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The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game

April 15, 2006


By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

 Recently a reader asked my opinion of the Jewish holocaust:

"Some of the 911 people think that there were no 'death camps' as such, but apart from cruel executions to terrorise inmates the vast bulk of deaths occurred because of Typhus and other diseases towards the end of the war when things started to go badly for Germany and food supplies became very scarce. There is a Red Cross document on the internet that estimates the total number of deaths of peoples from all groups in all camps at about 280, 000. Now everyone has an agenda but the 6 million figures and this number are so ridiculously different I wonder where should one begin to look to find the truth about the 'holocaust'."

These events took place more than 60 years ago and we are all dependent on historical and eyewitness accounts. To a large extent, it's a question of whom you believe. I am not an expert on the subject and will continue to research it. I can only give you my opinion and I defer to the truth. I have no ax to grind.

I don't trust the Red Cross which I suspect is an Illuminati organization. My sense is that after mid-1941 the Nazis had a deliberate policy of exterminating European Jews. I would accept Raul Hilberg's conclusion in "The Destruction of the European Jews" that about 5.1 million were killed. (See his Appendices.) Hilberg could hardly get this book published because he documented the lack of Jewish resistance.

I am also impressed by German historian Heinz Hohne's "The Order of the Death's Head: The Story of Hitler's SS," which supports Hilberg's view. The SS was responsible for executing the "Final Solution." He lists the camps where three million died. (380) There is no question the Nazis used gas vans in Russia so I can believe they had gas chambers in some death camps.

I don't have to rely on books entirely. Both my parents were Polish Jews who survived by passing as Catholics. I have their accounts of how Jews were hunted like animals. My grandparents perished. Many Jewish families experienced similar or greater losses. Sympathetic Poles and Germans helped my parents survive.

Holocaust "minimizers" have no trouble believing that Himmler tried to ransom a million Hungarian Jews for trucks and provisions (but was rejected by the Zionists.) They have alot of trouble accepting that he was bartering their lives.

When the Nazis rounded up Jews, they took everyone. What happened to the children, aged, infirm and others unfit for work? Why would they select them? To provide them with free room and board? Extermination is the most credible explanation.

This is my present view. I urge people to do their own research. Please don't send me information and arguments either way. I know where to find them.




The Jewish holocaust has become an issue because it has been politicized. Elite mind controllers, like Jewish mothers, understand the power of guilt as a psychological weapon.

Guilt both activates the "victims" and subdues the "guilty." Mind controllers have applied this strategy to women, homosexuals, and Blacks as well as Jews. (See my "The Victim as Moral Zombie.")

Why are they trying to give the Jewish genocide a special status above all others? Victimhood bestows a certain power and prestige on Jews who occupy prominent places in the New World Order. This makes them and the new system immune to criticism or resistance. The Jewish holocaust also justifies WW2 and Zionism.

Naturally, opponents of the New World Order want to take this advantage away. Atrocity stories, after all, are a staple of propaganda. Numbers do get exaggerated for more effect. If Hilberg is right, five million slaughtered was not enough.

But I suspect some opponents of the NWO are erring in the other direction, and it undermines their larger cause. It's a mistake for patriots to appear to minimize the Jewish holocaust. Its makes them look stupid and insensitive and discredits them. On the other hand, people like Ernst Zundel, a German patriot, and David Irving, a gifted historian, have a right to ask questions. They should be answered with documentation, not jail.

The least we can do for all innocent victims is accurately acknowledge their murder. Apparently this modicum of civility is too much to ask. People are too ready to trim the truth to fit their agenda. Truth is the only thing that matters.

I also wish we could shake the feebleminded habit of "guilt by association." This is the way they divide us. No one is responsible for what other people of similar background do. We are individuals. All Americans are NOT responsible for American atrocities in Iraq or at Guantanamo Bay. (But opponents of this war are required to take a stand.)

Jews are individuals like everyone else. Yes, many Jews serve as a Trojan Horse for the Illuminati. But many other Jews oppose the New World Order. For example, Rabbi Daniel Lapin is an outspoken critic of the degrading influence of Hollywood Jews on American culture. I wish more Jews would take such a stand.

Jews are not a cohesive community as anti-Semites who crave a simple solution imagine. Let's treat people as individuals and judge them on the basis of their actions. Isn't individualism something we value?

I don't believe in "prestige by association" either. I am embarrassed by the special treatment given to the Jewish holocaust. All war is genocide. More than sixty million died in the Second World War. German civilians and POWS. The Polish intelligensia. Stalin killed more than twenty million people. Mao killed sixty million. Rwanda. Cambodia. Bosnia. Ukraine. Armenia. The list goes on and on.

As long as the elite exploits the Jewish holocaust for political gain, opponents will minimize it. The subject should be removed from the political arena altogether. Let's show some respect and decency.


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Comments for "The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game"

Stephen said (April 18, 2006):

The number of dead in the camps at Germany was around 70,000 about half of whom were gentiles, most those who perished did so from typhus thanks to Russian pows,and lack of food,thanks to allied bombing of rails that led to the camps.Additionally,to say that the entire infrastructure of Germany during the last year of the war was in state of near total collapse would be an understatement. Lastly,the persecution of the Jews was orchestrated by Zionist has long been admitted by Jews who lost their family members to the Zionist-Nazi collaboration.



I totally disagree with these numbers but am posting this so people can see what some people actually believe.


Jim said (April 18, 2006):

As usual you are not afraid to openly discuss controversial and emotional issues. I have referred many people to your web site not only because I often agree with what you have to say (but not always), but because you have convinced me of the sincerity of your search for truth.

It seems that unfortunately people generally have to be traumatized by events in their lives to shake them out of their complacency and motivate them to question some of the bedrock values in their life. Those who have had things fairly easy and predictable seem content to stay in their ivory towers.

I will respect your request and not send you sources of information on the Jewish Holocaust of World War II. This is a subject I have studied in some depth over a period of years. Clearly even the minimum of what could have happened, the loss of property, the trauma of being forced to leave one's home country, being reduced to the status of refugee or slave laborer, and possible death by epidemic or violence, was bad enough. Even the Revisionists freely admit these things happened.

However if major parts of the holocaust story are not true then it begs the question as to who and what is being protected from scrutiny. Yes, masses of Jews were victimized by events of WW II, and it seems that part of that victimization is that the real perpetrators have gotten away with it without being held accountable.

I hope your essay will motivate your readers to start doing some research on their own, especially before laws such as the ones that have put David Irving and Ernst Zundel and others in prison take away all our rights to free speech and to freely choose what we want to read.

Jake said (April 17, 2006):

Dear Henry,
I would just like to say that your recent article "The Macabre Holocaust Numbers Game" was the one article that I have read in ages that really made me feel as if I wasn't off base with a paper for school I wrote. You see, as a final project we had to write an essay on the Holocaust. Most people in the class wrote of the atrocities commited to those in camps, and relayed stories of survivors. But i chose to write on the fact we hear primarily of the Jews genocide, and rarely of any other races. I even printed out pages from teh internet so I could properly cite sources and make qoutes. And yet I recieved the lowest mark of the class and recieved heavy criticism and the teacher said that I was borderline Holocaust Denial.
So I would just like to say thank-you for your article, it really spoke to me.

Old Dog said (April 17, 2006):

Please don't forget the Native American Holocaust right here in America: 18 million down to 400,00 turn of the century. A Native American

Paul said (April 17, 2006):

Dear Dr Makow
I think you are full of it.
Hilberg's nuimbers are correct!
No gas chambers!
Free discussion of the holohaox a no-no, the ONLY subject on the planet
sacrosanct - to prison anyone who seriously questions it ?
You are full of it, you hypocrite.
If the Zionist Elders were not controlling this planet then none of this
deny-the-holocaust-at-your- peril would be the issue.
Don't confuse the issue by blaming "London bankers" Iluminati, New World
Jehovah's scum Elders of Zion Bolshevik perpetrators.
LIttle creeps like yourself dont count.
You are a phony little talmud-trained poseur.

Andrew said (April 16, 2006):

What is more interesting than the Holocaust numbers game is the "holocaust" word game. Forget for a moment the numerology of the holocaust and consider the lexicography.

I was surprised when I looked up the word, "holocaust" in an old dictionary and read that it was only a "burnt offering" used as it were throughout the Old Testament. Today when the word is used, the public mind conjures only the burnt offering of European Jewry during World War II. We have to ask who made the sacrifice and who benefited from the sacrifice of these people and who changed the meaning of the word?

At the same time the sacrifice of Jesus for the sins of the world is being replaced by the new mythology of The Da Vinci Code and The Gospel of Judas and I would speculate, all according to the Talmud wherein the KETHUBOTH states: We have a tradition that Babel will not witness the sufferings that will precede the coming of the Messiah. This is followed by this note: ". . . usually rendered 'Babylon [Iraq], ". . . travail, . . . but the more correct reading is . . . frequent in modern Christian books is fictitious . . . These are the throes of Mother Zion which is in labor to bring forth the Messiah - without metaphor, the Jewish people."

Everything old is new again with a little linguistic morphology.

Jean said (April 16, 2006):

I respect and am still horrified at the holocaust and what it did to innocent people.Since then,60 some yrs.
later it ,in my opinion seems that some Jews are doing the same thing to the Palestians.Then I LEARNED THE DIFFERENCE between Jews and Zionist.My son became a Jew and my grandchildren are Jewish so I would never degrade the Jewish race.How ever zionism is a different matter.

Dan said (April 15, 2006):

I can easily envision that in the dim future, if I were to sit at a dinner table in France or Germany with an Iraqi survivor, and I were to express my regrets and sympathy for what my counrty did to his or her people, I would not be at all surprised should that person stand up angrily and point a finger at me, and say, "You stood by and did NOTHING! My family's blood is on your hands too!".

And I think that they would be entirely within their human rights to say that.

AJ said (April 15, 2006):

One thing everyone needs to recognize is that we are all in the same boat up against the
same enemy and the mural at the illuminati Denver airport tells us what they have in mind for Jews, Christians, and Indigenous people alike; and anyone else who resists them. We better start coming together on the foundation of truth and start striking at the real enemy or we will continue to be herded like befuddled sheep into the new world order.

Barry said (April 15, 2006):

I think it is a mistake for Jews & liberals to use an exagerrated & numerically inflated holocaust as justification for their cruelty against the Palestinians and Arab neighboring countries, and for their treason against America and support for Communism. By their persecution of historians who disagree with Beria's guesstimate of 6 million deaths, they
discredit all Jews and bring more attention & credibility to their critics and more resentmant against Jews. Jews are being perceived by many people as enemies of free speech & academic freedom.

I believe that it was Truman who commented on the way Jews wail about the way Jews are persecuted, but when they have the upper hand, as in the case of Communists or Zionists, are unsurpassed in their cruelty to those they dominate.

Brian (who is Jewish) said (April 15, 2006):

I respect your sckepticism but I politely disagree with your conclusions.

Unfortunately, we may never know the full truth, which is so buried in propaganda and Zionist manipulation. But consider this, Henry, why is it that many historians are now jailed for their research into this crucial subject? If they are jailed without being given a fair and public forum for debate, then it suggests an alterior motive on the part of the Zionist controlled establishment. What are they trying to hide? Zyklon B gas was well known to be used in the concentration camps for the purpose of delousing.

However, according to Fred Leuchter, an American gas chamber specialist, using these gas chambers for the express purpose of killing large numbers of people would be an impossible strain on the reputed gas chamber facilities. I'm not going to give you any links on the disputed claims, out of respect for your wishes, as expressed in your paper. However, it appears to me that a figure of 1 to 3 million Jewish deaths occured from all causes, including starvation, murder, illness, etc.

The Revisionists have won their case! Let the prisoners go free!!

Mark said (April 15, 2006):

What does it matter if it was 280,000 or 600 million? Deaths by force are deaths by force. The underlying political agenda that the power Elite, Jews & British royalty included, had in exacting this effort, is what nobody seems to get or speak about. I have seen talk shows filled with venomous outrages over 'minimizers'. I've seen the outrage over the Iranian's comments to 'move Israel'.

For now, the Holocaust stands as the number one thing that elevates the Jews to status of "victim", allowing them to bully the rest of the world, even when clearly it is Israel who is heavy-handed and seems to report only to itself with regards to military actions in the region. The same kind of "victim status" that women like to claim, and these insidious writs, called "Protection Orders" are nothing short of Nazism, or NWO doctrines, that elevate women to a level where their behaviors are not kept in check by society, family, structure, men. Indeed, wherever those who appear to be weaker and preyed upon, are actually being elevated to "victim status" by politicizing and amplifying certain causes, one should make an effort to see what powers that be are giving these causes momentum, structure and power.

Is it REALLY the Jews who after the decimation or WWII bestowed this status upon themselves, or did the globalists have a reason to give them access to the media and governments who could build Israel up to the state that exists now?
Are women REALLY the ones behind the changes we've seen in society, which have distorted REALITY and created a "social holocaust" of fatherless (and soemtimes) motherless children, divorce, abortion, sexual-amorality?

...I like your website because it makes an attempt to EDUCATE and allow people to decide for themselves. Extremely educated people can see the sickening truth, that there really is an Illuminist-Freemason-world banker connection, the media is wholly owned, major corporations owned by families (the 300) manipulate and puppet governments, death squads/hitmen exist, and men like Kennedy who tried to rebel from the structure were shot dead in plain view on the 33rd parrallel, just to make a statement to the world of their TOTAL and ABSOLUTE POWER and intentions.

When I look thru an academic offering of courses at UMass Amherst and I see courses like "Domestic Violence, SOC 395", "Race, Class and Crime, SOC 392", and "Hate Crime in America SOC 395" I see the puppeetering Rockefeller Foundation's ugly face jeering thru the pages.......the same people who instituted the "Womens Studies" brainwash campaigns on college campuses for the past 2 decades. Brainwash, that our children are paying for? To get an "education"? Whose education is it?
Whsoe country is it? We are so far removed from our Foundations, so unstable, and so bombarded by sexual idolatry, idol worship (eg. goddess/self), byt these perverse sick individuals, one has few places to turn for finding TRUTH.

I refer to the fact that Jesus Christ alluded to seeking Truth and finding Him. For anyone who doubts that the Holocaust was not set up by the world bankers and financiers, please go visit the Imperial War Museum in London. There, if you will spend a day, with an open mind, that Banking Financiers who profited financially on all fronts from weapons sales, and who had the intentions to bring down the monarchies in Europe thru a series of Wars (WW 1 and 2), and also the perverse architects of the Holocaust, with the intent of creating an Israel, a power base for Zionism, you will find concrete evidence.

We are all influenced by our history, but as creatures of divine origins, we have the power and the right to self-govern.

The only hope that civilization has to save itself, is for individuals to redeem themselves and to take responsibility for educating themselves and resisting the temptation to be controlled by the mind controllers who wish, in the end, to put us all thru one very, large, controlled rat-experiment, and eventual human-holocaust.

People should prepare for this. They have a roadmap. They plan to collapse governments financially and bring chaos. People should understand who architected the American and French Revolutions. They are real people. People who print the money basically, and own the corporations that we readily purchase our goods from.

The "holocaust" to me is more of a trial-version of what they intend to do systematically to reduce the global population eventually. I know I"m not one of the Elite, so that means they could care less about my existence here. I"m one of their "useless eaters", they kindly refer to us as.

My enemy is not a Jew, or an African-American, or a woman. My enemy is a very sick, and deluded being who does not recognize the divine right and nature of a human being, that we are not animals, to be caged and corralled and crippled mentally, spiritually, financially. Those people are the minority in this world population.
Its up to mature spiritual beings to resist the power elite. Free your mind and seek the truth. When that happens, you will see the Hegelian Dialectic at work, the puppeeters suddenly appear, right in plain view.

The "Holocaust" was real. It matters not how many died. They are gone. What matters is that the paradigm used to exterminate people the globalists disliked, is still on their "to do list". They repeat in history these paradigms for destroying monarchies, cultures, societies, and peoples. Why change something that worked before?

We should all be concerned with these empty prisons being built out in remote regions of the US, that have some intended purpose.
Taxpayer dollars have built them in secrecy. They are real. What are they for? Senators and our government is accountable to its citizens. I paid my taxes this year. Did I just help to build a death camp for future 'holocaust' victims?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at