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Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor (Encore)

August 9, 2013


Wars are House League games for the Illuminati.

After playing for the Nazis in World War Two, 

Gestapo Chief Heinrich Muller was drafted

by the US in time for the Cold War.

"Mueller regarded Washington as "a cross between a zoo and an insane asylum." He had contempt for his CIA colleagues whom he cuckolded regularly.  Many were gay and, in spite of being racist, had Black lovers. Their wives were also a rich source of information."

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Updated from August 2009)

According to Wikipedia, Heinrich Mueller, (b. April 29, 1900) Chief of the Gestapo (and Adolf Eichmann's boss,) "disappeared in May 1945 and remains the only senior... Nazi ... never captured or confirmed to have died."

In fact, the Gestapo boss escaped to Switzerland where he worked for the government.  In 1948, the CIA recruited him as a Soviet counter espionage specialist because the US government was full of Communists. Frank Wisner and James Kronthal recruited him for $50K annual salary and a $1 million signing bonus. 

Mueller's 200-page Journal edited by Gregory Douglas covering the period March 1949 to Sept 1951 is for sale on Amazon . So is his three-volume CIA Interrogation. 

According to the Journal, Mueller was soon on a first-name basis with President Harry S. Truman.. Wearing his Nazi medals, Mueller entertained Truman at home, played Bach, and gave him stolen art and a case of fine whiskey. Truman may be his son's godfather.

Mueller came to the US with his Gestapo helpers and soon had Washington bugged. He spied on his CIA superiors and informed Truman that they were tapping his phone. He advised Truman on Soviet intentions during the Korean War based on his contacts with Soviet spies in Washington, (including Kim Philby) and his experience as the Communists' Number One Nemesis.

He lived under a Swiss identity, had US army bodyguards and employed an assassin who immediately dispatched anyone who raised questions about his real identity. At least a half-dozen people met their maker in this way.

Obviously capable of great brutality and ruthlessness, (he boasts of literally flushing Hitler's would-be assassin down the toilet) Mueller emerges from these journals as surprisingly civilized, urbane and intelligent. An accomplished pianist and chess player, he enjoyed fine art and literature. He was extremely wealthy thanks to gold and art stolen during the war. One of his CIA functions was to fence their stolen art.

He says people like Alan Dulles, James Angleton and Frank Wisner embezzled millions from "top secret" projects. For example, they pocketed a million dollar bribe to depose the democratically-elected Iranian Prime Minister Mossedagh. Mueller got a share.

A "Catholic," Mueller had worked for the Bavarian State Police and prosecuted Nazis as well as Communists. When the Nazis came to power, they kept him on the job. He became fiercely loyal to Adolph Hitler and continued to celebrate the Fuhrer's birthday in Washington with many highly-placed Americans.

"I never was a practicing Nazi," he wrote April 9, 1949, " but we cannot discuss that because a number of my [CIA] superiors are secret sympathizers and that would not impress them at all. I am now a true Party member and fighter against Communism." 


Mueller regarded Washington as "a cross between a zoo and an insane asylum." He had contempt for his CIA colleagues whom he cuckolded regularly.  Many were gay and, in spite of being racist, had Black lovers. Their wives were also a rich source of information.

The CIA is filled with" pseudo-intellectuals, drunks and egomaniacs" that have no idea at all what they are doing, he wrote. "[Alan] Dulles is one of those well-bred idiots who went to the correct schools and met the right people. If it weren't for that, he would be scrubbing toilets in the YMCA in some small town in New Jersey."

The CIA was trying to set national policy and would be responsible for the Beacon of  Democracy sliding into Fascism, which he admitted was preferable to Communism.

Mueller's admiration is reserved for Harry Truman, whom he considered an honest unpretentious man, and bulwark against Communism.  Communists took over the US government under FDR. If he had succeeded in putting Henry Wallace on the ticket, " there is no doubt that the red flag would be flying over the "People's Republic of North America" at this moment."  (June 14, 1950)

Mueller doesn't seem to appreciate that the Communist-Fascist split reflects two branches of Freemasonry divided into house teams for the sake of war. Like FDR, Truman was a top ranking Freemason. The Illuminati Council had decided on a Cold War and obviously could not have a Communist (Wallace) in charge in America.

Nazis were recruited because the US team had too many Communists/ "internationalists." Mueller, Hoover and the CIA were behind Sen. Joseph McCarthy's Communist witchunt with the tacit support of Truman, although Mueller regarded McCarthy as a grand stander, drunk and "fairy."  

The "Cold War" was a continuation of WWII, with the US replacing the Nazis on the "anti-Communist" side.


Mueller's Journal is extremely credible which is why his comments on the Jewish holocaust are very provocative.

Remember this Journal supposedly was not intended to become public. On July 9, 1949 he wrote:

"The Americans ought to set up some sort of detention camp system and put people like [Alger] Hiss and others into protective custody. I had some idiot tell me yesterday that all of our camps were filled with Jews who we gassed by the millions and then turned into lampshades, ladies gloves and hand soap!

"I have no idea where they get such shit but I imagine the American press makes it up for political reasons. The camps were never designed for Jews and we did not gas millions of them or make soap out of their remains. The camps were mostly for professional criminals and Communists. About 75% of all camp inmates at any one given time were political prisoners and the rest divided up between criminals, spies and Jews. The worst error Himmler ever made was to put Russian prisoners into the camps because this brought typhus that killed off thousands of prisoners. The pictures often shown here of stacks of emaciated corpses are not pictures of dead Jews but pictures of typhus victims. And gas chambers at Dachau with sixty thousand gassed Jews there! I have visited Dachau on several occasions and no one was ever gassed there. Pictures of ovens with titles that "in these ovens, tens of thousands of murdered Jews were cremated" is more nonsense. All prisoners who died in jail were cremated and their ashes sent home. And especially with the typhus epidemics raging everywhere. Well, I can say nothing about it so on to other matters."

According to R. Wistrich, (Who's Who in Nazi Germany) Mueller had a central role in the extermination of European Jewry. "He signed the circulating order requiring the immediate delivery to Auschwitz by 31 January 1943 of 45,000 Jews for extermination and countless other documents of the same tenor, which reveal his zeal in carrying out orders. In the summer of 1943 he was sent to Rome to pressur the Italians, who were proving singularly inefficient and unenthusiastic in arresting Jews. ...In his hands, mass murder became an automatic administrative procedure."(p.174)

In his Interrogation, Mueller claimed: "You want to know what my role in these camps was. Let me be very brief about that. I put people into such camps for criminal or political offenses. I did not have anything whatsoever to do with the running of these camps nor their policies."

He also claimed that he has a clear recollection that only a half million died in the camps, many of typhus and not all Jews. In my opinion, this is a glaring falsehood on Mueller's part. What did the Nazis do with the aged, children and women unfit for labor? Why would they round them up in the first place? Moreover, many Jews were hunted and shot outside of the camps.

Before becoming Gestapo Chief, Mueller was briefly in charge of arranging Jewish emigration. In 1939 he personally organized the famous steamship "St. Louis" effort to settle 900 well-to-do German Jews in Cuba. FDR felt they were too close to America and blocked it, evidence that the Illuminati needed a Jewish catastrophe to later justify the foundation of Israel. 


Mueller felt that Hitler's use of anti-Semitism to unite the German people backfired against Germany. He recognized that many Communists were Jews but many Jews were not. "I do not hate Jews... and have better things to do than persecute them." He claimed that more-than-half of Berlin Jews were still there at war's end.

He was surprised to find more anti-Semitism in the top ranks of the US military and CIA than in similar positions in Nazi Germany. The CIA took over the "rat lines" to Syria and South America. They sent Nazis to bolster the Syrians against the Israelis. The Illuminati built up both sides to foment conflict.

There is much else of interest in this book but I only have space to tantalize you. Mueller says the Israelis wanted to attack Saudi Arabia in 1949 and Truman had to threaten military action to stop them. The Stern Gang tried to assassinate Truman but the team was apprehended and killed. Roosevelt had Huey Long killed and "made a deal with the Pope" to shut down Father Coughlin. The British wanted the US and Russia to destroy each other. Mueller suggests that Hitler escaped to Spain after the war and UFOs (flying saucers) are indeed extraterrestrial.

The Journal is urbane, witty, gossipy and extremely entertaining. There is no question in my mind of its authenticity but I am not omniscient. Mueller, who had in excess of $50 million, married a rich young socialite who bore him a son. The diary ends before Eisenhower took power so we don't know if Mueller retired. He had estates in Virginia and Colorado and died in 1983 in California.

The Journal is an incomparable insight into a fascinating period. Clearly history is a charade manufactured by an immoral international clique, the Illuminati, to control and exploit humanity. It's like a sports league. People like Mueller join new teams.

Like Mafia families, they have real rivalries, contain both powerful Zionist and anti-Semitic elements, but ultimately have the same goal, world dictatorship. This lesson is particularly relevant today when they are trying to fabricate a "Clash of Civilizations" i.e. a Third World War. -----

Part Two "Gestapo Chief's Warning to America"

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Comments for "Gestapo Chief Became Top Truman Advisor (Encore)"

James Perloff said (August 19, 2013):

In regard to Muller, I own a 500-page 1988 book by french intelligence journalist Pierre de Villemarest entitled UNTOUCHABLE: WHO PROTECTED BORMANN AND GESTAPO MULLER AFTER 1945? De Villemarest also wrote works exposing the Bilderbergers, and was pretty much in our camp of thought. It was his contention, based on extensive investigations he conducted in Europe, that Muller had gone over to the Soviet side in 1945, and helped organize the East German secret police.

Muller, of course, had collaborated with Bormann and the Red Orchestra, which supplied the Soviets with advance information on German military movements during World War II. According to de Villemarest, Muller fell out of favor in the East when the power shift came following Stalin's death.

It is not my intention here to argue that de Villemarest was right--I hold no position on the matter. But I thought I should mention that this alternative claim has also been made.

Mike said (August 19, 2013):

Hardly 'incomparable insight.' I found the book fascinating up to a point. Then he mentioned interrogating a man while screams from another room were used to convince the man that his wife was being tortured. No one was actually being tortured (except the man being interrogated) and Mueller laughed about this. I then realized that i couldn't really trust anything that was said by such a heartless and devious man, despite his intelligence. I threw the book in the garbage can.

JG said (August 19, 2013):

I must admit, this is one of the more interesting "WW2 Fables" I have heard in quite a while.

The writer is very crafty here, he draws the attention of both the holocaust denier and the holocaust believer. And,he gives them both undocumented fables to support their beliefs.

This tale of a former top Nazi kingpin dwelling as a Washington dignitary in an advisory capacity to the "powers that be" really makes this piece of fiction unique.

Anyone out there with "brain 1" knows that if Mueller really worked with Eichmann he would have been tried and hung along with Eichmann in Israel.
Also, if Mueller's intel was so critical to the CIA they would have simply picked his brain and thrown him to the dogs!

Hamad said (August 30, 2009):

Regarding your latest article on the Mueller diaries, I have read them. I do not know for sure
about their authenticity. But I am willing to lend them credence solely on the fact that David Irving insists they are a fraud.

David Irving is what you may characterize as a ringer. He is there is promote holocaust denial, and divert the efforts of as many investigative historians towards it as possible. This helps distract them from other serious controversies of the last World War. Also, it helps taint their credibility.

Irving is rumoured to have some kind of Nazi shrine in his home where he supposedly takes compromising photographs of his visitors. Notice that when police arrest him, he is released within a few days (unlike Zundel). As for Zundel, I believe that his involvement with holocaust denial is not what got him where he is. Prior to his misadventures in holocaust denial, Zundel
was involved in rallying public support against American deportation of a former Nazi scientist working in American government projects.
This scientist wanted to make public the involvement of the United States millitary in creating UFO like craft (presumable forsome kind of Apollo-11 style deception).

Regarding your previous article, Boy Scouts and Boarding schools are the creation of the powers behind the British Empire. They went to great lengths to promote these institutions in colonized countries such as India. The idea was to isolate children from their family values
and bring them up to play their parts as cogs in the machine. And most importantly, make them know their place in the scheme of things.
Kids who went through boarding schools only aspired to seek nothing more than their position as cogs in the administrative and military machine of the Empire.It was almost as
if they had been neutered.

Mark said (August 27, 2009):

I am by no means the final word on things. My research is limited to the things I have found over time on the internet. I have a real problem with Gregory Douglas, or should I say, Walter Storch. I believe his writing to be disinformation.

When his book Regicide was discussed on BLACK OP RADIO, experts on the JFK assassination at first were taken with the book and later rejected it as disinformation. Douglas relies upon the Robert Crowley diaries (Crowley was a CIA director of operations)
for much of Regicide. He writes that JFK would distribute photos of his sexual conquests to his friends. (Hmmm!)

I have heard Douglas interviewed by Stanly Montieth. It was an interview from the time of the Governor Davis recall election in California. Douglas was talking up Arnold and intimating that Davis was a deviant.

Below is a link to something James Fetzer wrote about Gregory Douglas back in 2002. Read it and see what you think:

If Douglas is now writing about Nazis in the Truman administration, then you have to wonder what the motives are.

I read this stuff with my bullshit antennae fully extended.

Thanks Mark,

When I read some of Storch's dialogues, I do hear the same voice again and again, as in a recent attempt at Churchill and FDR.

But the 1000 page CIA interrogation of Mueller and the 200 page Journal are too filled with little known detail to be fakes, imo. There is something fishy with tbrnews and the wehitehouseinsider etc. but I'm not sure what exactly is going on. And I agree with you about his JFK book, attributing the assassination to the Kennedys conspiring with Russia, I don't buy that either.


Christine said (August 27, 2009):

As a practicing Catholic, I take exception to your description of Mueller as such. A man is either a freemason or a Catholic. You can't be both.

Membership in freemasonry and other secret societies causes automatic excommunication. Which means if he was a Freemason, he was automatically kicked out of the Catholic Church, regardless of what he put down as his religion on government forms.

Nevertheless, we have much more pressing matters to deal with right now than Mueller. Glenn Beck has expressed concerns that Obama might stage an overnight takeover. I hope not. See:

It seems to be a reality of political life in Canada and the USA that we affect each other, for good and bad. If Canada does something, the US follows, and vice versa. Thus, if the USA becomes a police state, can Canada be far behind?

Phil said (August 22, 2006):

ANother interesting snippet -

Get this -

Another sign that perhaps this terror threat in London was manufactured is this news that the London police have charged 8 + 3 = 11.

Plus another 11 are still being held.

Plus this comes 11 days after the dawn raids of August 10th.

Yes, 11, 11 and 11 folks.


Yet another instance of 33 just after the Lebanon war lasted 33 days.

Evan said (August 21, 2006):

Yes thats right they just up and deleted the article [The Root Problem: Jews or Illuminati] from my blogs

Luckily I keep a back log of my blogs in a wordpad on my computer so I could catch them in the act, they must be afraid of what you had to
say in that article.

Hushster said (August 21, 2006):

Um, Henry... why are you focusing your precious resources on a Nazi that nobody in this generation could give a shit about and who is
most certainly dead now?

Perhaps we can all focus on the present day criminal politicians who are committing atrocities all over the world TODAY, in OUR ERA,
that make the Nazis of the past look like school boys!

I dare say the Nazis are no longer worth mentioning and are only mentioned whenever a media guilt-trip is needed for ratings. We are
living TODAY, not 60 or 80 years ago! History has its place but it should not be used to "dumb us down" to what is going on TODAY!

Really, how much Nazis history are we supposed to relive before we are completely BLIND and OBLIVIOUS to our PRESENT DAY world crisis?... which by the way has nothing to do with Nazis 60 YEARS AGO!

Henry, the methods of the Nazis, Communists, etc, etc, their ties (or not) to the Illuminati, and whatever else history provides means NOTHING if we cannot take those lessons and focus on the REAL criminals who operate TODAY! I have yet to see you use your research skills and vast knowledge to find out information on the
current VP of the US, who is probably one of the most evil bastards of OUR TIME! Heck, if I were you, I would be afraid of cultivating
that garden... which makes history much safer to investigate. Dead guys are unlikely to come back and haunt us in real life.

If I had your skills as a researcher Henry, you can be assured I would be digging for dirt on present day politicians. My gosh, I can only imagine the wealth of info available if somebody has the balls to go after the present day TRUTH, and actually lives to tell it.



The dirt about today is getting out. The same cabal that ruled the world in the past, rule it today. History provides a method of unveiling it and its agenda.

Also, if we can expose the frauds in the past, we can liberate ourselves from their continuing power.

I suggest you do the work you think needs doing, and I'll do mine. Don't hide behind that "if I had your research skills" bs.


PR said (August 21, 2006):

You discredit yourself by using any material from "Gregory Douglas". His "Gaystapo Muller" novellas along with his "911 German Intelligence report" are probably fake. "Gregory Douglas", aka Peter Stahl, Scott Sutton, Freiherr von Mollendorf and many other aliases is believed to be a convicted counterfeiter and forger.

See David Irving's website for more details:


Dear PR,

Thanks for this. This material may be a fraud but if so, it is a masterpiece in its own right. I find it credible. It fits what I know and expands what I don't. Most historical writing is fiction so I accept what rings true and dismiss the rest.


Terry said (August 20, 2006):

Henry: I have read in the past that there was some evidence that Mueller worked for our government and died in America, but I have never seen anything that would convince me that it was so, until now.
Just an outstanding article and how informative. Just when you think you know most of the history that has been hidden from us for years, someone runs across more and presents it to anyone who is interested in learning, and I for one, thank you.

Andrew said (August 19, 2006):

Henry--Heinrich Mueller could have truthfully believed that the Jewish extermination narrative was fictional. As historians we should remain holocaust agnostics, because we were not there and we do not know what really happened.

In that connection, have you ever read Leon Goldensohn's The Nuremberg Interviews? This is a collection of psychiatric reports on the 33 defendants and witnesses who appeared in the postwar Nuremberg Trials. The first interview was Karl Doenitz, the commander in chief of the German navy who was named as Hitler's successor in the Fuhrer's so-called testament. Doenitz was running Nazi Germany at the end of the war.

Doenitz claimed that he (like Heinrich Mueller) knew nothing of the systematic extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany. Goldensohn and the court obviously believed Doenitz, because he got a light sentence and was out on the streets a free man in 1956. Here are some of Doenitz's verbatim statements as recorded by Leon Goldensohn in his The Nuremberg Interviews:

(1) "I didn't know then (when he agreed to take Hitler's place at the end of the war) about Hitler's extermination of Jews, which I learned about for the first time in Nuremberg."

(2) Did Doenitz know of persecution of Jews at all? "Yes and no. I read sometime around 1938 of Jewish fines and some street action against them. But I was too concerned with U-boat and naval problems to be concerned about Jews."

(3) What about the Navy itself? Did the Navy have any anti-Semitic policies? "None at all. I had four Jewish high officers that I can think of at the moment. One was Rogge, a vise admiral who was in charge of education of naval cadets all along until the end of the war. Another was a captain I have an affidavit from Rogge for my defense. If any of these four Jewish officers had known about what was happening to the Jews inside Germany or elsewhere by Himmler and Hitler, they would surely have told me."

The Nuremberg court believed Doenitz, so why shouldn't we believe him? I'm not arguing that the extermination of Jews didn't happen, but only that even the highest Nazis at the end of the war were oblivious to the issue.

And thanks for another provocative article. I look forward to your articles every week and pass them to my friends. I'm a true Makow fan. Keep 'em coming.

Dan said (August 19, 2006):

Mueller was obviously a "brother" masonically speaking. Probably much higher degree than Truman. But I didn't know about Mueller's journal. Interesting to read the post
war thoughts of a top Nazi --- actually we know now that the high levels of bureaucrats are interchangible with any government. If he hadn't
been a Nazi he could have just as well been an asset to the Mossad. All these guys are above the ideologies-for them it's about a level of power that exists in any government to some extent. I think they're sociopaths.

The pure sociopath with high intelligence and taste rises to the top of any bureaucracy. I'm still thinking of what to write for commentary
that doesn't drift from your focus with the article.

Just out of curiousity I've always wondered, what does such a man feel when sipping a Chateau Lafite Rothschild and listening to Mozart or
Mahler? Obviously lots of them have refined tastes....but they must interpret 'beauty' somewhat differently than us "commoners". I've
wondered if maybe while someone like me processes "The Requium" through emotional heartstrings, Mueller or Mengele may be in rapture from what's been called he 'mathematical order" of such compositions. It's hard to know.


I doubt if Muller was a Mason as the Nazis came from the Theosophical branch and Meuller ostensibly was a Catholic. Perhaps he was connected with the Jesuits.


Jack said (August 19, 2006):

If Mueller was in fact "guilty of war crimes," that should not have been a bar to his having had a social relationship with Harry Truman who was himself a war criminal of the first magnitude.

This month marks the sixty-first anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - pretty hard to top those for war crimes.

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