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"Personhood" Makes Sex an Act of Procreation Again

March 23, 2013


North Dakota's "Personhood" legislation is a step in the right direction.

By Henry Makow Ph.D.

North Dakota passed "Personhood" legislation Friday that says human life begins at conception. This would effectively outlaw abortion.

It won't happen overnight. It must be approved by the Governor and then put on the ballot and approved in 2014.

nd25.jpgNonetheless, this is a step in the right direction. Not because I think abortion is the world's greatest evil. I'm against it. Human life is sacred. But American soldiers kill and maim innocent children all the time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan; and their surrogates do it in Libya, Syria and Gaza. Yet, none of this raises the hackles of your average anti-abortion activist.


For me, the underlying issue is sexual promiscuity and the resulting breakdown of courtship, marriage and monogamy, which are the foundation of the family.

nd12.jpgThis breakdown was made possible by contraception, "the Pill."

In other words, contraception was largely responsible for a radical change in morals and behavior.

Abortion has become another form of contraception, the last resort.

It's what people do when they forget to use a condom or used nothing at all.  It gives men and women a sense of security that allows them to be promiscuous.

I'm all for contraception.

But take away the abortion safety net and sex will again become an act of love and procreation, (not recreation.) 

Values will adjust. Sleeping with a stranger will mean he or she could be the mother or father of your child. Or, if nothing else, you could be on the hook for child support.

If sex is tied to love, courtship and marriage, contraception will be used responsibly, and abortion will not be missed.

I'd like to hear your views. ( Thank you for the many thought provoking responses I have received.


 migchels.jpgFirst Comment from Anthony Migchels:

I would like to add a few points as a comment, because I feel the abortion situation is really very dramatic.

- 40 million or more babies have been aborted in the US since Roe vs. Wade.

- Abortion is a total negation of paternal and children's rights. The idea that the woman is the only one with 'rights' while carrying the child is obnoxious.

- Abortion is a gruesome slaughtering. The baby is ripped apart in the place that should be the most secure on earth.

- Most women actually seeing the result of the abortion (her child hacked to pieces) after the fact are profoundly traumatized and suffer serious psychological problems.

- A few years ago a director of planned parenthood quit her job after seeing an abortion happen on an ultrasound (

- My wife and I lost a son at about 22 weeks in pregnancy. I saw it (and named it) after it was washed after the miscarriage. It was a perfect little boy. He only needed to grow a little more. It was then that I truly realized what abortion was all about.

- Most people believing that abortion is a viable strategy for birthcontrol would change their mind with these kind of direct experiences. Abortion is an ethical, moral and plain human disaster, only possible because people make it an abstraction.

- There is a growing moral imperative to resist it. The abortionists are teaming up with the feminists once more, this time to proclaim infanticide, the murdering of the healthy newborn, no different from abortion. They call it 'after-birth abortion'. Basically this is the predictable moral hazard of allowing abortion in the first place.

If they get their way, this is the new 'pro choice' movement:

- To make this a fundamentalist black and white yes/no abortion thing is simply a standard ploy to pit people against each other and to organize the opposition against wholesale murder. (Very) Young girls impregnated through rape, let alone incest. Serious threats to the well being of the mother. All these are grey areas where personal responsibility for the mother, (in the latter case) the father, their parents, and other people involved should have the right to make to make their own choices. These examples are just the exceptions to the rule and emphasizing those is just a transparent trick.

- But the idea that abortion is a reasonable way for birth control, or a matter of choice, or female rights, is simply untenable. We should aim to get rid of at least 99% if not 99,9% of abortions. It is a purely satanic celebration of the culture of death and the vast scale of the practice and in view of the people backing it, it, to my mind, must be seen as a major front in the war.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for ""Personhood" Makes Sex an Act of Procreation Again"

Jordan said (March 25, 2013):

As someone in their late teens who is awake I have a pretty unique perspective on cult-ture in this society we live in; especially being
in the age group with the biggest target for brainwashing. That includes abortion. I happen to be moderate on most issues (there are a
few that I will not be told any other way, otherwise you are a Zionist shill), and abortion is no exception. I generally disagree with
abortion, and find it acceptable only in a VERY FEW cases. I have not witnessed an abortion myself, but I have heard enough about them that
I never will watch one. No one should be able to get an abortion beyond 35 days after contraception, as that is when the soul enters
the fetus. There is evidence to support that too. For one thing, that's about when the brain is formed enough to host a soul, and brain
waves can be picked up from the fetus.

Also, if someone wishes to get an abortion, they should be forced to watch several recorded graphic ones beforehand. The only time I find
an abortion justifiable (it would fit into that last little 1% category that you mentioned) is if the fetus is disfigured. I'm not talking about missing an arm-type of disfigured, I'm talking about when there's an arm growing out of its face-type of disfigured. Also, pro-choice is anti-woman with its convoluted new age meaning.

Anyways,those are my thoughts on the issue in a nutshell.

Steven said (March 25, 2013):

Been reading all the "words" concerning abortion in response to your latest article. If you haven't heard this, maybe people need to hear the "Sound" of abortion.

Brother Thomas is credited for the link.


RB said (March 24, 2013):

Hereby some links of a very, very unknown side effect of abortion ; small foetuses (16-22 weeks) that survive an abortion and sometimes live for another 8 or 10 hours, left to die by our 'doctors' …

In 2005, 66 'cases' were officially registered in England ; in reality you can triple those 'numbers' I guess …

Please, DON'T read these links before going to bed, or after having had your breakfast, serious ..!

So here are 'my' DISGUSTING links :

Angela said (March 24, 2013):

Reading your article and some of the comments I see that many people are not aware that it is not an “accident” when conception occurs while using contraception “responsibly” and according to instructions.

If contraception were always to “work” then more women would die. Read about the experimentation on Haitian women. It is designed to fail on occasions; then its abortifacient action kicks in. When that does not work either, you have an in-utero child, whom you may just “need” to kill. Contraception almost always leads to or causes abortions. See “How the Pill works and Fails”

Contraception is the only drug that I know of whose main purpose is to render a woman ill. It takes a healthy woman and makes her into a sick woman. That is its purpose. What else is infertility? It is not a natural healthy state to be in.

As the use of contraception decreases - and it just might when women realise its carcinogenic nature - so also will the “need” to abort.

Also there are some who believe that legal abortion is safe. They are mistaken. Check out the deaths, mental illness and morbidity as a result of legal abortion. It is never safe for the child either.

Nobody has a right to kill another human being. It was a little below the belt, Henry, and totally un-called-for to state that “killing and maiming innocent children all the time in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan; in Libya, Syria and Gaza…. (does not) raise the hackles of your average anti-abortion activist”. By recommending contraception you, yourself, are inadvertently encouraging killing innocent children.



It is absurd to regard contraception as an equivalent to abortion. Life begins at conception, not ejaculation.




I just read your comment on my comment. It is not at all absurd. Contraception does not always stop ovulation and occasionally babies are conceived, then the Pill kicks in to stop the conceived child from surviving. To stop an already conceived child from surviving is to kill it, whether intentional or not. Contraception sometimes works as an abortifacient. Contraception is anti-life.


C said (March 24, 2013):

Thank you for this article. I live in a large city where the main industry is the military. And I know pro-lifers who share my views that most wars are unjust.

We are appalled by our wars overseas. It is SICKENING to watch innocent people being killed and maimed by drones. We know we Americans are next, too. They are practicing their skills on foreigners before they attack us.

We are even more appalled by the slaughter of preterm infants that we are helpless to stop.
We in the USA have now slaughtered 1 out 6 Americans through abortion.
Internationally, we humans have now slaughtered 1 out of 8 people through abortion.

It may surprise you to learn that most of the military does not agree with our wars overseas, either. They can't find jobs and do what they are told because they don't want to lose them.

Marcos (Brazil) said (March 24, 2013):

I don't approve, but I can understand the despair that makes a 17 year-old get an abortion. But there is something definitely weird and perverse among abortion militants.

In Brazil, they openly lie and say 200,000 women die because of botched abortions every year. The truth, however, is that 1,358 die for abortions, deliveries and gestational problems COMBINED. What drives a persons to lie in this way in order to promote the killing of babies? It is not only the funding from international NGOs and Foundations, it is an evil spirit of hatred for mankind.

Abortion is nowadays an easy contraceptive. Some men just don't "like" using condoms and when the girlfriend gets pregnant, she will abort. Yes, the guy prefers to murder his own son, his descendant, his blood, his legacy, because he is lazy. Compare this behavior with the way royal couples protect their heirs and see that we make garbage of ourselves. Men from antiquity would despise us.

Let's not forget that God will forgive us any sin through the name of Jesus. If you had an abortion, sincerely repent and ask for His forgiveness and He will provide the peace for your heart. God doesn't want to torture you for having had an abortion, He wants you to change your ways and have an abundant life.

Kristine said (March 24, 2013):

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God … all things were made by him and without him there was not anything made that was made. In him was life and the life was the light of men" John 1:1-4.

The shifting paradigm of the current wicked age includes the perversion of language, of the Word. Did not God give the commandment, thou shalt not kill? What this means is simply this: that thou shalt not kill. (Deuteronomy 5:17).

Sadly, the scientism of the ages has purposefully blurred ethics and subverted the truth of the Word through time, so that morals have become subjugated to "rights". This is tantamount to the way the serpent in the garden approached Eve when he posed the question: "Did God really say …?" Yes, God did really say, but we now defy Him, we try to destroy the Word when we destroy life.

Listen to Obama as he minces words about when "life begins":

Dear Obama and dear people: no, it is not "very hard to know when life begins". As we see from the scripture above, we are in God and God IS. There is not ANY THING made that is not in God Eternal. When a living egg and a living sperm meld together, the creation is alive already.

If the woman's body is so sacred to her, then she should use her brain and if need be her braun and her wits to keep it that way. If the woman's body is sacred to her, how much more should the life of the child conceived under her own power be considered sacred.

That people have fallen for the LIE of disposable human life is deeply troubling.

Salman said (March 24, 2013):

abortion decreases a woman's fertility and so does the pill...

it's unwise for women to get an abortion when they don't have children...

what if they want kids in the future...their fertility will decrease?

i don't find anything wrong with recreational sex....

sex doesn't always have to be pro-creational...

that shit is medieval...

when u have lots of kids - excess children - wanted or unwanted - will result in more problems...

they say "mo money mo problems"....

I say, "mo people mo problems"...

this is the result of the heavily populated countries in the world - especially the Third World and Muslim nations in particular...

just my two cents

Paul said (March 24, 2013):

So it is not enough that they be against killing in the womb, they have to prove to you that they are against killing in war?

Just how many causes do they have to demonstrate against? Are all causes equal to you? How many demonstrations have you been involved in?

You are belittling pro-life with statements like you have made and pro-life people do not deserve it. You know very well whom they are fighting and you know very well why abortion is legal and the money and influence behind it. Pro-lifers are mostly ordinary people attempting to fight an influential and wealthy machine and they deserve a lot of credit for trying.

Will said (March 24, 2013):

To address Chloe's assertion below that back alley abortions 'thrived', when abortion was illegal- no they did not. The pro-abortion lobby loves to repeat the lie that 'thousands' of women died in this manner. The truth was it was in the tens, it was already starting to level off:

As for the idea that making abortion illegal again will result in the growth of illegal abortions and death, how come that hasn't happened in Chile:

Susan said (March 24, 2013):

i had 2 abortions when i was 19. i was with my long term boyfriend at the time but he didn't want children and i didn't want children that weren't part of a lifelong family with dad always there. i grew up in a family with my sisters, mum and dad. i was using contraception at the time i got pregnant, but i used to forget to take the pill at the proper time. i got pregnant and aborted it with not much feeling or emotion attached then roughly 9 months later i was back again for the same thing - just like last time.

my life, had i carried that first child to term and become a mother, would be radically different to what it is today. as a girl/woman, growing up and growing older, i have been subject to so much mind control, programming and general head-messing stuff that everything i've done and had done could be somehow justified.

it's only quite recently since discovering the truth about things that i have been able (and willing) to see abortion for what it really is. it's cruel, un-human, inhumane - pure darkside. my only hope for me is that god will forgive me. i don't blame him if he doesn't.

Joe G said (March 23, 2013):

This is just another diversionary tactic being used by our rulers. It gives a glimmer of hope to the anti abortionists all over north America. Convincing the masses they tried to abolish abortion. Why has this been passed in one of the least populated states. Firstly North Dakota has less than 700,000 people. Secondly it will never be passed in to law. The feminist lobby and their brain washed whores will make sure of that.

Chloe said (March 23, 2013):

Making abortion illegal has never stopped abortions taking place.

Legalizing abortion in the first place - it was one of those laws nobody really wanted;
but it was better than the alternative. It was never meant as a 'safety net'. It was meant
to stop women dying at the hands of backstreet abortionists; or through their own
attempts to end a pregnancy. Women have actually killed themselves, rather than
continue an unwanted pregnancy.

Before abortion was made legal, backstreet 'clinics' thrived. Women went through
agony, sometimes dying, often becoming infertile later, in order to terminate a pregnancy.

It's not a case of 'values will adjust'. Biology can, and does, override 'values'. This is probably deliberate, to ensure the survival of the species. In the heat of the moment, contraception can and does get forgotten. Even with contraception, pregnancies still happen.

Even when it meant her 'ruin', (and we're only talking a few decades ago), unmarried women
and girls still fell pregnant.

This is a very complex issue; and if abortion is made illegal again, we won't be heading
for some idyllic never-never land, where every pregnancy is wanted, unwanted pregnancies vanish away by themselves, and people are always responsible.

We'll be back to the bad old days, where some women will die. You cannot force a woman to go through with an unwanted pregnancy. Surely you can see the toll pregnancy takes on a woman? (By toll, I mean simply the intense emotional, spiritual and physical changes pregnancy brings with it.) You simply cannot force someone to go through that against their will. In addition: women still die from pregnancy/childbirth.

There was a recent case in Ireland, where abortion is still illegal, where a woman died
because, although she was miscarrying naturally, and her health depended on medical intervention to end the pregnancy, medical intervention was denied her.

I'm all for women getting more counseling/far more support, and for campaigns to make it clear that having an abortion is not the easy choice. And for women who want to keep their babies getting more support all round, both financial
and emotional. (Will the legislators in North Dakota be voting for corresponding financial
and emotional support for every pregnant woman in the country? Thought not.)

While the very, very few women who use abortion as birth control should definitely be
educated, no contraception is one hundred per cent effective. 'Accidents' will always happen.
I'd far sooner have abortion kept legal, and for the Government to provide far more
support to pregnant women and their families, than make abortion illegal, and face
the consequences.

Connie said (March 23, 2013):

I am your number one fan, but dear Henry...

You say that "contraception was largely responsible for a radical change in morals and behavior."
Then you say "I'm all for contraception." How does that follow?

Contraception led to promiscuity before abortion did. Contraception itself creates the abortion mentality, the desire to control outcomes, the desire to play God. At one time, contraception was illegal in the US. In 1916, when Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic, it was immediately shut down by police. They knew something then that we no longer understand.

If you were to stop abortion without stopping contraception, very little would change. It will still be about sex without consequences, and not love and commitment.

It is a logical fallacy that the Personhood Act will make sex procreative again. Not at all because contraceptive use will get in the way. Couples will still take the risk and use sex for recreation. That's what contraception is for, to allow for irresponsible use of the sexual faculty. Those caught with an unwanted pregnancy when contraception fails will remain irresponsible even without using the abortion option. Why? They have put mere pleasure first--and please note even married couples can betray the ideals of love and family with unwanted children. What follows is that unwed sex, adulterous affairs, gay sex (and "marriage"), and pedophilia can all flourish. People simply say "Why not?"

All non-procreative sex is perversion because it idolizes pleasure, yet it has become the drug of choice. There are other options! Get a massage, go on a nature hike! Sex for entertainment without consequences objectifies the people involved. Then all perversions remain acceptable as well and nobody needs to exercise self control.

See Dr. Jennifer Roeback Morse, The Socialist Attack on the Family.


Thanks Connie,

Obviously I am making a distinction between contraception and abortion. Even married couples need to use contraception to avoid having unwanted children.


Victoria said (March 23, 2013):

As a woman, I would say that it should still be a woman's choice; that is, if she can find someone to perform the abortion. Any woman who is determined to terminate an undesired pregnancy will find a way. However, if enough doctors had a conscience and refused to perform the procedure, women might think a lot harder about choosing to have sex outside of marriage. Since our daughters' generation is now a lost cause we older women could do our part by educating our granddaughters to refuse to have sex outside of that state.

Older men could influence their grandsons by teaching them that they are in a privileged position and that they should behave themselves accordingly for, 'with great power comes great responsibility. They have the luxury of reproducing and choosing whether or not to take responsibility for their behavior, unlike women who may be, literally, left holding the baby. Young men should be encouraged to resist the impulse to seduce women or to allow themselves to be seduced.

The attitudes of the younger generation are determined by the expectations of those with authority over them and, whereas parents have been coerced into conceding most of their 'authority' to the school system, the greater life experience of grandparents often carries great weight with young people.

I agree completely that sex should be kept for within the married state. My, now deceased, younger brother once said that he didn't enjoy sex as much if there weren't a chance that a pregnancy might result and, of course, the sixties and seventies being what they were, he was derided for that opinion. How thoroughly we have been brainwashed by the 'elites' to think that sex, being just as necessary to life as food, is a natural impulse that must always be acted upon.

Strange, however, that when it comes to food, restraint, usually in the form of 'dieting' is encouraged. Hmmm. Sounds like some cognitive dissonance going on.

Jim said (March 23, 2013):

Recently, I got into an online discussion about abortion. All of the usual arguments were presented. But when I asked, "When does life begin?" and "If life doesn't begin at conception, when does it begin?", no one would give me a straight answer. Eventually, I was told that I was stupid for asking such a question. Now it looks like North Dakota is answering that question for us.

Bert said (March 23, 2013):

I've come to understand that for the female, sex outside of the protections of marriage is based on fear. The condom (and/or abortion) does not offer the kinds of support and protection that she needs. The joy of the bride comes through God, when she is loved by her husband. The evolution of mankind depends on it. The productivity of the soil and the oceans depends on it. The female who is trying to "make love" outside the protections of marriage is spreading her legs out of fear. The male who takes advantage of the fears of loneliness and of unfulfillment in the female, for his own personal sexual gratification, is the lowest kind of coward. She sleeps with him with hope in her heart, and then her hope is betrayed.

The Illuminati wage their spiritual war against a feminine principle of Innocence. The Innocence of unprotected children is a target as well. Illuminati porn is another front of their war as well. Porn has been weaponized to emphasize the abandonment of young women by their fathers, and brothers. Look at porn, and ask yourself, Where is her father? Where is her brother? Where is her husband, or her groom to be?

If these future brides of mankind are abandoned by their fathers and brothers, then how can we expect their hearts to rely on a husband for love and protection? The Illuminati are misogynists, and worse. They know that at its roots, the creative principle of Innocence is the actual source of feminine identity. Without connection to Innocence, she has no feminine power. Without Innocence as her power, guardian and shield, then feelings of guilt and betrayal overtakes her heart, and she is then more easily controlled and manipulated by "otherness."

She tries fulfillment by money instead of by marriage. Unloved and unprotected, the deep and intense evolutionary powers of her sexuality go haywire. When she is loved and protected, even by the most modest husband, then her sexual powers become an immense personal contribution to higher Evolution.

There is a stirring in the female. Fulfillment of its deepest internal desire comes only when her body knows that it has actualized her individual potential contribution to Evolution. Without that, her desires for fulfillment devolve her into a money-chasing zombie. Fulfillment happens only when she knows that she is loved and protected by HER husband.

As far as her contribution to evolution is concerned, it doesn't matter, poverty or wealth. Her fulfillment comes by contributing her infinitesimal part to Evolution of consciousness and of Innocence. The basis of ALL Evolution is Innocence. Without it, upward evolution devolves into the downward spirals controlled by Lucifer and the Illuminati ... abortion, porn, existentialism, materialism, fornication, homosexuality, ..., divorce, death, debt, and disease to "the strangers."

Raymond said (March 23, 2013):

I just got through reading your article "Personhood Makes Sex An Act of Procreation Again". Wonderful article. I agree with exactly what you stated, if you take the abortion safety net away then sex becomes an act of procreation again as well as being a method of pleasure between two people who are married and not something to be thrown around.

Hopefully, together, we can bring the Masonic world government to its knees and end it.

Thanks for the informative articles. You are the AUTHORITY on what makes the British-American Masonic one world government headquartered in the City Of London tick.

Al Thompson said (March 23, 2013):

"Government" legislation shouldn't have anything to do with the issue of abortion. Abortion is murder. The natural law tells us that, but
it is the new age chicken-shit psychos who enjoy killing little babies because they think it is necessary to limit the population. And
example of government psychos shows just how stupid they can be in the example of Arizona's abortions laws passed about two years ago.

In the photo in your article, there is a photo of a woman holding up a sign that says: "My Body, My Choice." The problem is that the embryo
or the fetus is not her body, it is the baby's body now. That's how God created women
and this is how new people are brought into the world. How is it that people want to play God with such things?

Sex is primarily for the procreation of children, it is not a recreational activity unto itself. It is a great expression of love between a married man and woman. However, when the boundaries of fornication and adultery are broken, it produces chaos and disorder in
all families and it does nothing but evil to the people who do it.

That's a part of the natural law. God created it a certain way, so who are we to argue with it? This doesn't require a government mandate, it requires a good system of morals which God laid out in the commandments and his natural order. Those rules or laws God established are easier to live with than the garbage produced by the

JG said (March 23, 2013):

Abortion, the pill, and the "if it feels good do it" philosophy were all propagated by the Marxist Underground of the late 1960s. The Communists predicted that they would successfully destroy America from within. This covert war against Christian Values is still going on. This is Leninism without the physical burning of churches.

Alexandre said (March 23, 2013):

In fact, nowadays, most contraceptives act as abortifacients also, since they prevent the nidation (implantation) of the fertilized egg in the women's endometrium. This information can be easily found in the package insert of these drugs.

Stephen said (March 23, 2013):

Sex is not recreation. Sex is an act of procreation.

The modern world forgets that life is a gift from God. He gets to make the decisions, not us. He is God, we are not.

The modern world is so concerned about our own rights that it forgets that God has rights too.

Sorry if that seems too limiting. That's life. We are not here for our pleasure. We are to pick up the cross. The fun begins in the next life.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at