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October 15, 2006

christianz.jpg Christian Zionists

It's official. "CUFI" (Christians United For Israel) is on the march. Never mind that the CUFI label is misleading; "Christian Zionists United For Israel" (CZUFI) is the accurate label. Led by Christian Zionist TV Evangelist John Hagee, some 3400 mega-church leaders and supporters met in Washington in August to lay out their goals and strategy.

Their overriding goal is to assure that all U.S. Foreign Policy toward the Middle East be geared to "restoring Israel's Biblical borders". The strategy is to divide the U.S. into 12 zones controlled by various mega-church leaders. These will oversee a network of supporters who can lay down a blanket of 20-40 million emails, phone calls, media spots, you name it, in a matter of hours to pressure policy makers on Israel related issues.

And what issues might those be? Well, working from their Scofield Bible Notes, the "end times" scenario of this powerful, Zionist-supported sect unfolds like this: Israel began getting its "Biblical Borders" (Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, parts of Turkey, Iraq, and Iran) when it was established in 1948. With Palestine now occupied, all efforts to complete the conquest of these other territories must be supported by the U.S. All who resist the expansion must be enemies not only of Israel, but of the USA.

The reason Christian Zionists are so eager to press for Israel's expansion is because the battles that will ensue will result in their being "raptured" just before the Biblical Armageddon takes place. There was much excitement that the "rapture" was imminent when the recent Israeli blitzkrieg of Lebanon broke out. CUFI leaders--in concert with mostly Jewish neo-cons--quickly ratcheted up the rhetoric that this was the time to knock out Syria and Iran. "Harper's Magazine reported traffic on bulletin boards, talking about rapture or end times, greatly increased following the outbreak of violence in the Middle East. One person wrote online, 'I've been having rapture dreams and I can't believe that this is really it! We are on the edge of eternity'!!!!!!!!!! Another person wrote, 'I too am so excited!! I get goose bumps, literally when I watch what's going on in the Middle East!!'" As it turns out, Hezbollah had other ideas.

Two things are important to note in all this: 1) Though well-heeled and dominant in American religious media and mid-East policy, Christian Zionist end time doctrine (mistakenly assumed to include the whole "Religious Right") has strong opposition from other Bible Fundamentalists, not to mention the vast number of liberal Christians. 2) Many--perhaps most--Jews, inside and outside Israel, are opposed to Zionism and do not agree with those like Netanyahu who are working with Dr. Hagee's CUFI for U.S. support of their own expansionist goals. Those goals have nothing to do with a belief in a "pre-tribulation rapture" nor Jesus returning to rule from Jerusalem for a thousand years.

Indeed--as is plain in Zionist writings--the State of Israel itself is the prophesied "Messiah" of Jews who reject any and all Christian beliefs about Jesus and the New Testament of the Bible. So strong is this rejection that Hagee and CUFI leaders have--in direct contradiction of numerous New Testament teachings--agreed not to try to convert Jews, teaching, rather, that the Jews have their own covenant with God and nothing further is needed. This collusion is raising the threat of adopting laws that would make it a "hate-crime" to say or write anything critical of the Jews...or even to pray in Jesus' name in public places. This is the same type of "hate-crime" law that was passed shortly after the Jewish-dominated Communist government came to power in Russia almost ninety years ago.

A computer search on "CUFI Hagee" will give names of other supporters and details about their plans

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