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"The Queen" : Why Movies Lie

March 22, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

"The Queen"
illustrates how the public is lulled to sleep with Mother Goose stories.

The drama rests entirely on Queen Elizabeth II's refusal to speak publicly after the death of Princess Diana in 1997; and how, under pressure from a grieving nation, she graciously rose to the occasion.

Nominated for "Best Picture," the movie doesn’t mention she had good reason to be reticent. Helen Mirren won for "Best Actress" but if Mohammed Fayed is right, Elizabeth II deserves the Oscar.

She may have orchestrated the hit with her husband and son. "I want Charles and Philip together in court." the father of Diana's fiance said recently. "These are the people who ordered the murder."

Now that would have been a movie!

However in this movie, Elizabeth's excuse is she wishes to "suffer silently and with dignity" and "focus on her grandsons' suffering." The tensions between the Princess and the House of Windsor are only implied.

The movie is comforting. Elizabeth II really is a good person, not the front for the world's greatest criminal syndicate, dealing in drugs, arms, prostitution and banking, according to Lyndon LaRouche's book "Dope, Inc." (1992.)

Prince Charles, Prince Philip and Tony and Cherie Blair are dedicated citizens and family people, not inbred Masons, Satanists, traitors, warmongers, criminals perverts and crystal gazers depicted by David Icke. (I reserve judgment on reptilian shape shifters.)

Philip is Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of Freemasons of England.

After seeing "The Queen," I left the cinema feeling with Robert Browning, "God is in His Heaven and all is right with the world."

Our leaders are decent people trying to do what's right! The old ladies in the audience shouted, "pip, pip" when Elizabeth finally saw the light. "Well done, your majesty!"

The movie critics felt the same way. Ninety eight per cent gave the movie positive reviews.


However, in the case of murder we always ask, "Who Benefits?"

After the divorce of Charles and Diana in 1991, The London Daily Mail emphasized England "now has effectively two Royal Houses—the House of Charles and the House of Diana. In the first five months of separation, Princess Diana attracted five times as many spectators, twice as many reporters, and more than twice as many photographers than her husband." (Peter Fearon, "Buckingham Babylon" p. 372)

Diana's death looks like an old fashioned Mafia hit, a British dynastic spat. Didn't Queen Elizabeth I  have Mary Stuart beheaded in 1587? Diana threatened the family business and she had to be rubbed out.

According to "This is London" (March 2) "Mr. Fayed has been implacable in his insistence that Prince Philip 'masterminded' the couples' death. He says Dodi and Diana planned to marry but the British establishment could not accept the prospect of the mother of a future king marrying a Muslim."

Or giving him a Muslim half-brother? There were rumors she was pregnant. Diana expressed fears that Charles would use MI-6 to arrange a car crash. There is evidence this is exactly what happened.

Imagine if this movie revealed the truth instead of covered it up?


"In pre-movie days the business of peddling lies about life was spotty and organized." Ben Hecht, a veteran screenwriter wrote. Since then, "One basic [movie] plot only has appeared daily...the triumph of virtue and the overthrow of wickedness.... (A Child of the Century, p. 468)

But, in real life, the bad guys have overthrown virtue. The Cabbalist central banking mob finagled control over national credit and is consolidating this advantage into world tyranny. They fund the movies that deceive, distract and debilitate the boobs while they advance toward their goal. 

Society as a whole is organized like a secret society (i.e. Freemasonry, Communism, Zionism, Feminism.). Most members are not told the real agenda. They are easier to manipulate with idealistic sounding platitudes about freedom and righteousness. The function of the mass media and education: is to lie; to reinforce the official illusion: how things "are supposed to be."

[In a famous interview with Sarah McClendon in December 1992, George Bush Sr. admitted: "Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down in the streets and lynched."] 

To be duped (by some Cause) is probably the characteristic modern human experience, but of course few know it. Even those who rise in the NWO Masonic conspiracy are often "useful idiots" who provide a convincing facade.

James Forrestal, for example, was an investment banker who became Truman's Secretary of Defense. When he realized the Masonic bankers controlled Communism as well as Capitalism,  he couldn’t keep quiet. He was deemed "insane" and thrown from the window of Bethesda Naval Hospital. He was a good guy. He lost. There are no movies about him. Joe McCarthy was probably murdered at the same hospital a few years later.

"Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
For if it prosper, none dare call it treason."

Richard Nixon eventually realized the same thing and wanted to take back the USA. The CIA used The Washington Post and Watergate to impeach him. Yet the movie "All the President's Men" tells a cock-and-bull story about the press bringing down a corrupt ruler. The truth – a political hack who reaches for greatness by defying the Rockefellers--would have been wonderful. Even Oliver Stone missed this story in his "Nixon."

Have you seen an honest movie about the murder of George Patton or Huey Long? One about 9-11? What about Margie Shroedinger, the woman who sued G.W. Bush for rape and then "committed suicide" ? There are dozens of "good guys" murdered during the Clinton Administration. Each one would make a great movie. 

[At the 1991 Bilderberg meeting, David Rockefeller thanked the media for covering up elite plans for the "supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers."  “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years."]

"News" and "Entertainment" are the main reason for our collective arrested development. They define reality, past and present. 

We depend on them for guidance and inspiration. Yes there are good movies but most fit the description above. Hopefully the Internet will provide entertainment that nurtures rather than enslaves. 
Google Video --Tony Blair and British Freemasonry

See my "The Illuminati World of Make-Believe"


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Comments for ""The Queen" : Why Movies Lie"

DC Dave Martin said (March 28, 2007):

Great, educational review! I liked this line: The movie is comforting. Elizabeth II really is a good person, not the front for the world's greatest criminal syndicate, dealing in drugs, arms, prostitution and banking, according to Lyndon LaRouche's book "Dope, Inc." (1992.) It puts me in mind of the second verse of my poem, "The Lies"

Hear the daily lies,
The comforting, comfortable lies
Of every conceivable size,
Digestible pabulum for the incurably bland,
For the small of mind and the glad of hand,
Hopelessly smug and indisposed
To look into the light,
With minds made up and closed,
They turn from truth exposed,
And seek the shelter of the night,
Avoiding with averted eyes
All they wish were otherwise,
Confused by the thinnest disguise,
They hesitate and temporize,
Then cast about and choose the lies,
The cozy lies,
The rosy lies,
The lies, lies, lies, lies,
Lies, lies, lies.
The smoothing and the soothing easy lies.

James said (March 27, 2007):

As this involves innocent children I felt I had to inform you, if you didn't already know about a movie called "the last mimsy". in it there's blatant use of a patently new age symbol...I want to call it a merkaba but I know that's incorrect as a merkaba is the same as a hexagram (shield of david anyone?). Point of fact, it's made of overlapping triangles several times over, a hindu mandala. an example here: (Source: ). Please do spread the word about this.

P.S. For further and more detailed information on this symbol please see this:

Houston said (March 26, 2007):

Hello. I love your website and think you are right on the money about alot of things, especially feminism ,communism and freemasonry. I used to be a communist, and I think you are right about the communists being dupes of the freemason satanic cult. I am now a born again beleiver in Jesus Christ, the Lord of Lords. I am getting married to the most loving, feminine woman I have ever met, and she has helped me see the light about a lot of things. She likes a lot of your articles too.

I came across your site on, which is also a good site.

I had a conversation with someone the other day about the state of the world, and I recommended they check out your site. I'll see if they are still friends with me today, ha ha ha.....

Dick said (March 26, 2007):

Basically I agree with your conclusion the movie presents a false picture,loaded with lies. More important it was dead boring!

But I agree with Peter, and his quote from Elizabeth II "There are forces in this country over which we have no control". The Queen and Prince Charles are helplessly controlled by the Illuminati and the press. I think Prince
Charles is a very decent and inteligent guy but his actions and goodwill are frequently crticised by British media. Joe Vialls pointed out that the
Zionists blinded him and his fiance with the same type of Laser used in the tunnel that caused the car crash. Prince Philip is another story and
probably intimately involved with the Illuminati. So its wrong to lump the Royal family all together. Overall your view that the illuminati control the British royal family as well as the US presidency is right on. But truth
will out and hopefully them too some day.

Mark said (March 26, 2007):

Great writing as usual, I do buy the shapeshifting though!!!!!!!!!

There is a lot of interesting info at that supports the accusation of Diana's murder, as well as interesting insights into illuminati infrastructure. The truth as it turns out, is indeed much stranger than fiction.

Peter said (March 26, 2007):

I doubt whether the queen or Prince Philip were behind this one. I suggest another tack.
Who would have had equal - if not more - motives for killing Diana ?

Diana had more media power than anyone alive at that time. If she had married Dodi, can you imagine the Zionists' reaction to Diana espousing the Palestinian cause, handling little Palestinian babies, going into Gaza on bomb disposal missions etc.?

She would have been the ultimate Zionist nightmare. A living goddess on the side of the dispossessed and trampled upon which depends of media collaboration to hide the truth.
So I believe the Mossad are far more the likely candidates.

I am British and live in the US. I have noticed that Americans - and Canadians - love to lay all kinds of conspiracy stuff on to the Royal family. (Larouche does it too because he can't bring himself to name the real sources who are the Jewish merchant bankers).

What is the queen reported to have said to Diana's butler who published this in his book. "There are forces in this country over which we have no control"
He was referring to the Mossad.

Brendan said (March 26, 2007):

Hi Henry - A good article about the movie 'The Queen'. Regarding Diana,her death has the Illuminati's occult numerology stamped all over it.

She was killed 8-31-1997. 8+31=39 - which is obviously 3x13. She also hit the 13th pillar beneath the bridge. Above this they even had the arrogance to erect an Egyptian obelisk with the eternal flame of Masonry, which still stands today and is exactly the same as the one they erected for Kennedy. (who as i'm sure you know was killed on the 33rd degree latitude
line in the 11th month on the 22nd = 2 x 11. (11 being another highly occult number to 'them'). They killed him with a triangle hit of masonry,
(representing the three unworthy assassins of Masonic legend). This triple hit is frequent in the major assassinations, and is traced back even to the masonic ritual Jack The Ripper Killings.

Dan said (March 24, 2007):

As if the 20th century wasn't enough to get people to realize that there's something fundamentally wrong with civilization to begin with, a new term is circulating indicating that many are seeing that there's a darkness built into the 'system' all the way back to the first city states.

Pathocracy is based on an observation of Kurt Vonnegut:
�people without a conscience rise through the ranks very quickly.� This has been demonstrated in Game Theory, especially the Prisoner�s Dilemma game which all college students are subjected to: in dominator heirarchies, the best strategy really is to fuck over your fellow man. Psychologists from a number of disciplines�Transpersonal, Behavioral, and Gesalt�all made note during the 60s that violent and paranoid people tended to dictate the terms of everyone elses lives at every level. As Stephen Heller notes in �Monsters and Magical Sticks�

So the concern, the interaction between these two words, is that our cultures are designed for evil people to get ahead, and they do. This would mean that Adolf Hitler, Idi Amin and George Bush are not anomalies, they are design features. The best part about this --- aside from the soul-crushing realization nothing will probably ever change about the human condition --- is that it�s not �just because� determinism.

If all this warfare, depression and violence is the result of how our culture is designed, then that means we can start to end warfare, depression and violence by designing better cultures.

Stan said (March 24, 2007):

'Lady Die' would be a good title for a movie of the real story.

About a week after Diana's murder, I had a conversation with a high masonic client during the 90's about his impression of the episode. (He has a photograph of himself shaking hands with Prince Charles on his office wall after a London concert for the Royals and lords).

He began with a quick background, matter of factly, that Elizabeth had produced no suitable heir to the throne, as the Saxe-Coburn-Gotha had not produced a suitable king since Edward VII. "The bloodlines have thinned" he said. "Prince Edward (Charles' younger brother) was a drunk an womanizer, and Prince Andrew (youngest) is a homosexual with a taste for young military officers. They needed the Stuart genes to refresh the bloodline, and Diana Spencer was the only breeder of age who had it. They'd wanted the Stuart blood in their line all along as this would also do away with the lingering mumbles of the Windsors as having no real blood claim on the throne."

"Of course Diana was a idiot She let herself be influenced and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. He convinced her that she could get free of the Royal family if she would keep a high profile and betray their secrets, under his protection through broad publicity".

He said it was the Queen Mother who pulled the final plug on Diana, but that the possibility of a Royal bride or heir getting a death warrant is taken for granted. He said "the Royal family didn't give a damn about Diana's antics or who she might marry. They already had what they needed from her. An heir, and an heir to spare. They killed her to end her interference with the heirs".

That man didn't know who ordered, planned, or knew about the death warrant, but his take on it was a lot better than what was playing on the news at the time, which was covering up the highly bizarre and suspicious deaths.

Fayed may be right, since he's got the bucks and the investigators. Philip is certainly an evil genius. Charles on the other hand, I think could get lost trying to find his way out of a bathroom. He's a fop, and always was a fop. He would have been told in advance surely, maybe even given some meaningless role in it to flatter his ego as they always have done for him, but he's not cunning.

I'd say that the strategy and tactics was entirely handled by intelligence agencies - a brotherhood with operatives in all walks of life, medical, press, police A rationalist would say that none of the Royals had a direct hand in that, beyond granting approval. (that's how it happens in lots of movies about monarchs). But the occult, masonic aspects, timing and place and all those things were so blatant, the Queen -- and Duke and Queen Mother were no doubt (to me) directors on that end of it.

And...scenarios of Diana's 'sacrifice' may have been planned since her birth. She said once she was afraid all along they planned to kill her. And even during the famous wedding we noticed the pun in calling her 'Lady Die'.

Like all movies and TV dramas ever put out to whitewash suspicious political and historical events, the cast of characters where the truth ends. I did't see the film but my friend Tim did. He and his wife were totally taken in by it's sappiness. But from their description I learned for the first time that Tony Blair had indeed stayed very close to the Queen and Duke and Prince of Whales during the spin-phase. Encouraging Elizabeth to make a public show! Rubbish.

Society has felt like a secret society to me since I could walk. My family would take me downtown, or to events, movies. I remember feeling that whomever created and controls all this -- what we call the society -- aren't any of the people I was seeing living in it. I asked questions like this of teachers till I was about 7. Quit asking 'cause whenever I did I'd end up having to stand in the corner. It made adults feel uncomfortable.

Guy from UK said (March 24, 2007):

The problem here is Mohamed al-Fayed Himself. Leaving aside his lifelong history of hate filled feuds (i e with �Tiny� Rowlands) and outright law breaking (bribing Tory MPs by his own admission � they go to prison, he stays free and gets richer, so where is the cover up?), it is most important to emphasise Al-Fayed�s own culpability in Diana�s death � remember, as she began her last journey, Princess Diana was travelling from an Al Fayed hotel in an Al Fayed Mercedes to an Al Fayed apartment. She was sitting next to Al Fayed's son, Dodi, who was to die with her. In the front seat sat an Al Fayed bodyguard, Trevor Rees-Jones.

Al-Fayad has lied from the very beginning of this affair, when he sent two top Ritz officials, Frank Klein and Claude Roulet, to the French police. They were told to inform the police that Dodi had been receiving threats before his death. Trevor Rees-Jones own comment on this in 1997 was: �Dodi did not receive any threats at the Ritz, or anywhere else, during the holiday. If he had, I am sure he would have told me.'

Conspiracies can work both ways and for goodness sake, this is a man who has made up his own version of Diana�s final words and has continually contradicted his own version of events. I say that he is spending millions on this to cover up his own culpability � who is to say that my own particular conspiracy angle is wrong?

To me the worst, most terrifying, aspect of this whole affair is the loudly broadcast insinuation that the root cause of this is that �Dodi and Diana planned to marry but the British establishment could not accept the prospect of the mother of a future king marrying a Muslim." There are now tens of thousands of bigoted, hate filled Muslims in Britain and Europe into who�s hands this plays right into � I don�t have to justify that statement � there are the occasional high profile Jihad murders of people like Theo Van Gogh, there is the long ago fatwah on Salman Rushdie, the 139 or so who died in the manufactured Danish cartoon riots. Why do we have to pussyfoot around this � upsetting Islamists can quite simply get you killed � we all know this, just as we all know that we can attack the Royal Family and the British Establishment with impunity and come to no harm. There isn�t a level playing field with Islam and I seriously believe that keeping on insinuating that Diana was killed because she wanted to marry a Muslim contributes towards a climate of hatred that will lead to more murders � of Christian clergy and others. It�s that serious.

Jean from Hungary said (March 23, 2007):

Queen blackmailed?

"There are powers at work in this country about which we have no knowledge". - H. M. Queen Elizabeth II (in conversation with royal butler Paul Burrell) Daily Mirror.

"The Queen turned crimson with fury, and, after glaring at her for a moment like a wild beast, screamed: Off with her head! Off!" -Alice in Wonderland. Whatever the reason of the Queen`s fury at Diana, the mysterious powers at work decided to cover the truth instead of revealing it. Question: what is their price?

It is well known in Europe that the majority of the Brits are with reason- allergic to the Euro currency as well as to the European Union. As a matter of fact. the Pound is the last bit of the British sovereignty in an ever more hysterical European Union. In some months, when the central bankers who control the EU will try to save the every day more unpopular Euro currency in forcing it upon the recalcitrant Brits, the Queen`s persuasion power could be use-fool...

Dave said (March 23, 2007):

I admire your articles for telling it like it is: the good the bad and the ugly, to use a Hollywood phrase. Something I noticed in the �Matrix� movies is that intermixed with the reality of the matrix that people can identity with, is the social programming of the concept of �Zion�, the promised land. The hero is called �Neo�, as in neocon. And everybody in Zion is kind of a mulatto, like the U.S., and the world is programmed to become. I realize that these are very subtle hints, but nevertheless they act on the subconscious without folks realizing it.

Andrew said (March 23, 2007):

Movies play a dual distortionary role for the NWO. Not only do movies distort the past and hide the real motive for past events, but they also pave the way for public acceptance for our scripted future.

After seeing Brokeback Mountain a friend told me that he was tired of seeing movies with agendas. He thought a �weatern� about gay cowboys was absurd. This sentiment is very common. How many times have you heard people ask, "Why aren't there any good movies?" The reason is too many movies today are designed to psychologically condition and politically indoctrinate Americans, not necessarily to entertain them.

Before September 11th, Hollywood made lots of big-star, big budget movies about Arab terrorists, like "True Lies" (1994), "Executive Decision (1996)," "The Siege (1998)," and "Rules Of Engagement (2000)," Psychologically, these movies paved the way with predictive programming to convince Americans that Arab terrorists could do something like September 11th so that Americans were well prepared to accept the media�s conclusion that Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11. Without the Pearl Harbor effect of 9/11, the Bush Administration would have faced steep public resistance to its ridiculous, needless and costly military adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq, but without years of predictive programming which conditioned American gullibility, most Americans wouldn�t have believed the media�s absurd explanation.

My point is that movies do just as much to subvert of future as they do to distort our past.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at