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A Greek Exile in South Africa

March 16, 2013

greeceonfire.jpgFrom the frying pan into the fire

A Greek reader explains why her family
 left Greece to settle in South Africa

Ironically the flood of refugees into Greece turned her into one...

By  Phillipa

I cannot get myself to say that we "fled" Greece, but we left due to the fact the writing was on the wall as far back as 2005.

'My children attended school in Greece, and these were the happiest years they have ever had. Greece is a paradise for families even with all its ups and downs.

streetsc.jpgWhat made it difficult for us was that the cost of living was beyond expensive. Basic foods were far too expensive; your everyday living expenses were already then spiraling out of control. We left in order to save what we could.

My experience of Greece is that it is a great country with so much potential and opportunities but the ongoing corruption from politicians AND the public has destroyed Greece.

Corruption in Greece cannot be blamed on one political party only. If a ruling government is corrupt, implements unfair laws which they themselves do not obey, it leaves plenty of loopholes for its citizens to slip through as well. 

The main problem is that the majority of people suffer from self entitlement, meaning they believe that they are entitled not pay taxes, grab whatever they can get their hands on for free, pay bribes to get their way and the saddest part is that they teach their children to do exactly the same.

I believe in free education & medical, helping the poor, but there is a limit.  I don't agree to host illegal immigrants that are abusing the system financially and have made the crime rates soar to the limits.

firespreads.jpg (left, world becoming less inhabitable)

At the end of the day Greece has absolutely nothing in common with the so called refugees fleeing to there. By nothing,I mean not in culture, religion, region, history, language etc.  It was discovered recently that thousands of "pensioners" were bogus as well as people claiming social/disability benefits.

 I don't have the words to express my disgust of the atrocities that have taken place for the sake of money at the expense of the destitute people of Greece. My hope and prayers are that one day, this nightmare will end and things will be put into place. The time has come for each and every Greek not to ask what the government can do for me, but rather, what can I do for Greece?

Just to set the record straight, the only country I have ever fled from South Africa. The reason we fled SA twice was due to the horrendous crimes that take place on a daily basis, our lives in SA are not worth a penny.

We were put on the Genocide Watch up to level six due to the brutal farm murders, but the outside world only hears and sees what they want to....again in the name of money.

safrica.jpgSA has good business opportunities, good universities, we have excellent doctors, weather is good, our infrastructure is of the best etc. the list goes and on.

But it comes at an unimaginable  price...your life. So rather give me Greece, less luxury, a piece of bread and olives than a living hell in SA.

Comments for "A Greek Exile in South Africa"

MW said (March 17, 2013):

I can but agree with the author of this article

SA is a wonderful country but if you happen to be white you are marked for whatever atrocities they can think of

We have nowhere to run; only four million left and day by day we are being robbed raped murdered and the world sleeps on.

Nick said (March 17, 2013):

For her present life description of Greece, Phillipa is absolutely right. Though, we regret to inform her that in less than 20 years from now the romantic “Greece” she knew will not be able to offer not only to Phillipa but also to the remaining minority of some old brave Greeks (*) less luxury, a piece of bread and olives than the living hell she is experiencing in SA.

In Greece, illegal immigrants (mostly Muslims) are multiplying - PURPOSELY - like rabbits (FYI … the condoms aren’t that expensive!) and pretty soon the Shariah-Law will be imposed in our lives, coupled with blasting horn loudspeakers - from the minarets of the planned to be built mosques – that will often and as required shout the known “Allah-ooh-Akbar” call to prayers.

The living hell in Greece has now escalated as Albanian, Romanian, Georgian, North & West African, Asian (i.e. Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, etc. etc.) illegal immigrants raid our homes and property, even daring to kill people for a hit worth less than 50 euros, raping etc. and besides the Greek Government - instead of protecting us, the poor Greek citizens - is preparing to lay a very heavy hand on our bank deposits (by “haircutting”) and on our home ownerships (by “overtaxing”); see what is happening in Cyprus right now!!!

The “die-hard” Guinea Pig aka Greece of the NWO, is still “alive and kicking”, despite the so-called “Troika” (i.e. triumvirate or the threesome: i.e. IMF, European Union, Central European Bank) imposed economic austerity measures, the massive - almost daily - release of “chemtrails” (**) on our heads … overlooking (hahaha!) the Acropolis and deep into our blue skies.


(*) as the majority (like Phillipa?), BUT especially the 60+% of the jobless top-educated Young Generation, has ... fled already or is preparing to escape to other countries, in a desperate “brain drain” mode

(**) meant for “weather modification” (read: “mood suppressants”)

JG said (March 16, 2013):

Phillipa, welcome to the Marxist World Order! If the country you're living in is not a multicultural / crime riddden hotbed of mass confusion, don't get too comfortable, it more than likely will be soon.

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