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Refinding Femininity Saved My Family

March 6, 2013

feminine2.jpg"Don't hate all feminists! We were raised this way,
 and I didn't know there was any other way to live
All I had to do was let him be the man, and be the woman."

I'm sick of being treated like a poor, brainless idiot just because my family is the center of my world.

by Rachel

(Rachel begins by relating her job experience in response to Workplace Doesn't Work for Women )
I prefer to stay home with my two girls. I have had a few jobs, mostly before the girls came along, and all of them I hated. There was an underlying current of jealousy and anger between all the women that I could not handle.

 I would be physically sick at night's end after dealing with the angry single/divorced women who would literally attack me for the smallest things. I now realize that they enjoyed cutting me down at every turn because they were jealous of my beauty, youth, and dedication to my boyfriend (he's now my husband and the father of our two girls).

waitress1.jpgI also refused to flirt with customers or dress revealingly to earn more tips. They were rude when they found out I had only ever dated or been with my boyfriend - they couldn't understand it. I've since learned most women either shun you or call you a liar when you tell them you've only been with one man. A bartender (in her late 40's, divorced) came up to me while I was taking an order, and started verbally assaulting me in front of my customers! I left that night in tears and never went back.
The only job I enjoyed (and still do occasionally) was cleaning houses with my mother-in-law. It was good money, ($20 an hour, cash) and there was no conflict with other women, because it was always just us. My mother-in-law is closer to me then my own mother. Some women don't chase their bosses - I never did, but I rarely meet women who are like me!

I've found the man who holds my heart, and no other would compare, so I don't even look. I do know women who have slept with their boss, and they melt into weepy puddles of indignation and anger when they realize that they get no preferential treatment. They usually quit soon after.

I was always dedicated to my husband, but I had an outer feminist shell I didn't even realize was there until I started reading your columns, Henry!


We've been together since we were 16. I'm 27, and my husband is about to turn 28. I found you when I realized that I didn't know at all what it meant to be feminine. I was totally ashamed of myself. My husband and I were having problems for years after we had our first child, who is now six. The love was there, but I was awful to him after the kids were born. We separated many, many times. He became distant and he strayed with other women, and I blamed him for everything and was extremely abrasive and impossible to live with.

I started reading your columns a few months ago, and changed my approach right away. I didn't have to change much, because I found that capitulating to him and adoring him was what I WANTED to do - I was just afraid to do it. I saw an immediate response from him! He now is completely dedicated to me, and is treating me the way I need to be treated.

All I had to do was let him be the man, and be the woman. He said the most flattering thing I could ever have heard to me the other day, and I had no idea how much it meant to me until I heard it. He didn't call me pretty, or smart, or tell me I looked thinner that day :) He told me that I'm on my way to becoming a good wife, and he sees me trying, and that makes him want to protect me and be around me. All I had to do was follow and admire him.


I've also showed him your articles about leading the family. He said they opened his eyes to how he was expecting me to step up and lead with him, and helped him figure out why he was so frustrated with me when I literally COULDN'T step up and be the head of the family with him.

family barbecue.jpg Like you said, "Anything with two heads is a monster!" I'm settling into my role as cherished housewife, and he's stepping up to the head of the household, and it has never felt so natural and right. I'm angry that I've been raised to compete with men and feel oppressed by being a housewife, but just a few short months ago, that is how I felt. I hope to instill in my girls the new feminine nature I've found, and I hope it's not too late for me to be the best mother and wife I can be.

I think women are terrified to be rejected by men, so they withhold what feels natural. It's not hard to do with so much feminist support around them.

There is also obvious disgust when people find out you're dedicated to your husband, and let him lead the family. You're literally not ALLOWED to look at your mate with goo-goo eyes and tell people how much you adore your husband, or else you're accused of having your whole life revolve around a man and the family - like that's a bad thing!

I'm sick of being treated like a poor, brainless idiot just because my family is the center of my world. You keep telling women to be women, and men to be men Henry!

 Hopefully you'll have many more emails like mine, telling you that you've opened some poor feminist's eyes who was on the brink of divorce, just because she doesn't know what she's doing wrong.

Don't hate all feminists! We were raised to be this way, and I didn't know there was any other way to live until I found your website. Just keep writing, and we'll keep reading.

Makow comment - I don't hate feminists. I understand that they have been deceived.

In the USSR, under Communism, virtue was a crime and had to hide. Communism is Satanism (Cabalist Judaism.) Rachel's description of the hassle she gets for being traditional and not promiscuous indicates the progress of Communism in America. Satanism is the inversion of good and evil. Evil is good and good is evil. It begins with moral relativism and ends with the apotheosis of evil. 

The attack on gender is satanic. Masking itself as defense of the rights of homosexuals, most of whom don't want to get married, it is a brazen attack on the rights of heterosexuals, who do want to get married. It is brazen social engineering and treason by the political and cultural elite. 

I looked for an image for "masculine leadership" on google images. Incredibly most were of women taking charge . We are being brainwashed.

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Comments for "Refinding Femininity Saved My Family"

Lisa said (March 7, 2013):

Yeah for Rachel and the many other women that find there is *something missing* in our lives and found someone writing the truth!!

Great job, Rachel! Wonderful article! I passed it on!

Alexandra Fox said (March 7, 2013):

Enjoyed reading the comments on my article, and also today's new one - it makes a lot of good points, but it brings up one widespread misconception which I think is worth addressing.

This idea that women are all vicious, jealous gossips, desperate to sabotage each others' "youth and beauty". This is in my experience grossly exaggerated. I used to work in - of all places - a modelling agency, where all the staff were under 30 and none unattractive. You might assume this would be a hotbed of female unpleasantness, but it wasn't at all - there was very little jealous sniping between the girls. If anything, the problem was they were TOO friendly with one another - always talking and socialising instead of working. This is the kind of female interrelating that neuroscience backs up and which makes women good at building families and communities; the fact that women like to talk to each other. A lot. As I said in my article, women cling to workplaces for the sense of security and belongingness they get - they certainly wouldn't do this if all they got from their female colleagues was jealousy and bitchiness.

I'm not saying female jealousy doesn't exist; I'm just saying that I can personally attest to the fact that even professional models have close female friends, so good-looks are not a prohibitive barrier to being liked by other women. Women also like pretty celebrities, and like to read about them in magazines and express outrage when they get treated badly by men - "she's so pretty, she could do so much better!"

In my experience, women usually don't like other women who they perceive as being aloof or "stuck-up". I'm not saying this perception is necessarily accurate - maybe the woman in question is just shy - but I'm saying this perception is far more likely to be a driver of hostility between women than jealousy of looks. Not to discount Rachel's experiences, but I've seen plenty of plain-looking women be belittled by superiors just as badly as Rachel describes (in fact, the woman I've seen subject to the worst bullying at work - in tears nearly daily - was stout and middle-aged). As Mary said, it is being female that predisposes people to getting badly treated at work, much more than being any particular type of female. Women are treated badly by superiors because superiors know they can get away with treating women badly. Rachel said it herself - her superiors were nasty to her, so she ran away crying and quit. A man wouldn't do this and employers know it.

Re: Anna's comment below- I have never said women shouldn't have careers or take pleasure from them; I specifically said women had many unique talents to offer businesses and that I wasn't saying they shouldn't have careers. Simply that their personal lives should come first. I don't think this a particularly misogynistic or oppressive position!

Anna said (March 7, 2013):

Your recent articles very often attack the career-driven women who enjoy their jobs and find happiness both in their family life and outside of it, in their passions and successes.
What’s even more bothering, I find it to be some kind of a propaganda, since the only comments posted to those articles are those in favor of it (for i.e. my quite negative comments disappeared shortly after publication).
I don’t know why you and few other readers try to convince everybody so bad that the place of the woman is at home and she will only achieve the real life fulfillment through marriage & raising children.

I’m sure there are women who would agree, but it’s certainly not the 95%, which is something that Alexandra Fox tries to convince everybody of.

I don’t know whether you’re just trying to fight the feminism altogether, which is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater or if you’re simply trying to make all successful women feel bad about themselves, because their life purpose consists of something more than spending the day adoring their husbands and washing dishes.

I’m a confident person with strong opinions and it’s not easy to mess with my head but I’m sure many of your readers aren’t of such a strong mind and your articles will just make them question their life choices and push into direction that they don’t feel right with, which can have a bad impact on their relationships. Men reading those articles may start getting disappointed with their spouses, when they read that the affection and respect they get (and felt perfect with so far) isn’t as much as they’re supposed to get (according to your authors) and women reading your website may feel like they’re not good, feminine or even Christian enough, since they enjoy their work life/ job positions... etc.

I don’t know why your website took such a strongly one-sided direction but I want you to know that I and some of my friends (both men and women) find it disappointing, attacking and upsetting.



I post what i receive, including contrary positions. I have nothing against women having careers. My wife has one. I am merely counteracting the Illuminati hidden agenda, which is for women to have careers instead of families.


Rachel (author) said (March 7, 2013):

I read the comments, and it breaks my heart to see that these men are obviously starved of respect. I'm far from perfect, but I now can see the error of my ways. I just purchased your book 'Cruel Hoax' for Kindle and plan to read it with my hubby :)

I'm a conspiracy nutcase to begin with, so I enjoy all of your articles, but you seem to be the only one (that I know of) who speaks about the familial aspects of the elite's control of the people. The others seem to focus on the financial/political parts. Again, thank you and don't let anything deter you from speaking the truth!

Al Thomson said (March 7, 2013):

Geez, you posted three or four winners in a row. This lady Rachel is spot on on how she relates to her husband.

Life would be great if more women would realize just how important it is for women to act like women as God intended. The feminism junk has
destroyed marriages and has ruined life in general because of the satanic practice of attempting to distort the roles of men and women.
A man will move heaven and earth for a woman like Rachel. And the only thing worth having in life is the love of a solid marital relationship along with nice children.

These kinds of article are very uplifting to me and it make me feel good that someone out there is making their marriage work.

I like these kinds of articles rather than following the new age old farts who mean nothing to anyone, other than the trouble they cause
everyone. I know they need to be exposed, but their idiocy is self-evident. On the other hand, an article like this one feels good.

Jon said (March 6, 2013):

I congratulate Rachel for her hard-won family happiness, as SHE is a (very threatening) counterweight to the Counterculture’s satanic filth that they rain down on society….

Dan said (March 6, 2013):

Very astute of you to notice how Google's algorithms are fine tuned to skew memes.

"I looked for an image for "masculine leadership" on google images. Incredibly most were of women taking charge . We are being brainwashed."

Google just writes certain traditional social images right out of the culture. Say you you' want to know how many homosexuals kill each other other year. Try "homosexual murderer statistics". or even "gays killing gays". What you'll get is exactly the opposite.

Once you know how their word game works, you can creatively trick Google's program to give you what you want. If I want search results on homosexuals killing homosexuals, I use, "homosexual crimes of passion". Then you get real results.

HK said (March 6, 2013):

Rachel, thank you for writing this article. It was a breath of fresh air! I'm glad people are waking up and making the necessary changes to better their lives. I was especially encouraged when you said you never flirted with your customers, wore revealing clothes, or went after your boss and instead have always stayed loyal to your husband and children. Major kudos! Stories like yours give me much needed hope in humanity....

Wade said (March 6, 2013):

Your article today is a breath of fresh air in a sea of bad news everywhere. This young woman
should give us all hope for the survival of grace and dignity.

She gives you credit for her arousal from the brainwashing of feminism. I wonder how many other
women have benefited in the same manner from your articles. If one takes the time and effort to
write to you there must be many, many, more out there. Good work Henry !!

Robbie said (March 6, 2013):

God, as always, gets it right !!!
1 Corinthians 11:3.

But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the man; and the head of Christ is God.

Also, dress like a lady, and people will treat you like a lady, remove the pants, take the paint off your face, and let your hair grow out.

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