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Bankers Planned World Wars to Destroy Germany

August 3, 2007

By Henry Makow, Ph.D.

We study history because the secret forces that determined the past are still in charge. The past illuminates the present and the future.

In his book "Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich", (2005) economic historian Guido Preparata demonstrates how the two World Wars essentially were traps designed by London-based central bankers to destroy Germany as a national entity. 

As one diplomat said in 1914, "the web was spun and Germany entered it like a great buzzing fly." (24)

Later, the Bank of England created the conditions for Nazism and "devoted herself to supporting financially the Nazis and subsequently arming them to the teeth with the prospect of manipulating them." (xvi)

"This game of Anglo American supremacy came at the cost of approximately 70 million lives (two world wars); a holocaust whose nature is beyond words. Both conflicts were willed and set off by Britain.... there is something far worse than Nazism, and that is the hubris of the Anglo-American fraternities, whose routine is to incite indigenous
monsters to war, and steer the pandemonium to further their imperial aims." (xix)

By "fraternities" Preparata, should be referring to lodges. The Masonic "New World Order" is "British" imperialism repackaged. A small degenerate financial elite based in the City of London has always desired to colonize the world. As we have seen, these Illuminati bankers plan a third world war between political Zionism (i.e. Israel and the US) and Islam (i.e. Iran) designed to destroy both sides.

Germany never represented a threat, nor does Iran. The purpose of these wars is to destroy the nation state, slaughter the best of humanity, demoralize, dehumanize, and profit. The ultimate goal is a veiled world dictatorship by the central bankers.


Preparata, who has a Ph.D. in Economic History from Southern Cal and teaches at the University of Washington, is not familiar with the Masonic agenda. But he is honest and smart enough to bare its workings.

For example he says nearly all terrorism is state sponsored. "In general the art of terror entails (the state's) underground promotion of a fictitious grouping: say an 'ethnic army of liberation' or a radical militia...[and involving it in] Sabotage either against the state itself
or against the targeted enemy...In the first case, a variety of prearranged ends all congruent in point of social control and surveillance, is swiftly implemented...the evanescent Bin Laden and his lieutenants are from start to finish an invention of the CIA." (21)

The goal is war for its own sake. In the second half of the Nineteenth Century, the bankers built up Germany to rival England, in order to have a war. When Germany was not destroyed in 1914-1918, they built up the Weimar Republic. Weimar was entirely dependent on financial transfusions from the UK/US. The Wall Street Crash of 1929
partly was contrived to elect Hitler.

The bankers also used their Communist puppets as a "threat" to ensure that Hitler was elected as "a bulwark against Communism."

Meanwhile, "The attitude of the Communists toward Hitler's moderate opponents remained undeviatingly hostile and destructive.... this aided the Nazis." (190)

Preparata is remarkably clear about the mechanics of the Second World War. IG Farben, the company that supplied Nazi Germany with its war machine was part of Standard Oil. In exchange for the world rights for the synthetic oil process (outside of Germany), in 1929 Standard Oil transferred $35 billion in stock to I.G. Farben. The two companies were also linked by patent and cartel agreements.

Here is a partial list of the proportion of Nazi war materiel supplied by I.G. Farben/Standard Oil: Synthetic rubber (100%); dyestuffs (100%); poison gas (95%) explosives (84%); gun powder (70%); aviation gas (46%) not to mention Zyklon B.

Preparata sheds light on many of the murkier aspects of inter-war history: the betrayal of the White Russians by the Allies; the 1922 Rapalo Agreement where the future pugilists Russia and Germany actually trained in Blitzkrieg tactics together; the careers of such shadowy operatives as Alexander Helphand (Parvus), Walter Rathenau, Trebitsch
Lincoln, Hjalmar Schacht, and General Kurt Von Schleicher, who finally tried in vain to stop Hitler.

Preparata reports that Montagu Norman (Governor of the Bank of England ,1920-1944) suffered "sudden fits of melancholy, seizures of despondency so unbearable that his nerves would snap..." He had a tendency to "over dramatize, beguile and bamboozle the whole world." (148)

Unfortunately, Preparata overlooks the most important and most mysterious figure of them all, Max Warburg.

Preparata thinks the Anglo Americans were motivated by a fear that Germany and Russia would unite against them. This was not the real concern. But even if the author doesn't see the big picture, he gets many details right.


The Nazis were created by the Illuminati to seduce and destroy Germany. See my "Illuminati Used Appeasement to Trick Hitler" and "Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start World War II"

A relatively small clique with power to create money holds mankind hostage. Unfortunately its agenda is to destroy and enslave humanity-using war and education/media as its principal instruments.

Therefore, when it comes to war, we can tune out the rhetoric. All wars are against humanity. They are systemic -- inherent in the organization of society and in the treason of its leadership. Certainly the next one will be aimed at the United States, in much the same way as Germany. The US already has entered the web like a "great buzzing fly."


See article on I.G. Farben below (scroll down)

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Comments for "Bankers Planned World Wars to Destroy Germany"

Cliff Shack said (August 5, 2007):

Thesis, Anti-Thesis,Synthesis. In Kabbalah it is Chesed,Gevurah,Tiferes. It is the accepted formula for Progress. Don't like your hook nose? Smash it. Reconstruct it and after a brief healing period of black and blue....voila- The nose of your dreams.

Our London Bankers see themselves as plastic surgeons to the face of the earth. Eventually curing the ugly economic woes of our planet, one economic ill at a time. World Wars I & II? Nothing more than a nip and a tuck. A disposable generation of Germans were the scalpel blade ground sharp by the bankers' Versailles Treaty and the bankers' Great Depression. Held in place by western intelligence agencies with the aim of cutting away whatever populaces appeared incongruous to what they imagined a "pretty" or economically sound Europe to be.

To the bankers, the ends justify the means.

Do your readers really know what was at stake in the last century? The free flow of cheap Middle Eastern Oil for a hundred years, for one thing. How much carnage and collaterial damage would your readers be willing to sustain to achieve just that one end? (Remember, at the turn of the last century electric cars were not an option. They were beginning to claw their way out of the Coal and Steam Age.)

People don't want to know the dark shenanigans that made their incredible wireless world possible. The London Bankers' U.S. Military was the mother of the Internet? Whoopee! Ain't gonna boycott those London banking boys by giving up my Internet. Are you kidding? I'll just thumb my nose at them in this comment to your article.

The London Banking Illuminati Conspiracy is a paradox to the informed researcher who insists that we hate their tree while being unable to desist from enjoying their fruit.


Peter said (August 4, 2007):

Revisionist history is not anti-semitic, it just so happens that when one gets the perspective of this text the Jewish massacre falls into place quite differently than how it is presented by the estblished spin machines which all operate under the auspices of the banksters. It did not occur spontaneously as the result of somebody's say-so, it happened within a far wider game plan that included the founding of Israel. The horrors experienced by the jews was the spring board to guarantee the result.

The issuance of worthless fiat paper money, which represents a debt by the very fact that it is accepted into circulation, allows the bankers absolute control of everything that occurs in the world including most importantly the minds of everybody. Even if you manage to drag your mind free of the spin it is still traumatized by its original conditioning. Personally I have never found anything in my entire life as evil as the bankster elite and their legmen. The individuals one encounters during life are simply robot crew who, while pleasant and well meaning, have absolutely no idea in which matrix they find themselves physically and mentally.

Reply from Tony:

Peter, obviously meaning well, wrote: "The issuance of worthless fiat paper money, which represents a debt by the very fact that it is accepted into circulation, allows the bankers absolute control of everything . . ."


1. All money is "fiat" money. The fiat - government designation - is what makes it money. Nothing else.

2. It SHOULD be "worthless" as then there is no double manipulation of it as a commodity. Money is meant to be a measure of values, not a value itself, which value can only cause mass confusion and, therefore, easy manipulation by those who understand it.

3. It must be circulated in amounts which equal the volume of transaction values. Inflation and deflation are the instant results of more than enough or less than enough (for volume of exchanges) medium being circulated by bankers of issue. (By making "easy" loans or by curtailing loans.)

4. Money only "represents a debt" when it is LOANED into circulation and it "allows bankers absolute control of everything" when the loan is usury connected, the demanded interest never having been created and
therefore impossible to "pay back," eventually resulting in confiscation of real wealth by the issuing of private "bank credit" by the bankers as their, for profit, medium of exchange.

These points are kindergarten monetary knowledge. If all those opposed to the monetary systems now empowered would just do that much research they would become real dangers to the bankers of issue instead of simply
reinforcing private banker control by their monetary ignorance.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at