual violence. As the Protocols describe, our masters have let us distract ourselves with so many "opportunities"while they were preparing to snare us all in their debt trap. Wives didn't pay taxes and couldn't get credit, that's why THEY sponsored feminism. We have now ALL been infantilised by the fascist nanny state, because "Mother knows best" and it's "for your own good", or for Gaia's good of course.

Forget the content; look at the behaviour. Unless humans mentally evolve to take personal responsibility through co operation and respect and stop controlling behaviour while lazily obeying tyrants (they go together of course!), we are doomed. This is the Great Reset we should be working on!

Anonymous said (September 16, 2022):

The title for the poster would better read, “Lesbian Derangers”, and the event, “Disorientation Week”!

Warren said (August 31, 2015):

t's so easy to poke fun at the establishment crowd, it's almost hard to resist. I now call them the GAYIM. The gayim are the people who latch onto movie and television's every trend and are so easily moulded into whatever message corporate advertisers are trying to send, including university publications. Of course the world belongs to them, they're the followers who couldn't see any other better way other than the one that was paved for them. They may have power and influence, but they don't have any control whatsoever. Their pride is turning into hubris and will mean their downfall. Real people have control and have ethical boundaries. Phoney people overindulge and have no ethical boundary. I believe the conversion of all religions to moral nihilism was part of the communist manifesto if I'm not mistaken.

These lesbian rangers can have a completely lesbian society for all I care, then let us hear the gayim scream for sperm donors! Or maybe they would miss us men, and engage in some sperm taking before throwing us out. The bottom line for me is, if you're that morally degraded that you can't see how messed up your relationship with the world is, I don't want anything to do with you. These people think money is the solution to their problems, that's why they crave so much attention and power and influence.

They totally ignore all of the things that are worth more than money. After the role reversal is complete, we'll have a wealth reversal, where the rich will become the poor and the poor will become the rich. Humanity is getting trashed before our eyes.

Al Thompson said (August 31, 2015):

Again, this is a good example of why there never should be free public education. This is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto and the purpose is to destroy the lives of the children. Nuclear weapons can't do as much damage as the promotion of homosexual activity.

The promotion of this lesbian nonsense is to destroy mankind. Homosexuals have very short lifespans and so the purpose of this is to kill the children or set the conditions for their eventual and early demise.

Homosexuality is completely unnatural and it offends God's natural order on every level. It will destroy all of those people who participate in it. It always produces bad results.

The professors who promote this garbage are brain rapists.

Dan said (August 31, 2015):

Predatory. Parents should have sued the University.

"Approximately 1 in 8 lesbian women and nearly half of bisexual women experience rape in their lifetime, and statistics likely increase when a broader definition of sexual assault is used."

And that statistic comes from the National Center for Lesbian Rights.

Victoria said (August 31, 2015):

Surely, these women are ‘hoisting themselves on their own petard’ because by offering courses encouraging young women to be lesbians, they are implying that we have a choice as to our sexuality.

My take is that we come to this earth, in this particular body, and at this time, for a reason. Sure, as the ‘Satanists’ would have it, we can ‘do what thou wilt’, and choose the negative path, but life instantly becomes easier when we accept what we have been given, and use it in service of the Creator.

George K said (August 31, 2015):

"…heterosexuality is a social invention", obviously, these individuals have never been introduced to their body or its functions, the facts of life. It may be safely stated that they hate life, in its created form.

AG said (August 31, 2015):

As someone who was sexually abused by my mother and by my older sister --two sexually confused people, who took their degeneracy out on a child --I cannot even read this article in its totality, but I will say this:

If homosexuality is so natural, then why can't two women having sex, or two men having sex make a child? It is an impossibility.

Laura said (September 30, 2009):

I was researching the artists Dempsey and Millan when I saw their names (and website title) in Toronto's Nuit Blanche agenda, and came across your article "Here Come the Lesbian Rangers!" I thought I would write because I had a couple comments.

First of all, bravo for a.) speaking out on this, and b.) being a male speaking out on this. As a heterosexual female, I often feel the presence of what equates to lesbian pressuring in media and art. Like you, I have no problem with lesbians, and applaud when they have the confidence to stand up for themselves when being discriminated (as I will stand up for them, or any discriminated party, in such a case). However, I do not applaud when their activists make it seem unnatural to be heterosexual and deny heterosexuality's important role in humanity (and nearly every species on Earth). Too often have people confused activism and extremism. This appears to be one such case.

It surprised me that the Women's Centre didn't have a similar activity for making casts of male genitalia, as my poor memory seems to believe has been known to happen. To be honest, to me, any such casual depiction of intimate bodily parts seems a bastardization of both art and respect for the human body. I'm not a prude, but I have respect for both, maybe in more conservative?/traditional?/non-progressive? ways, if this kind of activity is not considered extreme.

I was interested to read about some of Anne Paulk's findings in your article, and since a young age noticed similar trends -- though of course it would have been taboo and possibly discriminatory to even talk about this then (and still now). I would be very interested in a large-scale study of this, to see if it really is a trend or just that the outliers stand out to us, but good luck to anyone who tries. That is the part that makes me most uncomfortable about the situation right now -- that 'anti-discriminatory' efforts would actually prevent real research from being done -- even though true research is neutral! (Forgive the truism, but I'm a Research Analyst by trade and very protective of its integrity!)

I especially liked your second-to-last paragraph contemplating whether the Lesbian Rangers would appreciate being treated like possible converts. I tend to agree that 'treat as you would like to be treated' is as good a maxim as any for behavior toward others, and the idea that the group's own proclamation crumbles when directed at themselves indicates something is wrong.

Anyway, I realize you wrote this in 2005 so it's likely not been at the top of your mind of late, but I just wanted to thank you for writing it.

Judy said (September 7, 2009):

The homosexual situation has gotten out of hand. When I went to Barnard in 1949 on a full scholarship, I found the lesbian element so pervasive and offensive that I never finished my Freshman year. Of course, I was too naive to quite know what was going on. I believe the "Seven Sisters" even then were known for producing lesbians. Are we experiencing an evolutionary or genetic phenomenon? If so, is it naturally occurring or is it being guided? And, if so, by whom or what? We are producing generations of inferior men of both men and women. God help us -- nobody else will.

Mike said (September 7, 2009):

've been an avid reader (haven't missed an article) of yours for over four years now. Thank you! Wanted to congratulate you on the (possible) record amount of comments (851 as of now) and let you know that you caused a quit a stir on Infowars, a site I've checked out now and then for the past year. Although the site exposes the NWO, most comments for your post were from outrage and people who don't see how sex plays a part in our destruction. That's terribly unfortunate.

Although many left comments saying you're "crazy", I have loyalty to you and realize that you are a very different breed of intellect. Unfortunately, many of Alex Jones readers come off as uneducated, which is just the label the media wants to give to any right wing gunlaw patriots-which really upsets me. However, I give Alex kudos and believe that more of your articles on his site could eventually teach a whole new crowd about the evils of feminism etc. and expose them to another major side of this whole Illumiato-von-Femi-Satan-New Age we're being forced into.

I don't try to peg God into one mold although I am a Christian through and through. For whatever reason God lead me to your site while in school and I could write to you daily for the next twenty years about incidents that paralleled and proved everything you've said. Thanks again!

Eddie said (September 5, 2009):

I am in a state of shock because now we have the Lesbian Rangers, and years ago we have women's liberation, and you just know that someone was gaming the system. Now, listen to me carefully as when the women's liberation was placed into effect in the 1970's who got the benefit? Well,
I did as got laid almost every night, and it was called a bit of free love from liberated women.

The system was gamed by the elite, to brainwash women into free sex. Women were conned and we men got the benefit of so-called women's liberation, and remember it well, as they were free to do what they wanted, and this was a great time for all men, or a con against all women, and then they all went into the work force to pay taxes to
the elite. This was the plan.

Well, the publisher for MS. Magazine being a nice Jewish Girl by the name of Gloria Steinem who was the feminist for all women in American came clean as the CIA funded her operation for 500K to destroy the family unit, and now we have Lesbian Rangers in our Universities so what the
hell is this about? Women had to be socially engineered into the work force away from a family unit to pay taxes, and that was the con.

Listen to Henry as he says divide and conquer. Well went to University many years ago, and never met a gay or the lesbian in my life back then, and am sure they existed in one form or another. I went out in my youth to clubs and
they were there, and it was an educational process as I never was one to discriminate against a lifestyle, but did indeed take a look, and in youth saw them all in secret.

Omg, now we got the Lesbian Rangers within the system of education to brainwash young students which is nothing more than social engineering to accept divide and conquer, and listen to me now as Henry has it right and let there be no mistake about what he is saying, as it is all an agenda
to destroy the family unit. All these Lesbian Rangers are too brainwashed and the agenda goes on.

Glenn said (September 5, 2009):

I haven`t owned a Television for close to 3 years, but recently bought a nifty flat screen in which to watch quality films and interesting and informative You Tube videos etc via an AVG cable which runs from my laptop. In a moment of weakness, I made a poor decision to get `cable `. I rationalized it would be nice to watch some local newz, get traffic reports and whatever...

Being in the Construction business for most of my adult life, I began watching the plethora of Home Renovation Shows. I was shocked to see that so many of the new programs of this genre in the last few years have identical formats; A strong `masculinized ` woman, as the Host, and a wimpy fag as the trusty sidekick.

I`m thinking to myself, `What the hell is this crap all about ..`

So after reading so many of your articles on this so-called societal phenomenon - this top down social engineering. London based banking cartel, zionist - masonic - illuminati controlled media etc..

I was flabbergasted at the blatantly obvious foisting of feminism and homosexual values ie: New socially accepted behavior being literally RAMMED right down our throats. This is the mind-control method they use to subvert us. To trick us into believing by `conditioning ` us to accept this new behavior as though it were...get this....NORMAL.

If it was not for the fact that I decided back then, to disconnect my brain 100% from any and all forms of msmbs ( main stream media bull shit ), there is no doubt in my mind that I would never have even NOTICED this sneak attack trend to poison our minds.

I was asleep.I decided it was high time to wake up, however the wake up call I received, was one hell of a rude awakening..

Its so ironic, that nowadays, what gets passed off as intellectual, cutting edge brilliance, used to be referred to by another classic colloquialism.

Common Sense. sadly, this ain't so common anymore.

PS. I still have the TV , but I called my cable company recently, and told them to cut me loose - I`m going back to sanity again.

Sarah-Australia said (November 10, 2005):

How could you, as a mere male, have discovered the secret plans of us
lesbian/feminist (the terms are obviously interchangeable; no such thing as
a straight feminist) cell groups to infiltrate mainstream society and
convert all of society to homosexuality, eradicating all penised persons who
do not wish to be crushed beneath the fetishistic leather jackboots of Our
Glorious Leaders? Truly, sir, you are a true man, intelligent, forthright
and bold, granting this display of such aggressive manhood as to make my
weak feminine heart pitter-pat and almost long for the hard, virile
masculinity of such a one as yourself. Be converted now and win approval of
your future leaders with some hot male-on-male loving today, before you are
put to slave labour for Our enjoyment in witnessing the glistening coat of
sweat covering your of-course muscular and tanned torso...but I get

Freeman said (September 16, 2005):

Survey Finds More Women Try Bisexuality

More women — particularly those in their late teens and 20s — are experimenting with bisexuality or at least feel
more comfortable reporting same-sex encounters, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Phil from Dublin said (September 16, 2005):

I've just noticed that the ordinary people (like me) are beginning to wake up to what you've been saying for years, about how the manipulation of society to make homosexuality the "norm" and heterosexuals "wacky", just today I was checking into soccer message board for "Celtic FC", and one of the post read like this:

Is it frowned upon in today’s society to be heterosexual?

Everywhere I look its girls kissing each other, women kissing each other on TV, men kissing each other and men declaring undying love on TV.

J.D. said (September 15, 2005):

Well Henry, I looked over that lesbian ranger nonsense site and it was
kind of disturbing. Im no prude but what these people are doing is
outright recruitment for gay sex. but I have to say im not totally
shocked anymore. anyway, the reason Im writting I wanted to point
something out. On their website they seem to use the terms "lesbian" and
"feminist" interchangably. in fact, to them ITS THE SAME THING.

They at least they are freakishly honest huh?

Tracy said (September 15, 2005):

read your recent article: Here Come The Lesbian Rangers!, which I found to be very interesting and well written. I can see your point of
view, and although I don't feel your pain - I can see where a straight man might take offense, be a little nervous and feel the need to defend
himself or strike back, (however misguided). The only part of your article I feel the need to comment on is your summary:

Let me answer your posed questions.

Do they want to be treated like they are treating straights?
They (WE) are already being treated like they treat straights. That is the point of their exercise. Maybe they have taken it a bit far, continuing to treat all straight people with such malcontent, but that
is the way (we) are treated by straight people everyday. That is why their 'performance art' is cynical and ironic. It is a satire of how
gay people are treated by straight people - everyday.

What if straight society launched a comparable campaign teaching them that their deepest life desires are not natural but a "social

HELLO? What planet are you living on? Gay people have to deal with
every religious zealot and right-winged conservative in this country
campaigning against us everyday and in every arena of society. Telling
us "it is unnatural", "it goes against God", we're going to burn in hell, "adam & eve - not adam & steve", that we are not worthy of the
same rights as straight couples, that we are incapable of raising children and a plethora of other misguided theories, ignorant rants and
various insults.

Do YOU (as a straight man) get insulted like that on a daily basis?
Does it really hurt your feelings so much that a group of lesbians is fighting back and making a statement against everyone else in the world
who hates them (yourself excluded of course). Are you really going to deny the existence of gay discrimination?

Do they want to be converted?
Of course they do not want to be converted. It's called sarcasm, which I'm a little afraid you either didn't get or are simply denying. People say we can be converted all the time (as referred to in the ex-lesbian segment). They are simply playing that back to the straight community.
If people think we can be converted, then obviously straight people can
be converted as well. In reality, any halfway intelligent person can tell you that if you are born gay, no amount of 'conversion therapy'
will change that. If you are born straight, no amount of lesbian porn, wanting to 'reconnect with the feminine' or 'lesbian propaganda' is
going to change that. As for the so called 'ex-lesbians'. They are simply bisexual.

You can also take comfort in knowing that although I am a lesbian (no park ranger affiliation), my partner and I have conceived two lovely
children that are being loved and nurtured and taught to accept everyone for who they, to treat everyone the way they would want to be
treated, and not only to - not be threatened by those who stand up for their rights - but to stand up with them, because if we don't stand up
for others who then will be left to stand up for?


Dear Tracy,

I'm glad you have established a happy life although I wonder if your children will have the option to be heterosexual. The data indicates that 'born gays' are a small minority of the sample. In any case, I appreciate that you have experienced persecution but urge you to look beyond your personal situation to why monopoly capitalists are fostering homosexuality and undermining the heterosexual family. In the New World Order, the government will take over the breeding and indoctrination of each new generation.


From John:

Tracy says "my partner and I have conceived two lovely children that are being loved and nurtured and taught to accept everyone for who they, to treat everyone the way they would want to be
treated, and not only to - not be threatened by those who stand up for their rights - but to stand up with them, because if we don't stand up
for others who then will be left to stand up for?"

Perhaps she and her partner have stood up for the rights of the children they "conceived" - the right of every child to be a natural person, conceived in a natural way, raised in a natural family by his natural parents, that is, his mother and father.

Kate said (September 14, 2005):

Dear Mr Makow: yes heterosexuals are definitely an endangered species and that is no surpise as the agenda calls for depopulation of the planet by 50% and enslavement of most of the rest to hold up the pyramid and do the iluuminati's and their masters bidding. the illuminati are not communists per se but definitely a genetically modified organism which is currently trying hard and succeeding in controlling the goings on on this planet.

Can you think of a better way to depopulate than turn everybody into homosexuals? I don't know if this is their work but it certainly smacks of it. We do have powerful armaments at our disposal which they do not have and fear greatly. You actually stated it in your article when you asked the question based on the Golden Rule which is supposed to be based on love (not sex or liking or approval but Love, that which sees beyond, honors and respects all of creation and doesn't try to outdo the Creator or glorify the Ego. Keep using that power because the Earth needs it and the indiginous peoples need it and all Human Beings need it even those who are totally messed up but they have a much harder time receiving it because their hearts are closed. So pour out the Love into the Universe and everyone who has an open heart will get some of it and we will all be better off and on our way out of this mess.

Randi said (September 13, 2005):

The lesbian rangers are obviously parodying what straights have been doing to gays for decades. How disingenuous of you to ask such a question. With the vast majority of people being heterosexual and given the strength of such sex drives it is ridiculous to suggest that heterosexuals are an endangered species. I can only assume you're creating a bit of a joke yourself.

Get real. No matter how much someone tells you to be gay do you really think you're going to be convinced to do so? Or is that what you're really afraid of, your own suppressed same-sex attractions? As a bi-sexual I went through an anti-gay phase myself. Studies show that the people most afraid of gays are suppressing their own same-sex attractions, maybe its time you stopped choking off your feelings with hate and relax and just accepted what you're feeling - I certainly feel much better since I did.

Neri said (September 13, 2005):

(General Email) Recent events in my island of Trinidad in the Caribbean have led me to believe that the illuminati has a strong presence here.

We have had the government pushing through an Anti Terrorism Bill (a replica of the British one) to curtail our civil liberties and are now trying to get a police reform bill to pass which would give them control over the police service.

We have had three bombings in our capital city of Port of Spain within the last two months.The last one being Sepetember 9th 2005. No one ever thought these things could ever happen in our peacefull island. Kidnappings, murder,robberies and discrimination are the order of the day and the government does nothing. The population is terrified.

Our national lottery which was drawn on the September 10th 2005 drew a first prize number of 00911.

We seem to be mimicking events that have occured in the U.S. and the U.K.

Angela said (September 12, 2005):

admit that I am not a frequent visitor to your website, but was recently drawn there after reading your article "Here Come The Lesbian Rangers!" as it was posted on Jeff Rense' site.

I'm deeply offended by your insinuation that lesbian women are a group organized simply to corrupt American society, and/or to make others homosexual. Nothing can be farther from the truth. To try to drum up sympathy by claiming that society has to pay a price for the arrogance of a small minority absolutely reeks. "Poor me! I don't like the way others live their lives, so please feel sorry for me..."

We all must stand for what be believe and for what we know to be true in our hearts.

Lesbianism isn't any more of a choice than heterosexualism. I don't wake up every morning with the intent to corupt others, but rather to optimistically face another day. I pray every morning that others will simply allow me to live my life in peace. I don't flaunt my sexuality. I don't even acknowledge that I am lesbian. I don't ask for much, just that others respect my privacy and let me live as I choose. There is NO conspiracy here, yet we are made out to be the "bad guys."

If this is an organized effort by the NWO to subvert American society, I suggest you place the blame with the MEN who control the NWO.



You are another lesbian running interference for the activists instead of dissociating from them,as you should. Believe me lady, there is a conspiracy. And it isn't a male-female thing, as you typically suggest.


Doug said (September 12, 2005):

A great article I've just read on the Rense website of yours. One thing I
cant understand is that if these lesbians dislike & even hate men so much,
why do they go out of their way to look like us? Keep up the good

Felix said (September 11, 2005):

You know, life imitates art. Federico Fellini described very well what you are now writing about.
In La Citta di li Donne, The City of Women ( around 25 years ago), a lesbian army of nazi gestapo style, maintain "order". I encourage you to rent and see the movie and write a comment!.

Tamara in Winnipeg said (September 11, 2005):

Thank you for explaining what the "Lesbian Rangers" are. All week my boyfriend and I have been wondering what on earth they were doing wandering around our campus! I find it sad that the university would allow such a display to take place on campus, as it obviously does not reflect the opinions of the majority of the student body.

Sharon said (September 11, 2005):

I totally agree with your article on the invasion of Lesbians. Here in Santa Cruz, they have taken over the school system which has wrecked the education of our kids. When I was in Girl Scouts years ago the motto was love, honor, loyalty and help make humanity a better place to live. Now...what can I say that you have already put so well. Except...

Think Sodom and Gomarrah.

Alfred said (September 11, 2005):

Part of Canada's policy
of autogenocide through abortion, perversion and female higher education. A community that continually replaces itself with people from elsewhere is hardly a nation. In this respect, Canada is like the great Victorian
cities, where people were drawn from elsewhere (the countryside), lived in terrible squalor and died young to be replaced by new recruits.

Mita,formerely from India said (September 11, 2005):

agree with the general view of excesses of feminism...but you are a little too stretching..not all women are feminists..not all feminists approve of men-bashing, objectifying sexual parts or wearing bikini in public. If just 25 years of trying to fit in has made you come against feminism...imagine 5000 years of unequal treatment towards women can do to some women (a tiny minority of all women). Have some compassion and understanding. All "ism" are politically motivated to create schisms, which serves the purpose of divide and rule by elite of course. Wish you had experienced the daily suffering women go through in non-western countries for just the right to be themselves. The social and family expectations never allow women to be their authentic selves (that includes pursuing knowledge and worldly endeavors outside home).



We are not taking about India here. We are talking about America and nitpicking feminists like you just run interference for the elite agenda.


Barbara said (September 10, 2005):

My blood is boiling!!!!!!! Words fail me. "University" has become just another name for cesspool. Very distraught but must forge ahead. Judgment cannot come soon enough. Barbara

Damon in Los Vegas said (September 10, 2005):

I went to a neighborhood strip club tonight to enjoy the beautiful women and
most of the front row was taken up by bullish women. Young, bullish women.
It was pretty amazing to see them gawking at the naked women on stage and
getting involved with the whole tipping process. I've spent half my life in
strip clubs across the world and have never experienced this. The girls on
stage flirted aggressivly with these female audience members. It's a new
world out here!

Darnell comments:I do not intend to sound judgmental but perhaps "Damon" could find better uses for his time than spending it in "STRIP CLUBS". It's guys like that who give real Men a bad name. Ask yourself this question: If you had a daughter, would you want that daughter to grow up to be someone who takes her clothes off for other men's pleasure/entertainment? That stripper is one man's daughter. Where is the Human dignity in a woman doing this, as well as the men who sit and watch? The whole sex industry as "they" like to call it including Stripping, Pornography, Prostitution nothing more than the exploitation of human dignity be it Men or Woman. Lets do ourselves a favour and not support it, be it as participants or observers as to do so is to participate in the degradation of Men and Women. Perhaps something else one might ask is what kind of fathers and mothers did these Strippers, Pornographers and Prostitutes have?

Joy said (September 10, 2005):

Another reason to not attend these screwy schools and colleges where they come out totally brainwashed, ignorant and screwed up. In this day and age, a young person should attend private or home schools and enter the trades to learn something useful. These college idiotts barely know how to spell their own names, are nothing but computer button pushers and have no common or any other sense of reality. We've got to get back to basics and reality and just let the educated screwballs wipe themselves out on their own fallicies. Just be practical, do your own thing, and let these unreality types go under of their own accord. Good ridance I say.

Tom in Texas said (September 10, 2005):

I swear to heaven that Canada seems at times campier than the U.S.,
and that is saying something. My son is planning to launch my two
granddaughters into the University maelstrom in the next couple of
years. I observe that nobody seems willing to seriously take aboard
what they certainly know at some level, that university life, or at
least the nouveaux aspects of it enthusiastically supported by admin
and faculty, is sink and cesspool. My son reported that he and his
older girl investigated a private college in Ohio last week: tab for
a year $40K. I suggested the Sorbonne or the Univ of Mexico or
possibly Valporaiso U. as being saner (how could they not be?),
cheaper, and offering a foreign language into the bargain. Are we not
at the tipping point? What next?

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