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Chinese Will Adopt Daughter to Marry Son

March 17, 2013

In contrast to our feckless attitude to posterity,
many Chinese families leave nothing to chance.
According to Reg Porter, this practice is still common
 among the elites and middle classes.
Indeed, without it, young Chinese are at a loss on how
to find a mate.

[Editor's Note: I post this for its human interest value. I am not endorsing this practice.]

by Reg Porter


For the past fifteen years, I've lived in Taiwan; I love these people and they love me!
Now they have another tradition that would probably raise the eye-brows of the average Western woman, but I think it's good; now hear me out!
A lot of the families here who have money and at least one baby son will adopt a baby girl.   Why?
Because they want to find a wife for their little boy at a young age.  Why? 

Their beloved little boy is very loved by his grandmother and grandfathers especially, and they all know that when he becomes a man, he will inherit all the family's wealth and be responsible for the grandparents, and the parents--and that's very important.  (This country has no old age pensions or social security.)
At the same time, they want this boy to be good, and to know how to make money like his father and grandfather did. They want the family's wealth to stay in the family. And family is EVERYTHING here.  But these people think ahead--not just tomorrow or next week, but at least a hundred years into the future--they want the family's wealth to last AT LEAST a hundred years or a thousand years or more.
tgc.jpgSo they will adopt a little girl.  They will raise her the right way and she will grow up as their little boy's sister.  They will give her everything she needs and pay her original parents what they ask. BUT, when she turns 18, she has to marry their son.
NOW, I can just imagine the horror that the feminazis and the pro-choice idiots could express in opposition to this, but this is a good idea, for the following reasons:
1. The girl's parents didn't want her in the first place--they wanted a boy, they don't have enough money to take care of her, plus a second child that may or may not be a boy. They want a boy. Or maybe it's a single mother that has a girl that she can't take care of; there's no welfare in this country.
2.  If they don't get a boy, they just might kill the baby girl, or have an abortion once they do the test (This is EVIL.) !
3. But this family with a boy have the means and the desire to raise a baby girl to be the little boy's wife in the future--and they will do everything to take the best of care of this little girl--to make sure that she grows up to be a good woman and especially a good wife for this little boy.
4.  They will teach this little girl how to be a good wife and mother.

Now these next points are about the benefits to both the MAN (little boy in the future), the WIFE ( little girl in the future), and the entire FAMILY as a whole.
1.  When the two children are old enough to marry, and they are of sexual maturity, they will understand each other.  For example, the girl will know such trivial things such as what food he likes (and she'll know how to cook it because the boy's mother will teach her from a young age--she will also like the same food).  She will also know all the other important things about her man, such as when he needs time to himself, when he needs sex, when he needs WHATEVER--She will know because they've known each other since childhood.
2.  This is to the benefit of the woman, for that little girl that was his sister: he will also know everything about her: What pisses her off; what makes her happy; what time of the month to stay away from her; what to say and what not to say; what gift to buy her; etc etc---he will know everything he needs to know about her to not make her angry, to make her feel loved--he will know how to make her his beautiful wife and his reason to be alive--to make her his personal goddess feel like a real woman!
3.  When that boy becomes an adult, he will not need to worry about the 'dating game.'  He will not need to worry about 'gaming' women, wasting all his time in university trying to figure out women and getting laid and all that other stuff that comes with the western university--NO--he can just ignore those so-called women and focus on getting the knowledge he needs to be a success in life--I wish my parents had done that for me!
4.  And when it's all said and done, they will be a happy couple, together forever, in love and taking care of each other's needs, adding to their families wealth as opposed to taking from it--what more can be asked?  One love, one life, one family under God's love--you tell me what could be better?
5. Statistically, most of the Taiwanese that are over 40, and married and still married have been introduced this way.  Their marriages have the highest success rate.  When I say most, I mean 96%.  You tell me what a "love marriage" is?

6.  I don't think this boy grows up thinking of her as a sister in the same sense that we do, but when he gets to be sexually mature, his father has a talk with him about it.  They actually have different words in Chinese about the two different kinds of 'sisters.'   One is Jay-jay, which means 'older sister', another MEI-MEI which is younger sister--but if you say it with a different tone, everybody understands that she's not really your REAL sister, but that your parents adopted her to be your future wife because they don't want to share their money with another family.
Now in conclusion, I've met some Canadians, a man and his women's studies Canadian girlfriend in Taiwan, brainwashed by feminazism, severely criticizing this practice, saying crap like, "but the girl should have free choice!" and all that crap, but I got ask: Who's divorced now and who's got what we call "irreconcilable differences?"
Certainly NOT them--you idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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First Comment from Christian:

I read your recent article by Reg Porter with some interest as I also live in Taiwan.  I decided to check the accuracy of his claims with local residents that I know.  The response I received from these people presents a very different understanding.

From what I've learned discussing this topic with Taiwanese people here is that it doesn't happen here and if the practice still exists it happens in mainland China amongst the poor rural class only.

One lady laughed when I mentioned it and said that Taiwan is a modern democracy and that it doesn't happen here and that it belonged in the old world that is long gone.

Just wanted to share with you what I've gathered in my talks today with the locals.

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Comments for "Chinese Will Adopt Daughter to Marry Son"

Sheila said (March 19, 2013):

I'm with David K on this one.

This bizarre practice indicates parents who are so greedy and materialistic that they deprive their children of the right to find genuine love and eros, all just to keep their money to themselves. What results is a marriage in name only. I find it hard to believe that there can be true sexual excitement and passion among siblings who have grown up together.

Brother--sister incest is rare. Despite having an enormous amount in common and understanding each other very well, brothers and sisters simply aren't attracted to each other. I know a few adults who were adopted as children, and they feel about their non-biologically related siblings exactly as the rest of us feel about our biologically related siblings. There is the same degree of love, AND the same revulsion at the thought of sex with the brother or sister.

These parents are control freaks. I wonder if any of the kids reach maturity and simply say "no."

Steven said (March 18, 2013):

I think Europe and North America could benefit from some of the ideas expressed in the essay about arranged marriages.

I like the idea of training the youngsters to get along with their intended mates to form a life long bond and if it keeps the wealth in the family and prevents divorce then that is all to the good. Good ideas are where you find them, just like business.

David K said (March 18, 2013):

Living in a greedy and selfish society where there is a huge divide between rich and poor this idea makes a lot of sense but it is far from any kind of ideal.

It is precisely these rich people trying to keep everything within their own family that leads to the poverty class from where they adopt the girl to marry their boy.

If the society was fair and the rich did not hoard their wealth and steal from the rest of society there would be no girls to adopt because their parents would keep them. This is clearly a symptom of a very sick society.

Surely the ideal is for there to be no such thing as a poverty class, for all people to live with morals and goodness and therefore you would not need to worry who your sons and daughters fell in love with as all could be trusted and there would be no need to hoard your wealth. Wishful thinking lol

Adrian said (March 18, 2013):

The article describes a variant of arranged marriages. Who when single, refused recommendations on the opposite sex made by close friends? The same applies here, except the recommending friend is the best friend you will ever have - a parent. About choice: well to escape the purgatory of Western "choice avenues" would be a blessing. About love: if the children are raised in a culture of goodness and intelligence, then love will form naturally. As Anna said, "God puts love in our hearts", but he also put human metabolism and instinct in our bodies. Two children raised in goodness and intelligence, arriving at adolescence, knowing the bounty and duty of the family dynasty, triggered by God's metabolism will find God's love in their hearts. Anna's "falling in love" is Hollywood claptrap. Better the Chinese way of awakening to love.

As pointed out by Wade, the subject goes to the heart of all the issues raised on, so it is surprising that Henry refuses to lead on this subject.



I have reservations about a sister becoming a wife. I think it far preferable to marry a woman with whom you did not grow up in the same house. Males rarely have romantic feelings about sisters, even if they are not biologically related.


Debra said (March 18, 2013):

There is not a Law (to my knowledge) against the practice explained in the article. There are legal restrictions imposed upon people far
worse than adopting unwanted girl infants for the purpose explained in the article. Their language seems to differentiate between the sister
born into the family and one adopted, but why call her a sister when she is certainly not that and is planned to be his wife. There must be
a more suitable term for such a child under these circumstances.

Personally (to me), it seems preferable to an arrangement with more than one wife for one man. Possibly, better to avoid judging a book by
its cover and actually look inside to find out exactly all the pros and cons and maybe all the benefits of such marriages which may
actually lead to a better life overall, or one with less problems.

People, in general, are impressionable. The Illuminati know this and take advantage of it to the hilt; which is why the term ‘sheeple’ is
so offensive. It depends upon what one is being a ‘sheeple’ to. Right restrictions lead to freedom, only the wrong ones lead to enslavement.

BTW, I only support Laws given to people by the Ruler of the Universe and am not a promoter of Sharia law per se, or any other laws from a
culture not aligned with God’s.

Wade said (March 17, 2013):

The arranged marriages detailed in your article are the antithesis of the American liberated
woman and the American metro sexual male.

This way of life and culture are unthinkable to almost all Americans. The attitude Americans have
illustrates the depth of the problem and the improbability of Americans ever wising up.

If Americans would adopt this way of life when it comes to marriage and family an entire host of
devastating problems in our society would be cured overnight. To name a few: Teen pregnancy,
out of wedlock births, divorce, teenage drug and alcohol abuse, STD's among young people,
wasted young lives just partying and ignoring academic or tradesman studies that build good productive citizens, the horrible consequences of our adversarial court structure on children of divorced parents.

The list is to exhaustive to continue to name here.

All this would also lead to better government, and honest news media, because an educated, sober, population is much more difficult to control and much less likely to believe preposterous lies that the current American sheeple swallow hook, line, and sinker, every time.

Now I realize that China has a totalitarian government and no one should be admiring that system. However, the current state of affairs In the USA is not only broken, but on the precipice of a total melt down.

And we can thank the social engineers for selling feminism, homosexuality, pornography, etc. etc.. And we can thank most of our fellow American citizens for their stupidity and lack of Godly wisdom that has caused them to swallow all this garbage.

Al Thompson said (March 17, 2013):

I need to get out more. I had never heard of this. I find it very interesting and it makes perfect sense. The so-called romantic love
relationships have an almost 50% failure rate and this is working out to be a 96% success rate. If it works, then the results speak for themselves.

Having a strong family is a
big part of the natural law and these Chinese people seem to understand that and I find the practice rather refreshing. The Chinese had better not let the feministas come in and mess up their system.

Given the horrible conditions in China regarding baby girls, this is one way to mitigate the problem of not enough women. However,
this practice I assume is only available to rich Chinese families.

What about the regular man who can't find a wife because of the idiot government's one baby policy? I am totally amazed at the
resourcefulness of some people and the utter stupidity of governments; all of them.

Anna said (March 17, 2013):

I hope I’m not the only one who finds this article about Chinese girls adopted to marry the son extremely disturbing and the applause of the author simply foolish.

I might have missed something, but where is the part about falling in love? Those two poor kids have to get married, whether they even like each other that way or not.

Yes, I do believe people have choice (both girls and boys, I don’t know why the author just focuses on woman’s choice). We’re not mindless things, for crying out loud!

I understand the cultural concept of that tradition, I understand that those families do it for lack of better option and I’m not gonna argue with that as a Western woman, who doesn’t have to leave in such culture. I’m simply sorry for those people who don’t know any better way.

What does surprise me though, is the author of the article and his excitement about the whole thing, better yet – belief, that people in this country would be better off without our free will to fall in love and get married to whoever God puts love to in our hea

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