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Exposing Sex Ed, Judith Reisman Causes Storm in Croatia

February 19, 2013


Dr. Judith Reisman, is an expert on Alfred Kinsey and the effects of pornography. She said she has never encountered so many bullies as she did in Croatia, for opposing child sex abuse- a.k.a Illuminati "sex education."  (Introducing children to sex prematurely and without moral context is abuse. The Illuminati is conditioning the new generation worldwide.)

The Illuminati-controlled Croatian government have suppressed appearances by a visiting 78-year-old Jewish grandmother in the name of "democracy."  She argues that "sex education" and "gay rights" hide a degrading, anti-family, pedophile-friendly agenda.

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by Ina Vukic
("Sex on the Brain; Freedom Down the Drain" edited by

The recently introduced sex education in Croatian schools (about which I have written before) has caused consternation in the community, and a serious rift between the Church and the State.  The cancellation of "Picture of Croatia" TV show and termination of its head journalist Karolina Vidovic-Kristo for including extracts from "Kinsey Syndrome" in her coverage reveals an ugly side of [socialist style] democracy and freedom.

Certainly, there's a strong stench of intolerance coming from the current Social Democrats-led government in Croatia. One might say it's quite similar to the smell that pervaded communist Yugoslavia. A governing party representative said that expressions of different thinking should be banned. No wonder people are calling the current government Communists.

The government's apparent intolerance metastasized in the uncivilized attacks on views of Dr. Judith Reisman, an American cultural conservative best known for her exposure of Alfred Kinsey. She blames him for much of the cultural decay and sexual permissiveness that affect today's societies.

Predavanje dr. Judith Reisman na FPZG-u from TV Student FPZG on Vimeo.

On Tuesday 29 January freedom of speech, media freedom got suspended in Croatia and so did the respect of fundamental principles of journalism, writes Marko Juric of

"On that day the leading Croatian media outlet, HTV, reported about Dr. Judith Reisman's lecture at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb, in a manner that was 'extremely shameful and completely akin to manners found in the far away times of Fascism or Bolshevism of one-party totalitarian system'.

All that the public could hear or see from this HTV coverage was what the staunch and aggressive, at times shockingly rude and utterly uncivilized opponents of Dr. Reisman's views had to say.  The pinnacle of such intolerance was when the Faculty's Dean, Nenad Zakosec, came out and aggressively, shouted at Reisman before hundreds of  students (many of which had shouted insults and barraged bigoted questions/comments):  'what are you doing here!'"

Then, her debate at the Faculty of Philosophy with the head of sexology there, Aleksandar Stulhofer, was cancelled on 30 January due to the big crowd turning up!

Stulhofer was one of the authors of the new sex education program in schools recently introduced in Croatia. One wonders whether the event organizers thought of "real fire" safety measure when they cancelled it, or whether they feared a new "fire against the government sex education program" would erupt.

In view of everything that has transpired on sex education in schools in Croatia and the government's stubbornness to go ahead with its plan regardless of the community disquiet about it, the latter would be a safer bet as to why the event at the Faculty of Philosophy was cancelled.

Then Reisman was supposed to attend the screening of documentary film director Timothy Tate's film "Kinsey's Paedophiles, secret history", but, wouldn't you know it - the screening fell through - cancelled despite enormous public interest. Technical difficulties were afoot - three times over!

Of course, the coalition government's members of parliament have come out "screaming blue murder" at the parliamentary opposition's (Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ) invitation to Reisman to give a lecture in the Croatian Parliament building - for the HDZ Parliamentary Club.

Even though HDZ or any other parliamentary party has an absolute right under the Constitution to invite anyone they want to, to talk in their premises, the governing coalition is abhorred at the fact that someone who has a different view to theirs as to sex education and various influences on sexuality of children should be allowed to set foot in the parliament building!

To quote governing Social Democrats; Tatjana Simac Bonacic: "... it is inappropriate for that (Reisman's talk) to occur in Parliament, because the Parliament is a home, a symbol of democracy and as such it is certainly not for people like that (like Reisman)" ! (HRT News, 29 January 2013).

On the other hand, HDZ representatives including its President Tomislav Karamarko and Zeljko Reiner - deputy president HDZ parliamentary group, fan the view that in a democracy all views on the issue have the right of expression and should be heard and that if Reisman was good enough to talk in US Congress, she is good enough to talk in the Croatian Parliament building.

Indeed, it seems that in these crazy times HDZ/Croatian Democratic Union is one of the rare political parties in Croatia who see freedom of expression for what it truly is: freedom to express ones ideas and freedom to offer information on pertinent social, or other issues, leaving it to the individual to accept or reject the ideas, or even remain undecided.

Having said all this, there were many in Croatia who welcomed Reisman and her talks; listened to her ideas, research, peacefully. That is what freedom of expression of ideas or freedom of information regarding an important issue affecting the society (such as sex education in schools) should be.

So, there's light at the end of the censorship tunnel - the incidents around Reisman may, hopefully, teach one how democracy should and should not work; and the threading of democratic processes may yet come to the seemingly badly needed drawing board.

Croatia Reisman meeting on Youtube -

30 min YouTube of Reisman talking to a friendly audience -

Thanks to Eliezer for this alert.

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Comments for "Exposing Sex Ed, Judith Reisman Causes Storm in Croatia "

Branko said (February 20, 2013):

or you to state that the Croatian HDZ Party expresses "freedom of expression" is hilarious. This was the main Croatian political party which had Croatia break away from the former Yugoslavia. The HDZ was backed by the
"Hrvatska Stranka Prava" or HSP, which is the literal incarnation of the "Ustasha" or Croatian Nazis who in the concentration camp of Jasenovac exterminated 709,000 Serbs between 1941 and 1945. This figure does not include those who were exterminated in the field, both in Croatia and in Bosnia.

I, and others, found this article of yours to be very amusing.

Stephen Coleman said (February 20, 2013):

Back in the late 1960s our school was chosen as a pilot school for the new sex education program called "This is Your Life". I was but at the tender age of 11. This set of videos had pencil drawings and were quite graphic. We watched this series an hour a day for 4 weeks (if I recall correctly). It awakened our sexual drives prematurely and was the buzz of campus.

In our class of 26 students, by the time we reached 8th grade, 3 of the girls were pregnant at 12 or 13 years of age. The sex ed program was dropped and considered a disaster and fortunately our school was the only in the county to have been subjected to this.

Joe said (February 20, 2013):

Having read about Dr. Reisman's experience in Croatia, it wouldn't surprise me to see Croatia becoming Europe's latest, biggest attraction for paedophile tourism much like some places in Southeast Asia happen to be currently. Croatia is on schedule to join the European Union this year, or will they? Croatia doesn't seem to have much to offer the Eurozone and the global economy. Unless what they have to offer is something unsavory and hidden --- something like sex tourism?

Peter said (February 20, 2013):

The agenda we see here has been rolling out for ages. The people of this region have been getting machined gunned with porn for decades past.

I remember in the mid to late nineties following the break up of Yugoslavia while serving with the UN Task Force Alpha the most popular tv show was called "Fluffy TV" late night hard core porn for the masses.

Now years later they have been "democratized" and can start force-feeding a similar form of filth to their children in schools ironically many of whom had their conception inspired by fluffy TV.
Ah well... Circle of Death.

Marcos said (February 20, 2013):

It is interesting that in the same week Mrs Reisman was bullied in Croatia, the Cuban opposition blogger Yoni Sánchez was attacked in Brazil.

Yoni became famous after blogging from Havana showing the horrors of the Castro's fiefdom. She was arrested and tortured.

Now she is in Brazil to launch her book, after years of trying to get a visa. She was physically assaulted in the airport, and a showing of a documentary about her work was cancelled due to aggressions.

The aggressors. leftist militants, were mobilized by the Cuban embassy, with participation of sectors from the Brazilian government (one more scandal in the news).

It is of grave concern the fact that these commie brown-shirts feel comfortable enough to play the violence card in several countries now. It seems they have reached the point where they don't have to hide their intentions anymore.

Richard said (February 20, 2013):

Did you notice in the video where the shills gang up on Reisman, the male school official demanded to know her qualifications and credentials in neuroscience? "Vot is your scientific capacity to speak about neurological science? What kind of training you have in neurology?" (applause)

I thought of a way to prevent that angle of attack in the future. She ought to begin her lecture describing Kinsey's "scientific capacity". He had a doctorate in biology. His Phd thesis was on mutations in gall wasps. His "research" amounted to corresponding with pedophiles, having sex parties with his staff, and collecting hardcore pornography. His 'report' was a fraud. That's where Reisman's expertise comes in: she's a lawyer. Reisman's research on Alfred Kinsey won her a grant from the United States Department of Justice to study the effects of pornography on society from 1983 - 1986. [1]

Kinsey's real credentials were the funding and protection of the Rockefeller Foundation. The pulled the plug when his sex addiction had consumed him and he died within a year of complications of repeated self-inflected injuries of his testicles.

[1] The political climate at the time was conservative. The gay movement had taken a beating from the AID epidemic. Feminists were still largely against pornography.
Notice that today, feminists have become cheerleaders for pornography - a multi-billion dollar industry controlled by the same Mafia that controlled it 30 years ago.

Dan said (February 20, 2013):

watched the video of Reisman's appearance in Croatia. The Alinsky technique is so obvious. The room was packed with shills taking turns reciting scripted attacks.
Contrast that to an audience in Amsterdam.

Which country would you guess is a totalitarian society? The one where an old woman is shouted down by sex "rights" activists? Or the one that had the courtesy to let her speak?

Mary said (February 19, 2013):

They correctly see sex ed as coming from Communists.

My Catholic Croat brother in law told me when I was there about his grade school class pics under the Tito regime.Red berets and red scarves. His Grandmother raised him and would not let him wear them. He was sent home . The school complained and she still ignored them.

They sent two Commie police to the door asking for her Grandson. She was a tiny woman and she told them to get out they were not going to discipline or tell her what he should wear ! That was HER job as his Grandmother!

When they spoke back to her she jumped up and slapped one in the face.

My B-I -L said he figured they backed off and left because the door was opened and the neighbors were watching.....Bad PR. works against Vatican and Gov Communist masons alike. Communism is too fresh in the minds of both the Catholic Croats and the Orthodox Serb Believers over there !

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