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The Ethnic Cleansing of Elite Universities

March 29, 2013

jews-blacks-feminists.jpgJews,  only 1.8 percent of college age population, comprise an astounding 25 percent of Harvard and Ivy League enrollment.

David Duke was not invited to a recent White nationalist conference because he focuses on the role of Organized Jewry in the subjugation of American Christians. He refers to this as the "big hairy gorilla in the room." If  White nationalists are afraid even to mention the J-word, the Illuminati have nothing to fear. They can stop accumulating ammunition at their Dept. of Homeland Tyranny.

by David Duke
"The Big Hairy Gorilla in the Room"
(abridged & edited by

The most critical purview of racial discrimination in America is in the elite universities. Harvard and the Ivy League are the primary source of leaders for the rest of academia,as well as media, finance and politics. In short, it is the source of the real elite of America.

duke.jpg(left, David Duke. This post is not an endorsement of everything Duke stands for.)

In the elite universities, European Americans are far more victims of racial discrimination in favor of Jews, than of discrimination on behalf of African Americans or Hispanics.

I consider Ron Unz of The American Conservative as a Jewish tribal defector. He has quietly joined the side of true human rights and has indirectly dared to expose the Jewish tribalist overlords who rule America and drive the destructiveness of Zio Globalism.

In his article, Myth of American Meritocracy, [in The American Conservative, November Ed,] he shows that while Jews are only 1.8 percent of college age population, they comprise an astounding 25 percent of Harvard and the Ivy League.

European Americans, who are about 68 percent of the population and about 68 percent of the highest merited students by ability and academic record, now comprise only 20 percent of Harvard, with similar numbers across the Ivy League.

The primary beneficiaries of this discrimination are not African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and certainly not Asian Americans.

They are Jews, massive numbers of Jews with less merit than millions of better-qualified European American students. And I repeat, the vast majority are of less academic merit.

Ron Unz shows that at Harvard, Jewish students are overrepresented by a ratio of 1,500 percent (15 to 1) based on merit. They also have a 750 percent over-representation over Asians based on merit. So Asians face this racial discrimination as well as European Americans.

Of course, the Jewish-dominated media completely suppress this information. In fact, The NY Times and other Jewish media tell the world that European Americans are the beneficiaries of racial discrimination against Asians and others! They do this statistical jujitsu by throwing in Jews with non-Jewish European Americans so it appears that European Americans are being favored over Asian Americans.

In fact, better qualified Asians and European Americans are being massively discriminated against by Jews, and European Americans actually face twice the discrimination that Asians face...

Interestingly enough, the massive discrimination against European Americans is dramatically worse than anything alleged in the 1930s' quotas against Jews. Jews at Harvard fell to 15 percent of the student admissions in the 1930's.  At only 3 percent of the population, Jews were 500 percent overrepresented by percentage of population over Christian students.

If today Harvard and the Ivy League discriminated against Jews by the same rate we are discriminated against on the basis of merit today, Jews right now at Harvard wouldn't be 25 percent of the students, they would be a fraction of one percent.


Ron Unz does us another favor in his article. He documents the fact that Jews control the administration of these elite universities. So, the massive discrimination against European Americans is orchestrated completely by Jews.

 It is not do-gooder Whites who are committing this crime against our people; it is completely driven by Jews and for Jews. Of course, that is not to say there are not European American collaborators, there are many. But, never get the idea there is some sort of conspiratorial partnership between elite Whites and elite Jews, for there is clearly a master/servant relationship here.

The truth is that there is no elite conspiracy of the type alleged by Alex Jones. There is one simple reality in America. It is the same reality in academia, as it is in media, in government and in finance. The Jewish supremacists sit as tribal rulers over us. There are Gentile collaborators, or better defined as traitors, but the simple fact is that the 98 percent non-Jewish population suffers from Jewish tribal tyranny. And all Americans suffer from the Jewish tribal hegemony, not just those of European descent.

Why must we European Americans remain silent while these racial supremacists destroy our  people and we are genocided and obliterated? Why are we ethnically cleansed even from the universities our own forebears established?

Will the Jewish tribalist overlords be overthrown?


Kevin MacDonald  on this subject

Makow Comment -  To his discredit, David Duke grossly ignores the role of Freemasonry. This is not simply Jewish racial tyranny. Ultimately, it is satanic in character. Gentile Freemasons represent an essential Jewish surrogate, without which nothing could advance.

Nevertheless, the populace clearly is terrified of "the Jews." They have been brainwashed to think any assertion of their rights and criticism of Organized Jewry is "hate."  This is black magic. When I post articles critical of the agenda of Organized Jewry, like this recent one, they are met with horrified silence. This is proof that real conquest takes place in the mind. The majority of Jews know nothing of this hidden agenda. They are as brainwashed as everybody else. Yet they insist on taking the bullet in defense of Organized Jewry. Go figure.

Comments for "The Ethnic Cleansing of Elite Universities "

JS said (March 31, 2013):

Jewish people are not a "racial group."Jews comprise a cultural/religious group. There are white Jews, black Jews, Middle Eastern Jews, Chinese Jews, etc. There are blond, blue-eyed Jews, Jews with dark skin and hair, there are also Jews of the stereotypical appearance, with large noses.

Most European Jews are white

Jews account for nearly 45% of America's Nobel Prize-winning scientists. They won a great many
of Europe's(France, Denmark, England,etc., especially Germany) Nobel Prizes in science as well. Olivia newton-John is the granddaughter of German-Jewish Nobel Prize-winning physicist, Max Born.

Jewish people(generally speaking)have higher-than-average-IQs.

The main problem facing Jews is the Jewish "brain drain." More than 80% of Jewish people marry non-Jews-and raise their children as non-Jews. Only 33 percent of children in Jewish-Christian marriages are raised as Jews.

David Duke,who has had innumerable nasal plastic surgery operations and bleached blond hair, is certainly the person to speak about different groups. I wonder if the globalists are paying for him to spread lies about Jewish
people. They have to turn the public against Jews in the future, in order to force them to go to Israel.

Stephen Coleman said (March 31, 2013):

Back during the 90's I noted that every single president in Ibero-America was a Harvard Ph.D in economics. Everyone of these presidents ruined their respective nation's economies. So much for Harvard or economic degrees.

University degrees have degenerated to the point of being nothing but a work pass.

Doug said (March 31, 2013):

We don't need Harvard and their "elite" education which must be dumbed down to admit the more politically favoured, or perhaps some other reason. I educate myself and read philosophy and math. David Duke, IMO, makes a lot of sense if you listen to him. But I wonder if the Jews are either in control or another group the financial powers are after. The Jews are different from the rest of us in the sense that they still take care of their families, have a culture and look after their own problems. The rest of us will see our families call the police on one another if necessary.

In the Bible the word Jew has two different meanings. One is a person of Jewish religion, another meaning is banker or lawyer - we don't have lawyers anymore, they are all attorneys.

Luis said (March 31, 2013):

The article says it all , but this whole situation & continuation of this problem goes back hundreds of years. As I mentioned before if you can , read the book “ The Plot against the Church “ by Maurice Pinay ,published 1967 / written 1962 before second Vatican council as a warning to the clergy . This book goes back to Roman empire & struggle of the Catholic Church against the “ fifth column of Jews in the church, until the 60`s. An eye opener which give you a real appreciation & depth on this ongoing situation in the society in Europe

JG said (March 30, 2013):

The Ivy League Schools are not the honorable educational institutions they once were. The Marxist controlled academia has ideologically perverted the students thinking. I would consider being discriminated against for enrollment a big blessing in disguise.

M said (March 30, 2013):

Just a quick note to thank you for insightful writing. I ‘woke up’ about three years ago, and now do a bit of writing for Activist Post, Global Research etc. Of all the posts I read, yours calls the shots with the most brutality, in terms of being honest.

I refuse the label of anti-Semite, as being false, misleading and flat out incorrect as relates to definition. Unfortunately, they’ve done a masterful job of weaving the social meme into our culture than ANYTHING negative on Jews equates to a hate crime. There isn’t anyone I can speak to on this subject, as it ties into global domination. One cannot discuss global domination with honesty without bringing Ashkenazi into the mix. We really are all fucked. Keep up the good work.

Jesper said (March 30, 2013):

If the mere mention of objective figures proving the predominance of Jews (or rather, of organized Jewry) in academia, finances and the media is considered a “hate crime” and “discrimination”, then as “B” says, there truly is no hope out there.

For more figures, take a look at these lists of “who-is-who”:

Henrique´s comments are also interesting in that they highlight a curious paradox: Olavo de Carvalho is no doubt extraordinarily gifted and knowledgeable, but has for some reason so completely bought into the Jewish agenda that he will put blinkers on the readers´eyes in order to whitewash organized Jewry, for example by envisaging a centuries-old conspiracy of revolutionary/Communist movements while denying their obvious intellectual origin and financial support in Jewish circles. He will comment on every little inconsistency on Obama´s fake birth certificate (whom he accuses of being pro-Islam), while he pretends to believe 100% in the ridiculous 9-11 fairy tale.

B said (March 29, 2013):

There is just plain no hope out there Henry. Most people DO want to believe lies and in the case of Jewish folks it’s even worse it seems because they have been brainwashed to believe everyone who is not Jewish is out to get them. There is no crack in their steel wall of the belief for any ray of truth to penetrate- even if it might be to their benefit. I’ve seen it over and over …there are just so few out there interested in truth. They would rather have others define their reality for them.

I feel very sad about the human race and about our future.

Henrique said (March 29, 2013):

I find it funny that even people who brag about being "true scholars, serious researchers" and only judging people based on what they say and write easily dismiss, for example, David Duke. He was KKK once alright, but even then he was allegedly a moderate and besides the material he's been putting out since he left is very good and much less arrogant and aggressive in tone than, for example, stuff put out by organized Jewry and it's front groups and individuals like ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer ( who wrote a book saying that ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION ) , etc, etc.

Also sad that the only intellectual that can be taken somewhat seriously today in Brazil, Olavo de Carvalho, is a tremendous Jew-butt-kisser( by the way he also allowed in his website an article promoting Spencer's book - imagine now someone writing a book with the premise "JUDAISM is not a real religion" - would probably be hunted by the Interpol ) and, for example, will only mention Duke's name to call him KKK.

These guys, I've been noticing, use the popular local religions ( like Catholicism in Brazil and Protestantism in North America - for example he says he's Catholic and that every "real Catholic" loves and protects Jews ) to push the Jewish agenda in one form or another by building a friendly and inoffensive "counterweight" to the mainstream.

The vast majority of Jews are liberal, so these guys say "real Jews" are conservative, for instance. At least it's easy to find out what this Brazilian version of Michael Savage really thinks by reading his book "Edmundo Husserl contra o psicologismo" ( Edmund Husserl against psychologism ) where he more or less exposes himself religion-wise. He brags in this taped and transcribed lecture that religion is for fools, a given set of symbols and allegories to give meaning to the life of the masses, those who never did and never will comprehend anything. Also in a lecture ( guess where ) in the Hebraica club in São Paulo, about "Islamic Totalitarianism" he goes on about how the Germans were so intellectually inferiorized by the Jews in their midst that rancor eventually became one of the contributing factors for the rise of the Nazis and eventually the Holocaust.

Elitism at it's best - he even said that he's out to create a new "intellectual elite" in Brazil, and by the way it looks, this new elite would be as Jew-friendly as it gets. Sad to write it like a hit piece, but all the other opinion-makers here are a joke, and this individual's influence seem to be predominant in certain enlightened circles, and they seem to be growing in numbers. This "new intellectual elite" stinks - between them and the Marxists it's a choice between poop and feces.

Kevin said (March 29, 2013):

"Organized Jewry," as you call it, has millions of valuable friends in the form of deluded American Christians who think they are doing God's will by supporting "Israel," both politically and financially.

Conversely, the fear is that they set themselves up in opposition to God if they oppose "Israel." Combine this with the fear of being accused of "discrimination" against any minority group, let alone the Jews. The goyim are no longer allowed to be discriminating about anything, it would seem. It just gets in the way.


Thanks Kevin

I depend on intelligent responses like yours. Christians and Jews must recognize that Zionism represents organized evil before it is too late. God does not discriminate either. The Jews are not the Chosen People, not God's that is.


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