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The Media Honors with Slander

May 14, 2002

by Henry Makow Ph.D

If the media is demonizing a leader, calling him sick and full of hate, the leader is probably defending the peoples' interest. Leaders like Pat Buchanan, Cynthia McKinney and France's Jean-Marie Le Pen come to mind.

America's vaunted "free press" is tightly controlled. Dissidents are demonized and ostracized. Our domestic propaganda is effective because we think it is true and safeguards our interests. This is not the case.

The media is owned by a few cartels that share the same agenda as the oil and banking cartels that dominate the world: institutionalizing their dictatorial power through globalization. Their "New World Order" is collectivist, materialist and fascist in character and will control every aspect of our lives.

Culture, religion, the family, democratic institutions and American sovereignty will continue to erode. Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather are all members of the cartel coordinating body, the Council on Foreign Relations. They aren't paid millions of dollars for reading a teleprompter. They're paid to swindle their viewers. Have you ever wondered why their newscasts are practically identical?

I was in court last week suing the owners of The Winnipeg Sun, Quebecor Inc., a $12 billion corporation, for defamation. They compared my conduct as a professor to a doctor who takes sexual liberties ("inappropriate gestures and comments") with a young female patient. Feminist students slandered me because I challenged the lesbian (i.e. feminist) agenda.

I wondered why a corporation would spend $60,000 in court when it could have settled for an apology and $10,000. The elite agenda requires that it demonize anyone who advocates heterosexuality and the nuclear family. The Sun's defense was that, even if the specifics of the slander were untrue, I am sick and a danger to society. "His problems have nothing to do with feminism," their lawyer, Robert Tapper, said. Makow is "anti woman", "anti-gay" and "the product of sick thinking." The judge has reserved his verdict.

"There is a new totalitarianism afoot in the West," Pat Buchanan wrote recently. "Unlike the Stalinist form, it does not use police-state violence to command conformity. Its method is to redefine rightist positions as evil, the product of a hate-filled mind, then read the right out of the human race."

Buchanan blames the European establishment and media for creating the hysteria that led to the murder of Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn. He calls it the "dehumanization of dissent."

"First, you strip away an opponent's claim to decency and fair treatment by painting him as a right-wing extremist and hater, then you wash your hands of culpability when some wacko concludes he is doing the world a favor by murdering him."

The only consistent coverage of my trial was in the "conservative" National Post. The Post's coverage (reflected in the headlines) reinforced the slanders that prompted the libel suit in the first place. "Students say they fled class in tears," was one headline. "Fired Prof. was his own worst enemy," said another. "Henry Makow would invite confrontations, witnesses say." "Professor said dumb things, witnesses say."

All of which is feminist invention. One of my seven female student witnesses e-mailed me perceptively: "I think those disgruntled few felt the only way to share their opinions was to squelch all those in opposition. Anyway, I'd be glad to speak in your defense."

The National Post is owned by Canwest Global, another of the three conglomerates that dominate Canada's media. It's agenda is identical to The Sun's. It quoted the feminists' distortions and attributed them to me. For example, it quoted me as saying single mothers raise homosexual sons. I may have said boys need male role models.

The Post's coverage ignored the real issue: Are universities going to educate or indoctrinate? Can free debate take place without professors being slandered and removed by feminists? Make no mistake, the treatment I received is fascism and it is dominant in universities today. It seems to come from the left, but in fact feminism is elite sponsored. It is the New World Order.

The Post did not report scandalous testimony by University of Winnipeg President Dr. Constance Rooke. She found "disturbing but somehow intriguing" Betty Frieden's depiction of housewives as like concentration camp inmates.

She thought it perfectly acceptable that 12-year-olds be taught homosexual practices such as anal sex in elementary school. Yet I was accused of impropriety for asking my 18-year-old students if a novel (Lady Chatterley's Lover) was pornography, i.e. designed to arouse and did it? If I had been teaching homosexuality, I would have been protected.

I was accused of "beating" a former girlfriend when I mentioned a fight I once had in the context of A Streetcar Named Desire where Stanley and Stella hit each other. My problem is that I defended heterosexual relationships against the lesbian smear that they are always abusive.

The Post's treatment suggests that even in terms of the family, the "conservative" press is a gatekeeper for what ideas (and leaders) the elite will permit.

The left-right division in the media (and society) is illusory. It's not big government vs. big business; they are in bed together. The only worthwhile distinction is between the elite agenda (cartels, government, education, media) and the genuine interests of people represented by populist conservatives and sometimes, progressives like McKinney.

In matters of sexuality and the family, the elite is promoting lesbianism and homosexuality to undermine the fabric of society, to decrease population and to castrate the American male. It has programmed women 1) to see the indispensable feminine role of nurturing the family as "oppressive" and 2) to emasculate men by usurping their role and making them redundant.

Feminism is not the "woman's" point of view. It is pure Marxism with gender strife replacing class struggle.

In conclusion, male sexual and spiritual castration is a prelude to political and economic servitude. Opponents of the New World Order can expect to be demonized by the media. It is a badge of honor. It's time to cancel our newspaper subscriptions, turn off the TV, and log on to the Internet. I have.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at