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Is Legislature a Disguised Pagan Temple? (Encore)

August 25, 2009

By Henry Makow PhD

(From Jan. 12, 2007)

Not five miles from my Winnipeg home is the Manitoba legislature. In November 2006, the Winnipeg Free Press ran a series revealing how the legislature building is similar in numerous ways to a pagan Egyptian temple.

For example, researcher Frank Albo found that the Lieut. Gov.'s reception room has precisely the same measurements as the "Holy of Hollies," the sacred chamber in Solomon's Temple, which housed the Ark of the Covenant. It is symbolic of the Master's Lodge where the most sacred rites of Freemasonry are performed. (See more pictures at end.)

The Entrance Hall is 66.6 ft by 66.6 ft and boasts three sets of 13 steps each.  etc.

Albo discovered that nearly everyone involved in the construction from 1914 to 1920, was a Freemason, including the Paris-trained architect, the contractor, the Premier and almost his whole government. The temple, replete with colonnades, murals, sphinxes and statues of famous Masons cost three times as much as other provincial legislatures.

In 1911, the Manitoba Free Press commented that the architectural competition smacked of a "frame-up with some ulterior object in view." (Dec. 9, 1911) In fact a scandal over costs and corruption which erupted in 1915 cost the Premier his job and sent the contractor to jail.

If the legislature is indeed a disguised pagan temple, the implications are staggering:

This building ostensibly represents the public. It seems that, even in 1912, an occult secret society, the Freemasons, controlled society with relative impunity and dispensed  patronage .

They built a temple instead of a legislature. Did they contemplate the overthrow of democracy and the installation of an authoritarian pagan theocracy, presumably the Masonic hierarchy?

Built for the ages, is the legislature intended to become a religious center in the New World Order? Is the temple going to be the seat of government? Obviously I want to be wrong about all of this.

However, experts like lawyer Constance Cumbey says that the money elites are preparing exactly this kind of  "New Age" government and religion.


Freemasonry is empowered by the London-based central banking cartel as a way of corrupting and controlling society. Privately they refer to Freemasonry as "a madhouse but at liberty."

Masonry espouses Lucifer's rebellion against God, which is the central characteristic of the "Enlightenment" and modern western culture.

Essentially "Lucifer's rebellion against God" means that the very rich, (i.e. the Rothschild Central banking cartel) and not the Creator, will define reality and determine the future of the human race. Truth and Justice will be whatever they decide.

Zionism and Communism were organized as Masonic lodges. Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, FDR, Churchill and Hitler were all Illuminati, which is the highest rank of Freemasonry. Hitler was created by Theosophy and the Thule Society.  G.W. Bush and John Kerry are also Illuminati. The rank and file Freemason is not told any of this.

Does Freemasonry serve the devil? Does a benevolent society have to be secret? Does it threaten to cut the throat of initiates who talk? Does it demand its members assist each other even when they are breaking the law or being immoral?

Freemasonry pretends to be concerned with moral uplift.  Given its incredible power, is the world becoming a better place? "Know them by their fruit."

In fact, the Illuminati literally represent a malevolent supernatural force that is waging pitiless war on humanity, gradually creating Hell on earth. 

It wages war-using war. It turns us against each other by deceiving and dividing us. The enemy is not ordinary people, many of whom have based their identity on falsehoods. We need to unite against the puppet masters and their agents.


The Freemasons have a philosophy of "hiding in plain view." Theirs is an "open conspiracy." That means they'll talk about it openly but then deny or prevaricate if there is any heat. Their Luciferian power is rising before our eyes but if someone notices, he is attacked and called "paranoid."

Illuminati symbolism is on the US Great Seal and the US dollar bill. It is in the logos of countless corporations. CBS, AOL, Exxon, Shell. The horned goat satanic symbol is becoming omnipresent, especially among youth.  Of course, they'll say it represents something else. That's how it works.

I can't go anywhere without seeing the new logo of the city of Winnipeg. It has  Illuminati motifs. A dot in a circle evokes the original Illuminati symbol , representing the Eye of Horus, or the sexual act. This is over a swoosh representing the sunrise, i.e. the Sun, or Lucifer the light bringer.

This logo is on all City of Winnipeg buses and trucks. Winnipeg always has been an occult headquarters. At the center of the continent, apparently part of the earth's "energy grid" runs right through the legislature. Recently the province adopted the motto "Spirited Energy."

After attending a seance here in 1923, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote, "Winnipeg stands very high among the places we have visited for psychic possibilities."

(Between 1870 and 1970, Manitoba had 12 Premiers who were masons. Several city mayors were also masons, including Francis Cornish, Winnipeg's first mayor. Between 1870 and and 1924, over 140 masonic lodges were established in Manitoba and, between 1875 and 1970, 86 masonic corner stones were laid in public buildings throughout the province, including city hall, many churches and many schools.)

There are probably a lot of public buildings that have been surreptitiously co-opted by the Freemasons. The Israeli Supreme Court  immediately comes to mind.

There are too many occult symbols in the Manitoba Legislature to mention. The most obvious is the statue of the "Golden Boy" on the dome. Manitobans have been told that he represents "Spirit of Enterprise."

In fact he is Hermes, the god of alchemy, patron of the occult and messenger to the underworld. Sculptural groups representing the noble elements Earth Water Air and Fire, (the materia prima of the Hermetic alchemist) surround him on the dome.

Hermes promises to lift man to god-like status by virtue of "secret knowledge" rather than by self-purification and devotion to God, (justice, truth and Love.) He is facing north, which apparently also has ominous connotations.


When the Free Press series ran in November, there was a lot of interest from Manitobans but few objections. No one seemed to mind that a public institution representing  freedom and prosperity for Manitobans was taken over by an occult society for its own bizarre purpose, at taxpayers expense.

In Letters to the Editor, only two commented on the fact that the political heart of an ostensibly Christian society, (at least in 1912) should be represented by heathen symbolism.

The Freemasons seem happy to hide in plain sight. Ronald Stern and Bob Stern, local textile tycoons, bought the Winnipeg Free Press in 2001. Shortly after, the Bnai B'rith, a Jewish Masonic Order, honored them. The newspaper would not have run this series if Freemasons were afraid to reveal their handiwork.



(Left, Official City of Ottawa Logo- 666)

We live in a world where a large segment of the leadership class has sold itself, if not to Satan, to people who worship Satan..

This is what happens when we eschew genuine religion in favor of  diversity and secularism. We don't get religious neutrality, tolerance and freedom. We get paganism and Satanism. In hindsight, the "separation of church and state" was a tactic by which dark forces have discredited God and taken control of society.

Satan's success is partly due to our failure to revitalize our image of God. God is the principle of our own development.We can no more deny our need for Him than our need for oxygen. As far as humanity is concerned, God represents our spiritual ideals: peace, harmony, beauty, truth, goodness, justice and love.

God depends on us to do His work. He is not a magician. He is the Creator. He works through us. Worshiping God is as simple as telling the truth and doing the right thing.

Prophesies of  tribulation and doom can be self fulfilling. The Messiah may not appear. We need to use our common sense. The port is reached mostly by avoiding the rocks.


See This Youtube Report from CBC Winnipeg

See also my "Freemasonry: Mankind's Deathwish"

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Comments for "Is Legislature a Disguised Pagan Temple? (Encore)"

Andrew said (August 28, 2009):

Hi Henry,

Not sure if you noticed that the Winnepeg logo is also an inverted triple
six... 666.

Michael said (August 26, 2009):

"When the Free Press series ran in November, there was a lot of interest from Manitobans but few objections. No one seemed to mind that a public institution representing freedom and prosperity for Manitobans was taken over by an occult society for its own bizarre purpose, at taxpayers expense."


Cause of this reaction is clear...

Irrational thinking...

A totally rational person would lay out - and evaluate objectively - the pros and cons of any debate before choosing to support or oppose a side. But we humans are not so rational, according to Steve Hoffman, a professor of sociology at the University of Buffalo.

"People get deeply attached to their beliefs," Hoffman said. "We form emotional attachments that get wrapped up in our personal identity and sense of morality, irrespective of the facts of the matter."

And to keep our sense of personal and social identity, Hoffman said, we tend to use a backward type of reasoning in order to justify such beliefs.


Glenn said (August 26, 2009):

Here's one thing about those who seek and join secret societies that goes unsaid. COWARDICE.

People drawn to secret advantage over others are COWARDS, who cannot face life and all of it's challenges with courage and independent effort. They want ADVANTAGE that others don't have. They are souless whores (no disparagement of the oldest profession intended-Free World) who would sell-out their next door neighbor for the chance to assuage their own moral defects by taking advantage of the neighbor who stands on his own two feet, and "Get's his BACK into his living" to paraphrase the great song "Teenage Wasteland" by The Who.

These damaged individuals think they will "rule the world" even as it all comes down around their evil schemes in the present day, as the internet allows Humanity to become conscious at last, and escape the Illuminati mind control.

Now take a group of COWARDS, give them Secret Advantage, and in short order you have a murdering, pedophile, utterly immoral, blackened group of "Charcoal Men" who have burned their own Humanity away, leaving only the worst qualities a human being can demonstrate, a purified Dark Side, marching lockstep against all others who still have the good qualities of Humanity functioning in themselves.

They hate us, because we are still whole, and all they have left is the black stain and dust of their charcoal Humanity, left as a clear trail for us to follow wherever they go.

They are DONE, it's OVER, and they still don't seem to know it. Now they face the music, a dark sinister arpeggio to which they will be marched to fruits of their labors, death of their societies, and death for all their inhuman crimes.

They are a Death Cult, and the circle they began now closes around them for what they have done.

So be it, and let's get on with it, and clean-out the Human filth created by their own cowardice.

My advice to the Illuminati: Take the deal for asylum on the island off the coast of Japan, because your descent to Viperhood has aroused the Mongoose in the rest of humanity, and there will be only one outcome.

We still have to clean the societies out of our towns and cities here in America, and turn the government back into the docile servant of The People it was intended to be, and that is beginning now.

It is being accomplished by ordinary WHOLE men and women everyhwere, who seek only that which they can earn for themselves, seek not power over others for unfair advantage, and simply want to raise their families in Peace. As of this moment in time, they are "getting their backs into it".

Viper steaks, anyone? I like mine medium rare...

Sophia said (August 26, 2009):

Your recent article about the Manitoba legislature was an interesting read. It comes as no surprise that the building's designs mirror what are purported to be designs from Solomon's Temple (the United Sates' seats of government are likewise constructed). Considering the pitiable spiritual state of the world's governments, it's no wonder that they are steeped in apostate, anti-God symbolism, and belief-systems.

In the Hebrew writings, descriptions abound of the glory of Solomon's Temple, including the description of the presence of a rather distinct Star--and this particular image cannot be traced back to Solomon's father, King David...

Interesting enough, I was reading through historical texts, recently, that King Solomon's Temple also served as a center of monetary reserve, with the walls "sporting" blocks of gold that wealthy holders could remove, with the King's permission, for the repayment of debts or for the making of gifts, either to the King or any person or establishment (sounds like a bank to me). So considering Solomon's latter spiritual leanings compared to the former of his father, King David, there again, one can clearly see the presence of Nimrod's anti-God, Babylonian system of apostate religion and "finance" all wrapped up into one, not to mention the foreign religious beliefs of Solomon's many wives, who no-doubt contributed to Solomon's gradual spiritual decline.

If only the beleaguered members of our governments had taken the time to remember: King Solomon became an apostate King (who in their right frame of mind would emulate apostasy?); the information is starkly presented in the Scriptures, as clear and present danger is ever apparent to any who take the time to notice. You also might be interested in this website --it details some rather interesting occult locations: Sinister occult locations/sites

Barry said (August 26, 2009):

When you connect these dots between the world as we see it around us and the Bible texts, you can see that the world is far more deadly than just being run by a bunch of incompetent and/or corrupt leaders – if that were the case, it would be easy to get rid of them. It is not, it is run by Satan and through him and his satanic bloodline, it is managed by a different line of humanity altogether, the soul-less, and then lower down, the wicked and corrupt leaders who will do anything for money, privilege, power, titles, their egos etc. The Secret Societies are the key to all of this as Henry Makow has often shown us in his articles, and it is through these societies that the Elite, or whatever you want to call them and develop and implement their their NWO, and from this we can see WHO they are and WHY they do what they do?

Michael, in his post of August 21, says that the elites are using the book or Revelation as a ‘play book’ and I fully agree with that. But also, with their vast resources, they have created an advanced scenario under their Project Blue Book to present the final act of this Play to the Global Masses.

Now we have the Power Elite, under satanic direction/control, using their Secret Societies and churches and are manipulating the Biblical Prophecy to set up the world for their god Satan (antichrist) when he emerges on the world scene, and a VAST amount of technology developed over the years is being prepared to do this at EXTREME cost, and it will be done so well that the majority of people around the world will believe it.

Project Blue Book is the plan for the manufactured Messiah coming back and their technology can now get into the minds of everyone on the planet AND in their own individual language and dialect to make people believe that their god is calling them. It is this that is being set up through NASA (by the way, the reason why NASA was created in the first place). This false messiah or anti-Christ will draw millions to their deaths and or enslavement into the camps which are ready for them.

This is the Master Plan of the Elite – total takeover of the world with massive reduction in population brought about in part, as Michael said, with WW3 being staged against China and Russia.

S said (August 26, 2009):

Yeah it seems like most legislatures around the world are modeled like this. I'm curious though what's the one on top of the U.S. capitol? (capitol being an old word for Temple by the way, according to a dictionary I have from the 1920's) I have heard that it's hades, pluto, some native american, pocahontas to "it don't matter why are you asking this" from state department type people, so my question is, what's the straight truth, what is that ugly brown idol sitting atop the capitol really, if you don't know, do you know someone who does? aside from God of course.

Mike said (January 15, 2007):

Hermes was the messenger...get it right
Hecate was dedicated to the occult.
You do not what you are talking about.
Half truths do make it true...just because you see bogeymen everywhere it makes me thing all you see is the dark side of life.

How about something positive. This world is not all doom and gloom...we are pushed by the darkness toward the light.You seem to like the shadows.


The people on the 100th floor of the wtc Sept 11 would find your message heartening if only they were alive to hear it.


Jo said (January 15, 2007):

I greatly enjoyed your Jan. 14 article about the Manitoba legislative bldg.
having been built by Masons. I thought this was common knowledge to residents of Manitoba.

I remember reading many years ago when I lived in Manitoba, sometime in the 60s or 70s, that one could not get anywhere in Manitoba Conservative
politics, unless one were a Freemason, and that this had been true from the earliest days. This also helps to explain why there were so few Catholics who were members of the Conservative Party, because the Catholic Church had
a long-standing law (canon law) that any Catholic who joined the Freemasons, would be excommunicated. Unfortunately, I understand that the Roman Catholic Church has fairly recently (under John Paul II) revoked this law, which
means that the secret Masons in the Church have finally got their way. It's a disaster for the Church and for the world.

Don said (January 15, 2007):

Dear Henry,

You wrote that Hermes' gaze northward has some sinister meaning. Please note these verses from Isaiah. I believe they provide some insight into why Hermes looks expectantly North. The verses conclude with our hope.

Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! [how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Isa 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.
Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.

Texe Marrs has written an excellent book that illustrates many of the corporate logos the you mentioned as well as hundreds of politicians and celebrities giving Masonic/occultic hand signs and poses. It is a very good photo reference with many explanations of Freemason symbols and meaning from their own documents. I suspect from your post that you are familiar with the work, but this may be a good opportunity to mention it to readers who found this blog of particular interest.
Thanks Don,

The book is called Codex Magica and it is very good.


Sue said (January 15, 2007):

Why do you insist on lumping the two together? Masons (my grandfather was 33rd degree) is a mystical organisation that draws on maths and science. Paganism is completely different. Paganism follows nature not science.
Hermes was the messenger to the gods and represents speed of communication.,
Satanism AND Paganism? aren't you getting confused? The two have nothing to do with each other. Pagans were around long before the Christians decided to ooga booga people with the concept of Satan. In fact the Christians even adopted the Pagan god Pan as their symbol for Satan (too bloody unimaginative to come up with one of their own, no doubt) and that just really gave old Pan a bad name. Paganism has nothing to do with Satan, Satan is purely a Christian entity, a fallen angel. Keep him to yourself, stop spreading him around like fertilizer.
Your latest article reads like a Dan Brown novel only a heap more boring.

Satan is evil to me. Paganism is believing in nature or many Gods. I believe in one God.


Kelly said (January 14, 2007):

After reading about Winnipeg’s new city logo and its occultic meaning, have you ever seen the city of Ottawa’s logo?

Notice the 3 tails emerging from the “O”, which makes it look like 3 sixes superimposed on top of each other.

The secret societies are certainly hiding in plain view!

Keep up the good work exposing the deeds of evil!

Naila said (January 14, 2007):

The article on the building was chilling, and very, very important. We need to get the word out, in a way that unites people against these forces.

If it's acknowledged that the Freemasons ultimately derive their power from the Vatican, while their temporal power is manifested through the banks and Zionism, a lot of the pieces would start to fall into place, and it would be
easier for readers to get a handle on the situation. They could then have a basis for processing further information, and a sense of where to look for more. They would understand and accept more of what Greg, Phelps, and
others have been trying to tell them, because they'd see that "The Vatican" represents vastly more than they ever suspected.

You mention 'diversity' and 'secularism' together, but I think they're
worlds apart. There has to be be a middle ground between recognizing all forms of worship (many of which are certainly not truly God-centered), and
insisting that Christianity is the only valid religion. I think it's possible to break down the church/state barrier without excluding the truth of Judaism and Islam, as long as people are given the knowledge to see beyond the artificially-created divisions.


I am a Jew. I came to a Christian country and assumed that a benign Christian religion would be dominant. When we have all religions, we have none. No one is asking Israel or Iran to adopt
diversity. It's a trap.


Dan said (January 14, 2007):

I've been inside many state capitols. In the States they have the same common with the Manitoba Legislature.

The dome, the steps(a mustaba). Inside, I'll bet theres a black and white tiled floor somewhere. In some US State houses, sometimes the
chessboard floor is subtle, sometimes blatant.

I watched as much as I could stomach of the televised Apotheosis of Gerald Ford in the rotunda of the Capitol in DC. What a coven of
creeps....everybody was there. Cheney, the Bush klan, even Kissenger and Brezinski, others.
Kennedy lay in state under the same dome -- which I learned in art school is stone on an iron frame. The iron isn't visible, and it had to
be repaired about 20 years ago. An iron dome is significant in hermetics and alchemy magic. It goes back to the Egyptians at least,
that iron is said to be the most magick metal in the esoteric, for the property of absorbing KA, ie, the most suitable thing for drawing

The huge Egyptian statuary was really only advertising...the real idols were about a cubit tall and resided in the inner secret
sanctum where only the high priests were allowed, cast in iron. Few of these are said have survived, and they are never displayed in Museums.
Seems all the real fetish items I've read of happen to be the things that are 'lost' Catherine D'Medici's magick mirror...supposedly
disappeared from custody of the British Museum during the late 18th Century. Casanova is reputed to have possibly obtained it through
bribery and sold it to an unknown party. I thought back at university that all those things aren't 'lost', they are still owned and in use
someplace by the big boys. Like the looting of the Bagdad museum was quite a blatant thing. As soon as they'd taken Iraq, it was on the top
of the agenda to stage an Iraqi riot outside for the photo op, and voila! The museum turned up looted.

Matt said (January 14, 2007):

High Freemasons can go anywhere in the world, and because of the occult symbolism and esoteric meanings behind it, which transcends the languages, they always know where they're most welcome. They know the true meaning behind the symbolism the average person never questions because the average person has been conditioned to not think.

It's also important to note that the high-level Freemasons see themselves as gods. As people like Alan Watt have pointed out, there is in actuality 360 degrees to Freemasonry -- not just the 33 lower degrees the public are allowed to know about. This is represented by the Ouroboros -- the snake eating its tail.

The goal behind the religion of Freemasonry is to "perfect that which is left imperfect." While the lower 33 degrees of Freemasonry see this "perfection" as perfection of themselves, the higher degrees believe that through science, or the understanding of nature, they will create physical immortality for themselves, thus attaining god-hood. This is where the masonic slogan "as above, so below" comes from, because in the heavens the spirit is immortal, and the high Masons believe that through scientific "perfection" they can create this immortality in the physical world as well. The high-level masons believe they were reincarnated into this "perfected" state, which is similar to the Brahmin-Hindu belief system. Because they see themselves as gods, they believe it's their right to rule over the "profane," in which they also seek to "perfect" through science. Their wish is to create a "New Man," which will be a hermaphroditic human devoid of any individuality, emotion, or ability to think freely, who will serve the system in a more efficient way once 90% of the people on this planet have been culled. This is their "Great Work." The end-goal of these deviants is to create a utopia on earth that you, me, and our children will not be part of unless we all start to take a stand.

It's time people start to wake up and understand this secret religion and belief system which controls this planet and its destiny. It seems like a lot of the authorized material put out there about Freemasonry is with either a Christian or New Age spin, which causes people to never fully understand the true religion or belief system behind the New World Order agenda.

Clifford Shack said (January 13, 2007):


Temples and houses of legislation are not mutually exclusive. Solomon's Temple housed the Sanhedrin- the seat of Israelite legislation. The Temple served as a complex of various functions serving the nation. The Lord holds law-making so precious that the congregation of legislators was incorporated into His House- The Temple.
Sabbatian-ruled Freemasonry understands this. It is not evil. It is sacred.

Ilario said (January 13, 2007):

Your answers, to your own questions, are right.
My question to you "When did it all start?" and, more important, what or Who did it? And for what reason?

Freemasonry is only one of the most recent links in the chain of esoteric groups that have been created, since the first human appeared thousand years ago, to form, shape, and control and guide "society". Obviously "The Plan" is for "One World Wide Society"

Your deductive reasoning takes me, observer, to conclusions that I can only Expose to you under form of questions.

Thanks for your publications that I have been enjoying very much since I discovered your site


Satan is powerful only because people embrace him.
His intention is to destroy them, and they get what they deserve.


Dear Henry,
I agree with you on the above.
GOD is "good", SATAN is "evil".
They are the basic duality.
Either is essential to the other, neither could exist without the other. Our social philosophy is based on this duality. Our religions are based on
this concept," bad or good".
Our morals, laws,constitutions,social rules, etc.are all derived from "good
versus evil". I rather say "convenience and inconvenience."
If you ask either who's the bad guy they both would point the finger to the other. And both would be right.
But we have to make a choice and we will not choose Satan, unless we want to hurt our neighbor.
We have chosen God.


Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at