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Reply to an Israeli Friend

September 11, 2002

Uri and I were friends at university in Ottawa in the early 1970's. After he settled in Israel, I saw him on visits there. Whenever tensions in the Middle East increased, my concerns always turned to him, his brilliant wife and beautiful children. Recently I emailed and asked for his thoughts.

"Henry, you have joined the devil," he replied. "The hell with you."

Dear Henry,

First I received your letter, then I read your latest (August 14) on Zionism, Feminism, Jews and Bankers.

I'm surprised you don't refer to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The fact that it has been proven to be forgery should be no obstacle, I am sure you will be able to find on the Net a "proof" that it is not a forgery, after all.

Perhaps you haven't read it? You should, it is a foundation text for all anti-Semites--it too is on the Net. It will explain that there is a secret Cabal of Jewish Bankers who have enslaved the world.

You are not the first person with Jewish origins to become an anti-Semite, nor the first to believe that the world is governed by a conspiracy of bankers. The Nazis believed this, and in the early days, until it became impossible, there were even a few Jewish Nazis.

Beliefs such as yours are beyond the field of rational argument. I am sure you will find some way of showing me that any 'evidence" I can muster is a falsification of the great world wide conspiracy, so arguing with you is a waste of time. But I would like to make one thing very very clear to you:

Beliefs such as yours physically endanger the life of my family, my friends, myself. They are now, as they always have been, the justification and the excuse for the physical destruction of Jews. The Jews (and their pals the bankers) are responsible for the worlds ills, for the worst massacres, for the destruction of the family, for poverty and inequality. This is believed as Koranic truth throughout the Arab and Moslem world, and by many in Eastern Europe, and by a few in Western Europe as well. An epic play shown repeatedly on Jordanian Television (with subtitles in English for my convenience) explains how the satanic Jews will stop at nothing in their quest for world domination, that the only possible solution is to heroically kill them.

We don't deserve to live, and so my neighbour, a peace activist on his way to help plan a factory for Jews and Arabs in northern Israel, was blown up. One of my colleagues at work put her beloved twenty year old daughter on a bus, and minutes later her life ended. Another colleague's son was blown up in a coffee house. My chest contracts every time my son leaves the house. My daughter rarely comes to Jerusalem. All this because the Jews are all guilty, and don't deserve to live.

Henry, you have joined the devil. The hell with you.


You are under a lot of strain so I will forgive you for calling me an anti-Semite, implying I don't mourn Israeli loss of life, or don't have your best interests at heart.

I have not joined the Devil. I am following the highest truth available to me. I am trying to dispel the illusions that have created the living hell that threatens not just Israelis and Arabs but all of us.

In fighting evil, the truth is our most potent weapon. Distorting or suppressing the truth doesn't change it. Demonizing someone whose truth differs from yours -- whether he's a Palestinian or a fellow Jew -- doesn't change it either.

I don't pretend to have the whole truth. It has been suppressed and isn't easy to come by. Nevertheless an outline is emerging. It may change as I learn more.

Yes, I believe that the people who hold the world's purse strings are responsible for humanity's woes. It's irrelevant that they and their allies are "Jewish" because they exploit Jews and gentiles alike.

Zionism is an excellent example of this betrayal. For most Jews, Israel represents a national homeland. Most Israelis would accept peace within the 1967 borders. But this isn't happening because, for its financial sponsors, Israel's purpose is to colonize the Middle East. While Israelis want to live in peace, they are manipulated into playing the role of oppressor.

Uri, like most people you reject facts that clash with your view of reality. But unless we face the truth there is no hope of making peace and thwarting the power brokers. History has been sanitized but we can still discern the truth. Read Chapter Six of Ralph Schoenman's "Hidden History of Zionism" which is on line.

Zionist leaders and Adolph Hitler shared a common interest in making Europe uninhabitable for Jews. They collaborated in transferring German Jews and their property to Palestine. Zionists broke a worldwide Jewish boycott by trading Nazi goods. Zionists let 6000 trained young American Zionists enter Israel rather than accept imperilled European Jews. They were probably responsible for the Allied refusal to accept Jewish refugees and failure to bomb rail tracks to the concentration camps. The evidence suggests they deliberately sacrificed their fellow Jews to create the "moral authority" they needed to usurp Palestine.

Read Jewish writer Ben Hecht's book "Perfidy" (1961, p. 218 ff.). Learn how Zionist leaders turned a blind eye to the fate of a million Hungarian Jews. Adolph Eichmann offered to spare them in exchange for 10,000 trucks to be used on the Russian front and 1000 tons of tea and coffee. "Pick [the Jews] anywhere you want," Eichmann said, "Hungary, Auschwitz, Slovakia -- anywhere you want and anyone you want." He was willing to release 100,000 Jews in advance and the rest 10% at a time, on payment. He had authorization from Hitler and Himmler.

Joel Brand, of the Hungarian Rescue Committee, took this urgent request to the World Zionist Organization in Tel Aviv where he was put off for months. Chaim Weizmann, WZO Chief and first Israeli President, finally wrote, "I did not have a free moment since my arrival here... I shall be happy to see you sometime the week after next." In spite of physical and economic threats from the Israeli government, Brand told this story at Adolph Eichmann's trial in Jerusalem. It's in the court transcript.

Brand said: "Rightly or wrongly, for better or for worse, I have cursed Jewry's official leaders ever since. All these things shall haunt me until my dying day. It's much more than a man can bear." (Perfidy, p.229)

Jews should consider the possibility that Zionism is not what they think. Throughout history, the Jewish community, docile and status-conscious, has followed its leaders, usually the richest Jews. Often, these Jews exploited and betrayed their faith. For example, in Czarist Russia, the Jewish elite sold Jewish children into the Imperial army for 25 years indentured service.

It's fitting that Chaim Weizmann is the spitting image of Vladimir Lenin. Both Communism and Zionism are part of the same secret plot for world supremacy, the New World Order. Sponsored by central bankers and their English Masonic henchmen, both movements have duped millions of people with their idealistic claptrap.

Uri, I would be overjoyed to be wrong. Can't you consider the possibility that I am right? That millions of people like me are not anti Semites? That we just care about our future and that of our children, just like you do?

Is it so hard to understand why the Arabs hate Israelis? Read Chapter Five of Schoenman's book. Israelis drove 800,000 Palestinians into refugee camps and stole their homes, farms, factories, businesses, olive orchards and citrus groves. Then Israelis complain Arabs think they don't deserve to live?

Yes, many Arabs fled in panic. The Jews also fled before conquering armies 1800 years ago. Do only Jews have a "right of return?"

Speaking of which, read Arthur Koestler's "The Thirteenth Tribe." He cites Jewish scholarship that says east European Jewry descend from the Khazars, a mongol tribe that converted to Judaism in the Eighth Century. It's possible we may not descend from biblical Jews.

Consider the twisted logic of Zionism. An oppressed people find a "national home" by dispossessing another people? It doesn't make sense. The Palestinians are sitting on the doorstep looking in their window? Do we expect them to forget? The situation makes sense only if the master plan was to subjugate and colonize them and the whole Muslim world. This is the disastrous direction in which we are headed.

The better alternative: Ask Palestinians for forgiveness and offer friendship and generous compensation. The Saudi offer to accept Israel within the 1967 boundaries was an historic opportunity.

Uri, read "anti Semitic" books like Henry Ford's "The International Jew". Most of them bear no malice against Jews. They attempt to protect Christian values against a secular materialistic and despotic plot led by people like the Rothschilds and Warburgs who happen to be Jewish but also includes people like the Rockefellers, Mellons, Rhodes and Bernhards who aren't.

Uri, I have read parts of "The Protocols of Zion." For a forgery, it explains past and present better than most history books I've read.

Frankly Jews who cry "anti Semitism" remind me of a man standing on another man's foot. When the victim objects, he's accused of being a racist. This is just an underhanded way of disarming him.

It's time Jews stopped demonizing and slandering critics and started listening instead. Zionist leaders may have betrayed our people to a bizarre Masonic plot for world domination (New World Order).

Uri, I know you are under a lot of pressure. But my beliefs do NOT endanger you. Your failure to face the truth does.

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