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Military Wages War on Your Gender

August 10, 2007


By Henry Makow Ph.D. 

The US army is circumventing laws that shield women from combat dangers.

The reason isn't just a shortage of male recruits. It is part of a larger psychological strategy to render us dysfunctional and docile by undermining heterosexuality and the nuclear family by denying/erasing male-female differences.

We are victims of Orwellian social engineering so successful that we don't even realize it happened.

We are in the final stages of a conspiracy to hijack the human race. All of our institutions have been subverted by a satanic cult, originating in a heretical Jewish sect (Sabbateans),
spread by a vast occult network (Freemasons) and empowered by the central banking cartel, which seeks totalitarian power. 

They are "satanic" in the sense they have deliberately displaced God. They defy universal natural and moral laws and use the media and education (propaganda) to define their evil as good.

A hydra-headed monster, they take the form of dupes and opportunists of all stripes, including liberals, socialists, neo Cons, feminists, Communists, gay activists and Zionists.

Our institutions (media, government, religion, military, justice, education) are not free and democratic,and no longer function in the public interest. They have succumbed to "world government" dupes and traitors. This is symbolized by the complicity of the US governing class in the slaughter and cover up of Sept. 11, 2001 and the hoax that is the "war on terror".


Conservative activist Elaine Donnelly  has been fighting "the military's "New Gender Order" for 25 years. She contends the military is "implementing illicit plans to force female soldiers into land combat units for the first time in our history" by pretending the women only have "support" roles.

Other reports  suggest that in Iraq, males and females are interchangeable in combat roles.
Donnelly believes this trend weakens fighting ability and harms unit cohesion by creating romantic liaisons. She also believes women are at a physical disadvantage and should not be placed in harm's way.

"Modern body armor alone weighs 25 pounds. This weight is proportionately more difficult to carry by female soldiers who are, on average, shorter and smaller than men, with 45-50% less upper body strength and 25-30% less aerobic capacity, which is essential for endurance. Even in current non-combat training, women suffer debilitating bone stress fractures and other injuries at rates double those of men."

"Deliberate exposure of women to combat violence is tantamount to acceptance of violence against women in general," she says. 

On her website, Donnelly has a list of 81 women killed in the war on terror.

"In the New Gender Order we are not supposed to care about female soldiers any more than we do about males soldiers," she writes. But she maintains that male protection of female and children is an essential civilizing impulse.

She quotes a West Point graduate: "Ninety years ago the Titanic men gave their lives for the women and children 'because it was the civilized thing to do,' now women are masculinized to serve in wars for American males [who are] relaxing at golf and tennis clubs and declaring it 'progress." ("Constructing the Co-Ed Military")


"Jessica Phoenix" is the pen name of an Iraq veteran who alerted me to this story. She writes:

"Although my fitness scores were outstanding for a 33 year old female, I was far below the male standards. Women aren't supposed to meet male standards.

I joined the Army out of financial desperation, not because I wanted to invade men's work places. I was told I would get placed in an office. I never saw an office.

It was bad enough that I had to invade Iraq for a year exactly the way the men did. But then I got put in the field artillery in Korea.

The sergeants there tried to punish me whenever I failed to keep up with the boys, but it was useless. I just ended up getting treated like a criminal every day. They thought they could punish the woman out of me. They thought they could turn me into a man with enough threats and punishment. It didn't work. I'm still a woman.

I could not cock the cannon weapon because the cock lever was too heavy. A man injured my arm practicing his combat moves on me. I got a neck injury because the gear was too heavy for my back.

And of course, they all wanted sex, but I'm not that kind of girl. I was offered a promotion for sex.

The artillery does a lot of heavy lifting. But I couldn't lift and load with them. I begged them to give me a job that did not involve heavy lifting, but they wanted me to stand there and look bad. So my job skills were going to waste. What were they paying me for? I couldn't help the boys with their work. I couldn't keep up with them during training. And I wouldn't have sex with them either. I just want to know why I was there to begin with.

Then after eight months of this torture they gave me an award for outstanding achievement and offered me $40,000 to re-enlist. I wouldn't re-enlist if they paid me a million dollars. [In fact, Jessica had to hire a lawyer just to get out of the army. ]I want to bring back the
Women's Corp (nurses, administration) separate from the men's army."

Jessica would have re-enlisted if the army recognized the differences between men and women. This may also apply to men who don't re-enlist.


A reader, Paul, sends examples of how our "leaders" think they can redefine nature:

"I served in the US Army as an Officer from 1987 to 1995. I can attest to the ludicrousness of women in combat roles. I served in both coed and all male units. The PC factor was relentless and stopped at nothing to silent common sense critics.

Yet, on the simplest of patrol training missions, I watched women break ankles in what for the rest of us men was a stroll. I saw women given favorable treatment to get through airborne school, while the rest of us men were abused and physically tortured to earn those wings.

When my airborne school stick jumped from our first airplane we were about 40 percent female. By our 4th jump, all the women had suffered broken bones and were gone. I can go on with many many more examples.

All-male units never had the level of politics and cliques that happened in coed units. If anyone pointed these realities out to a superior officer, he was swiftly reprimanded. Say it loud enough and your career as an Officer was over. I can't imagine the US Army ever winning a war against a determined, well-equipped and organized adversary, if we
continue maintaining this PC lie.

I think even General MacArthur would have seen defeat with this type of mentality in Korea. Reality does not lie, and some day not too far away our cowardly PC leaders will pay a fearsome price for their insolence."


Under the guise of women's or homosexual rights the Satanist elite is engaged in a hateful psychological attack on heterosexuals.

Protecting women and children is a natural instinct and motivation for men. Accepting that protection defines women as feminine. Elite-satanists want to destroy these sources of identity, motivation, and social cohesion. They want to destroy civilization in the name of "revolution" which really is central banker tyranny. Communism was a dry run for this tyranny; feminism grew out of Communism. 

The unisex subversion is not exclusive to the army. The insistence that women serve in jobs that involve danger and physical duress is an assault on our heterosexual nature. I am referring to firemen, policemen, landscapers, and construction workers. We are being neutered!

Placing women in these jobs also denies the natural role of men as providers and women as wives, homemakers and mothers. These roles have provided our identity, meaning and happiness for centuries.

I have often said all wars are against humanity. This is a perfect example. We are the real enemy. Women in combat undermine military effectiveness and heterosexual identity. I have not even touched on the rampant sexual exploitation of women soldiers. 

Feminists masquerade as defenders of women yet these bureaucrats and politicians clamor for women's "opportunities" in combat. All the Democratic candidates say women will be part of any future draft.

Since when is it wrong to batter a women at home yet OK if she is killed, maimed or raped by an enemy? This exposes the feminist movement for what it is: an enemy of women, and shill of the central banker conspiracy.

What the elite calls "progress" and "modern" I'm afraid is really the overthrow of God and nature. Society has been headed in the wrong direction for some time. Increasingly people are awakening to this harsh reality.
Captain Robert Miller" "When Women Fight"

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Comments for "Military Wages War on Your Gender"

Eliezer said (August 14, 2007):

Essentially, there are two brotherhoods, one fraternal, the other homoerotic -
One peaceful, the other militaristic. This fact is exposed for all to see in the films Gladiator, starring Russell Crowe, The Patriot, starring Mel Gibson, and even in the cartoon Lion King, starring "Scar" & his "gay" band of Nazi jackals.

Schumacher, the executive producer of the Disney film, The Lion King (which actually contains a militant gay theme commensurate with Schumachers
sexual disposition), says, "I was an out of the closet gay man when I came to Disney. I know it is surprising, because when people think of this
company, they remember gay men not being able to dance together at Disneyland. But now there are a lot of gay people here at every
level. It is a very supportive environment." [ Homosexual watch ]

For a real life insight into the true etiology of Nazi barbarism, read The Pink Swastika:
Homosexuality In The Nazi Party. This is not a cartoon, nor a movie. One might even
imagine, Disney today, in it's advocacy for "gay" rights, has become a shill for fascism.
Like so many contradictions between substance and form, one must ask, does the candy coated fantasy of Disney today conceal a heart of darkness?

Dean said (August 13, 2007):

Any country or civilization that treats it's girls and women as does the USA, and I've thought this for years, not only will that culture not
survive but it does not deserve to survive. The Zionists will see to that.

Susan said (August 13, 2007):

While I agree with you that women will never match men in physical strength and endurance - hence the different categories for most sports, I certainly disagree that they should be kept out of combat units to be protected. The idea that this is a new way of thinking is just wrong.

Women have fought alongside men for centuries, and done it successfully too.Take a look at the women snipers in the Soviet army in WWII, take a look at the women archers in what is today still considered one of the best armies in the entire history of the world, those of Genghis Khan. (And I stronly doubt there was any "homosexual" motive there).

What the US needs to do is acknowledge the differences and use women where they are best suited in combat roles. For example there is not great physical demand to fly a bomber, steer a submarine, be a navigator, or even a sharp shooter. This stupid idea that men and women are somehow physically equal is what is at fault.
That been said, they should not be given any special treatment because they are women. For someone to join the army and believe they will spend the time in an office is naieve. Why should she spend her time doing clerical work any more than a man should?

As for your idea that certain jobs should be reserved for men only, that is just weak. I fully support your idea that women should no get special treatment if they are unable to perform their tasks, but if they can, then there is no argument. I find it more emasculating for men to fear competing against women than to exclude them. If you have what it takes then you won't be "neutered", you'd be just as confident in your ability to perform your work as you were if you were among men.

The issue is not with having women in any form of work, but the stupid PC bull that goes along with it.

And please, don't equate women in combat with domestic violence. Your way of looking at life, and the things you advocate is a veritable breeding ground for domestic violence as you would have women completely in the power of men. And forgive me for being the one to point this out, but history has shown that that is not such a smart move for women.


I advocate power for love. If a man doesn't behave lovingly, the deal is off. Lovingly -in case you don't understand the meaning of the term--precludes domestic violence.


Jay said (August 12, 2007):

I have been a frequent visitor of your website over the last few months and frankly, now that my eyes have been opened a little more, i am scared of what the future may hold for my 4 young children. Fortunately some of my worries
have been quelled by articles and links that you have posted.

One point of interest that i find quite disturbing is the direction hat 'Hollywood' is taking their 'comedies'. You have pointed out a few but the latest addition to this type of brainwashing/conditioning can be found in the movie 'Hot Fuzz'.

Supposedly the funniest movie of '07. This show is not funny at all!!. Dont get me wrong i do like a good comedy, however, this movie is atrocious. The plot actually has a whole town that is involved in a cult that kills its own men,
women, and children for the reason that they did not fit in (blemishes) and jeopardized thier chance at winning 'Village of the Year' When the cult is found to be committing these crimes and confronted, the cult leaders not only
make light of the killings, but they all chant "Its for the greater good" not
just once either.

One thing is for sure, that is from now on i will screen all movies that my children watch. Any way thank you for letting me get that off my
mind and ranting a little. Please keep up the good will and research. Your
efforts are more than appreciated. God Bless

Peter said (August 11, 2007):

I don't mind females in the military as long as they fulfill rear echelon jobs and are not exposed to the combat zones. Secretaries, nurses and R & R hostess, waitresses in the R&R restaurants;that sort of duty to release the men to face the front.

Another thing, combat troops are under a lot of stress and they don't need to worry about
trying to protect a female in the Humvee or out in the field.

This ain't the Israeli army where the female is expected to "live" with the front troops. Besides,
those guys and dolls take their orders from nazified leaders who literally don't give a s....!

Peter SSgt USAF(ret) & American Legionaire

HL from UK said (August 11, 2007):

I found your website to be very interesting and insightful. I enjoyed reading the truth about our lives. I am studying at AS-level of my education and still dream of finding a kind man to be my husband and grow, nurture, love a family. Hopefully my dream will come true some day. It's sad our education teaches us the wrong values and ideas. Hopefully the nations across the world would soon realise what's going on and soon realise the true meaning of heterosexuality.

If only there was a way to persuade and influence the Illuminati to reverse the damage they have inflicted and build the nuclear family again. I am still not sure whether I will attend university or not, since my mum doesn't have a clue about what's going on. I am lucky to have a healthy relationship with my father and mother; I just wish everyone had a healthy family relationship - then maybe all these bad things like AIDs and homosexuality won't be going on. Thank you for flashing a light in the darkness and spreading truth. I don't want my education if it's all been changed and messed with to suit the NWO agenda.

I was a bit shocked to find out that our world leaders were Satanists - but it's not that hard to believe that a group of rich elite would carve out a plan to their own selfish interests. I have printed a summary about the Illuminati and pictures of the elite doing the Satanist hand symbol ever since finding out about this website and produced a leaflet, handing it to several of my friends. Some of my friends believe in it, some don't.

E from UK said (August 11, 2007):


Your article on gay priests in the Roman Catholic church [below] interested me. I have a good friend who is a priest in the "catholic" wing of the Anglican church. Although he is heterosexual, he is very much the exception in the circles in which he works. So much so that he is often introduced by priests to other priests as "John, who is married".

It would appear that the majority of the homosexual priests in certainly the catholic wing of the Anglican church are not celibate in terms of their sexual behaviour. Some of the priests are downright promiscuous. That is their choice, of course. But their behaviour appears to be tolerated by many of their fellows, and is certainly swept under the rug by the church hierarchy as a whole. My friend has commented that it is a wonder that he emerged from seminary with his heterosexual inclinations more or less intact. He has been propositioned a number of times by other male church figures and describes the circles in which he works as a “gay subculture”.

I harbour no ill-feeling towards gay people because of their sexuality. But it does annoy me to hear about the hypocrisy involved when many of these priests are up in the pulpit telling heterosexuals to be chaste. Apparently, many regard it as entirely reconcilable when they state publicly that same-sex sexual acts or relationships are not the ideal, yet privately reject these views and actively live in contradiction to them. Which begs the question, what part of hypocrisy don't they understand..?

Readers of yours who would like to know more about the links between Anglo-Catholicism and homosexuality may find the following articles useful. Note though that they tend to be from an 'apologist' perspective on this matter.

‘Some Spiritually Significant Reasons for Gay Attraction to (Anglo-)Catholicism’ Rémy Bethmont Theology & Sexuality (2006) Volume 12(3): 233-50

‘Of Gin and Lace: Sexuality, Liturgy and Identity among Anglo-Catholics in the Mid-Twentieth Century’ Martin Stringer Theology & Sexuality (2000) Volume 7 (13) 35-54

Kam said (August 11, 2007):

Just read your article on the women in the military and it's neutering effect on male and female dynamics given by our creator. I totally agree, and I am seeing that it is becoming more and more difficult for us as men to do meaningful work that pays enough for us to support a wife and children. I have been single all my life and at 42 I am finding it very difficult to support myself much less a wife and children.

Furthermore I sometimes think that even if finances was not an issue, why would I want to bring a precious child into a diabolical Satanic system that will work to kill my child first with contaminated vaccines, followed by chemical trails in the sky and genetically modified foods. Ofcourse at any time the Satanic elite will start WWIII which will reduce the population down to their liking.

Eventhough the picture is bleak, I am a man of faith and I am waiting for the second coming of Messiah the Son of Yahowah our Elohim, to set thing straight on earth, because after all it is his earth and He will reclaim what man lost at Eden.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at