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Cyprus: Your Money is Their Money

March 18, 2013

bankrun.jpegThe first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours.
 The second thing is don't put any of 'their' money in 'their' banks. 
Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did. 

by Bernard Grover

"Money Grows on Cyprus Trees" Edited by

What would you do if you found that your money was not yours?  What if you found out that you were 10% poorer than when you went to bed?

If you live on a sleepy little island in the corner of the Mediterranean Sea, that is exactly what happened to you.

Yielding to pressure from the IMF and the EU, the Cypriot government agreed to steal nearly 7% of all Cyprus bank deposits up to 100,000 euro, and almost 10% of all deposits over that amount, and hand it over to the banksters.  (gasp!  shock!)

Why?  Because the government of Cyprus had been arm-twisted into buying Greek bonds as part of an earlier bailout scheme.  When Greece defaulted on the bonds, the banksters wanted their money back.  Damn the little guy and his hard work and desire to save for some future reward.

The first thing we should all learn from this is that your money is not yours.  The second thing is don't put any of 'their' money in 'their' banks.  Keep it in your mattress and make them work for it just like you did. 


It's no small irony that Cyprus always has been a major cog in what Joseph Farrell calls "the international bankster class" operations.  In his book, Babylon's Banksters, Farrell traces the history of money and banking from the dawn of recorded history. 

What the whole thing comes down to is that the euro, like most of the world's currencies, is private money created by private banks.  When they want some of it back, they are well within their theoretical rights to take back their 'property', which they only lent to you and me (at interest, of course).  We mere mortals, having agreed to use their property to conduct our daily activities, have wittingly or not agreed to their terms.  It's a simple, if rather obscure, contractual arrangement.

What causes me no end of head-slapping is that we just don't seem to get it.  We are shocked when we realize that our 'money' really belongs to someone else and we have just been allowed to use it, like borrowing the neighbor's lawn mower or something. 

A lot of conspiracy theorists talk about a 'one world currency' and how 'They' are driving us into it.  Little do they know that a single global currency would not serve the bankster purposes.  Since the beginning of our history, 'They' have fostered incompatible currencies and then sat back and reaped gobs of wealth by being the only group able to convert one to another.  If there were a single global currency, it would put a major dent in their operations.

Rather, they want to simplify the math and create two or three (trilateral) currencies, which would need to be traded and converted in the course of commerce.  It's little more than a carefully hidden private tax on business dealings.

As Farrell points out, even in the earliest times, the West used gold bullion, while the East used silver.  Thus, the traders in the middle reaped a tidy profit converting them back and forth.  And just like Sparta (then) and Libya (now), anyone who didn't play their game got a good ass-whuppin'.

cartoon44.jpegBack to Cyprus.  The Cypriots really don't have the right to be angry in strictly legal terms.  They consented to use private paper to conduct their business transactions.  Furthermore, they didn't raise a fuss when the IMF/EU arm-twisted their government into buying up a bunch of worthless Greek bonds.  Now, when the chickens come home to roost, they are upset.  Sorry Charlie, 'shoulda seen that one coming.'

The only way out would be to follow the Icelandic model and repudiate the debt, sever all ties with the IMF/EU and throw the banksters in jail. 

One caveat: they had better arm every Cypriot to the teeth and be ready for an invasion.  That's the bankster ace in the hole.  They always have ready 'enforcers' for just those kinds of situations.  The one thing Iceland had going for it is that there ain't much there to fight for, other than some principles.

Cyprus, on the other hand, has always been a key trading post between the Occident and Orient.  Right now, Cyprus is a key base for launching attacks on Syria, Lebanon and other points of interest to the Zionists.  It must remain within the Western hegemony.


What is worth watching is how the Cypriots react.  Most likely, there will be some rioting and hording, but eventually folks will knuckle under or lose food and energy imports.  If they continue to stand up to the banksters, then the island will be invaded by...say, the Muslim Brotherhood from Syria.  Either way, the banksters seemingly hold the winning hand.

Really, the only way out of this mess is a tripartite attack on the bankster class: widespread democratization of hyper-dimensional energy (i.e.-zero-point energy); complete and utter rejection of GMO foods; and, the issuance of publicly-controlled currency in whatever form.

Short of that, we are all well on our way to the Cypriot model.  The banksters have already seized north of $8 trillion in the US, and similar reclamations of private property are running apace worldwide.  Cyprus is only the latest and currently most visible example.

3-d audience.jpgThe most likely outcome is that people will generally roll over and take it.  Why?  We've all been trained by religion to wait for some outside force to come in and clean things up for us.  This mentality has been carefully fostered by the banksters over centuries to keep us all complacent and docile.  In other words, Karl Marx was right on that score.

From the bankster pov, the ideal response will be that of the US, where folks stirred for a moment, grumbled, then went directly back to sleep.  Instead of becoming angry, we will all run to the churches to listen to the bankster prophets tell us that our savior is coming...just wait (another 2,000 years)!

And so it goes...history repeats and rhymes and no one does anything really constructive to fix things.  It is said that we use roughly 10% of our brains' capacity, which happens to be the same amount of money being confiscated by the IMF from the Cypriots.  Maybe we are using the wrong 10%.

 Bernard Grover is a freelance writer/producer/director living in Jakarta, Indonesia. His work has appeared in film, broadcast and major publications on- and off-line. Bernard publishes the Life on the Far Side blog and produces Radio Far Side.

Makow CommentI am not as cynical as Grover. People will not fail to learn this lesson and the banking system will be irreparably damaged.

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Comments for "Cyprus: Your Money is Their Money "

Stephen said (March 19, 2013):

Too bad the author of this piece has to put in his snippy little dig against Christianity, as if it is the problem (see quote below). If there are "bankster prophets" putting people to sleep then they are false prophets, not of God, using Christianity and their too comfortable, gullible flocks as a cash cow. A true Christian -- and there are very few of us left -- would perceive that usury, and especially central banking, is unfair gain without real work. The Old Testament condemns the use of usury in several places and in fact the Biblical definition of usury is the taking of interest, period! -- not the watered down modern definition, which is the taking of excessive interest.

Jesus said to "lend hoping for nothing again" Luke 6:35. Fact is, the Catholic church, which these days is nothing more than a Babylonian style cult with a thin veneer of Christianisty, allowed usury to creep in through the Jesuits around 1200 AD. From there the practice of it became "mainstream" in Christendom and today all currencies are "debt based". The other side to this dirty coin is that central banking was foisted on the modern world through kabbalistic Jews (such as the Rothschilds) who deliberately used it to enslave those outside of their "tribe" and make themselves fabulously wealthy in the process. And I would add that very few people these days are complacent because they are waiting for the Saviour.

They are complacently twiddling their thumbs on mindless video games, addicted to Hollywood style illusion, brainwashed by edu-indoctrination and stupefied by "political correctness". They are, to put it in biblical terms, in "strong delusion". II Thessalonians 2:11 And for this cause (not loving the truth) God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie."

Dan said (March 18, 2013):

The IMF's racket was to get nations to over-borrow and overspend in the 'good times' the bankers created with 'bubbles'. After the inevitable crash, the IMF imposes it's "solution": take 10% of people's pocket income to pay the usurious 'debt' (aka bailout). This reduces living standards. That's what they mean by "austerity". 'Austerity' has been their mantra for their victims.

Since 2008 it's been clear that the whole thing has been a racket. This is aggressive usury. The definition of usury was deliberately softened after WW II. Usury isn't merely 'lending at interest'. The full weight of the word means predatory lending designed to enslave the borrower.

The Cypriots have a right to cancel the debt. That's what Iceland did in 2011, and they're recovering because they have regained control of their currency.

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