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How Marriages Go Off the Rails

December 16, 2002

Angry Woman "I'll kick your butt," my wife said. "You'll be crying like a little girl!"

Even in jest, those were fighting words!

It was Sunday evening and we had just passed a Jiu Jitsu school. My wife imagined she would become a black belt and teach me a lesson. She often feels resentful on Sundays because I spend it with my son.

When they feel unloved, why do women become more  unlovable?

They assume independent airs, and put up barriers. They don't need you any more. It's feminism in miniature.

My first reaction was, "Ok, fine. Do your thing. See if I care."

But then I realized that this is how marriages go off the rails. Women demand love, and when men can't respond on cue, they get resentful. Then men get fed up. It's a vicious circle.

I had to nip it in the bud.

When we got home. I put my arm around my wife.

"Look, you cannot demand love. I can't respond to that."

"Don't make an issue of love. Be patient, adaptable and have faith. That's what I respond to."

"Be as independent as you like when it comes to your career and the rest of your life. But when it comes to me, you must obey. You belong to me."

Believe it or not, this is what she wanted to hear.

A real woman is designed to finally shed her "independence" and become one with the man she loves.

This view is not popular because for decades feminists have taught that women must be equal and independent. If you are happy in a feminist marriage, I congratulate you. But if marital happiness eludes you, consider what I have to say.

Feminism is based on political notions that ignore and defy human nature.

Most women are passive by nature. They want to be possessed and used for a purpose they consent to. I suspect that many women want more control from their husband, not less. The feeling of "neglect" arises from not being needed, sexually and otherwise.

Men have been conditioned not to lead, not to make demands. They are taught to be cool, laid back and have no plan. Women lose interest in these men.

Women are so formidable these days, men don't know how to approach them. But the essential relationship hasn't changed. It is about a man convincing a woman to do what he wants.

For course, this is easier if he wants the same thing that she does. Generally, women want a lot more than casual sex.

A woman shows she loves a man by obeying him. Nothing makes a man happier than a woman who is acquiescent.

Sexually, women are excited by male power, men by female vulnerability. Female pornography is full of acts of welcome sexual transgression.

By equalizing power, feminism is really about neutralizing and destroying the male-female dynamic. It is a vicious government assault on heterosexuals. It is about depopulation, emasculation and alienation. It is about banishing love from the world.


I used to be a feminist. Like most people, I got my ideas from the mass media. I assumed that the media was "on my side." This is not the case.

During the Second World War, the Office of War Information perfected the art of psychological warfare and propaganda. After the war, the OWI became part of the CIA and turned these skills against the American people. OWI alumni became the executives and editors of the major magazines, TV networks, newspapers and book publishers. These included Time, Look, Fortune, Saturday Review, Viking Press, Harper & Brother, and CBS etc.

The CIA follows the Rockefeller Foundation social agenda: reduce world population and control it. They promote homosexuality, feminism, abortion, birth control, eugenics and genetic engineering.

The Rockefellers funded the "Kinsey Report," which started the sexual revolution. Kinsey, a homosexual, manipulated his data to convince Americans that they were more promiscuous than they really were. People felt they were missing out. The Rockefeller-controlled press heralded Kinsey's report as "the latest thing."

In the 1930's, the Rockefellers funded the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Berlin where the Nazis perfected eugenics and genetic engineering. It is probable that Kinsey got some data from sexual experiments on children in concentration camps. (See Dr. Judith Reisman, Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences, Ch. 10)

The Rockefellers fund feminism. Search Google for "Rockefeller Foundation" and "women's studies" and you'll get 16,500 listings. They also funded Gloria Steinem and promoted Betty Frieden. Under the guise of "equal rights", they tricked women into thinking men are their enemies. They tricked them into pursuing careers instead of families. What better way to decrease population?

The bottom line: we have been messed with, in the most egregious way.


Feminists promote lesbianism by making heterosexuality appear pathological. They teach impressionable young girls that men are wife beaters and molesters.

Feminism is based on musty Communist notions of "equality." Men and women have an equal right to dignity and self-fulfillment but this isn't achieved by giving each equal power. That often is a recipe for disaster.

Men and women find fulfillment in marriage by becoming one spiritually. This is the only thing that finally assuages the sexual urge.

Spiritual union takes place through the exchange of female power for male love. When a wife accepts a man's marriage proposal, she gives him the power to love her. It is a decision she should not make lightly. Once she has, she must be patient and have faith in him. That is love.

When a woman tries to take control, and tell her man how to love her, the relationship is headed for the rocks. I'll wager this is the main cause of marriage failure.

Power is the male principle. Love is the female principle. They are two sides of the same coin, symbolized by marriage.

In conclusion, the people who own the planet want to consolidate their power by reducing population. Using the media (and education system), they fill us with self-destructive nonsense. They have put our lives "on hold," a prelude to "disconnecting" us altogether. A healthy marriage is a way to stop this process.

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Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at