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Judaism: A Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity

November 11, 2006

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

On his web site "Crescent and Cross," Mark Glenn argues that Christianity and Islam are natural allies who are being lured into a "clash of civilizations" by Neo Con Jews (fronts for Illuminati bankers) plotting to "divide and conquer."

The father of nine children, Mark, 43, sees himself as a friend and "liberator" of the Jewish people. He believes mankind will never achieve peace until Jews are freed from bondage to their leaders' hidden agenda. Judaism is a conspiracy against both Jews and the human race.

Mark's 2003 article "Israel We Bless Thee" is a classic. When it was run by Al Jazeerah, the ADL forced the Saudi ambassador Prince Bandar to issue an apology! What an honor Mark!

Last week Glenn wrote a very provocative article entitled "Judaism is Nobody's Friend."
Why is it OK to criticize Christianity and Islam but not Judaism? he asks. After all, Judaism is at the root of Zionist excesses.

Referring to the Talmud, he argues that organized Judaism is basically antagonistic to Christianity and Islam:

"While the other two Middle Eastern faiths ...elevate the virtues of humility, charity and righteousness, Judaism ... legislates haughtiness, supremacism and callous disregard for other human beings..."

"Does anyone in the room remember ...the Crucifixion of Jesus? ...Judaism's involvement in WWI and WWII? Bolshevism? The destruction of the moral, political and economic fiber of every country in the West? Hundreds of millions of dead children through abortion? The destruction of families and the elevation of sexual deviancy as a virtue?"

"And of course, last but certainly not least, the war to end all wars that is taking place in the Middle East and which bears the fingerprints of the Pharisees all over it."

"... If indeed Christianity sprang forth from Judaism, why then does Judaism maintain ...that Jesus was a sorcerer and a sexual deviant who suffers in hell by being boiled in a cauldron of semen and feces for daring to oppose the Rabbis and that His holy mother Miriam was a 'harlot who mated with carpenters' ?"

"...It is all another ruse to get Christians to fight Judaism's wars on the pretext that somehow [Jews and Christians] share something in common when in truth they do not..."

"Judaism is nobody's friend, and the sooner that the rest of us-Jew and non-Jew alike-come to realize this, the better off we will be. Get rid of it. It is a cancer. Cut it out and throw it away, as Jesus instructed that we do. It has never and will never be of any benefit to mankind. We cannot live in any kind of 'peaceful co-existence' with it. It is a declaration of war, and as long as it exists out there, mankind will never have peace."


I applaud Mark's courage and particularly agree when he writes: "There is only one thing that is truly sacred and beautiful in this fallen world, and that is the truth and even when it is at its ugliest..."

Ultimately we are not controlled by force but by our minds. The world has become a behavior modification laboratory. "Believe what you are told not your common sense or intuition."

 A malevolent occult force controls us with lies. Organized Jewry plays too great a role in this process and in manipulating and suppressing the truth.

"Truth" is the heart of the argument between Jesus Christ and the Pharisee Jews. Who will define it? Who will say what is right or wrong? Man or God?

Christ said that God is Reality; i.e. Truth, Love, Goodness, Perfection self evident. There is a moral and natural order. We must eschew the call of the world (which enslaves us to our lusts) and remake ourselves as better human beings in God's image.

The Pharisees want to sever our connection to God and make us worship their "experts" instead. They say man is God. Puny monkey, man is all there is. We have no relation to God, to race, nation, family, ancestors or posterity. They distract us while secretly plotting a Talmudic tyranny based on their terror

Ultimately, this argument is about who will be God and who will own the world. Will it be God (represented by Christ or Mohamed or Moses) Or will it be the Pharisees who took control of Judaism in about 70 AD and based it on the Talmud and Kabbalah.

They use the "Chosen People" (among others) as pawns and scapegoats to advance the agenda of Illuminati central bankers. Rather than become complicit by denying it, Jews need to disassociate and oppose this agenda.


The above picture will strike many Jews as unpleasant and unjust. To understand the problem, we must turn to those branded "anti-Semites" by Jewish leaders because they don't want Jews to know the truth.

According to Edith Starr Miller, (Lady Queenborough) Pharisee Judaism is not a religion at all, but a secret society posing as a religion, a "sect with Judaism as a rite." She cites Moses Mendelssohn who wrote "Judaism is not a religion but a Law religionized."

I have also heard rabbis say the Judaism is not a religion but "a way of life." True religions oppose worldly desire and demand that we obey God. Judaism regards the accumulation of wealth and power as a sign of Divine favor. "Success" is the religion.

The God of Judaism is the Jewish people. Jehovah is the Jewish alter ego. He loves only his own tribe. Polls show most Jews don't believe in God and define themselves as "secular humanists." Man is God and will create his own heaven on earth in defiance of the Creator's blueprint.

In a secret society, only the adepts know the real purpose. The rank and file is manipulated with warm platitudes and lies. The "innocent" who is unfit to know the "ugly truth" becomes an  valiant defender of the faith and ideal recruiter. This also applies to Freemasonry which seems to be modeled on Judaism. Both secret societies advocate killing any member who reveals its secrets.

The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies, Miller says, is to advance the agenda of the super rich.

"Regardless of their exoteric objects, the esoteric aims of most societies are all directed toward the same end, namely: the concentration of political, economic and intellectual power into the hands of a small group of individuals, each of whom controls a branch of the International life, material and spiritual, of the world today." (Occult Theocracy, p.661)

Western society, perhaps the whole world, is based on the secret society model. You cannot rise unless you are favored (or deemed useful) by the Illuminati, the highest rung of Freemasonry. We are in the position of the rank and file, lied to and manipulated.

Miller cites an expert on Judaism Flavien Brenier who compares the goals of Judaism with Freemasonry: Securing political power and gradually modifying "the conceptions of the people in the direction of their secret doctrine." (80)

Jews are correct to deny that they consider non-Jews cattle. This esoteric knowledge contained in the Talmud and Schulhan Aruch is known only to adepts. Miller has six pages of citations from these texts but I doubt if 5% of Jews are aware of them (81-87.) (See also Michael Hoffmann, "The Truth about the Talmud")

The Jewish author of a new book on the Yiddish language confirms Miller's finding: "The Jews are not merely out of step with Christian civilization, they hold it in utter contempt." (Michael Wex, Born to Kvetch, 2006, p.24)

What fault could they have with a gospel that preaches human brotherhood and putting others before yourself? Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you? 

It denies their special claim.

Then what better people to use to destroy Christian civilization? Think of a child that doesn't want to grow up. One who thinks he can do anything he wants. Who doesn't have to consider others. Who is never wrong and so never admits it. Who thinks any criticism is  motivated by irrational hatred i.e. "anti Semitism."  Who wants the State to be his family and and tell him what to do. Think Illuminism, Communism, Modernism. Think modern man.


The cry of "anti-Semitism" is often a dishonest and disingenuous way to disarm opposition to the Illuminati bankers' very real stealth plan for global dictatorship masked by sham democracy. This New World Order plan clearly states its intention to snuff out freedom, democracy, private property, family, nationhood, religion, and ultimately the human spirit.

The ideology of a chosen people suits the super rich and imperialists, who view the mass of humanity as cattle or "useless eaters". If  history is any gauge, Jews and Freemasons who fall under the spell of organized Jewry will be sacrificed. You can see this in the support the Illuminati gives to both Zionist and anti-Zionists forces. Communism and Nazism were both created by the Illuminati to bring about world war and destroy each other.

Jewish self examination and soul-searching are long overdue; I welcome Mark Glenn's challenge. 

See also  Texe Marrs' Video   Illuminati Babylon

and Ted Pike's Video on roots of Jewish misanthropy "Why the Middle East Bleeds" and his article "Jewish Kabala: Root of Middle East Violence"

and my "The Riddle of Anti-Semitism"  and "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism"

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Comments for "Judaism: A Conspiracy to Enslave Humanity "

Michael McDonnell said (November 17, 2006):

Your "Illuminati World of Make Believe" was brief and accurate and your salute to Mark Glenn pertinently referred to Jewish soul searching as long overdue. Since Judaism is never clearly defined, my definition is laid out below [go to my web site]to liberate Jewry, but beginning from absolute basics. You wrote, "The real purpose of Judaism and all secret societies ... is to advance the agenda of the super rich." Yes, but then I add another mirror for the notice of those disposed to see that Satan's purpose is to maximise the incidence of eternal damnation. The penultimate deception of the World Hate Establishment, my language, is that it is all a vast evil Jewish or Anglo-American conspiracy. However, its ultimate deception is that Satan does not exist.

Jean said (November 15, 2006):

David [below] says: "God is too complex to ever know, and that is why we must always strive to learn more about how God manifests in his creations!" Such an extreme intellectualisation of God could be the very root of the problem, David. God is not so complex that it would need a whole human life to understand. God is simply love. If you can feel compassion for others, then you know what is love and you know God.

How sad it is to see those people who "study" God as you do slaughter children without seeing they are shooting on God manifesting in his most innocent and beautiful creations. Or those wealthy talmudist/kabbalist bankers used to kill millions of people by proxy, financing wars all over the planet and organising the looting of the third and quarter world through the "globalizing" international financial institutions they control. You say these are not "good" talmudist/kabbalists? Then where are the "good" ones who dare to interpose themselves between the victims and the murderer talmudist/kabbalists? Because there are many christians all over the planet who dare to interpose themselves between the victims and the killers, even when these pretend to be christian.

Don`t study too much David. Your soul doesn`t feed on words but on love and compassion.

David said (November 15, 2006):

Henry, I hate to be the lone dissenting voice but it seems I must to defend the beauty of the Jewish tradition.

I am NOT a "talmudist" but I do study it and adhere to many of the laws defined there-in. I do not think that non-Jews are cattle, as
Glenn reports Jews to believe, but I do not see how this is any different from the muslim view that non-muslims are dogs and pigs. I do not hate or belittle the non-Jewish world, nor do I define my life based on money and "success" and racial superiority. These are NOT Jewish values. I study kabbalah and yet am not a cultist. Anyone who believes that the talmud and kabbalah are meant to lead people away from God have obviously not done their research.

There may be parts of the talmud that are against the gentiles, but the talmud was codefied in approximately 900 - 1000 C.E. Most of the
thought was discussed between 400 - 600 C.E. This was not a good time for Jews as Christian rulers were trying to forcibly establish their
religion, and the early Muslims were doing the same. There, I'm certain, was a lot of animosity as it was being written and discussed.

But, to deem the Talmud as wholy evil or corrupt or against God is against free thinking. The talmud is a religious book of discussion (not law, although law and practice is discussed) trying to establish the underlying meaning of Torah. The Torah specifically defines that
those who break Shabbat are to be killed. I doubt if Tsadoq goes out on killing sprees every Sunday. In truth, no one in history has ever
been killed for it because we are not judges.

God is the only judge and it is our role on earth to come to know God for ourselves, as individuals. You probably agree with that statement which means that there is value in the Talmud because that is where it is based. Well, more specifically, it is in the Mishna which is the main book of the pharisaic thought. There may have been thinkers in talmudic times that were indeed racists and there may be small (REALLY
small) sections of the talmud which are the same, but to generalize the whole book as such is an injustice to free thinking, a God given gift to humanity. Furthermore, most quotes that prove to be anti-'gentile' are taken largely out of context and are mostly ignored in the Shulchan Aruch, the codefied book of how to practice Judaism from the 16th century.

Kabbalah is not cultish or evil either. (note: this is NOT kabbalah centre kabbalah...most Jews are against "Rabbi" Berg's marketing of one of the most beautiful traditions). True kabbalah is the furthest thing from anti-God. The whole concept of kabbalah is getting closer to God and findind God's presence in even the most mundane aspects of daily living. This may help explain Judaism as a way of life.

Kabbalah relates all aspects of the world, science, technology, good and evil back to the Torah, and works to explain God's purpose in our
existence, independant of the state of global affairs (hence the thought of isolationism).

It is important to know though that NO concept in Judaism is absolute, save the 10 commandments. The whole religious tradition is based on
questions and struggle which is why I am taking the time to send this email. We all struggle to understand the global state of affairs but
to blame it all on one tradition is overly judgemental and simplistic.

There can definitely be bad seeds in Judaism, but there are priests who have sex with little boys and muslims who commit suicide bombings,
but no Jew, Christian or Muslim should call any of these extreme cases the norm.

Henry, you say "A Jewish soul-searching is long overdue". Henry, the entirety of Jewish knowledge and learning is and has been based on
perpetual soul searching, always working to come closer to God and eminating God on earth. Anyone who believes otherwise has not done their research. Anyone is free to learn of and about Jewish law and people uneducated and unpracticed in Judaism, should not be the source of that learning.

I am far from knowing anything about Judaism. I learn as often as possible with Chassidic Rabbis and nomatter how much I learn, I realized that I could never come to know, even close to a tiny
fraction of the learning that is available, and that is precisely why I love it so much. Anyone who says all it takes to know God is to follow a single person or a single book is deluding themselves. God is too complex to ever know, and that is why we must always strive to learn more about how God manifests in his creations!

Baruch Dayan Ha'Emet! Blessed is God, the only true judge! B'Ahavah V'Shalom, (with peace and love),


Phyllis said (November 15, 2006):

Thank you sooooooooo much for this excellent and important and enlightening gift to humanity. You put into words what I have been sorting out in my head and trying to have discussion about w/ my Jewish friends.

I have sent it far and wide.

Mike said (November 14, 2006):

I've been interested in alternative history for 26 years ever since reading Back Door to War by Tansill. The book showed me how despicable the truth is and how it is lied about and covered up. You are exposing the ultimate truth, there IS a conspiracy and the Sanhedrin is at the top of it. It is this fatal hubris codified in the Talmud that has been the cause of Christian atrocities against Jews over the millenia. Until the Jews are converted to Christ there will never be peace. Most people understand it is not average Jews, we all have friends who are Jewish, and they suffer tremendously from this atheism and materialsim they have inherited. You must really take a lot of heat from your coracialist because any Jew who explores what you wrote is labeled a self hating Jew and excoriated. Keep it up Henry you are closer to the truth than anyone and good luck.

Jean from Hungary said (November 14, 2006):

I agree with Mark Glenn: Talmudic Judaism is a sytem of belief which generates racism, haughtiness, hatred and, as a result of these, self-isolationism. Rather than being based on a loving God like Christianism and Islam, it is based on a self-loving and egomaniacal "chosen-people-ism".

Talmudic Judaism worked and still works as an incubator for extreme materialism: the usury of the ancient and modern money changers, the serial killer marxism-communism and, today, the even more destructive zionism and neo-liberalism both exalted by the „neocons”.

I also agree with you Henry that the Jews are themselves victims of the Talmudic Judaism. Those Jews who identify themselves to it and to its above mentioned profane offsprings take the risk of losing their soul by stiffling their empathy and compassion towards the rest of God`s creation, this part of it which is not "chosen".

Hatred and self-worshipping are a boomerang which always finish to land on the head of the sender. The systems of belief based on them are self-destructive: sooner or later, they cause spiritual self-destruction.

David Livingstone said (November 14, 2006):

You are not crazy Henry.

That's the way it is. The Qur'an begins it's first several hundred verses with the corruption of the Jews. There's a reason for that. That is not to say we should "hate" them. Rather, it is a small handful among them that mislead the rest.

They are apostates, who continue to pose as Jews to carry out their plans for the destruction of Judaism, and of all religion. That's why the Illuminati are Jewish, even though they claim to be Aryan, and despise Jews.

There's a great video that I find excellently explores the roots of the misanthropy of Judaism in the Talmud and the Kabbalah, and it's current consequences in the Middle East.

"Why the Mid-East Bleeds", by Ted Pike:

Milton said (November 13, 2006):

Excellent article.I couldn't agree more.The Bible says that a remnant of the Jews will be saved.

Did you know how the Star of David is formed? It is comprised of a upward pointing triangle representing the phallus and the testicles and a downward pointing triangle formed by the female pubic hair.Overlapped it represents coition!

It has nothing to do with David and existed beforehand and was adopted by the Rothchilds as you know. A appropriate symbol of wickedness, what?

Like you say most uninitiated Jews don't have a clue to its meaning, most likely?

Crowe said (November 13, 2006):

Good article, but I still don't get it. Haven't you said you're Jewish,

"Judaism is nobody¹s friend, and the sooner that the rest of us­ Jew and non-Jew alike­ come to realize this, the better off we will be."


I am Jewish ethnically but I do not identify with most of what passes for the religion.


Tsadoq said (November 12, 2006):

I invite you and your readers to research the Karaite Jews, and our still continuing battle against the Talmudists.

We are not perfect Jews but at least don't need to worry about the Talmud over our heads.
Karaite Korner - Home of the World Karaite Movement!
KJA - Karaite Jews of America Search the scripture well..

A Jew exists as a Jew because of the Torah. A Jew who eats pork and desecrates the Shabbath is not a Jew- so what if he/she has Jewish lineage? This lineage crap is the same garbage the Zionists use to populate the State of Israel. This very idea that a Jew is still a Jew even though they don't practice Judaism is a Talmud idea.

Judaism is corrupt- not our Scriptures, not Israelitism/Hebrewism.. If Jews can follow the Scriptures as they are written, which we do as Karaites without "Divine commentaries", not only would all Israel (the people, not the State) be saved, but a whole lot of loner Jews floating in the abyss of doubt and secular humanism.

Tony said (November 12, 2006):

It is a mistake to call those who held to the Israelite worship of God in Christ's time,
"Jews." The word didn't exist. Judaism came later, in after-the-fact writings, including books of the Christian bible. Those particular
people of the era, including Christ, were worshipers of the God of Israel and were known religiously as Israelites. The word "Jew" was
created later to describe the people who lived in the land of Juda, home of the Judean and Benjaminite tribes of Israel which area included
Jerusalem, place of the temple of the religion of the twelve tribes of Israel.

What became later known as Judaism is, as you have pointed toward, what Christ called "the traditions of the elders which make the Word of God of non effect" and which the Pharisees instituted in place of the Israelite religion superimposing the Talmud they had brought with them out of their captivity in Babylon. Talmudism, basically satanic, is totally opposite the Israelite religion, the religion of Christ.

This is what Christ preached and fought against with the result that its adherents had him put to death. ("If we let him alone so, all will
believe in him: and the Romans will come, and take away our place and our nation." - St. John, 11:48)

Daniel said (November 12, 2006):

I have to say that your completely wrong on this one. you might say i am biased because i am a religious jew, but i promise you i am fully aware of all the pitfulls and corruption in my religion, and although it exists to a degree, it is no way even close to the conspiracy you make it out to be. Humans are humans and have free choice and even the best of us makes mistakes and have faults. i have studied the depths of judiasm, talmud and kabala and it is nothing like the way you have portrayed it.

It is very simple, the Bible was given and God's glory was witnessed in front of a whole nation whose descendants exist as the very same nation today. No other belief system has anything even remotely close to this fact. if you want to say that a whole people lied then fine, but i trust my parents and all my friends' parents and am confident that our ancestors were trustworthy people and not a bunch of crazed out maniacs.

Josh said (November 11, 2006):

Henry in your latest article "Jesus Christ vs. The Chosen People" you sent shivers down my spine. I never would have thought about the situation we all face in such a way.

I was raised Roman Catholic and throughout my childhood I was taught "Jesus was Jewish" and that the Jews simply messed up and or weren't clever enough to see Jesus for who he was when they had the chance. That the Pharisees, or the upper echelon of Judaism truly look down with contempt I think you make obvious. Like a spoiled child always told by their father that he will guard and protect them no matter what, they have read the words of God unto Moses and assumed too much.

Jews forget the many times God has had to teach them harsh lessons, and like a stubborn child they have failed to learn. What then is the answer? Will it take Jesus Christ riding down out of the sky on a chariot of fire for the Jews to wake up and shake off their "holier than thou" leaders?
Thomas Jefferson: "I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Richard said (November 11, 2006):

No surface scratching for you. You really dug deep. That's where most of the ugliness is buried (so be wary of it coming back at you in strange forms). But it is nothing more than the mulch and fertilizer on top of where the roots of truth and beauty have taken hold, before they rise up out of the ground to grow, blossom and bear fruit.

Muslims are indeed natural allies of both Christians and Jews in this struggle, and are clearly feared by the illuminati wannabe maestros themselves. These false leaders are the heirs of the Sanhedrin, the Pharisee sorcerers and money-changers who have taken the human construct of the occult Talmud as their law, rather than the Ten Commandments. Their error is similar to the one made by latter day Muslims who mistake the human construct of the shari'ah for divinely revealed law, instead of paying attention to the words of the Qur'an itself, the actual revelation which often gives a very different, more tolerant and more inclusive, message than that found in the various schools of shari'ah.

There is vastly more in common between the great religions in their original intent and goals than there are falsely trumped up excuses to hate or disparage one another, as are often found in the twisted contexts of some of their distorted latter day forms.

The destruction of all God-knowing, thus both God-loving and God-fearing, religions and their believers is the penultimate illuminati goal. In their sick minds, it is to be superceded only by the proclamation of one of their own as king of the world, to rule over the goyischer cattle.

The thread of this plan can be traced back along a continuous line deviously drawn by the Rothschilds, directly through their new world and old world minions such as the Rockefeller family, Paul and Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff, via "Vladimir Lenin", Chaim Weizmann, Albert Pike, Giuseppe Mazzini, Theodor Herzl, and Karl Marx. Along with 174 years of partnership in global drug smuggling and arms dealing between the centuries older Dutch and British East India Companies (precursor to the Bank of England) with the newcomer Russell Trust's Skull and Bones (which is in essence the proprietor of Yale University, among many other enterprises) and its satanic offshoots like the Bush and Harriman family empires, the plan and its lineage is traceable directly through Adam Weishaupt, back to the earlier Venetian and Genoese banking city-states which financed both sides of the wars of the Ottoman Turks and the Holy Roman Empire, and from there back to the fiery child sacrifices made to Moloch, which are continued today in the luciferians' Bohemian Club and grove, as intentional affronts to God and man.

Take a look at how views of God publicly fared during the aftermath of the French Revolution, and the revival of paganism on the altar of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, if you have any doubt about who was running the show then, as well. They even had their own "reign of terror". There is little that is new under the sun other than the technology being employed in this epic battle in which we are enjoined, except perhaps the levels of hubris and audacity on display from these schmucks.

You have shone a very bright light on a deep wound in the body of humankind which lies exposed in an operating theatre. Let us hope we have the means to heal the patient.

Caryl said (November 11, 2006):

Bravo, Henry, for your courageous and honest response to Mark Glenn's article. I believe there is a strong bond between truly faithful Jews, Christians, and Muslims.

True spirituality, when it comes from the genuine heart of the Jewish tradition, is truly impressive. Look at Martin Buber, or perhaps, in our own time, Jacob Needleman. But I think you are right, as Mark Glenn is right, to warn of the "false Judaism" that seems to have
taken root - it is even more extreme than the false Christianity that seems so predominant in the USA.

Thank you for your brave and clear-sighted website,and for speaking out against the horrors of feminism.I never was a feminist, but until I became the mother of two wonderful sons I never realized fully in my heart what a terrible lie feminism is.

My blog,
might interest you - some recent postings about Islam.

But I think my next series will be devoted to an exploration of "what is the soul"? It's something you might want to check out.

Steve said (November 11, 2006):

Rabbinic Pharisee-ism appears to not have much in common with the beliefs and laws that Moses was given. Calling it "Judaism" seems as incorrect as calling much of what is done today under the label of "Christendom" -- when reading what the first century church did and believed in the book of Acts -- "true Christianity".

The 12 tribes were God's chosen people, but they still were to believe His Word. Belief of God's Word was always the criterion.

But Israel rejected their Messiah, and so God made it available for anyone to become his son or daughter, through Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul, who was a Hebrew of the Hebrews and a member of the ruling body of Israel, the Sanhedrin, accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior.

The only enemies are those who seek to subvert the truth of God's Word. Whether they call themselves Jews, Muslims, or whatever. Unfortunately many Christian denominations hash the Word of God to pieces too.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at