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We're Being Brainwashed to be Gay

December 12, 2001

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

I want you to compare the messages you are getting about two very different groups: homosexuals and nuclear families.


According to many psychiatrists, homosexuality is a state of arrested development caused by having an unloving father, and a controlling overbearing mother. As one gay acquaintance said, referring to his father, "I always wanted the love of a man."

Gay behavior is often characterized by extreme promiscuity (100's of partners); anonymous sex (typified by the "glory hole"); wallowing in feces and urine; and sadomasochism. This behavior is the cause of AIDS. The powerful gay lobby's refusal to allow preventive measures has resulted in a deadly epidemic. And because some gays insisted on donating blood, many hemophiliacs and others became infected. (See "A Radical Holocaust" in The Politics of Bad Faith (1998) by David Horowitz)

What is the message government and media give us about this self-destructive behavior? We're told that we are bigots and hate mongers to question it. We're told that AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that affects everyone equally. We must all practice "safe sex" and teach it to children in schools. This is a lie. Seventy five per cent of AIDS fatalities are gay. The rest get it from infected needles or blood transfusions. (See The Myth of Heterosexual Aids (1990) by Michael Fumento) We are told that homosexuality as like left-handedness. It is "a sexual orientation" as normal as heterosexuality. It is a matter of socialization. If a baby boy is given dolls or dressed in pink, he'll act like a girl. There is no such thing as biological sexual instinct. (For how untrue this is, see "As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised as a Girl" (2000) by John Colapinto)

Nuclear Families:

Unlike homosexuals who are normal, nuclear families are almost always dysfunctional. Have you ever seen a positive portrayal? The worst offender is the "patriarchal" father, who labors to provide for his wife and children. After consulting with his family, he may insist on providing leadership. In times of war or danger, he may sacrifice his life. But don't be fooled. He is usually a violent alcoholic who beats and sexually abuses his wife and children.

Almost as evil as the patriarchal father is the poor dupe called the "wife," "homemaker" or "mother." This is a woman who actually feels a profound connection to her husband and child. She calls it "love." Because of it, she will nurture her child herself, which is very bad for her career. Inevitably, government sponsored programs or the media will teach her that she is a prisoner of "oppressive stereotypes" and she will divorce.


People who fornicate like rabbits, wallow in shit and cause deadly epidemics are normal. People who sacrifice their lives for love, who nurture and create the next generation, are "oppressors" "doormats", or "old fashioned." This campaign to make heterosexuals act like homosexuals is not an accident.

Heterosexuality is not defined by the sex of your partner. Heterosexuality is a life cycle consisting of courtship, marriage (as an evolving union), and parenthood. Each stage is necessary for our emotional and spiritual development. Ultimately, heterosexuality is about our relationship to God, expressed through our mate and our children.

In contrast, homosexuality is arrested development, and as such it is a perversion. Specifically, most gays are stuck in the adolescent courtship stage, or what is called "sexual liberation." Increasingly gays are holding up their mirror to us, and convincing us to be just like them. Heterosexual society is imitating gay behavior in its obsession with sex and appearance, promiscuity, and child aversion. All human relationships are being made sexual, including adult-child. The symptoms of our arrested development are seen in plummeting birth rates, epidemics of adultery, divorce, out of wedlock childbirth, pornography child abuse, STD's, and violent crimes involving sadomasochism.

Heterosexuals are a Persecuted Majority:

Powerful forces in government, corporations, media and education are brainwashing us. Daily, they assault our identities as males and females, husband and wives, fathers and mothers. They assail the dynamics by which heterosexuals connect and love. Heterosexuality is based on an exchange of woman's power for man's love. Women want love; men want power. I counsel men. Ninety per cent of marriage breakups are due to women being brainwashed to seek "equality" which in practice means controlling and emasculating their husbands.

Gay and feminist activists pretend society is oppressing them when in fact heterosexual society is the victim. This is passive aggressive. They are clubbing us over the head and then calling us homophobes for reacting. But gays and feminists are just pawns, empowered and manipulated by greater forces. The ultimate purpose is some kind of "New World Order" where emotionally starved people who have no culture or identity can be manipulated by sexual signals.

To understand how sinister this is, read Dr. Judith Reisman's article about the Hepatitis B vaccinations of normal American children. Hepatitis B is venereal disease, which is rarely found in children unless they are infected by their birth mother. It is not a threat to the vast majority of American children. But it is a threat to pedophiles because it identifies a child who has been sexually abused. According to Reisman, in order to protect pedophiles, more than 80% of newborn American children are being injected with this vaccine which may have dangerous side effects. Reisman writes: "Government justifications for imperiling the health of all healthy American newborns as a means of protecting a largely antisocial adult sex and drug subculture is without historical or scientific precedent."

Then buy, John W. DeCamp's "The Franklin Cover Up" (1996). This is a chilling description of how the investigation of a nationwide child sex ring was suppressed because it lead directly to Capitol Hill.

In conclusion, we are lulled into believing that we are in a Golden Age, the "end of history." But events like Sept. 11 are a rude reminder that the passions and perversions that shaped the past will shape the future. Judeo Christian civilization is being overthrown and replaced with a new fascist totalitarianism. The plan requires the destruction of our sources of individual strength and meaning, the nuclear family. We must organize and act. We must bombard politicians, media and corporations with the message that we are on to them, and they will pay.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at