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Revisiting Viagra

January 6, 2017

erectile.jpg"What's in your pants?" (A credit card commercial asks, 'What's in your wallet?')

Since writing this article in 2005, my ideas have changed somewhat. 
(My latest thinking is in the text in bold.)  I still believe that promiscuity is
dehumanizing and unfulfilling.  Sex is an act of possession which should take place in 
the context of love and a long-term relationship. 
But, I underestimated the importance of sex to women, a common mistake in our culture.
Women need sexual satisfaction as much or more than men. Furthermore, a man's ability to 
satisfy ("possess") a woman is an important factor in her feeling of "belonging" to him.
In general, I underestimated how much a good sex life can improve a marriage. 

Male Performance Anxiety
(from Oct 22, 2005)
By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

Many perfectly healthy men apparently are using "performance enhancing" drugs, supposedly intended just for erectile dysfunction.

Reports include, "It's like having a jackhammer between your legs" and "You can swing the bat all night long."

To continue the baseball metaphor, I ask: Is this cheating?

Is it like using steroids to hit a home run?

Should these men be treated like heroes or impostors? Do women feel they have been with a real man or a particularly lifelike dildo?

(Do they really care? No, they don't.)

These drugs completely automate an act that too often already is impersonal and mechanical. (Not necessarily.) Is this really necessary? 

A young man of my acquaintance described how Viagra removed his performance anxieties.

I don't think men should feel obligated to perform. It's not the measure of a man. What a quaint vestige from our primate days! We become a man by serving a higher ideal, not because we can keep an erection. (Yes, but, if a man loves a woman, he wants to satisfy her.)

An erection is a measure of arousal, like the needle on a gauge. Ninety degrees suggests acute interest; 270 degrees suggests the chemistry is wrong. The woman or the relationship are equally to blame. 

In my experience, a woman's response is the major factor. Love, mirrored as beauty on a woman's face, is the biggest turn-on.

If the gauge reads 270, we need to fix the problem and not mess with our body's natural feedback. (After decades of marriage, this may not be a bad thing. Marijuana or alcohol are as good an aphrodisiac as Viagra. What's wrong with eliminating inhibition? )

Let's use the analogy of a car. If the oil indicator says empty, do you glue it at Full? Do we want to risk damaging the vehicle?

We live in an age where we are lied to continually. Do we want to lie to ourselves? (Sexual attraction is not a good gauge of love.)


A reader "Bud" wrote that he took Viagra right after his second divorce. "I found much to my delight that women were easy. Real easy!

What wasn't easy was that my heart, soul and body were not as easy as most of the women I met. BUT being a "Man" I thought that I "Needed a woman" and further that I "Needed" to please them.

Well the Viagra worked to fix a part of me that was telling me by not
working that I didn't "Need" sex.

Here was the bizarre part, with the Viagra, Yes I had a glowing erection, yes I had her all "going" as well, but after even a minute or two of Sex, I WAS BORED.

I mean I was bored, and distracted and found the whole situation meaningless.

So, to counter my distraction I used of course, booze and "perversion".
I tried to keep my interest in seeing what "I could get her to do".
The answer was "everything" as modern American women are prone to do. But what didn't change was the boredom.

I'd rather wanted to listen to music. I'd rather think about how I missed my children. I'd rather take a walk.

And ALL while having this "great "Viagra sex! But it was not great.
It actually made me sad!

So actually Viagra was a great wake-up for me, as it helped me become more aware of my body and my needs. Sex just wasn't one of those needs." (Bud's problem is, he was having sex with strangers.) 


We live in a culture that regards sex as a mystical experience, necessary for our fulfillment. In the movies, the sex act is treated like a holy sacrament.

Why is this? Modern Western culture is Masonic in character. Freemasonry originated as a pagan sex cult. The "G' in the emblem stands for Generation (as well as Gnosis.) It engages in phallus worship. That's what the Obelisk is all about. Think about this next time you see the Washington Monument.

We are brainwashed to think that sex has some inherent value, that it is necessary for our identity, health etc. Are we secretly being initiated into depraved occult sex practices?

Without love, sex is hardly better than masturbating. And masturbating is just another excretory function. [We have been trained to behave as homosexuals who treat sex as a surrogate for love.] 

Sex in our oc-culture replaces love and family. The ultimate goal is to dissolve the family and create a society of anonymous mutual masturbators, who cannot form permanent bonds. [Sex is like velcro. Too many partners impairs ability to bond. Remember when women consecrated sex for their husband?]

It's a long time since I read Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" but these drugs remind me of SOMA, a drug used to distract the masses from their slavery. (True, if there is no foundation in love.)


To divorce sex from love and relationship is unnatural and inhuman. For most of us, our natural development requires marriage and family. This applies to both sexes.

The reproductive act determines a woman's destiny. If she offers herself to all and sundry, her husband will be another in a long line of casual lovers. She will not be able to create a marriage capable of supporting healthy children.

Similarly, men have been brainwashed to see women as sexual receptacles. "I'd hit that," young men are fond of saying. Or "Would you do Britney Spears?"

No wonder men and women are confused. So many people are "do" able, especially with Viagra.

Love humanizes sex. With love, sex assumes its real significance as the sacred ritual of human reproduction. By creating Life, we imitate God.

The man's semen represents his spirit, his genetic code, and his tie with eternity. Would he entrust this treasure with just anyone?

By receiving his seed, a woman is embracing and nurturing a man's spirit. She is surrendering a part of herself and becoming a part of him. This unity is symbolized by their children, which represent their organic growth.

Behind the scenes, illuminati social engineers are working to destroy our awareness of this necessary natural process.

In general, there is a tendency to confuse sexual attraction with love. Love involves "self"-sacrifice. We love the people who love and sacrifice themselves for us, and we naturally reciprocate. 

Love is based on mutual dependence, common goals, respect and trust built over time. Two people become One in the realm of the spirit, God, i.e. Love.


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First Comment from G:

"In my experience, a woman's response is the major factor.  Love, mirrored as beauty on a woman's face, is the biggest turn-on."

That is such a profound truth.  It is the love in my husband's countenance that is the most spiritual erotic essence I know.  And I feel it on my own face, as well, when I am with him:  the eyes, cheek muscles, lips, and there is such deep respect and appreciation, feeling safe, nurtured, prioritized, married.  It also seems to look forward to the time that follows the union, times of emotional closeness, sharp communication, and silly fun.  The ladder of love, and all its rungs, even the trying ones, always offers a way up.

 Bud was bored with all that superficial sex.  I certainly can agree with that but took it much further, leaning over to my husband who was also reading your article and saying to him, "Sex without love is like a soul-rape."  He asked me what I meant by that and I just explained that even with consenting adults it was like a rape because it was a dishonoring of the true purpose of the union and the act of procreation; sometimes it is the self soul-raping itself.  He understood and added that for him it was more like a soul-imprisonment:  "Sex without love is the imprisonment of the soul, the narcissistic devouring of one's soul."  I might add, that it also can devour the other's soul.  I hope we all, and I mean ALL, find forgiveness for whatever sexual indiscretions, aberrations, offences we've committed.  And how sad, that many never experience the real thing, settling for myopic biological pleasure that cancels out the best of each other.


Last night my husband and I watched What Dreams May Come with Robin Williams.  Powerful metaphor for love, and it took me to a very deep place a place where only love matters.  If you have not seen it, I hope you will soon, even though much of it is not easy to watch, tries the soul, but more of it is beyond beautiful and filled with hope and reassurance that love finds a way, through any adversity.  So I had a good cry and thought of all who have loved me throughout life and all whom I have loved.  All those moments and memories, what gifts!!  

The film is quite a testament of what a true, loving relationship is, and an encouragement to work on one's own relationship(s), to give it the time needed to grow and deepen.  To not run away and so easily throw in the towel.  Funny, my husband said that he sometimes threw in the towel.  I said, "No you didn't; you just threw in the washcloth."  We had a good laugh and then we held each other tight and affirmed the value of our love, our commitment.  Life sent us each a wonderful partner to do this most important work with.  As my eyes see it, every effort is rewarded.

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Comments for "Revisiting Viagra"

GF said (January 7, 2017):

Oh my god has it really come down to and women are destroyed. There is a growing trend of men who have just had it with women and want nothing to do with them.we have mgtow men going there own way growing in leaps and bounds. This will destroy society and civilization. The modern day women have killed society,men won't marry or have children with them.birth rates in western countries have tanked. I'm good looking, successful and healthy, not enough for today's modern women. need the 666,6pack 6 feet making 6 figures regardless what they have to offer and there condition.

This is what's so sad about it....look what's happening in Europe most men and women won't lift a finger to help and protect one another.the zionists are happy

Roman said (January 7, 2017):

I don't know why people think women need or enjoy sex as much as men. Maybe modern manly sluts do. Men are the ones who work to death just to get some. To men sex is physiological. To women it's psychological. Their past, imagination and perception tell them how good it feels.

Sid Green said (January 6, 2017):

I have been thru this. I love a good apothecary, I have tried the sex pills. They work, but I never tried it a second time because I was also bored and disturbed by the experience. I also completely agree with your 90-270 analyses. "The woman and relationship are equally to blame" that is 100% truth. Sexual dysfunction is just having sex when you are not supposed to. If your act is approved, it will be all systems go. For those who think they should be like a jackhammer a chemical nightmare awaits because they are disregarding human nature and chemicalizing themselves. People are made to think that fornication is a need like drinking and eating but thats sex magic occult bullshit. There is no need for sex unless God says so.

Chad said (January 6, 2017):

But also like a car, the automobile needs certain fluids, lubricants and maintenance to function properly. Cholesterol is the magic substance of the body.

Just as a car lacking proper amounts of motor oil, power steering and transmission fluid will send a car south, a cholesterol deficiency will for sure destroy the body’s ability to regulate hormones and sexual performance. Cholesterol is the basis of testosterone and estrogen. Without that, your engine will go almost nowhere.

As far as herbal solutions, they mostly serve as stimulants and are temporary at best. The best types of herbal compounds provide cleansing functions which help to remove toxins that block blood flow or otherwise degrade overall health. The most critical aspect is the cholesterol and hormone related functions. On the note of the Globalists and the New World Order, you can be sure they know all about this. That’s why, the Establishment indoctrination/education is all about your NOT consuming it and being afraid of the phony heart health bogeyman.

As a person who studies health, I’ve become keen on such issues. Friends, who feel they are cognitively and psychologically okay, asking me what they should do to help, “keep it up.” Noting that most people who make the mistake of listening to Establishment trained (indoctrinated) doctors, nutritionists and dieticians, have common problems. They are nutritionally deficient.

My opinion, if you’re not waking up with or at least in many cases, finding yourself sleeping with an erection, there’s probably something amiss in your body. You want to remedy your health deficiencies to make sure that the only factor remaining is the emotional psychological aspect.

Also, minimize or eliminate any viewing of pornography. Your brain maps itself to and becomes accustomed to various types of stimulation. If you find yourself in bed with her and you’re instead thinking of something you saw in a magazine or on a video display, you’ve managed to reprogram yourself as to what you should expect.

This can lead to a form of being disappointed and let down when you’re with your woman. But she should also be mindful of her health, physique and beauty. If a woman lets herself go to crap and behaves like a total witch, she should expect the man will be more apt to looking around.

The male/man has a natural tendency to desire to spread his seed and will look at and think of other females (speaking in the pure animal sense). She should make an effort to keep his attention. The man must focus and dedicate himself to his chosen woman, while understanding his carnal weaknesses. Yes, you’re going to look at and think of other women. It’s natural.

However, keep your body healthy and with both the man and woman in tune with each other, performing is a lot easier if both mind and body are working together.

Al Thompson said (January 6, 2017):

I am of the opinion that the only way to have sex is between a man and a woman under the bond of marriage. I think most sexual dysfunction is caused by fornication.
With the tolerance of a "liberated" sexual culture, mankind has managed to drag society to such a low level, the pedophilia may be as common as homosexuals. I believe that it is started with fornication and then society degrades in the process.

There is no other sane substitute for the traditional family with both the mother and the father. Sexual activity can be fun, but only within the context of a marriage. I've seen marriage after marriage fail because they were started under fornication and that is the wrong foundation to start a family. I will tell young people this and they'll look at me as if I just landed on earth from Mars. But the facts don't lie.

We are experiencing a complete sexual dysfunction in society due to fornication, homosexuality, transgenderism, and pedophilia. And if it isn't repaired, then society will collapse into something none of us will enjoy.

Viagra is like most medications in that it may treat symptoms but it doesn't get at the underlying problem of sexual dysfunction. I believe it is caused the lax moral standards of society today. Back in the 50s and 60s, we never heard of Viagra or anything like it.

Sexuality becomes twisted if have sex outside of marriage and all of the various problems are a result of it.people. The main purpose of sex is the creation of new babies and not as some kind of sporting event.

Rob said (October 27, 2005):

Henry, I find your critique of male and female gender relations to constantly draw me in. I read your article today about "Male Performance Anxiety" and it totally described how I feel. I constantly struggle with feeling emasculated and being less of a man because I don't have sex with many different partners. Today I saw an add on the internet for Viagra only $100. They advertised that they had US doctors ready to grant prescriptions. For a few moments I actually considered it. Then I thought back to a quote by Andy Warhol that you posted on your site "Sex without love is the biggest nothing". Unfortunately I have difficulty sharing the information on your site with anyone else. I emailed a link to the artlcie "The hoax of female empowerment" to my sister and x-girlfriend. Then they wouldn't talk to me for a week because they are successful "professional" women and were deeply insulted. However your article was right and I was very upset that the mainstream media made a TV series like that to setup the public for Hilary in 2008.

Elaine said (October 26, 2005):

I wanted to let you know that I find your thoughts on gender issues to be fascinating. I commend you on your courage to express viewpoints that are contrary to the opinions expressed by most of the media. Recently you recommended the book "Fascinating Womanhood" by Helen Andelin. I have ordered her book and have been reading her web-site (wow -- amazing stuff!). Another book on the true meaning of womanhood (in my opinion) is "The Power of Femininity: Rediscovering the Art of Being A Woman" by Michelle McKinney Hammond.

I am a housewife and am unable to have children. I love being my husband's wife and I love being home. It is an absolute joy.

Thank-you for giving me much food-for-thought and for enriching my life by your writings.

Christine said (October 25, 2005):

This article was revolting and it was not necessary to go into such graphic detail about male impurity. It is sad that men have allowed themselves to be so degraded and debauched that they fret about their ability to act like a dumb beast. One of the saints said that a man who does not pray is lower than an animal. This article proves it.

Jon said (October 24, 2005):

"I don't think men should feel obligated to perform. It's not the measure of a man. What a quaint vestige of our primate days! We become a man because we serve a higher ideal, not because we can get it up."

I couldn't disagree with you more. Last time a
checked, human are still primates. And the "ability to perform" is consequence of good health. I believe it is an obligation for a spouse to satisfy his or her spouses sexual desire. Not to do so constitutes abuse!
It is well established that sexual activity has great health benefits, both mental, and physical. And that a lack of sexual activity may lead to health problems, including for men, swollen prostate and depression. It
is ironic that the standard treatment for both (for men) is chemical castration!

The root cause of man's problem today is
Intellectualism. Which leads directly to the abuse of the body by the so called "mind". Your mind probably isn't yours anyway, since it is foreign implant instilled into you since birth by forces your are not even aware of!

You state that modern people treat sex, improperly, as a sacrament. Sex is ultimately for procreation. And this is the most profound act that a man or woman can perform. Yet, take it too seriously, and you just might get performance anxieties.

Ken said (October 24, 2005):

It depresses me to meet or be near a woman who has no apparent feelings
about sex. Her depths can be measured with a micrometer. I don't know what
to think anymore. Truly I don't. I don't understand why so many women have
no respect for their bodies, their souls, their hearts and spirits.

I've met beautiful women who just have no feelings for anything behind or
associated with making love. There's NO romance... no magic... no nothing.
It bores me to tears. They bore me to tears. And I'm talking beautiful,
gorgeous women.

What has happened to us?

I've now been celibate for quite a long time now. You know what? I like it.
I love making love with someone I do love. But, I've found that I don't
'need' all that crap about 'having to have a woman...a girlfriend... being a
male sexual conquistador.' My friends and acquaintances know this about me.
I don't care what anyone thinks about it and they know it.

To date... no one has said one negative thing about it. Not that I would

I long to find real, old-fashioned romance. Just simple and pure feelings...
and all the wonderful things that follow.


Laura said (October 24, 2005):

disagree with this notion that a man can only be a man if he can get
a stiffy on command.

My husband and I do not have a sex life due to the fact that he takes
an anti-psychotic and has an enlarged prostate.

This has been the case for 12 years.

Oh well!

We feel that by not participating in the act of physical coupling, we
have a relationship that takes the Higher Road.

We have the honor of having a relationship that transcends the third
dimension reality.

Taking Viagra, Cealis, or questionable internet compounds are not
without risk. If you have an erection that lasts longer than four
hours, you stand to have your penis amputated. They don't tell men and
women that in the ads.

Take Viagra and your life will be wonderful. Balderdash!

MA said (October 24, 2005):

By turning sex into a casual pastime, our secular governments have found a way to appeal to the reptile part of our brains. The reptilian natural conduct is that of ritual practices. When we as humans focus on ritualistic behaviour, as sex has become, we neglect the parts of our brains that are distinctly human. We neglect the intelligence we were given to build shelters for ourselves, to preserve us and our spiritual quest. So what happens? We are no longer capable of building our own houses, our own lives; they are being built for us instead. And as a consequence, we as people lose faith in ourselves and God. We lose confidence in our abilities. We become spoiled perpetual children, reacting like children to provocation, and murder our neighbors. We are no longer meek: it takes an adult to be meek. And the meek shall inherit the earth. Isn't that the promise God made us?

Tina said (October 23, 2005):

You have indeed hit the nail on the wall when you say that sex is overrated. Now if only we can convince others of it than maybe there would be some hope.

Since the fifties, men and women are told and encouraged to believe that sex and love is separate, as such we should not be so confuse, however like you write, sex without love is simply masturbation.

We live in a society that makes it hard for men and women to truly connect because of the many reasons you have written about and more. From a women’s perspective, I can tell you no matter the size, no matter how well the man may perform, without love, it is senseless and useless, as such whereas it may be difficult at times for men and women to restrain themselves, the thought of being with anyone because we lust is not worth the short trip. A good and sound investment pays way more in the long run, then running after the impossible dream.

No One said (October 23, 2005):

The psychological fear of failure should not be under estimated in young men. After all, if a young woman is not aroused, she can always fake an orgasm if required. Conversely, a young man cannot fake the erection necessary to achieve an orgasm.

Stress or depression can be a factor in failing to achieve and maintain a satisfactory erection. Various medications can exacerbate the associated problems.

However, there can be more tangible factors involved. Chemical pollution of the physical environment -rather than feminization of the political environment - may help explain why young men may use erectile dysfunction drugs originally intended for older men.
Young women complain that male peers lack a strong male identity absent any obvious feminist cause. I have long suspected an ecological connection.

Likewise, seemingly innocuous male activities such as bicycling - especially mountain biking - can adversely affect erections. Also, in the United States, erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with recreational drug use. Historically, alcohol or tobacco use has also been associated with an inability to maintain an erection.

Diseases, such as childhood diabetes, can also have debilitating sexual effects on men.

While sex may indeed be over rated among the young, I can assure you that my wife and I still find post-menopausal connubial relations enjoyable even after four decades of faithful marriage.

Pavlov said (October 23, 2005):

Deprived of a healthy relationship with women and/or religion, men quickly degenerate into animals. And animals are easy to control – by those who are doing the depriving.

Kate said (October 23, 2005):

Dear Mr. Makow: I couldn't agree more Man is not spelled phallus at least the last time I checked my dictionary. I always thought man was about being the balance to woman in tems of energies and a powerful source though not only source of protection and of course to serve higher ideals though the male is not the exclusive domain of that goal either. To make a long story short, like woman, man is complex, important, loving (hopefully) and essential. Spreading the seed while important in the days before high tech is now at the bottom of the list in priorities at least for huMans, can't speak for the other species. kate

Our Istanbul Correspondent said (October 23, 2005):

Your latest article is another product of your wholesome line of thought and I am writing to confirm what you explain in the article. I had realized that natural "performance" is very closely related to spritual fulfillment in the relationship after "failing" three times with two ladies despite being a rather healthy person. Neither had I have any respect for these women nor had they for me during those times. I knew instinctively back then that there was no distinction between me and possibly the rest of male population of the world, which certainly meant the lack of specialness. My brain was clearly refusing to send the necessary signals and it took me a while to figure out why and how. This realization helps me to confirm your article and it is also one of the many reasons why I am a Muslim: Not only adultery is forbidden but also God instructs, in the Qur'an, the humanity to "have something for your soul" before the intercourse.

Dan said (October 23, 2005):


Dear Henry,

Viagra's just a symptom of our culture's greater sexual psychological dysfunction, which is real. More importantly, you identified the source of these issues. The Illuminati are manipulating the human race toward
the level of Luciferian sexuality they believe the "herd" is entitled to.

For instance, I remember well that girls my age during the 70's hated pornography in any form, and they were disgusted by any of my friends
who tried to get them to perform a "blow job" or anal sex.

Somewhere along the line since the end of the Viet Nam war, we now have a culture in which mainstream women all know about things like "S/M"
sex, felattio, anal.... and for the last decade at least most of the women I've known have at least some experience with all that.

This trend tells me that our society has truly lost it's way. I've often
wondered whether anybody remembers how love and sex used to be part of
the same complex of feelings.

Mike in London UK said (October 22, 2005):

I was taught being a man was to be MATURE and LOVING to a woman I'd want as a wife ! Having that opinion from an early age has
actually got me accused of being a "homosexual" on many many occasions !!!!

So for a while I took the accepted route of just wanting to "nail any chick with a heartbeat" to prove I wasn't a homosexual and prove I was a real man!!!! It was only when I read here on this very website "how" gay culture & gays behave [as being straight,I had NO IDEA.]that I realised "my" natural feelings of how to behave as a mature heterosexual WERE BEING ERRODED by
popualr thinking and our modern western culture!It seems the end product of this plan is that we should end up as living beings just banging away with the least amount of care and affection and least amount of thought.People put more bloody thought into which washing machine to buy,than they put into family-planning! People "Grow Up".

I'm not an emotionally stunted human being that looks at the opposite sex as a masturbatory tool....I want a woman to complete me as a
man.How can I leave my home hoping to meet that wanton sl*t I keep getting told IS out there when I'm secretly hoping to find a woman that would be a good friend and wife and mother to my children!!!!!!

Joseph said (October 22, 2005):


Dear Henry,

Often the condom is the culprit when it comes to impotence. Let's face it, it reduces a male's pleasure and putting it on is a nuisance. Here is some advice I gave my son. Of course it only applies to women who are not promiscuous, and are not on the pill.

Try "outer-course". I refer to applying pressure without entry. It feels pretty good for both male and female and doesn't risk pregnancy.

After you have gained a measure of control, possibly by expending yourself in "outercourse," master intercourse using withdrawal before climax.

These ideas eliminate the need for condoms, a barrier to great sex, and a major cause of male impotence.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at