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The Satanic Jewish Nature of Modern Cult-ure

September 1, 2021


Left. Modern culture is a celebration of depravity. 

Under the guise of "secularism," society has been inducted 

into a satanic cult, Cabalism. The goal is to deny man's soul connection to the Divine and reduce him to a domestic animal. 

"The purpose of modern art, literature and music must be 

to destroy the uplifting potential of art, literature and music..."

(This updated article combines two articles posted in 2005.  I repost this core material for newbies.)

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

There should be a POISON symbol over the doors of our universities, theatres and art galleries. A similar warning should appear on our TV programs, music and videos.

In the 1920's, the Comintern decided that the West could be conquered by first subverting its cultural institutions--family, education, religion, art, mass media and government.

They have largely succeeded. While maintaining their familiar format, they have subtly changed the content. It's like lacing a bottle of aspirin with arsenic. 

We are noticing that our political and cultural leaders are mostly cowards, dupes, traitors, crooks, opportunists and impostors.


Our failure to combat Communism is due to misunderstanding its real nature. Communism is a facade for a satanic cult (Cabalism, Freemasonry) empowered by Masonic Jewish international bankers. It is designed to absorb the world's wealth, and eventually to reduce and enslave the human race. The 5-pointed Red Star of Communism is also the symbol of Satanism. A demonic virus, Communism has morphed into countless forms (such as fe-manism) and "gay rights" hoodwinking more people than ever.

Western Civilization is built on Christianity, the premise that God is real, indeed the Ultimate Reality, spiritual in character. Through man's Divine soul,  an individual can discern the God's Will without mediation from a worldly authority. This is why the bankers hate Christianity.

God is the Truth, Love, Beauty and Goodness to which we all aspire. An immanent Moral Order precludes a small clique monopolizing the world's wealth and enslaving its population. So the bankers must destroy our belief in God by promoting Darwinism, Existentialism etc. They create war, depression and terror so we will accept their New World Order.


In his brilliant essay, "The Frankfurt School and Political Correctness"  Michael Minnichino reveals that most of the fashionable intellectual and artistic movements in the 20th century, still in vogue today, were actually inspired by thinkers who were Comintern (Communist International) agents financed by the central bankers. Some of them actually worked for Soviet Intelligence (NKVD) right into the 1960's.

He writes: "The task [of the Frankfurt School] was first to undermine the Judeo-Christian legacy through an "abolition of culture" ...and second, to determine new cultural forms which would increase the alienation of the population, thus creating a "new barbarism." ...The purpose of modern art, literature and music must be to destroy the uplifting potential of art, literature and music..."

Funds came from "various German and American universities, the Rockefeller Foundation, the American Jewish Committee, several American intelligence services..."

This subversive movement "represents almost the entire theoretical basis of all the politically correct aesthetic trends which now plague our universities." They are associated with Post Modernism, Feminism, Cultural Studies, Deconstructionism, Semiotics, etc.

Their net effect is to divorce us from truth, social cohesion and our cultural heritage. They assert that reality is unknowable and that writers and artists are just depicting their own subjective reality. 

For example, postmodernist Hayden White writes, "historical narratives are verbal fictions, the contents of which are more invented than found...truth and reality are primarily authoritarian weapons of our times." 

 In other words, we cannot know what happened in the past (which is exactly what they want.)

Postmodernism is part of the authoritarian agenda. Similarly the Frankfurt School championed the notion that "authoritarianism" is caused by religion, male leadership, marriage and family, when these things actually uphold society.

As far as the humanities are concerned, universities are enemy territory and professors usually are obstacles to genuine learning.


Communism manifests an ancient Luciferian Jewish revolt against God and man. The Jewish Pharisees rejected Christ because he taught that God is Love and all men are equal in the sight of God.

"The advent of Christ was a national catastrophe for the Jewish people, especially for the leaders," Leon de Poncins writes. "Until then they alone had been the Sons of the Covenant; they had been its sole high priests and beneficiaries...."

He continues: "The irreducible antagonism with which Judaism has opposed Christianity for 2000 years is the key and mainspring of modern subversion...[The Jew] championed reason against the mythical world of the spirit ...he was the doctor of unbelief; all those who were mentally in revolt came to him either secretly or in broad daylight..." (Judaism and the Vatican, pp.111-113.)

In addition to Jewish Cabalism, Freemasonry has been the bankers' tool. It was instrumental in the destruction of the Christian monarchies in Germany, Austria and Russia and the decline of the Catholic Church. This is also the view revealed in The Red Symphony.

In his Encyclical Humanum Genus (1884) Pope Leo XIII wrote that the ultimate aim of Freemasonry is "to uproot completely the whole religious and moral order of the world, which has been brought into existence by Christianity...This will mean that the foundation and the laws of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure naturalism."

Again Pope Leo XIII said: "Freemasonry is the permanent personification of the Revolution; it constitutes a sort of society in reverse whose aim is to exercise an occult overlordship upon society as we know it, and whose sole raison d'etre consists of waging war against God and his Church." (De Poncins, Freemasonry and the Vatican, p. 45)

De Poncins cites an article that appeared in 1861 in a Parisian Jewish Review La Verite Israelite: "But the spirit of Freemasonry is that of Judaism in its most fundamental beliefs; its ideas are Judaic, its language is Judaic, its very organization, almost, is Judaic... "

De Poncins writes that the goal of both Freemasonry and Judaism is the unification of the world under Jewish law. (Freemasonry and the Vatican, p. 76)


Just as we need healthy food and exercise, our mind and soul needs to be nourished by truth and beauty. We need to see life portrayed honestly, with the real forces identified. Instead, we are deliberately deceived and degraded by a small financial elite with a diabolical plan. White stallions (our souls) are fed a diet of sawdust.

Whether it's school or mass media, we are bombarded with propaganda designed to produce alienation and dysfunction. We must protect ourselves from this poison before it is too late.

The good news is that modern culture has been exposed as a long-term Illuminati psy-op designed to demoralize us. It will fail.

(For More on the Illuminati program.)



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Comments for "The Satanic Jewish Nature of Modern Cult-ure"

Derek said (August 15, 2016):

Indeed. You're right about "immanent" – the fact that other (wiser) people seek self-sufficiency drives the interferers crazy, whether they be economic imperialists, cultural supremacists, or religious fundamentalists. They seek to control others because they cannot control themselves via self-discipline and humility/receptivity toward Divine Source, which would amply replenish their Supply and provide them with peace. Instead they fixate outward and attempt to manipulate and parasitize others, which ultimately always proves to be a losing strategy because no one appreciates being preyed upon by deranged leeches.

C said (August 15, 2016):

Although I largely agree with the article written, I'd like to point out something. Aforementioned within the article, our nation and other western nations were built on Jewish cabalistic, and Freemasonry designs. Thus, western society could not have been Christian prior. Not in its truth.

People speak of the dualism in Satanism. Our western world is just that. Please follow me. If our western world was built and framed by satanists, then without a doubt, the "god" from the "in god we trust," found all over America, from our money to our courthouses, cannot mean God above, but their god, Lucifer. Same with the countless Christian churches, though I'd say predominantly the white, Christian churches as they are filled with Freemasons on Sunday's.

Therefor, our nation, and other western nations have not been living and worshipping Christ, and definitely not God. Society has been deceived and led to worship at the wrong alter. Once people realize this, things will change within them, bringing forth absolute change outside of them too.


Thanks for this bold insight C

It appears that out "Christian" values are a cover for a darker underlying reality. At the same time, we can see its real influence on people and society. In the past this influence was quite strong.


Connie said (August 15, 2016):

Please... I prefer when you are less pedantic... you can't change what's in your quotes (they are very effective), but help us out by using simpler language elsewhere. I prefer how you used language in A Return to Making Love.

Examples over the top:

Through man's Divine soul, the ordinary individual can discern the God's Will without mediation from a worldly authority.

An immanent Moral Order precludes a small clique monopolizing the world's wealth and enslaving its population....

Their net effect is to...

Communism manifests ...

It was instrumental ...

Rich said (August 11, 2012):

Great stuff. You are pointing the world back to the true origins of the conspiracy, back to the Illuminati bankers and back to the Jewish origins itself.

These "Jews" are not real ethnic (Sephardic) Jews but Ashnenazi jews, ie fake Jews who have been told they're Jews but are not. They have ties going back to Solomon of ancient Israel, who, because he married many foreign women, including the Pharaoh's daughter, that corrupted him and got him to turn his back on God. He got into the Egyptian magicks which became the basis for the Kaballah magicks that eventually became Jewish magicks.

This is why Christ got into a huge spat with the bankers and of course the scribes and Pharisee's of His day. They were afraid of a King that would come and take control away from them...awe, poor babies. Just as the world will fight Christ as His second coming because He's coming to take over the throne of David (now seated in England) and rule the world from there, after binding Satan.

These Jewish, really Egyptian descendants of the Pharoah's are the real Synagogue of Satan, as Christ said "Revelation 2:9 I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich! I know about the slander of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan." Revelation 3:9
Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you.

Christ knew that this "Synagogue of Satan" that was and IS persecuting His true followers pretended to be Jews, but are not. This combined with the fact that He mentioned they are "rich" and His own encounters with the money changers in the temple strongly indicates this banker/fake Jewish link.

Bohdan said (August 11, 2012):

It is an irony that the terms 'Communism', 'Jewish' , "Illuminati" (whom I prefer calling a funnier
name - Ill-womb-inati) and other words and terms associated with the satanic "New World Order" are
in themselves part of multiple games of uncompromising mega-deception.

As crazy as it may sound, the deception goes back to the sin of our original DNA being
contaminated through the fertilization of so-called "Eve" by an aberrant vampiric alien species and the
subsequent emergence of two different parallel "bloodlines" (or DNA vibrations), one from Cain (fathered by
the alien abomination) and the other from Seth (fathered by so-called "Adam") after the abomination
had killed Abel.

The two antagonistic DNA vibrations (bloodlines) have been intermarrying or mixing (in a field - our planet)
for thousands of years as in the Parable of Wheat and Tares (Mt 13:24-30, 36-43), but most of
the wheat has proved resistant to the blight.
Hence let me offer a tentative parabolic conclusion: the Ill-womb-inati-orchestrated events in this field
are satanic deceptions or fakes, as are the Ill-womb-inatis themselves, no matter if obeyed by their bankrolled
sycophants ("elites") and fearful rank-and file pawns across the Earth. The 'subtile' and stupefying perversion
of these deceptions is that they are piled up in layers upon layers like multiple pictures in pictures or PIPs.

Inevitably, some of the wheat is deceived and choked by tares (weed), but quite a lot of it survives regardless.
It only takes a spirit/soul/conscience to discern and survive.

Steve said (August 11, 2012):

I was just saying to my wife in the car tonight that it is so hard to find good uplifting music on the radio. We regularly tune to a single station that plays all the great hits from the 40's to the 70's (golden oldies, etc).

It is not a sign of my age that I don't like all the rap rubbish forced down our throats. I commented that I honestly believe, after viewing it in hind-sight, that the elite now have great control over our airwaves and are starving us of new creative, encouraging, enlivening, elevating music. I also note that white Anglo-Saxon Christians who wrote, produced and delivered so much incredible variety of good music in the 40's to the 70's are now hard to find in the media unless they fall into the elite encouraged model of depressing, downbeat, negative music.

It is just as you say Henry, "It was necessary to weaken it by subverting its cultural institutions--family, education, religion, art, mass media and government." Music is a key area of human cultural and social modes of expression and association, designed by God to inspire mankind towards the betterment of his spirit and positive production.

Satan was once in charge of music and song in God's kingdom the bible states, little wonder once Satan rebelled he knew only too well how to pervert it and gets his agents to do the same to attempt to break down God's good plan for mankind.

Marcos said (August 10, 2012):

We must remember that Communism is ferociously anti-semitic. Marxists all around the world cheer for the Palestinians and hate Israel.

How to reconcile this fact with the idea that Communism was founded by Jewish bankers ?

The Luciferian elite follows Cabala. They are false Jews and Gentiles from the Synagogue of Satan, spoken about by Jesus in Rev 3:9. Quite surprising that Jesus spoke exactly about the situation we live today.

They want Jerusalem (like the Masons do) for esoteric reasons and to help their master Lucifer to mock God, because God said Jerusalem will be the place of His throne.

This does not mean that they want or support the Jews who live in the city. At least no Jew who sides with God.

The hatred for Jews fueled by Communism serves as a dialectical counterweight to the Illuminati control of the Knesset and a foretaste of the persecution that is to come to those who oppose the Cabalist Luciferian religion of the New World Order. The common Jew is the most helpless victim of the Cabalists. We must stand by them.

Matt said (August 10, 2012):

Great article.

I experienced an example of our cultures subversion just today via Facebook.

It’s quite common there, actually.

A “Friend” of mine posted some pro-homosexual anti-Christianity propaganda. I’ve attached it for your (dis)pleasure.

I see attacks on Christianity like this ALL THE TIME via Facebook. What is more concerning is that if anyone makes one pro-Christian comment, they are immediately inundated with hostile commentary and accused of being a hypocrite, stupid, homophobe… you name it.

I don’t think these “pro homos” understand how their morals have been compromised. I think of Isaiah 44:9 “…Those who would speak up for them are blind; they are ignorant, to their own shame”

Unfortunately, these people vote. And they continue to vote in “politically correct” morally corrupt politicians. And I have to live by their laws.

Frankly, I don’t care if someone is a homosexual or not. I just fear what their influence on our culture will do to my children. And the second I defend my family against that culture I am demonized.

It’s sad and sickening at the same time.

Al Thompson said (August 10, 2012):

"Modern Cult-ure is designed to induct society into a satanic cult, the Illuminati. Under the guise of "secularism" the goal is to deny man's divine soul and reduce him to a domesticated animal. "

This gem is from USC Title 21 Section 321
Isn't it true that Talmudic Jews think of people who are not like them animals? Now, we have the modern Pharisees leading the people around by the nose with their bullshit religions. And of course, there are places in the US Code where man is described as an animal: (e) The term “person” includes individual, partnership, corporation, and association. (f) The term “food” means

(1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals,
(2) chewing gum, and
(3) articles used for components of any such article.

I've actually had someone recently tell me that they were an animal. I couldn't believe how stupid some people can be. Most governments are operating slave trading outfits, deceiving the slaves into thinking they are free men voting for their representatives. To our political leaders, we are considered animals or livestock, and that's why they use the ALL CAPS name for humans. Well, I'm not human; I'm not a beast. I'm also not a person, which refers to any entity, but never refers to men, women, or children. All man-made laws are just simply crap, very cleverly written with the intent to deceive. They do this primarily in changing the definitions of words to seem like they mean one thing, but the intent is completely different. The key to understanding everything is to assume a government person is lying. You can tell when they are doing it; when they are moving their lips. This way, you will never be disappointed or deceived. They cannot tell the truth because they are indeed satanic and the lie is at the center of their depravity.

Next time you have to deal with a government agent, tell them you're not human--you're not a person. I usually say I like bananas but I'm not human; I'm not a monkey-man; and you might want to ask them for evidence that you are human. The government inflicts mental retardation. No one can function with this kind of nonsense. Above all, there's no such thing as a human being; period, end of story. However, it might be fun the next time you witness a civil rights violation, instead of reporting it to the DOJ, why not report it to PETA. This would be for those of you who really think you're animals. PETA could start some street demonstrations and then team up with Code Pinko and rattle the government's cage.

All kidding aside, the government is nothing more than a satanic religious cult, and one of the purposes of satanism is to destroy mankind. It is structured in deceit. God's laws are always more important that man-made law, and God's laws and commandments always trump government law. Philo said: "God is my ruler, and no mortal man."

Robert said (September 30, 2005):

Hey Henry, what's up? Excellent website you have here. I am currently attending University of Massachusetts. Your website has been like a secret weapon that I have used on agenda driven teachers that I have. I wish you taught at my school. I would enjoy seeing you on some of these phony news shows. i.e. Oreilly factor Hannity & Colmes.etc. I have question that I would like to ask you. Do you believe in this Peak oil story, or do you believe that it is abiotic, and Mother Earth produces it naturally? I am starting to believe the latter, but still am not sure. Any response would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the great work!



I have no expertise on oil but I expect the whole shortage is fabricated. What are you studying? Did you read "How University Betrays Students?"

John said (September 29, 2005):

I don't understand why certain e-mailers are accusing you of making "no connection ever" between communism and Jews.

Your piece "Rothschilds Conduct Red Symphony" shows very clearly that a Jewish elite, including the Warburg interests, financed both the Communists and the Nazis.

This has been known for decades, and had already been shown in the seventies by the scholarship of Antony Sutton.

As for the banking elites, some call them "Khazars," some call them "pseudo-Jews" like Robert Wilton, or "apostate Jews" like the radio priest Fr. Coughlin. Whatever we call it, this sinister group has on its hands the blood of the victims of both Nazism and communism.

We have been warned by angry Aryans: "never trust a Jew." Yet nobody is being asked to trust you; the issue is whether you have proven your assertions. I believe you have, at least regarding the identities of the international bankers who have done the most harm.

Bob said (September 27, 2005):

Dear Henry -

I think you will agree that the speed with which we are being killied, both morally and physically, has been accelerated:
--world-wide release of laboratory created deadly viruses
--world-wide poisoning of the food supply with chemicals such as aspartame
--world-wide mass killing events:
# Asian tsunami (100,000+) - Note: the investigator, Joe Vialls, who revealed this as a "mad-made" event, died recently in a mysterious manner
# World Trade Center: 3,000+
# NO: 10,000+ - actual deaths concealed - NOTE: the paperwork for Haliburton to clean up NO was ready before the destructive event
--expansion of mind-altering drug distribution
--ever deeper degradation by the entertainment industry
--intentional destruction of the European, Canadian and US societies by unrestrained immigration of hostile outsiders
--steady establishment of a fascist-oligarchy in the US
--preparation for permanent martial law under FEMA throughout the US following a prepared event, such as the predicted devastating earthquake in California or gigantic volcanic eruption in Yellowstone Park (either triggered by scalar technology - see Tom Bearden)
--an obvious US government agenda to steadily grind down the quality of life in general and destroy the middle class in particular, all to be accelerated by a planned melding of the Canadian, Mexican and South American economies.

I agree with you that the PROTOCOLS are genuine (yes, I've carefully read them), and I believe that both Gentile and Jewish elites have combined in a shared effort to bring them to what can be seen as a current fruition.

Now for an observation I have not seen elsewhere. It seems obvious to me that the Elite Establishment has revealed its utter contempt for other US citizens by its illegal elevation to the presidency of a man absolutely morally corrupt (including many overnight stays by a professional homosexual escort in his White House apartment), an alcoholic (recently fallen off the wagon), a man of such low intelligence that insiders report he does not understand some of his own speeches, and a man with a volatile foul temper who is feared by his staff. Obviously, Bush was installed to hasten the destruction of the US. His masters must be pleased. However, now that he appears to be going completely out of control on booze, I predict some "event" will soon remove him from office. Good news if Cheney goes with him. Very bad news if he doesn't. Stay alert

Michael Haupt said (September 26, 2005):

Dear Henry,

Spot on as usual.

The question I don't see answered these days is "So what do we do
about the fraud imposed on us?"

You've said, "Just as we need healthy food and exercise, our mind and
soul needs truth and beauty. We need to see life portrayed honestly,
with the real forces identified."

I would go further to say that we need to take back control of our
minds. As Goethe said, "There are none so enslaved as those who
believe they are free."

But the simple question is "How?"

Where do we find truth and beauty for our mind and soul?

In complete humility, may I present my simple attempt at providing
mental food and exercise designed to free enslaved minds. There's no
charge, and your readers may benefit - thousands have already:

All the best,
Michael Haupt (An Introduction to Conspiratorial History) (How to Live a Fulfilled, Free Life) (How to Find the Purpose of Your Life)

Judy said (September 26, 2005):

Thank you very much for your excellent treatise on communist kulture poison, posted at This article clearly exposes the firmly entrenched planks of the manifesto, nailed securely to the basement bulwarks of modernism and the university fraud matrix. Your article exposes the roots of the cause, as the cursed sons of darkness, the sons of Belial, do the bidding of their father the devil. Bob Whitaker wrote an excellent book, "Why Johnny Can't Think", exposing the complete fraud of the "Professor Priesthood" cabal as it exists in the state university system of higher education.
However, you have gone beyond his work to clearly show the very roots of the problem in all state education, one of the key cornerstone ingredients(ten planks) to the satanic poison kulture institution. You have in this writing piece a "job well done"!

Richard, said (September 26, 2005):

Henry, "funds came from the American Jewish Committee" Why? Who are the majority of communists throughout history? You make no connection ever between communism and Jews? You mock Edgar Steele for an indirect comment about your son.
You have a gift to write and a good intellect on a host of subjects and I realize you have to be careful when writing about Jews in particular. But at some point if you're honest and a serious person on what's going on our country you have to have balls to say the unsayable.....
I know you might be kicked out of Etherzone like the Birdman or that girl ( I forget her name) who started rubbing the jewish angle on Etherzone. They got canned pretty quick. Don't be afraid to be canned for sighting truthful things. Richard


If I thought it was strictly a Jewish phenomenon I would say so, but the run-of-the-mill Jews like me are being used as a scapegoat for an alliance of Jewish finance and non-Jewish dynastic families, the Black nobility, American aristocracy etc.

Do you actually care to pinpoint the perpetrators or do you just want a convenient target?

Steve said (September 26, 2005):

I’ve been enjoying your articles for about 6 months now. I think that you have correctly hit the target of the world’s problems by naming central banking as the source of all misery. But is Christianity really the answer? I am highly skeptical of any religion being ‘real’. If Christianity was so great, why didn’t the Jews go for it? They had the best vantage point from which to judge it. The story of Christ is really only another myth that is based on astrology, which you would know if you had spent any time researching religion. 12 disciples, 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 tribes of Israel, Jesus in the Temple at 12 years old. The miracles are nothing more than regurgitated stories of Hercules completing his tasks and other, earlier nomadic godmen, doing their ‘work’. Behold, my father’s mansion has many houses. That’s right! Twelve of them: Virgo, Taurus, Leo… Why do you think that Jesus was born of a virgin? Because at that time, the sun rose in the sign of Virgo, therefore the Sun/Son was ‘born of a Virgin’, Mother Earth. And by the way, Jesus wasn’t the only one to work miracles and claim to be the way to God. Don’t forget about Bhudda, another miracle worker and claimer of diety (the Path to Enlightenment).



I am not advocating Christianity but the underlying truth which I try to describe in terms of spiritual ideals. I identify with Christ's Sermon on the Mount but Truth is Truth and can be expressed in many ways.


Douglas said (September 26, 2005):

Dear Dr. Makow, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your most informative and well written aricles appearing on I have just read "The Frauldulent Basis of Modern Kulture" and I think this is one of the most clear and concise aricles ever on this disturbing subject. Daily I am confronted with the dispair and frustration of being a traditional ,white, middle age divorced man who has seen firsthand the horible results of this plague unleashed upon us. For the first 12 years of our marraige, we had a solid and happy marraige, then without warning my wife changed. She was greatly influenced by her "best friend" who was giving her the latest editions of Cosmoplotain edited at ther time by Helen Gurly Brown. suddeny I lost all relavence or influence with my wife, who had taken up with a young alcoholic drug using man, who worked at a diferent job every six months.

She destroyed our family, and her life, almost impoverished me with her "legal advice "from her girlfrineds and predator lawyers. Now the children are grown , and have turned out better than I could have hoped for, but somehow, I know, I am not nearly as influential in their live as I should be. I don't want to bemoan my personal sitution, but because, I was raised as a critical thinker, (small one room prairie school house) I can see what has, and continues to happen in all aspects of our daily lives. The smut that enters our homes everyday on cable tv, would not have been allowed in "adult" movies when I was young. Our elected representitives demonstrate, that it is not how you play the game, but whether you win or lose that is important. Industrial and business leaders, have no shame, and only look as far as the next quarter. Young people now only use first names (rarely are they Chrsitian or Biblical), the family name is considered irrelavent. I have given up on restarting my life with the Canadian - American women in the available pool. I now have a wonderful bride from Colombia, who is traditional, has utmost respect for family, fears God, and desires that I head our family. I feel I have been given a new lease on life. Thank God for honest and articulate people such as yourself Dr. Makow, I will forward your article to my adult children. I am 56 years of age, and own and oporate my grain and cattle ranch in Saskatchewan.

Khalid said (September 26, 2005):

Your method of diverting the blame to someone other than " jews" is very obvious. Any serious reader can decern that fact. I will qoute you from your recent article Sep 24th.

"In the 1920's, leaders of the Communist International decided that Western society was too strong to conquer. It was necessary to weaken it by subverting its cultural institutions--family, education, religion, art, mass media and government. "

You fail to admitt in your assays that those "leaders of the Communist International",they were jews.
And repeatedly you keep mentioning the "England bankers" instead you should mention that those jews bankers are behind the Satanic takeover of the world.
Yor still want to protect jews from their satanic agenda and the suffering they are causing to humanity?????????????????

Dear Khalid,

No, I do not want to make this a racial issue because then they can dismiss it as anti semiticism which it is because you act as though all Jews were in on the actions of an exclusive secret society that admits to duping many of its "lesser brethren," a secret society in league with and intermarried to many prominent gentiles.
Make up your mind. Do you want to target the Jews and others responsible or target innocent Jews and leave guilty gentiles untouched?


Corey said (September 26, 2005):

That was one great article.

I'd like to submit the following website, dedicated to subliminal messages
in music, for you and your readers to peruse: You can play the lyrics backwords and

One of your readers left a comment about modern humor or comedy. I wanted to
point out the difference between clean comedy - genuine jokes that evoke
laughter because they are well thought out and funny - and dirty comedy -
tasteless parodies of sex, drugs or taboos that make us laugh out of shame
and embarrassment. Where Bill Cosby had audiences laughing hysterically
during a brilliant rendition of Noah making the Ark, Chris Rock tells the
male audience members how to convince their "women" to engage in anal sex.
We used to laugh at Cosby because he was funny. We now laugh at Rock to
releve shame and embarrasment.

As to corruption, things are coming to a head. Everyone feels it. A sense of
foreboding, dread, and waiting. When the American economy collapses, so will
the economies of the nations that sold to her. In the mad-dash for the
resources that remain, war will be unavoidable. It's been nigh two-hundred
years since North America was blighted by war and God knows we deserve a
good spanking for our complacency and immorality. When the first signs of
collapse occur I suggest moving somewhere where people can get along with
relatively little - such as third-world nations - where one can buy his or
her food straight from the farmer instead of from supermarkets who get the
majority of their products from super-corporations like Sysco (where do you
buy food during a national emergency/martial law when one corporation
controls it all?). Buy silver and gold.

Rich said (September 26, 2005):

Hi Henry - Your site is the best educational resource out there. While I jumped through all the hoops needed to get through my doctorate, my real education has been through the likes of yourself. Thanks for being there. PS My 18 year old niece in her freshman year of college reads your site religously - perhaps there is hope.

Josh said (September 25, 2005):

I think there is some truth to what you say. I don't think you have it
100% right, for how could you? You are trying to figure out the nature of
our government, in an environment where no one will give a straight answer.

If there is one idea I wish you could get across to everyone, it is that
foreign money power controls both American political parties, and most
western government policies.

In most of these countries, whites are being replaced with third-world
peoples, not because the immigrants are maliciously trying to take over our
countries, but simply because people who are used to a shitty standard of
living are easier to control.

Michael said (September 25, 2005):

I believe that the band MetallicA were bucking the "bankers
agenda" with their 1988 lyrics to "Eye of the Beholder" & "...And Justice
for All"...because they were some of the most intelligent lyrics you'd ever
find in Metal Music [read as "strong white role model"s music" !!] But just
3 short-years later,...just in time and just ripe for the nineties
"political correctness" culture they released the radio friendly "black
album" [which I say is black because it marks the death of their "good
stuff"!]Apparently this album,which none of my friends really rated as "true
metal" were shocked,to this very day that it was their highest selling
album....! How did that happen!? I reckon the figures are false!
They went from songs questioning "existence" songs about
"feelings" and,basically crap of no importance....Thats right everybody
don't question a damn thing of real importance !!! Their "anti-Christ songs
such as "Leper Messiah" & "The God that failed" are just typical of someone
that dosn't understand the Bible OR were taught its lessons wrongly.

James in CA said (September 25, 2005):

The money power owns and controls everything, and nearly everybody. The
money power has the mind of Satan. What else could we expect from the
money power?

Tony said (September 25, 2005):

Henry, it's already too late. Western civilization will have to
completely collapse before decent culture can be resurrected. The good
news is that the collapse is already in process. It appears that the
bottom could fall out at any time now. Almost everyone is corrupt to
some degree. Those who pretend to leadership are openly corrupt, their
rationalism being way beyond materially pragmatism with no concern for
anything else. It is now "right" to be ultra selfish in all things,
even decisions which affect every citizen. Ayn Rand's hateful poison in

Victor said (September 25, 2005):

One trend I've been noticing myself, recently: Comedy had been testing the limits, more and more. A new show, called 'Scare Tactics' (same premise as 'Candid Camera') actually faked a Satanic ritual. (and it seemed to me that it included aspects of Arthurian Wikkan mysticism. It was supposed to be funny to fool some guy into thinking that he'd accidentally infiltrated a Satanic cult.
Also, in order to confuse Judaism and Zionism, many Jewish comics are openly blaming Jews for all of the world's problems, instead of the real culprits. 'The Daily Show' and Howard Stern come to mind.

Neil said (September 25, 2005):

I read your last article, The Fraudulent Basis of Modern Kulture, and I really wanted to reply on the site. I am currently a freshman going to St. Lawrence University and everything being taught to me for business is about working up the corporate ladder and globalization. Recently, for a class, I was required to attend a traveling skit show called "sex signals" which completley degraded men in all ways making them all out to be rapists. It was required that the whole freshman class attend this show and it travels to many other colleges and universities.

I understand that I'm attending a den of iniquity and am going to transfer to another school to escape it. Entrepreneurship for this lifetime is the only way for me but I also know that money is an illusion and the soul lasts for eternity.

My grandfather was a mason and fought in WWII and I understand what most do not. I will help convert as many people as possible.

James said (September 25, 2005):

One reason why our culture is degraded is that what you pointed out that they want us and our younger generations to be pliant to the NWO elites. I slowly watched the degrading of our television shows over the years to the point that I don't even watch TV anymore...for almost 10 years.

For us who are aware of this plot, we have to continously be vigilant and warn our neighbors about it...What we know and to show proof, if they are doubtful of us warning them over 'something trivial'.

If we have to fight and be 'forgotten' by the elites like Charles Lindbergh, Henry Ford and others who attempted to fight the Masonic Monsters, then this is what we must do if we want to live with a clear soul.

Pat said (September 24, 2005):

Only thing I agreed in your last article was it was created by international bankers. Unfortunately, you deliberately omitted JEWISH international bankers.


The issue is not whether they are Jewish or not, but what they are doing. Why do you want to give them an opportunity to deflect the criticism? Are you working for them?


Larry said (September 24, 2005):

Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw Magazine, said, "The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think Christ sucks." Doesn't Goldstein really speak for all Illuminati minions and their controllers? It seems to me that thinking Christ sucks is the real and, in fact, only motivation for the NWO.

After all, Illuminati create money out of thin air so wealth is no longer a motivation. All countries are now merely vassal states so absolute power is no longer a motivation. Control is now so complete that there's no threat to wealth and power. Satanism, per se, is not even a motivation because they freely worship their defeated god.

Like I told Big John Kaminski a while back, the motivation is an unfathomable hatred for a Galilean peasant who had the audacity to preach that the Kingdom of God is now for anyone who truly wants it. Incredible.

Pretty clever of God to give us a choice.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at