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General Motors' Hatred of Heterosexuals

May 25, 2013

cadillac.jpgIlluminati Jewish bankers control most major corporations and use advertising for social engineering:  to neuter the goyim herd.

I was reminded of this May 2007 article because Cadillac is running another more subtle heterophobic ad.  Maybe you've seen it. A lithe young lady is caught in a rainstorm. She seeks shelter under the umbrellas of a series of different eligible young men until she reaches her final destination, her empty|Cadillac SUV. The meaning is clear. Women can seek temporary protection from males, but ultimately they will find financial and sexual independence represented by the luxury car. This is subliminal mind control. Is GM selling cars, or lesbianism to women and impotence to men? Are the Illuminati bankers trying to replace males as the protectors, providers and progenitors of humanity?

By Henry Makow Ph.D. 


I am old enough to remember when "Cadillac" was synonymous with success. It was the ultimate masculine status symbol.

Now Cadillac apparently symbolizes feminist success in degrading and humiliating men.

It's part of an ongoing Psychological Operation waged by the London-based central banking cartel who own our money supply.  The Illuminati Jewish bankers want to deprive Westerners of their HUMAN IDENTITY which is based on RELIGION, RACE, NATION AND FAMILY.  They perceive married men and families as a threat to their world government tyranny. General Motors and other multinationals are all singing from the bankers' homosexual/lesbian songbook.

The commercial entitled "Khakis" depicts mostly white males scurrying like mice at the appearance of the office cat. To a chorus of "Here Comes Success," a young woman strides confidently through the office intimidating the young slackers who are in various states of idleness. 

In one office, a man smells his armpit. Another man is doing  Tai Chi. Another takes his feet off his desk. Another is eating.  Another throws his arms up in submission. There is no way to impress her; she is unattainable. While they include minorities, there is not one women in the ranks of these slackers!

The young goddess finds herself alone in an elevator with a male co-worker. When she says, "Hi Chris," the pen in his pocket spurts ink, suggesting he cannot contain his excitement.


The goddess notices and smirks. In the next scene, she is driving away in her Cadillac. She thinks about Chris and laughs triumphantly. It is not enough that she is "successful"; the satisfaction is in lording it over men. 

The message on the screen is "Enjoy the Driver's Seat." Then the Cadillac emblem appears with another message "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of [Success]". But where is she going? Home to an empty apartment? What man would put up with her?

Contrast this commercial with a 1987 Cadillac ad featuring a  male who exudes Charlton Heston-like masculinity, maturity and pride. How far we have fallen in just 20 years!

The new commercial demonstrates that female empowerment is really about degrading and emasculating men so they will accept subjugation in the New World Order.

This isn't about  tolerance; it is about teaching heterosexuals to be homosexuals. Heterosexuality is based on the exchange of female power for male power expressed as love. A woman expresses her femininity and love when she accepts her husband's leadership. She empowers him.

On the other hand, when a man trades power for love, he is psychologically castrated and becomes a woman.  


Masculinity is defined by power. General Motors is neutering both men and women by inflating women's self-importance. It ensures they will be demanding and unreceptive while men will find them unattainable and unapproachable.

The result is failure to form long-term monogamous relationships, leading to promiscuity, family breakdown and childlessness, i.e. homosexual behavior.

The woman in the commercial is not very impressive. She is not especially attractive nor well dressed. She doesn't look intelligent and could be mistaken for support staff. Why is this? So average young American women can easily identify with her.

This commercial has nothing to do with selling cars, quite the opposite. What man would buy a Cadillac after watching it? What young woman would or could? This commercial is elite-mandated brainwashing, designed to neuter both men and women.

Trained to see women as "underdogs," we don't recognize how despicable this commercial really is. Reverse the sexes. Imagine a man striding down the hallway and women running for cover. Imagine a woman smelling her armpit or looking stupid. Imagine her wetting herself or fainting in the elevator. Woman's groups would holler "abuse."

It's never "hate" when men are being degraded.  It's only hate when someone opposes the  socially destructive homosexual-lesbian agenda.


Mankind is in the talons of a satanic cult called the Illuminati. The central bankers empower this cult which uses Freemasonry, foundations, mass media, professional associations, intelligence agencies, the education system, the media and government to control society.

The bankers are waging a relentless psychological war on society in order to establish their world government. Women are the main dupes and victims of their cruel feminist Psy Op.  Unfit to marry, many will end up alone and bitter or as single mothers. I'd wager that few will be driving Cadillacs.


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Notice how the marketing and public relations expert simply lacks any sense of responsibility, no social conscience.   Commercials are written and produced by sociopaths for control freaks.

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Comments for "General Motors' Hatred of Heterosexuals"

Johnny said (May 28, 2013):

I saw a recent car commercial, and I will try to put a link to it if I can find it... but I will describe it to you.
I believe it was a Chevrolet van commercial with 2 kids in back seat and husband/wife in front... and a song comes on that they use to have sex to before their kids were born... and the little girl goes "ewww"
It made me sick that they would put that in there. As if sex is like some gross thing. Talk about a dysfunctional family. Perhaps the girl was adopted?
I don't know... it's sad you could not have a child be like " awww" .. as she was born from them having sex. Maybe the little girl is mad at something... I don't know... but there parents seemed happy in the commercial. Damn strange
Anyways, I just searched youtube and cannot find the commercial... I am not 100% sure of the car company.

HOWEVER! ...Long time ago I had a good friend I grew up with in high school. She eventually became a masseuse who gave "rub and tugs" and did stripping.
She got into the drugs and easy money and eventually we grew apart. Though, I learned her grandfather was working for General Motors. Either ran or own a car dealership.
Anyways... point being... as you mentioned... a lot of these people are Masons... as was her grandfather. Which I go to hear of David Icke from her friends, and that is how I started reading your site from a link to it from Icke's site... but I don't think you 2 link each other anymore.

I know my friends family life was a bit fucked up... so... these types of people (masons) don't really care much for the family life it seems... just more money to fuck others (whores especially) and keep there power trip alive.

A lot of the so called bitchy/powertripping women in these types of commercials are in fact (in my opinion) whore types... probably were ex strippers or escorts. These are not normal people. Probably did a lot of drugs also and fucked 80 + men. Whores today are expensive $200+ an hour at least for good ones. Who can afford that? lol... usually business men... oh and the whores like nice things like cars.... as my friend did!!! ... soon we will see escorts in car commercials without hiding the fact of their profession... as it is legal now to be an escort in Ontario!!!

Here is an article idea "General Motors' support for the whore on the move" ... could be with any car company. Outcall service is big business.

M said (May 26, 2013):

You articulated that Cadillac commercial so well. When I first saw it I knew a weird message was being sent but couldn't put my finger on it. When you stated the symbolism of women finding temporary protection with men it hit me. Not only was the message of of women obtaining temporary protection from men being sent but also, even more overtly, was the promotion of promiscuity as a type of freedom and reward for successful women.

Kurt said (May 26, 2013):

I watch almost no T.V., the weather report being the exception.

The propaganda in the commercials jumps out at me.

The recurring theme in the Staples commercials is the jerky white male panicking over the office supply order only to be saved by the woman/minority who coolly and comely press the magic Staples button to save the day.

When you think about it, it is really a tacit if unintended compliment. It implies that all but the white, heterosexual male are too weak to be mocked and in need of the protection of political correctness.

LM said (May 26, 2013):

it's every ad today too, practically.

the theme for most women's ads are "you deserve it." they sell things for parents to buy children because "our children deserve it." kids age 4 have iphones. i have a trac fone for emergencies.

the men in ads are props for women. they are there to either supply the item in question, or the gender roles are reversed. never do i see the guy in any ad today portrayed as smart and confident and manly. i can't think of one ad anymore.

Doug said (May 26, 2013):

I found this quote: "The true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought reveals itself as a jarring dissonance".

I thought it fits here. I do not know whom to credit for it.

Al Thompson said (May 25, 2013):

I don't watch TV so I wasn't aware of these commercials promoting the homo agenda. This has been going on for years, but now that it is invaded the marketing of products to the public, now is the time to take action, or in this case, no action.

Boycotts work really well. Simply stop purchasing the products promoted by the homo marketers. It's easy. JC Penney has lost millions if no billions of dollars since pushing the homo-psycho lifestyle. JC Penny's stock tanked from around $35.00 down to $17.00 since they had Ellen Degeneres (degenerate in French). The downfall of the stock was remarkable to watch. This is what I called Suicidal Marketing 1.0

Let them do it and then we won't buy their products. That's all there is too it. A crappy sales report will tell the whole story and these companies will destroy themselves if they continue their homo-marketing programs.

Victoria said (May 25, 2013):

Great article! Speaking as a woman who, in the sixties and seventies, bought the feminist 'schtick', hook, line and sinker, I must apologize to the younger generations for my part in promoting this life-destroying propaganda.

My only defense is that, having had a father who was patriarchal and derogatory of women in the extreme, an 'opposite and equal' response was what came naturally. What was impossible for me to see then but, which I do see now is that all of us, both male and female were, and are, being manipulated all over the map to the detriment of us all.

The only thing that will save us is to develop some compassion for each other, value our differences and band together as human beings to resist this cancerous attack on our society. And, as you have said many times, "Turn off the TV and stop reading from mainstream sources!"

Paul said (May 21, 2007):

re. Donna [below] There is nothing special or superior about women. I have seen three women heads of Personnel departments in the UN - as corrupt as they come - bent as corkscrews and would sell their own grandmothers for a dime. Sent evidence to about 30 UN women's organisations about trafficking women and prostitution in the UN building - not one women's organisation even replied. Have also seen a lot of rape charges dropped - when the women sobered up in the morning, they confessed (not under duress) that they made up the charges as they felt embarrassed and didn't want to be labelled as 'loose' or 'fast'. Have also seen quite a few violent women getting away with a lot, due to the mythology that few women are violent. Equality will bring no change to integrity standards and possibly even the opposite to some degree - some women look mighty vengeaful. Reminds me of an Indian, who said some time after independence - "we just changed white Sahibs for brown Sahibs". So maybe we will just change a few male chauvinists for a few female chauvinists.

Thomas said (May 19, 2007):

I wanted to bring a McDonalds commercial to your attention if you havent already noticed.
It involves an office scene in which a woman is blowing a man a kiss. THe man catches the kiss out of the air and puts it in his pocket . Both people seem quite happy about it. Not an unreasonable hetero interaction.

Immediately after , the woman's friend sort of scolds her, then a Black homo looking guy chastises her and claims she is delusional with malnourishment and that she should go to Mcdonalds to get her head straight, insinuating that her heterosexuality is on par with illness.

Do you know the commercial I'm talking about?

To me this commercial is disgusting fascist propaganda filth.

Donna said (May 19, 2007):

Being a woman in the 21st century, I think that seeing commercials that undermine men is bad. I think that men and women should be treated as equals. Men lording over women has got to end.
Spousal abuse in this country is up 65 percent. Women are beaten and abused by their husbands, only now is the law on the side of women, where they used to turn their heads.

Women make up more than 70 percent of college grads now. They are coming into their own. They deserve this. They have been beaten down since Cain raped Abel. The answer is not lording
and acquiecsing, it's in understanding equality, as Abraham said of his wife, 'she is my sister' she has her own free will.

There is no conspiracy to destroy men, only the conspiracy to truly destroy the reptilian race. The bloodline has ruled the earth since the fall of man. The bloodline has created the patriarchal
order so that women would be subservient to men. The tail of the Dragon, aka Satan has ruled the earth since. The fact is redemption
can only come from the unconditional womb. Women must free themselves from the slavery and unrightful laws that men created to keep them subservient.

The poles are shifting, and obviously you can feel it. You will not stop it with your diatribes, women will get their rightful
place. I know that Martha Stuart and Leona Helmsley tried to make it to the top of the men's world, only to be brought down by the fake laws men create to control women, but you have but
a short time. This is your notice. There is no stopping us now. The feminist movement will prevail.

So....go smell your armpits.


You've got it wrong. Feminism is the creation of the Illuminati reptiles. Can't you see that when General Motors is pushing it? It's divide and conquer and you're falling for it.


Mike said (May 19, 2007):

Your insightful and often prophetic writing is what the men in this country (Canada) need to hear. I have now watched four of my friends end up with women that want to run the show and ended up making their husbands lives filled with duty and obligation. Their whole sense of being was go to work, come home and do what is asked of them. I had to end my friendship with one of them because the wife gave the ultimatum of either I change or he can no longer associate with me (poor sap) because I was telling him to stand up for himself.

I had worked in the service industry for 10 years and I watched both female customers and staff come in with that chip on their shoulder that no man is worthy. Well needless to say many of the same women would come back month after month with a new guy that was 'different' and sure enough he would be gone before desert (metaphorically speaking of course). I am fortunate to have a women by my side that believes that a man needs respect and when he feels respected and valued he gives back all the love she can handle.

My wife is an amazing woman, mother and teacher. Her desire to have a career was to allow her the experience of forming relationships with children. She is great at it and she has the utmost respect from her colleagues, parents and administration. Her real joy comes from being a wife and mother. I hope all the women that read this realize that a relationship cannot have two CEO's. I am not saying that a man is controlling of what goes on in the family but that it is important to be a man and lead your family, wife included. As we raise our two young daughters to be thoughtful and intelligent we are consciously aware that they feel that being a wife and mother is the most important role they will enjoy.

If you get the chance to browse through Love & Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs you will read that a man's being is all about respect. We crave it and need it to feel worthwhile so when a woman does not give her man respect he will then not 'love' her in the ways that she desires. "Crazy Cycle:NO RESPECT from the woman=NO LOVE from the man=NO RESPECT from the woman =NO LOVE from the man... "

I appreciate all the insight you give about this eternal battle between heaven and earth and one day it will end with a new heaven and a new earth.

Leonard from South Africa said (May 19, 2007):

Where I live, we now have an imbalanced system called "Affirmative Action". The problem with this is that experienced and efficient people are being laid off and replaced (on most occasions) with under Qualified, inexperienced ones just to satisfy the status Quo. Even the people it is meant to serve are experiencing the burden of such an action.

Furthermore, daily crime is escalating at a tremendous rate due to the undeserved "human rights" awarded to criminals.(the victims seem to lack these same rights) It is clear that the world is under siege. Wrong has become right and right has become wrong. Many children have become estranged from their parents. They listen to "mind bending" music, access drugs through their "contacts" at school and the clubs and parties they so often frequent. They are glued to Computer games, cellphones etc.

Yes one can say the parents are to blame for allowing it. I think most parents have given up, due to the social pressures "peer pressures" that their children are subject to. Our law helps by giving these children "human rights" to such a degree that a healthy disciplinary spanking can result in the parent being arrested. Solomon's Wisdom "Spare the rod and spoil the child" has become, as many other healthy Biblical principles, "OF NO USE" to modern society.

It has become obvious to me that NWO will have little resistance in their venture if things continue as they are. We now have a "One religion for all" (New Age) which has subtly been introduced at schools.We are all been thrown in a blender and if they achieve (which I still disbelieve) we will all be a mixed mono being, lacking identity and will. Weak enough to be fully controlled. However, we must also not under estimate the power of the spirit in many. As history portrays, there will always be those that cannot and will not be swayed. I believe that when the situation reaches its peak, there will be a mighty "awakening" and the "GOOD" in man will once again emerge and REAL peace will be in place.

Meanwhile, it is our duty to inform as many as will hear. My plea is to those who deny the "writing on the wall" to WAKE up and "GET REAL"

Peter said (May 18, 2007):

Been reading your articles for some time and find them quite refreshing. I have pretty much quit watching television because the homosexual agenda is so pervasive. It's not just commercials and prime time tv shows either, but cartoon shows have become emasculating as well. The Justice League featuring Superman and Wonder Woman etc is a case in point. The modern day version has Superman barely able to hold his own ( or not at all) and Wonder Woman invariably beating the tar out of the villians and consequently saving Superman. Quite the role reversal.

Fred said (May 18, 2007):

Thanks for another great article. Marcos from Brazil [below] is quite accurate that these types of commercials do not have a sales objective. They are pure and simple brainwashing and social manipulation. I would also like to commend both Aliya and Lisa [below] for their very insightful letters.

I am a hetero man in my early 40's. For many years I have been aware on some level about how women are being programmed to think and act like
men. I have only been aware of the full implications of this in the past 2-3 years (finding your website helped open my eyes further!).

As I look back on some previous relationships I had with women (two that lasted 3 years or more) I now see what went wrong and why the relationships failed and never progressed into marriage. Quite simply,none of us was aware of how we were being manipulated and controlled by
the Main Stream Media and other forces. I fully admit my own confusion and role in the relationship failures. Our instincts and awareness of how to support each other were assaulted with psycho-weapons that caused
everyone to become insecure in their own skins and to question how things really work despite millenia of genetic human "hardwiring" to the
contrary. We stopped listening to our gut and started listening to the television. We let ourselves be brainwashed and turned into something we are not, all for the sake of progressive thinking, diversity, feminism
or whatever other mind-altering, society-altering phrase and guilt trip you can think of.

I have contact with different females of all ages every day because of the work I do. I get along just fine with each of them no matter what
age group but I have not found one in the past 2 years (since I have been truly aware) who is not media brainwashed to think like a man and that I would risk my own well-being waking up to each morning and calling my wife. Lord knows I am always looking and I have much to offer. However I will not sacrifice my masculinity and power for the false love of a brainwashed woman who thinks and acts like a man. I would rather remain celibate and lonely than risk another false,
power-hungry, man-like relationship with a woman with all its falsehoods and confusion thrown in. Just like a magnet, opposites attract and
likeness repels. Real Women please stand up!!... Real Men never forgot how beautiful you are, body and soul. Real Women never had to be afraid
of Real Men --- until the media started controlling all of us.

Aliya said (May 17, 2007):

Hi Henry,

I've been a visitor to your website for over a year and I find your analysis simply fantastic. I am amazed that you were able to draw these conclusions as an American. Usually its hard to develop alternative ideologies while being mired in a self-proclaimed perfect system, unless one experiences another perspective on life, a complete paradigm shift.

Yes the American media especially television portrays men as stupid and gutless, whereas women are shown to be brave, smart and at the helm of affairs. The media plays with the minds of people. You might find this interesting that US by virtue of its economic hegemony has an all pervasive pop culture. Almost the entire world enjoys US Television and this kind of programming subconsciously conditions unsuspecting masses the worldover that gender roles are in fact regressive and that the US has somehow erased them to create absolute gender equality.

I grew up as an uppermiddle class Pakistani woman, with access to the best educational institutes and jobs. The US Media instilled feminism and a defiance of gender roles in my naive mind. About three years ago, I headed to US for grad school. Even though it was not the crux of my tihnking but somewhere at the back of my mind, I was hoping to find a social Utopia and needless to say I was shocked to find the reverse.

Coming from a country where traditional structures are intact and the family stands as a pivot of societal life, I ironically found the Pakistani woman much more secure than the average American woman. Whereas their Pakistani counterparts have no fear of serial killers boarding public transport past 8 pm, the American women were super paranoid about possible rape and mutilation. It was a fear that gripped them every single day.

I found no sign of nonchalance in the American women who had to try every trick in the book and live through multiple failures of intimate relationships, to attempt finding some security in the form of marriage. On the other hand, compared across social classes, their Pakistani counterparts were oblivious to such soul shattering experiences as since sex is sacred and so is a woman who may only be honoured through marriage. Secondly, tranditional family structures allow women security even before marriage as daughters and sisters.

Feminism has added to the burden of women. As feminists they have to keep their femininity to appeal to a man and also share the expenses, while the man gets absolved of the burden of financial responsibility and yet still enjoys the head of the household position. In fact his bargaining chips have multiplied since he does not have a biological clock unlike the woman who has to do it all and in record time, i.e to get a decent education, build a career, manage to land a husband and have a family, all before the biological clock starts ticking.

It doesnt end here, she then has to be super mom, sexy wife and cutthroat executive. If any one of these three elemants is missing she's a loser with no life or a worthless housewife. The man on the other hand still only has to be Superman at work, there is nothing added to his plate. Infact he gets an even better deal as she pays for her half, just to prove what a super-woman she is! Feminism is the cleverest tool and it has to a male invention. Through feminism men get to have their cake and eat it too.

As hard to believe as it may sound, the American women have a lot to envy of their Pakistani sisters, despite all the senseless propanganda about burqas, cloistered lifestyles and demonic men in Pakistan.

My observation of America lead me to abandon wannabe feminism and become a traditional Muslim. The roles you suggest of men are inherent to Islam and Islam lays the greatest stress on family. It denounces homosexuality and encourages community over individualism and sacrifice over materialism. Its a pity that the western media paints the evilest picture of Islam, tainting the truth. Or alternatively perhpas that is precisely why the illuminati are waging a war against Islam.

As for you Dr Makow, you could be very well be a Traditional Muslim with all the conclusions you have drawn and all that you suggest in your writings.


Lisa said (May 17, 2007):

Well, Henry, it looks like we have "arrived" -- sad to say, have hit rock bottom!! I was born in 1966, am a 40-year-old mother of three, and have seen nothing but a progressive downhill slide of society my entire life. Was there any other way than this? Are there any REAL men left in the world? Or REAL women that even care?

I thank God daily that I only had one son and that he raised and is now 20 years of age and is a REAL MAN! How did I do this, raise a boy to be a man in today's society? By doing exactly what you said, by "expressing my femininity and love and ACCEPTING his father's leadership." This is what has enabled him to become a strong, self-confident and self-assured young man. So simple, really, but yet so wise -- but isn't that the way of our God, the way that He laid out for us in that book we tote to church & back are rarely read? I remember once he asked me (my son) why I listened to what his dad said, when he didn't like the decree that came down, and I remember saying "because he is the head of the house, because he is the man and is in charge."

And why is it, I wondered just the other day, that my husband loves me and needs me? Because I enable him to feel like a man; my love and my femininity empower him.

I have a question for your female readers to ponder: What kind of woman do you want your sons to marry? What kind of woman do you want to be the mother of your grandchildren? The answer is closer than you would think... for we need only to look in the mirror, because WE are setting the example, the standard, by which they will choose.

Marcos from Brazil said (May 17, 2007):

Dear Dr Makow,

I have been a marketing executive for 15 years in large companies and I can assure you that campaigns like these are tested and, no doubt about it, the tests showed that men would reject them.

You are absolutely right when you say that these are top-down decisions that don�t have as an objective the sales of the products.

It is interesting that the cat-lady used to be a synonym of an old, crazy, lonely witch and now it is the life objective of many women. Unfortunately, that is exactly what they will become should they continue this way.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at