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Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage

November 12, 2005

GuessBy Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" (1967) Sydney Poitier's dad, a retired postman, objects to his son's marriage to a White woman. "I walked thousands of miles to bring you up and want some say over my progeny."

The son rejects his father's claims replying: "Dad, to you I am a colored man; to me I am just a man."

This is Hollywood's take on intermarriage and at one level it is true. We are one family, all God's children. My second wife was a Filipina.

At the same time, I am suspicious of Hollywood's motives given the fact that the New World Order is intent on dynamiting the four pillars of our human identity: God (religion), race, nation and family (gender) better to control us. They want to define us as producers and consumers only.

Yes Poitier's character is first a man but is that any reason for him to negate his race and culture? Funny how a philosophy that pretends to celebrate differences, actually makes them disappear. If all Blacks and Whites intermarried, both races would cease to exist.

Hollywood studios are owned and financed by mostly Jewish central bankers. Is this their hidden agenda? Some people believe in a "War of the Jews Against the White Race." They quote a 1952 speech by a Rabbi Rabinovich: "Thus, [through intermarriage] the White race will disappear...and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory."

momentThe main objection to this view is that Jews have suffered more than anyone from intermarriage. Since 1965, US Jewish intermarriage has risen from an average of 9% to roughly 52% today. One third of all American Jews couples are intermarried. At this rate, by the year 2040, most of the world's Jews will live in Israel, the central bankers' private fiefdom where intermarriage is illegal.

I have yet to see a Hollywood movie about a family of European background vindicated for wanting to preserve its special heritage. But Jewish families are sometimes an exception.

In "Prime," (2005) Meryl Streep plays a frumpy middle-aged Jewish therapist who practically disowns her son for having an affair with a non-Jewish woman (who also is her client.)

The issue of race is camouflaged as a difference in "faith," as if the woman couldn't convert. The Meryl Streep character insists, "Religion is the most important thing in life" though she gives little evidence of this from her own behavior. Being Jewish is portrayed as a matter of family and food.

"It makes sense to marry someone from the same background," Streep tells her son. "Why start something when nothing can come of it?"

She also refers to the problems mixed couples have. (The divorce rate for Jewish mixed marriages is 60% compared to seven per cent for non-mixed.)

I encourage Jews and everyone else to nurture and preserve their racial and cultural heritage. (But I would make love the first criteria.) In Prime, a mediocre movie incidentally, the non-Jewish woman finally withdraws because of the "religious" difference, as well as an age difference.

In "Keeping the Faith" (2000) however, a Jewish rabbi played by Ben Stiller actually marries a non-Jew who plans to convert. His mother, played by Anne Bancroft, had disowned his brother for doing this.

But when push comes to shove, mother relents and gives her rabbi son her blessing. So does his congregation, an indication of the ambivalence Jews must feel on this issue. (In Jewish law, "Jewishness" is determined by the mother's racial background.)

In the comedy "Guess Who" (2005) a Black family voices their objections to their daughter marrying a White man. The father played by Bernie Mack, expresses his preference when he tells a colleague the fiance is a Black basketball star who just got into medicine and knows the Cosby's.

"No matter what I say, you're going to think I'm a racist," Mack tells his daughter, "but it's human nature to care."

The sister says, "Thanks sis! I can crash the car or do anything now. I won't be the one who brought home a White man." (Could Whites speak like this?)

The daughter to her father: "Dad I need you to tell me that this is OK. People look at us as if we were strange."

There is an edgy scene at the dinner table where the family coaxes the fiance, played by Ashton Kurcher, into telling Black jokes. The first few are good-natured but after one stings, the father says, "I think I've lost my appetite."

However dad's reservations are for dramatic effect only. In typical Hollywood fashion, father relents when he learns that Kurcher quit his job over his boss's opposition to his choice of mate. Kurcher also helps dad overcome problems in his own marriage.

Similarly, in "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" the white girl's father does an about-face. While declaring the impracticality of the match and vowing to protect his daughter, inexplicably he finally decides the couple's "feelings are the only thing that is important."

Feelings are often driven by hormones and have a tendency to change. I would have ordered a cooling-off period. In this story, the couple had been together for only 10 days.

But "Father Knows Best" no longer applies. Hollywood preaches a religion of romantic love and rebellion. Sex is the ultimate experience known to man. As a result, all considerations that make us human (like experience, common sense, family and heritage) take second place.

Because of Hollywood (and popular music), people have ridiculous expectations of love and sex which cause family breakdown.

Hollywood is a weapon of mass deception and its policy is to promote racial intermarriage. We hear a lot about brainwashing but we never consider that WE may be brainwashed.

Brainwashing is part of the process of colonization. The whole world, including the US, is being colonized by a cartel of cartels located in the City of London, which owes no allegiance to the UK or any other country. This cartel undermines racial cohesion and sows racial division as part of its imperialist design for a banker-run New World Order.

Interracial Dating Rising, from Sierra Times

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Hollywood Pushes Racial Intermarriage"

Louis said (November 21, 2005):

Dr. Henry Makow,
Your article on intermarriage is dangerously misinformed where it counts the most. I'd like to go in to detail if you're open to discussion.
The four "pillars of our human identity" are not what a man's worth is based on. It is his purity of heart and his actions.

Considerations that make us human are far beyond "family and heritage." What makes us human are our abilities to use reason, and logic. Animals sense of reason and logic are not nearly as refined as humans. We are also more capable of developing the more humane virtues of selfless love, justice, and other forms of higher developed human virtue.

And the worst part about your article is that it is completely backwards. I recommend you check out some of Alex Jone's material. Check out the words used in the cremation of care ceremony in the grove. They want to use man's love of hate against us. Our unity in (disunity and hatred), to keep people seperated. That is the fire which burned Care. As long as the common men cannot unite, we will be much more powerless. Racial mixing is a great factor in uniting people and helping the world to see that we are all humans, like brothers and sisters, and can unite together and stand up for all of our rights.

You are a very educated man. I am a humble janitor. I doubt you will hear my words, but I offer them anyways, for God's sake, more than anything else.

Brad said (November 19, 2005):

In response to natural.

"Natural" seems to suggest that all white women have some sort of attraction to black males. This is not true at all. Most white women you see with black men have very low self esteem and alot of them are dealing with rejection issues.

To insinuate that white men are effete shows the utter stupidity of "Natural". True male vitality is using both heads on his body. Such as loving his wife, working hard, educating his children, providing for his children, and teaching his children to do the same. Anyone can screw, but it takes a real man to raise a respectable family.
If any woman is just looking to get laid, she will never find a real man (and real man will never want her except to abuse).

The real man described above must provide not only for his own posterity, but also the posterity of women like natural. Statistics speak for themselves.

I knew girls like ''Natural'' growing up and with out exception they all have children and no husband. Life and love is more than feeding your lust, that is what separates mankind from the rest of creation.

Judy said (November 19, 2005):

Hi! In general I agree with your views on intermarriage but in the U.S. what is intermarriage? I recently had AncestrybyDNA, a scientific research group, test my DNA. Of the one percent that is racially significant, I was four percent subSaharan African, two percent Amerindian and 96 percent Northern European. Further analysis showed that the 96% was roughly one third northern European, one third eastern Mediterranean and one third middle eastern. And here I thought I was just Irish! I suspect very few Americans are without some African genes and very few African Americans are without some white genes. We must begin to distinguish between culture and race if that distinction can be made. However, I quite agree with you that Hollywood producers are not the people to do it and their emphasis on sex as recreation is abominable, quite likely preventing many young people from ever knowing what love really is.

Michael said (November 18, 2005):

I dearly believe that if two people love each other, they should be together. That being said......MTV and Hollywood seem to do all they can to make interracial romance seem "cool" and "defiant" of boring convention.

However, when the novelty of each others differing ethnic background fades.........what is the glue that holds these novel (historically speaking) romances together? They usually dont hold together strictly speaking. I believe certaing sex/ethnic groups have a "primal" attraction to each other as evidenced by which interracial marriages take place. A quick look at marriage statistics will tell you that white females marry black males, white males marry asian females, arabic males marry white females. I dont think Ive ever seen an asian male with a black female. One doesnt see too many white males with black females. There is no hate evidenced here, just primal physical attractions manifesting themselves. However, data suggests most interracial relationships ultimately fail and thats a pratfall would-be interracial courtship participants should consider. Its gotta be more than physical attraction. You two authentically have to be emotionally, spiritually, intellectually as in love as youre physically attracted to each other, or two young people will be making a painful (and expensive) mistake.

Dave said (November 18, 2005):

"Hollywood studios are owned and financed by mostly Jewish central bankers. Is this their hidden agenda?"

The religion of Freemasonry is judaism. They said that their god "is dedicated to the unification of all races,

religions and credes."--The New Age, Sep.1950 (official publication of the Scottish Rite)

On Feb, 13,1883, the Jewish World of London wrote: "The great ideal of judaism is that Jewish teachings

shall be imbued on the whole world. In fact, in a greater brotherghood of nations (UN?) all of the separate

races, and religions shall disappear." SEE the similarity of the two statements?

UNION JACK by anonymous is something you should appreciate.

AS said (November 17, 2005):

I find it very fitting that you post messages you get from feminists around.

You should post even more, that way people will that what you write about feminism are not lies.

Thanks for your efforts in showing how wrong this world is.

Adria said (November 16, 2005):

Well, I'll start with what I agree with. I agree we are all God's children, "If all Blacks and Whites intermarried, both races would cease to exist," and that a bunch of stereotypes are played out on the movie screens. I can't find one Asian movie that didn't have the same scenario of either martial arts or a love of family and culture through food or some other overused venue. I also agree that Hollywood is pushing interracial marriages; but the one they really push is Black men and White women. I liked the fact that "Guess Who" turned it around a bit, even if I disagreed with the way they did it. There are things they said in that movie that a white person in the reverse situation could never get away with jokingly.

Here is what I e-mailed to say though. I don't date interracially because Hollywood brainwashed me to. I date white men because I have the most in common with them. I did not copy what I saw on television or in the movies because until "Guess Who," there was nobody representing me in my situation, only the other way around.



Thanks. We will love whom we love.I am only pointing out what I see as the nwo agenda.


Bill said (November 16, 2005):

The people who are attacking you crack me up. Especially when they drag Jesus into it as a supposed role model of racelessness. I mean, this is the same guy who said "I was not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel" and called the Syrio-Phoenician woman a "dog" (i.e., a bitch) to her face, right ? Truly, belief is amazing stuff.

The first time you find Ten Commandments in the Bible is in Genesis One. What throws people off is that it's the same One Commandment repeated ten times "(reproducing) after it's (own) kind."

That's the way He set it up, and it would not seem unreasonable to suspect that that's the way He wants it since that's the way He made it. Don't think so ? The first time, people get to mating with "angels" and what happens ? He picks out the family of Noah, who was "uncontaminated in his genealogy" to save and wipes the rest of them out in the deluge. The second time it was the people of Sodom wanting to produce more violations of His species lines (Adam was but little below the angels, and he started out as a hermaphrodite, so figure it out). The result was He nuked the place. Touchy, touchy !

And what will it be like when the game's finally called ? "As it was in the days of Noah and of Lot . . ." The same crap a third time (third time's a charm ?).

Steven from UK said (November 15, 2005):







Shazia said (November 15, 2005):

I have been an avid reader of your articles exposing feminism and the New World Order and I check on your website everyday to see if there is anything new that I may find intriguing. I find an overwhelming majority of your articles, especially the ones critiquing feminism, "devastating" because they are so truthful. I am very fortunate to have discovered your site. Anyway, I am the product of an interracial/interethnic marriage. The subject of this union is a double-edged sword. Very ironically, I find myself just as ardently aligning myself with your position on the preservation of racial and ethnic identity. To the average "Joe," you and I would be considered "racists," so I hence keep my opinion withheld from the people. The reason why I share your sentiments regarding racial/ethnic preservation is that the child can suffer an identity crisis, that of which can be exacerbated if the child is forcefully expected to conform to one side of her dual cultural heritage. By the same token, AS that progeny, I would feel less of a human being if my conception and birth was "something that the NWO wants" simply because it is a racial intermarriage. I guess you in particular would say that it is not intermarriage that is the sole problem here, but the promotion of it, and in that case alone I would be in wholehearted accordance with you. However, I ask you very politely: where does the promotion of the preservation of cultural/ethnic/racial identity leave the progeny, such as myself, of interracial marriage?

What do you propose the people like the progeny do? If you are telling people (e.g. white Christian heterosexual males...or any other category for that matter) to preserve their heritage (and I understand this opinion), what would you tell a white Christian male who fell in love with a "mongrel"? That it is better to marry a white Christian female, or the woman he loves? How do people like me gain acceptance as a marriage partner by people who share your viewpoints about the concerns of interracial marriage? I ask you sincerely.



My present wife is from two heritages. Celebrate them both. My wife has many excellent qualities that she probably wouldn't have if she were from only one background. I was merely trying to point out the nwo policy not make a hard-and-fast rule. -Henry

Robert said (November 15, 2005):

(Reply to a comment below)

One of your recent letter writers wrote - ' Bottom line by mixing races,... colors, racism can finally be eradicated'. I hope he doesn't have an issue with people being Black!?
Bottom line mix the races = brown people, no diversity, and no unique cultural differences, no point in foreign travel as in the African country you're travelling to everyone is named either 'Bob' or 'Buffy'!
Bottom line mixing equals one giant YAWN.

Kyle said (November 15, 2005):

You’re just a closet racist. Just say you don’t want people to mix….with blacks anyway. Bottom line by mixing the races, excuse me I should say colors, racism can finally be eradicated. There is no such thing as race anyway when you get to the genetic level. Racism was invented by early Colonials/Americans……white wasp Americans who wanted to justify slavery knowing in there heart that all men are created equal (i.e. constitution) but not wanting to take their palms off those green backs (Money)…what I am saying has been well researched and not by internet docs. There can be some validity to the new world order, I keep an open mind but as they say not ‘til my brains fall out, so I look listen but don’t follow. I just want to be aware so I won’t get caught saying baaaaah!

In conclusion I was somewhat offended by your little article and found it antiquated in thought especially from someone who suppose to be married to a Philippians not with a F

Kelly said (November 15, 2005):

I have come across you website and I want to tell you that you are a disgrace to humanity. You may have the fancy M.D. initials beside your name, but I am inclined to believe that you are in reality an ignorant, self-serving, egotistical bastard lacking any human qualities.

I was in doubt as I read through your website, I actually couldn't believe that people much like yourself were capable of such offensive and derogatory statements.

If I was a man, I would cut off my penis because of you.

P.S. You were a load that should have been swallowed.

David said (November 14, 2005):

One could argue much more convincingly that on the race issue, Hollywood has been far more of a follower than a leader.
This is in contrast to the themes of sex and
especially violence in which Hollywood (and the music industry) has consistently pushed the limits.

During the broadcasting code days starting in the
early 30s, Hollywood dutifully kept away from tackling race issues especially when they involved romance and intermarriage. Before the code, although Hollywood was certainly more adventurous in terms of sex and exposing skin, it certainly stayed close to the very
stereotyped concepts regarding race that were
prevalent at the time.

Anyway, my point is that for all the garbage that
Hollywood puts out, I don't see an agenda promoting interracial marriages. When Hollywood does push a specific race oriented agenda as it did in World War2 or when protraying Asians as devious, greedy and depraved (1910-1940), they made no doubt about it.

Paul said (November 14, 2005):

White Americans are finally starting to feel what US culture has been doing to black Americans for over a hundred years now. Paraphrasing what one white man told me nearly 30 years ago: instead of lifting everyone up to middle class standards, the culture borg wants to pull everyone down to ghettoized standards.

Whenever I read about how only blacks are allowed to say racist things in media I laugh: whites have been saying and doing racist things in real life for centuries. Contrary to what the paranoid might think, I know first hand that if a black person blows the
whistle on even malicious racism, he or she stands to live out the experience of "no good deed goes unpunished". But just as white people stand by and go into shock or denial when they see white racism, all people stand by and go into shock or denial when they
see the dumbing down of America. Perhaps the sheer horror of things makes normal people freeze instead of fight.

Ironically, I think that if all nationalists of
whatever camps worked together, they might just be able to save everyone's culture. Could you imagine black and white nationalists working together on a common project to preserve black and white cultures? I can't. And that very division is key to how we continue to be manipulated and kept asleep.

Next time you see a mainstream Hollywood movie, one that "crosses over", ask yourself if you ever see these pairings in the lead:
1) black man/black woman
2) Asian man/Asian woman
3) Hispanic man/Hispanic woman
4) Native man/Native woman

All darker men are typical paired with white or light women. I can't remember ever seeing Jackie Chan kiss an Asian woman on the screen, or even get some putang in his movies. Why can't Will and Jada Smith star in a movie together? Aren't they both superstars?


Joe said (November 14, 2005):

So, I guess, my main point is, racial lines aren't the issue, it's belief. Like the bible says in Jesus there aren't any distinctions as far as race or gender. Even when God seperated the people in the tower of babel, he didn't do it in terms of "race"....well there were no races back then...but stay with me on this one.....God separated the people on basis of language, not race. The new world order conspirators would be more effective trying to bring the people together with language but won't be able to do it through race....even thought they might believe that. I personally don't believe in any kind of special prosperity or value in preserving the "races" of any kind is ever held of any value biblically or even common sense wise. If there really was a concept of a so called "pure" race, and there isn't, but if there were and people bought in to it, I wouldn't exist and neither would the greatest golfer of recent times. I would also submit, that some of the most evil people this planet has ever seen think they are of a "pure" race.


I think you're buying into the neo-communist propaganda. We don't have to give up our identity as a sacrifice to the people we love.
Indeed, wanting people to preserve their racial characteristics is a true sign of LOVE. This doesn't mean you don't also love people with mixed backgrounds.



Christine said (November 14, 2005):

Thanks for having the guts to publish this article. What's wrong with valuing your own racial and ethnic identity enough to want to preserve it? There used to be something known as freedom of association in the USA. We seem to be losing it rapidly.

Kurt said (November 14, 2005):

Everyone discriminates when we choose our friends. Judy Andreas said she prefers to use the term "discernment" to describe these choices. To be discriminating is not wrong, but there is a fine line between these choices and the evil that comes from mistreating and disrespecting others. In addition to humans, I include animals and nature as victims
of this potential cruelty.

Corporatism is amoralistic and it's influence in Westernized cultures is to promote consumption and materialism. Greed and a dearth of civility
results. This has caused people to think and act like mini-corporations. Is it any wonder that divorce, rage, poor manners,have replaced the respect once had for each other?

I agree that it may be desirable to engender relationships with those having similarities to oneself, but not to the extent that we lose
respect for the rights of others to believe differently. Ethnocentrism and the corporate mentality cause much of todays evil. Fundamentalism, evangelicalism, and talmudic hate literature are sources of absolutist
racial discrimination. Religious discrimination is unjustified since no dogma is provable....otherwise there would be only one religion, as all differing beliefs would have been disproven.

My point Henry, is that while engendering one's cultural values, we must emphasize respect for the rights of others to believe and live
differently than ourselves. No one's choices are absolute or have a monopoly on what is socially or culturally redeemable.

Alan said (November 14, 2005):

I agree that racial intermarriage has its place and is for many a blessed undertaking, but like you I am very suspicious of anything that comes out of the mind control schema of Hollywood, particularly when it appears so reasonable at first glance.

The real factor behind the inter-racial programming is satanically motivated One World homogeneity; first attempted by Nimrod during the construction of the Tower of Babel, where the efforts to unite all men into one great world political system was frustrated by God, who divided the men and women into different races, different colours and languages; you know the story.

Time and again through history, Satan has been attempting through Empire and conquest; economics and sociological engineering, to bring the planet under One World government where he himself will be leader and worshipped as God.

In 1969 the band ‘Blue Mink’ captured some of the essence of this Satanic agenda in their lyrics for ‘Melting Pot’ (with sentiments that suspiciously parallel the new age philosophy of the Tavistock Institute think tank. Note especially the mention of ‘The Sun God’, The Beatles and the Queen):

"Take a pinch of white man
Wrap him up in black skin
Add a touch of blue blood
And a little bitty bit of red Indian boy
Oh like a Curly Latin kinkies
Oh Lordy, Lordy, mixed with yellow Chinkees, yeah
You know you lump it all together
And you got a recipe for a get along scene
Oh what a beautiful dream
If it could only come true, you know, you know

What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough enough enough to take
The world and all its got And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee coloured people by the score

Rabbis and the friars
Vishnus and the gurus
We got the Beatles or the Sun God
Well it really doesn't matter what religion you choose
And be thankful little Mrs. Graceful
You know that livin' could be tasteful
We should all get together in a lovin machine
I think I'll call up the queen
It' s only fair that she knows, you know, you know

What we need is a great big melting pot
Big enough enough enough to take
The world and all its got And keep it stirring for a hundred years or more
And turn out coffee coloured people by the score."

One would have to be blind and deaf not to detect the culmination of this programme in full swing today. In a way that has never happened before, that was impossible before, nations are holding hands and talking ‘peace, peace’, when there is no peace. Walls are coming down and economies are becoming more and more interdependent. The union of all the world into one luciferic whole is on the horizon. One day soon the sun will rise on a Godless ‘united world’, and Antichrist will be in power.

Natural said (November 14, 2005):

Could it not be the case that Hollywood is merely reflecting a social reality?

Most white males are effete, hence the domination of Black males in nearly all sporting arenas.

To the white woman, a Black male is the sexiest male on the planet and represents the masculine essence, which women find irresitable.

A wise friend once made me think when he said, the arrow of desire is always fired by the woman. If that is the rise of black/white female liasons and marriages is an inevitable trend.

Nu4 said (November 14, 2005):

Clearly you haven't been watching films/tv very carefully. My wife (who
is of a different 'race' than I--but of the same culture, we grew up in
the same neighborhood) often joke how very very rare it is to see
miscegenation on tv or in films. And when you do, it's almost always
the case where one or both partners is European. "Just watch--she'll be
British" "I bet they're depicted as French" etc.

The reality is, many, many of our friends are in mixed marriages--white, black, Jewish, Asian, Indian...Our children are not half of two races. They are a whole, and complete, member of one race: the human race.

To say that Hollywood promotes intermixed marriages is like saying George Bush likes peace. It ain't the case. Unfortunately.

You are also very naive to think that any human being in this day and age--after tens, or hundreds of thousands of years of cultural
blending--is 'pure'. Everyone is intermixed. Not only that, but our generation is very used to traveling, working, and living in other
countries. "Us" and "Them" in terms of race or religion... seems so last century, so quaint...and yet so hateful.

We teach them that each person is his own culture, his own race, his
own country.


Dear Nu4-

I can accept your point of view until you pull that "hateful" nonsense. That is so uncivil and untrue, to accuse someone who wants to protect his culture, and by extension others, of hating others. This is the way the neo-com(munist)s are shutting down dissent.


J said (November 14, 2005):

You obviously did not notice but globalism was the thing under Clinton. The, now in charge, neocons believe not in globalism, but rather American empire and in force feeding people religion and martial spirit entailing the notions of duty, sacrifice and austerity, while getting rid of the quaint anachronisms of liberty and democracy. Hope this helps.

Dear J-

Thanks for your comment. Don't be fooled. Both Neo con Republicans and Democrats are empowered and controlled by the same people, the central bankers through their agents. Differences are part of the democratic charade. The neo cons are buildings the nwo just as certainly as the dems will continue their work.


Bernard said (November 13, 2005):

Everybody or their ancestors was
an immigrant at one time or another.
Only evil men drew imaginary lines on the Earth that God created,
and made artificial geographical boundaries.
Everybody or their ancestors are progeny
from a mixture of races. More and new races will develop
in the future, in addition to the
existing races which will still be present.

For further clarification see these two links:

Racial Harmony and Interracial Marriage

Interracial Marriage: Celebrating and Serving Diversity in Christ

Andrew said (November 13, 2005):

Miscogenation and multiculturalism, third worldism for everyone else but the illuminati. Dilute and take down white male power structures, eg. good 'ol whitey boy
power structures came down in the 60's. Neocon
Illuminati's slipped in to take control of big
government thanks to useful idiots of the new left movement. Racial intermarraige is not a bad thing in of itself. It will however create the American Race and ultimately complete mixing of the one world race which will probably be some neutral characteristiked being. Do as I say, not as I do policies is what the
programming is all about....

AJ said (November 12, 2005):

Brother Henry,
Marcus Garvey spoke on this same subject saying, " I believe in a pure black race just as how all sef-respecting whites believe in a pure white race, as far as that can be. I am conscious of the fact that slavery brought upon us te curse of many colors within the Negro race, but that is no reason why we of ourselves should perpetuate the evil; hence instead of encouraging a wholesale bastardy in the race, we feel that we should now set out to create a race type and standard of our own which could not, in the future, be stigmatized by bastardy, but could be recognized and respected as the true race type anteceding even our own time". - Purity Of Race from The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.
Great article as always!
To let you know, I just opened up an on-line bookstore , please go check it out and look it over . I have a link to your site in the outer links section.
One Heart Books - Healing the Planet of the new world order
til next time, One Heart!

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