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The Sheer Hypocrisy of CBS Firing Don Imus

April 13, 2007

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

When Don Imus referred to a Black women's basketball team as "nappy headed hos" he was using the Black rapper term ("hos") that CBS-owner Viacom has helped make part of the vernacular.

Viacom, also owns MTV and VHS which plays this rap music. Viacom also owns "Famous Music," which publishes and markets the work of hip-hop and rap artists who portray Black women as "bitches" and "hoes." A cursory search yielded this couplet from Rapper "Cadillac Tah":

Bitches come, bitches go
But little do they know we don't love them ho's  ("Come and Go")

So Imus is double victimized by CBS's owners. First they popularize a derogatory expression, and then they fire him for using it. 

It is so common that Imus' sidekick actually introduced it into the conversation:

Imus: That's some rough girls from Rutgers. Man, they got tattoos and —

McGuirk: Some hard-core hos.

Imus: That's some nappy-headed hos there. I'm gonna tell you that now, man, that's some — woo. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like — kinda like — I don't know.

Imus transgressed because Blacks can call their women "hoes," but Whites have to treat them with kid gloves, as an endangered species. (They are a privileged subset of another endangered minority, women.)

These Anti-White Male prejudices were apparent when the CBS President, Leslie Moonves, one of the Original Persecuted Minority (upon which all others are modeled), announced he was firing Imus.

"There has been much discussion of the effect language like this has on our young people, particularly young women of color trying to make their way in this society," ... Moonves said in announcing the decision.

"Young women of color trying to make their way in this society." Does he mean women like the Black stripper who falsely accused the Duke Lacrosse players of rape? Does he mean language of the kind Viacom is broadcasting and publishing!?

You need a shoe shine job
The way you polish a knob
Backstage panties down eat dick
Good-bye Biotch!!   (Ya Rule "Extacy")

"Young women of color trying to make their way in this society?" That's a laugh! Every corporation, university and government department has orders to rush them to the head of the line! This is confirmed by the next paragraph:

"Imus had a long history of inflammatory remarks. But something struck a raw nerve when he targeted the Rutgers team — which includes a class valedictorian, a future lawyer and a musical prodigy — after they lost in the NCAA championship game."

Imus' Remarks spawned a feeding frenzy. All the usual suspects--Al Sharpton, Oprah Winfrey, Hilary Clinton, Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama—cashed in.

Jackson called the firing "a victory for public decency. No one should use the public airwaves to transmit racial or sexual degradation."

Like this from Viacom's "Famous Music" site?

Look, Samantha, Loraine, Monica, Veronica
Veronica, she treated my dick like a harmonica cock sucker
How you think I learned how to twist it and turn
Ya back until it's broke, make you feel it in your throat
It was Pamela, Linda, Keisha, Nicole
Had me fuckin while I was drivin on cruise control
Can't wait to get it home and teach it all to you
Look I'm just tryna be the best, I'm doin it all for you
You know that thing with the peanut butter
My Brooklyn bitch said fuck untyin the ropes,
it's faster with a box cutter
I know you love the way I'm diggin you out
But always wanna fuckin aruge so let's figure this out
I'm just tryna make you happy bitch
Who's there for you anytime you get in the mood for suckin a dick  (Xzibit, "Fuckin You Right, Restless")

Said Sharpton: "He says he wants to be forgiven. I hope he continues in that process. But we cannot afford a precedent established that the airways can commercialize and mainstream sexism and racism."

Who is he kidding? Does he mean this from Viacom's web site?

Cops gettin mad cause I paid 'em off, made 'em cough
blood and shit
That's what the hell you motherfuckers get, we runs this bitch?
So hey, you ain't gotta be scared to fuck
If you want head, then prepare to suck (do it)
Even if the nigga don't care to nut
For every stroke, it's a hundred bucks
Respect the game, you just a slut
So open your legs up and get my duck  ("Pimp Like Me" D-12 Devil's Night) 

The principled men of CBS stand to lose revenues of $15 million a year from Imus' Show. But  they make much more than that from promoting and selling this poison.

It gets better! Imus has raised more than $40 million dollars to fight SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and was in the middle of a fundraising marathon Thursday when the announcement of his firing was made!

Corporate sponsors affirmed their political bona fides by canceling advertising. If you like Imus, boycott the following: American Express Co., Sprint Nextel Corp., Staples Inc., Procter & Gamble Co. and General Motors Corp. But buy Bigelow Tea. " Imus thanked one sponsor, Bigelow Tea, for sticking by him."

Another Uncle Tom, Bryan Monroe, president of the National Association of Black Journalists and director of Ebony and Jet magazines, met with Moonves on Wednesday….He urged them ... to take a stand against the coarsening of culture.

"Something happened in the last week around America," Monroe said. "It's not just what the radio host did. America said enough is enough. America said we don't want this kind of conversation, we don't want this kind of vitriol, especially with teenagers."

Does this guy ever watch MTV? Does he live in the USA?


Another victim of the Culture War, Imus is a ritual sacrifice to the God of political correctness. He is an object lesson for average Americans on when "prejudice and hate" is allowed and when it is not. (Come in Mel Gibson and Michael Richards.) It is allowed against White Christian heterosexuals. See "Imus Treatment Ignored for Catholic Bashers".

It is not allowed against Blacks, Jews and homosexuals. I didn't listen to Imus but he also criticized powerful Jews and called George Bush a "criminal." Apparently he also bashed Hillary and hinted about telling the government's "9-11 secrets."  

I don't think anyone should get the Imus treatment. It smacks of the Orwellian thought control, Soviet show trials and Maoist rituals of public chastisement and contrition. It smacks of the New World Order.

What is wrong with hatred and prejudice anyway? Do we fault the Holocaust survivor who hates Nazis? Do we blame the battered wife who hates the man who disfigured her? Do we begrudge the Black slave who hates the whip master? Wouldn’t they be less than human not to hate? People hate for a reason. There is a justified hatred that is natural, necessary and human, and we are being conditioned to be passive and impotent.

Similarly isn't "prejudice" another term for learning from experience? Often it's really "post-judice." I think most people will change their views when they see that the facts have changed.

Then why should we blame people who resent being relegated to second-class citizens in their own country? Who resent that a foreign central banking cartel controls politics and the media? Who resent it flooding the country with aliens in order to change the character? Who resent that marriages and families have been destroyed by Feminism, introduced by those Communist and Media Jews who serve this cartel? Who resent that their young are dying and their nation bled dry by the banker's foreign wars? Who resent they are losing their freedom under the guise of a phony war on terror? Who resent the fearless media doesn't expose the scoundrels really responsible for 9-11 and the death of 3000 Americans?

The real endangered minority is Don Imus' audience: the average white heterosexual Christian American. The foreign elites are using minorities to dis-empower this majority. Don Imus may have expressed the majority's resentment. He had to go.

Let’s make the bastards pay.

Imus' crime: He thought the other team was cuter. (You Tube)  

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Comments for "The Sheer Hypocrisy of CBS Firing Don Imus"

Matt-2 said (April 15, 2007):

Another angle, Imus' comments about the women was actually not "racist" at all but actually anti-feminist.

Imus judged these aggressive tattooed women according to their lack of femininity compared to the other team. In other words, he failed to recognize what wonderfully man-like warriors they all were for defeating the enemy team, but he complemented the losing team instead because those girls actually had some measure of decency about them.

By saying "nappy" he was indicating that these girls have no interest in going to the beauty salon to make themselves attractive to men. It was an insult to their lack of femininity, not their race

Afua (Black Female) said (April 15, 2007):

Blacks were the first victims of trauma-based mind control. Just not as high tech.

Mr. Imus may have been "repeating slang" but the idea he espoused was nothing new. And he knew it. Black women were seen as whores and their physical qualities degraded by whites long before gangsta rap came out in the eighties. This perception was crystallized in the America psyche long before. And gangsta rap, created and financed by white power moguls, whose agenda was to restore the racist images while raking in big profits, simply popularized it.

It was an effort to destroy black consciousness movements, undermine black leadership and lessen the threat to the goals of the neo-con agendas which did not include black independence in America. THAT, Mr. Makow, is the "real story" behind the story. Though it will more likely than not, never be told in the mainstream.

Hyp-hop-crazy of Imus Firing said (April 14, 2007):

Hi Mr. Makow,
Thank you for writing the truth about the
hypocrisy. I was thinking up a letter to write, and you did it for me. I do appreciate it. What i also see as hypocrisy, is the way that black people, or any people, can say whatever they want, but we can't. Do what i say, not what i do. I had it figured out yesterday, can't think or remember words anymore.

Well, they can get away with it. Because they are all corrupt. And we have no power or rights any more. Evil is good and good is evil. Doublespeak time. How did Orwell know all this stuff?
We have to be scared to death if we tell the truth about anything anymore. God help us.
God bless you, Anna

Paul [who is Black] said (April 14, 2007):

"What is wrong with hatred and prejudice anyway? Do we
fault the Holocaust survivor who hates Nazis? Do we
blame the battered wife who hates the man who
disfigured her? Do we begrudge the Black slave who
hates the whip master? Wouldn’t they be less than
human not to hate? People hate for a reason. There is
a justified hatred that is natural, necessary and
human, and we are being conditioned to be passive and

Yes, Henry, you're right. That's why people have a
right to hate Imus and his stupid comments. And
that's exactly why black people have a right to get
mad at Imus and put on the pressure until he's fired.

Let's not put all of the blame on gangsta rappers
and/or black people who support gangsta culture. It's
the Imus's of the world who put money into funding
gangsta rap music.

Thanks Paul,

It's the people who fired Imus who support gangsta rap. Didn't you read my piece?

Ending a distinguished career and a record of service for a casual remark? Is that what the elite means by "tolerance?" Tolerance for gays, Blacks and Jews.
Zero tolerance for White males, Christians and heterosexual families.


Ricardo said (April 14, 2007):

[From a Black man in Brooklyn]

So here it goes, we the elite ruling big dogs of planet earth will decide for you the dumb assess I mean masses what is right and what is wrong, this is the new papal decree for a new age soceity and we reserve the rights to religious hegemony over your mind. Didn't the catholic church try this centuries ago. When I was young, I used to think that white people were really intelligent and that black people were getting a really bad deal, when I moved to America after years of close inspection I realized that white people were oppressing thier own people, thier own kin, thier own blood. These "elite" people don't seem to care about anybody of any race, thier loyalty is to themselves and thier agenda period.

Throne said (April 14, 2007):

been reading your articles for couple of yrs; usually you are capable of understanding the reality of events.

this time you're way off (as many self righteous pale people seem to be).

what someone says in a hip hop video about some non existent "theoretical" 'ho is TOTALLY different than what imus did---he zeroed in on ACTUAL innocent young women who exist in real life and he had no right or reason to call them a whore.

the difference is the same as that between bugs bunny and an actual rabbit.


Thanks- People have made this point. If you see it in context

he just made an ignorant remark in passing. It was not meant to be literally true. He was just being a Bubba. You don't have to applaud, you can sneer but what's the big deal? Alot of people are unfairly maligned-what makes Black women sacred?

Christians and Muslims are routinely slandered.
Muslims are being blamed for 9-11 and are in the crosshairs of the war on terror. These girls just had an ignorant thing said about them. Pleeese.

Robert said (April 14, 2007):


Kristen [below] mentioned Don Imus's wife's green campaign and book; you mentioned Imus's Bush-bashing, his labeling Bush "that criminal in the White House." Radio talk show host Michael Savage has another theory. He believes rabble-rousing thug Al Sharpton is now a front man for Hillary Clinton, and was ordered by her to go after and destroy Imus because Imus has been bashing her for months, portraying her as Satan, and, of course, she's now running for president. I think it's as good a theory as any.

Glenn said (April 14, 2007):

find the conclusions in your Don Imas article severely lacking. The only moral to this story is that because of years of racist cum-capitalist (a.k.a imperialist) propaganda and slavery, the human race is disintegrating. But instead you have come to the immoral myopic conclusion that the problem is not that there is too much
divisive language and sentiment in our society, but not enough; and you are all too willing to pitch in your two cents. I know what your
thinking: "this guy is on /their/ side, he's got an agenda." Must I pick a side Dr.? How about Plato's side as he states that in order to
have any meaningful social change anyone over 30 years of age must first be murdered. Is that what it will take for We the People to rid
ourselves of war mongering, racist, usurious, psychotics and how would that fair for you?


The problem is not with the people but the central banker sponsored elite.
My point was that certain speech is allowed and certain speech is banned. I think Americans have bent over long enough. As for the young, raised on the mass media, I wouldn't put too much hope in them. -H

Lisa said (April 14, 2007):

As a mother of teenagers, I can certainly relate to the SHEER HYPOCRISY of all this, as your title so aptly stated. Hip-hop music is horribly degregating to women and another attempt of the elite to further destabilize society, and hey, it certainly keeps the young black man in line (and quite a few caucasians as well); their eyes and ears constantly filled with blatant sexual images and excessive materialism, therefore rendering them incapable of revolting or even higher thoughts. So not only does it keep them busy in an animal-like state of existance, they throw in the "race issue" -- divide and conquer always works so smoothly.

Ed said (April 14, 2007):

When I heard about the Imus tempest in a teapot I immediately thought about the other recent speech episodes hyped by the media.There was the Kramer episode.The Gray's anatomy actor incident. Ann Coulter. Mel Gibson. How convenient.Could this be to fuel the fire for the "hate speech" bill in congress? I bet entertainers sell their soul for fame and eventually they are called to do a service to the establishment.Kinda like the mob calling in a favor.
Dear Ed,

Maybe Imus was set up. His sidekick fed his the line.

Gary said (April 14, 2007):

Talk about hypocrisy regarding The Dom Imus affair. Have you seen the movie
"Training Day" starring Denzel Washington ? This movie had a black director,
a black leading man, at least three black musical stars, real black
gangsters. This issue is always about who has "License" to use these words
or phrases covered up by other B.S.

Terry said (April 14, 2007):

Your latest article on truthseeker was one of your best yet, brilliant, many of the real Jews i know salute you for showing the difference between the cream and the shit we have
in the race. Thankyou Henry and long may you continue to delight us all.

George said (April 14, 2007):

Of ALL the articles I have read concerning the "Imus situation",
your article outshines all!
It is another travesty in America that proves the takeover of our Republic by the corporate Jews and their cheerleaders. The government in Washington...the major news media...the world banking system (usury)....the educational system...all under the controlling hands of the elite (chosen).
As we should all be aware: The money and power has now been safely entrenched in the hands of a few.....and I fear we are doomed to eternal slavery to these parasitical corporations.

America will need its own FREEDOM fighters to escape the grip of these tyrants. At first they will be called terrorists.....etc.

Great article!!
9/11 TRUTH must be apparent to millions by now.

Kristen said (April 14, 2007):

Interesting timing. Imus has been saying crude things for decades, WHY NOW? His wife just cancelled her book tour about "Green" household products. She talks about the dangers of household chemicals. Also, Don and Deirdre talk about Autism and mercury in childhood vaccines. So, win one for Big Pharma, chemical, and petro-chemical companies!!!

Thanks Kristen,

Another reader said he referred to Bush as "that criminal in the White House."

Daniel said (April 14, 2007):

By the way, have you seen the CTV (Cdn TV Network)
Theme Song commercial , reminiscent of the old "I like to teach the world to sing" Coca Cola add, with the smiling masses now singing of ILLUMINATION ?

My wife and I almost fainted. We are starting to feel like they are rubbing our noses in their blatant symbolism, almost daring those who know to do something about it, while setting a new norm for the ignorant.

Tom said (April 14, 2007):

I'l bet your right [that publishers Rupert Murdoch, Sam Newhouse etc are fronts for Rothschilds.] I think [Viacom owner]Sumner's [Redstone's]parents were well off and prob. well connected. They lived in the Copley Plaza Hotel when S. was at Harvard. Their little genius, however, somehow came to the attention of Top Power, and then credits were supplied generously (let's not fuss about interest).

That's my theory on how the thing works. Where did Sulzberger get the moolah to buy the NYT; where did Graham's papa get it to buy the Wash. Post? Has anybody ever written down those facts? Does anybody even know them? I was in at the beginning of the Jewish takeover of Harvard (now complete)—the new prexy has a Jewish husband so she's a safe choice for the present interim). For a half century Harvard has supplied the connection (maybe not "the" but "a major"), and certainly the whole thing supports your Anglo-Jewish elite idea.

Paul said (April 14, 2007):

Mr. Makow, I just read your comments on the Imus firing. I read a lot of your writings on Rense and enjoy them. This one was bad. I think you should refrain from comment on this as you have no clue concerning rap and it’s culture. I won’t go into details or explanations except to say, when in rap or even in black stand up comedy a reference is made to bitches and or hoes, they are talking about the women that fit that criteria. They are not talking about the entire female population. Maybe you're not familiar with this type of woman. Ask any rapper and they will tell you, those college students from Rutgers do not fit the criteria. These are intelligent independent upwardly mobile women. Not the subject of your everyday rap. Trying to excuse Imus by mixing apples and oranges only makes people that think the way you do regarding this issue in all reality makes you seem like a racist. I don’t think you are by the way. But the way you put it, it sounds like you are.

Paul, Excellent points. Thank you.

When you make sexual objects of women, black or white, it affects all women. I'm not convinced that youths soaked in rap culture will make distinctions when they see sexy "upwardly mobile and indpendent" Black woman. I think there is a double standard about what offensive remarks are allowed, and what aren't. And there is hypocrisy when the same company that creates the offensive image of Black women that influenced Imus, gets all sanctimonious and crucifies him. The bottom line is- people have a right to be stupid without being hung out to dry.The appropriate response would be distain, and move on. There was another motive in getting rid of Imus.

Bobby said (April 14, 2007):

He deserved everything he got. Forget the artificial plight of race relations in the US. The only problem with calling someone "Nappy Headed Hoes” is was it directly or indirectly at someone. Rap music is Indirect they are not directly calling your mother or daughter hos, they are rapping about the women in their personal life who are hos. Don called future
college graduates nappy headed after they lost an NCAA final game, for being that stupid and saying something that really isn’t funny because these women are students and they should not have to put up with that. Personally nobody should be talking about women’s Basketball anyway but if you do, don't call someone’s daughter you never met Nappy headed hos. Smarten up Henry don't use a dumb decision and call it a move towards Orwellian thought control. It’s not like the way they are using anti-Semitism as a license to

Thanks Bobby, Good points but..

Don Imus makes an ill considered remark and he's pilloried. He insulted "young women of color" a "no-no" in the NWO. GW Bush rapes the country and where's the uproar?

Matt said (April 14, 2007):

You made a very good point here: "foreign elites are using minorities to dis-empower the majority"

Like when the Mafia does somebody a favour, the person "benefited" has to be "grateful" and forever ends up in their debt. Likewise, the elites "liberate" groups and those groups are then obliged to continue to support the elites:

Women are "liberated" with feminism, and are used to check the man's power.
Blacks are liberated with "civil rights" and then they are used to control white society.
Foreign immigrants are liberated to invade en mass the western world, controlling the white population.
Children are liberated to not obey their parents, and they control them and the schools.
Lazy people are liberated with welfare payments, and they control the working class.
Criminals are liberated with soft-on-crime laws, and they control the law abiding members of society.
Handicapped are liberated and control businesses (ADA).
Sodomists are liberated and they control the morally aware members of society.

Each of these minority groups can be called upon to tirelessly work to keep the elites in power because otherwise the group will lose its "benefits" that the elites have given them. Society's basic foundation of white-Christian-men is meanwhile diverted from throwing off this minority-based tyranny because there appears to be too many targets, not realizing the animating force behind the scenes.

Retromogdal said (April 13, 2007):

The arguments that we see in the media about Imus is that it is freedom of speech and he is just using terms that are popularized by blacks and that he just can't say them. As a black person who is around a lot of black people these terms are not used for each other or anyone we know. You are really a victim of the industry for falling for such nonsense. I think that this is another one of pharaohs curses that the only music that this corrupt industry will promote is ones that use references that Imus used and your little white boys are the biggest buyers of that stuff. Its like cursing in front of mixed company - and Imus knew those were dirty words. He is not innocent. He and all of his listeners would like to bring back the good ole days when you could hang a black from trees and nothing was done. We as black people are not thin skinned and have been through a lot and sticks and stones do break our bones but words will never hurt us. But people that listen to him and support him and pay him 10 mil a year should not think that we support him in any way. I believe in freedom of speech and hope that the constitution of this country would come back for all to enjoy, but if I say something at my job that is stupid I should expect repercussions.

We as black people do not care if you like us or not. We have been here for hundreds of years and this land runs red with blood. The thing that sticks out with me over the Imus comment is that he compared the women on one team the majority of who were black with the women of another team who were majority white and said that one was pretty and the other was ugly. When you live in a predominant culture that looks the opposite of what you do then what is considered beautiful is bound to be different.

I am glad that you consider this country to be Christian and my greatest hope is that it will be judges as such.

Dear R-
I posted a pic of a beautiful black girl with this article. Imus has a right to his own opinions. Civil rights should mean color blind not quota-bound.


David said (April 13, 2007):

I'm not surprised Imus got sacked, after all the victim culture is alive and well in the U.S., and as a lot of Black's like saying nigga and hoe, why are they surprised and offended when White people use the same words.

Big business likes this as it keeps Black people in their place while making them pots of money, while making sure Black culture is filtered and diluted.

Justin said (April 13, 2007):

Surely we didn't see this hypocritical move coming! As long as the Media kills off the white american males while perpetuating the destruction of minority classes from within their own community and culture there's no hope in sight for any of us.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at