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South Africa: Model for the NWO?

February 26, 2013

protest23.jpgOccasionally the disaffected go on the rampage and riot and burn everything in sight, but this does not stop them re-electing the ruling party at election time.

South Africa has gone from a First World to a Third World nation.
Is the Third World model also the NWO model?  

by Gordon, (a South African reader)

South Africa was a first world country that has morphed into a third world country.

If one looks at infrastructure, South Africa definitely qualified as a first world country.  It had a well maintained road network that actually worked.  Unlike the present malaise of bombed out roads interspersed with exorbitant toll roads, which were actually public roads turned over to friends of the ruling party, for tolls. 

What about the railways?  Previously most freight was transported by rail. In fact, there was legislation to compel the use of rail freight.  That was all done away with in the name of privatization. This led to the deterioration of the roads which then led to the privatization of public roads via tollgates. 

What about water resources?  Generally there was enough water until such time as water was given to all those who could not afford to pay for it, under the guise of human rights.   

What about electricity?  South Africa used to have surplus electricity at one of the lowest rates in the world.  For twenty years there was no investment in new capacity and all the competent staff were retrenched, or forced out in the name of affirmative action.  The result is that we now have one of the highest electricity tariffs in the world and we regularly face power outages.  This is a sure sign of a third world country.

What about health care?  We used to have world class hospitals which anyone could access basically for free, irrespective of race.  Now state hospitals are a place of last resort.  No-one goes there voluntarily.  Medical aid premiums have skyrocketed.   Industry insiders will tell you that the system will go bankrupt as a result of state interference.

MamphelaRamphele.jpgWhat about public schooling?  Mamphela Ramphele, left, the South African anti apartheid activist and a former head of the World Bank criticized the current state of education as being worse than under the darkest days of apartheid.  (She launched her own political party this month to challenge the ruling ANC). 

What about crime levels?  Every level of crime statistics has dramatically increased and what is worse is that the investigation and prosecution of the said crimes has decreased. 

Yes, if you are a high profile person, such as Oscar Pistorius the Olympic athlete who has been charged with murdering his girlfriend, justice will be applied for or against you.  But what about my friend's mother who was murdered by the gardener and the police did not do anything? The crime is still unsolved to this day with no prospect of it ever being solved. 

How did this all come to change?  After all, South Africa was the country that locked up and murdered political opponents and was so successful in its war on terror.  It all changed under the guise of human rights. The government promptly  empowered criminals and criminalized the law abiding citizens.  Firearm regulations were made so onerous that numerous gun owners voluntarily gave up their firearms rather than comply with the regulations.

What about local municipalities?  The vast majority of them are now bankrupt. Councilors vote themselves huge pay increases whilst all the municipal services are falling apart.  Occasionally the disaffected go on the rampage and riot and burn everything in sight, but this does not stop them re-electing the ruling party at election time.

Where South Africa once qualified on numerous accounts as a first world country, it now only rates as a third world country.

emig.jpgWhat about the 3M - 4M whites who actually built this country up to where it was and who now have to witness it's demise.  It is all very sad - according to a survey a couple of years ago, up to half of them have emigrated, most unofficially. 

They merely left as young adults never to return again.  Those that have chosen to remain face an uncertain future.  You can either jump on the bandwagon and do whatever it takes (bribery, corruption, long hours, stress, etc) to succeed or else you can enter the informal sector and survival mode and keep on down-scaling in an attempt to survive.


How does this apply to the USA and other developed countries?  Well look at the above factors and see if any of them apply to your neighborhood.  Are you living in a gated community with a hard pressed local town council retrenching its employees and cutting back on its services? 

Are you becoming a tax donkey with your property being used to fund ever increasing demands for free social services? 

Are you unable to find a formal job and doing odd jobs in the informal sector and existing on social welfare?  By now, the picture should start to become clear.  Whatever happens in South Africa is a precursor for the USA and other western countries.  Welcome to the New World Order.....

Comments for " South Africa: Model for the NWO?"

Redewaan said (February 28, 2013):

I think Gordon lives in a fantasy world. As Chris rightfully stated “South Africa has never been a first world country, although the author might think so due to the fact he is white”, the country was first world for some, but the majority of its citizens enjoyed third world infrastructure and living standards.

And Tony B., Chris might be young and ignorant. I however am in my mid forties and certainly know what I’m talking about as a “colored male”. Most whites lived in well secured and police patrolled havens while others grew up in townships and slums where your neighbors’ kitchen window is virtually next to your kitchen door. Town planners never thought that non-whites would one day have their own transport hence the mess with the traffic infrastructure today (esp. in Cape Town where I reside). While the “3m-4m” whites scooped up the best of the country for themselves and left 10% of the pie to the rest (Today the majority still own the best property, have the best asset base). After the break from the past, the majority of people started to acquire that which whites enjoyed the most (perhaps too fast for the “first world” infrastructure to handle). As for crime, I grew up as a youngster in a township where the crime that is prevalent now used to be the norm (e.g. witnessing as 10 yr old, a man hacked to death). Back then whites were protected by the apartheid police force against these atrocities. The newspapers never even bothered to print about them. They played ostrich while the rot festered, breeding violence as a culture amongst the masses.

On the other hand Gordon is correct about the downturn in our country (engineered I reckon). Read Dr. Richard Day’s transcripts and compare what happened to South Africa the moment we became a “democracy”. You can virtually tick it off against those transcripts. This is not about which race runs the country or which government runs the country. The same pattern is in play as that which happened elsewhere. The ANC shall follow the instructions of its puppet masters. Just ask Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki who the real rulers are. They are both Knights of Malta. So grow up Gordon, Apartheid had its turn, but it took too long. The Masters wants chaos sooner rather than later. All according to plan…

BTW Toni B, just like Palestine was not a land without people, South Africa had its occupants when our white cousin decide to expand his horizons. I’m afraid you are a victim of shortened, edited and mythical history. My ancestors were here to help the Dutch ashore. They were happy to live off the land and for the land. Bet today many of us wish we could live like that every day. No debt, pollution, concrete jungles, etc. We had it before…

Redewaan (Proudly South African reader)

JB said (February 27, 2013):

It had never occurred to me before, that 'third world countries' might be the way they are, by design. Now it has.

Perhaps it is not just due to human greed and corruption. Maybe it is deliberate, for every country, to make it such a place where poverty, lack of freedom, and economic limitation are the norm.

Rusty said (February 27, 2013):

First of all, once again many thanks for publishing Gordon's timely essay about the post-apartheid social breakdown in South Africa.

To further corroborate this hypothesis, Chrysler's South African CEO Trent Barcroft was recently accosted, robbed and shot in the guts on a busy Johannesburg freeway:

Since a U. S. embassy official was also targeted (fatally) earlier in the year, one can only conclude that even the white elite are not exempted from this macabre social engineering exercise. I am reminded of an observation by evangelist (and your fellow conspiracy researcher) Rev. Bobby Garner: The Illuminati always do a trial run of whatever they have planned for the global stage.

Gordon has the nose of a bloodhound on the trail of a fox; however, as Gordon suspects, this fox will not be satisfied with ravaging a single henhouse.

Richard said (February 27, 2013):

Appreciate your work.

You may as well change the name "South Africa" to "New Zealand".

NZ may not be as far down the track in some ways as SA, but certainly all of the signs mentioned are there.

Tony B said (February 27, 2013):

I suspect that "Chris" [below] is young as he is certainly ignorant of the history of South Africa and he simply repeats main stream media "myth," i.e., lies.

When the Dutch first settled some of their countrymen in South Africa that part of the continent was empty of humans. Most of Africa at that time was called the empty continent. It was simply wild land which the Boers turned into farms. The Brits, who came later, settled mostly coastal areas and built commercial enterprises. In time, South Africa was definitely "first world" in every way.

Outside of a few black tribes in the extreme southeast area (where whites did NOT settle), it was not until Oppenheimer's diamond mining, for the higher profit of which he went searching for cheap labor, that the first blacks, from central Africa, were brought in and treated pretty much as factory slaves in company quarters in an area that had no history of blacks. Oppenheimer continued to import black labor for decades which eventually lead to a black population where before there were only whites.

"Slums," etc., came after the communist agitator, Mandella, and the following black rule. In a very short time of black governmental mismanagement or lack of management, mass rape and murder of mostly whites but also blacks, and robbery of anything possible plus wanton destruction of what couldn't be stolen, the whole of South Africa has been brought to chaotic ruin without hope of a future.

The Boers did not replace anyone, they took over empty land and turned it into productive farms. That was NOT the case in most of North America. Ask the Indians still living. And be careful of what you accuse others as it might come back to bite your ass.

Chris said (February 27, 2013):

South Africa has never been a first world country, although the author might think so due to the fact he is white.

First world countries don't have acres of slums. First world countries have a middle class, not a have and have not class. The Europeans moved there without being invited, treated the natives like second class citizens and now are upset because there fellow anglo friends turned their backs on them over apartheid.

Now things have come full circle, the young white children are forced to move overseas to find work. The "natives" are now bitter and left with a broken country or should I say plantation.

John said (February 26, 2013):

Gordon, you are "spot on"with everything in this article, you have explained the present "American Debacle" so very well with that of South Africa's. Yes, this is definitely NWO!

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