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What is Love?

March 31, 2013

yahrzeit.jpg(left, yahrzeit candle)

The candle symbolizes life. The flame burns for a set time and afterward, only a lifeless shell remains. What is that flame? Surely, it is love.

by Henry Makow Ph.D.
(This substantially revises a previous article)

 Recently I lit a yahrzeit candle to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of my mother's death. This is the only Jewish observance I keep. The candle burned for about 36 hours and then the little jar sat dark and empty.

It seemed to symbolize her life, indeed life itself. The flame burns for a limited time and after, only a lifeless shell remains.

I think of what my mother's spirit meant to me. Her selfless devotion to her family makes me tear up.

I am swamped with negativity daily; it's hard to express love for my fellow man, let alone my immediate family.

I feel so helpless in the face of the satanic conspiracy that I forget I still have power over my personal life. I use the world as distraction and excuse.

The battle with the forces of evil isn't only taking place "out there." It's taking place in the home. Satan isn't content with owning and controlling the planet; he wants our souls too.


The word love is subject to many interpretations. Often we "love" the things we want, or the people who have them.

Love is self sacrifice. I love my mother because she sacrificed herself for me. She set the example. That's what women can do as wives and mothers. Get the ball rolling.

At a primitive level, we are cavemen around a fire roasting a wild boar. We love the person who carves off a choice portion and gives it to us.

We love people who meet us half-way. People who will sign on, just for a bit. People who accept some of our truth, who have faith and interest in us, who give us the benefit of the doubt. Who cut us some slack, forgive our shortcomings and even our sins.

These acts of self sacrifice inspire us to reciprocate in kind. 

That's why I prefer to use the words "trust" and "understanding" instead of love. I know you. I trust you. I am there for you. You are there for me.

Someone said the real measure of love is how much we sacrifice for a loved one.

Of course, this is not the whole story. My dog Raffi, who died March 26, taught me about love. We loved him and he loved us. He would wait patiently for his walk, even when I was delayed. He didn't insist or hold a grudge. He was cooperative and willing.

We also loved him for his animal dignity. When we were finished petting, he would get up and leave. He didn't beg for more. We loved his handsome visage and thick black coat. His happiness made us happy.


Love is the currency of the real world.  We are rich in proportion to the people and animals we love, and who love us.

Our obsession with Gold and currency as wealth is misplaced. What if every day we set out to increase our store of love instead?

Remember what Jesus said to the rich man? Give all your money away and follow me.

Jesus was so filled with God's Love that nothing else mattered.
God is Love. God is Reality. He is our Father, what we all crave. Inversely, most of us are so far away from this reality, we seek love in money, sex, status and various other addictions.

A reader from Australia, Malcolm, tells a parable of a good wolf and an evil wolf fighting in our souls.

Which will win? The answer: the one we feed.

We seem to have a good voice and and evil voice in our heads competing for our soul.

Is this the best way to handle the evil voice? Starve him to death? Go cold turkey?

Sometimes I feed the evil wolf so he doesn't bother me so much. Sometimes it works. I eventually see that these temptations are boring, after all.

 A friend said, "My addictions have become my friends." But they are not friends. Often, cold turkey is the fastest way to freedom.

I have been starving the good wolf. I need to kick start my inner life instead of depending on external support. Focus on God. Enjoying mySelf.

The key is to avoid negative thoughts. The mind is an altar. Every thought an offering to God.  I used to listen to a Jazz radio station. The DJ always signed off with the words, "Think nice thoughts."


Society has been under satanic dominion for a long time. This hasn't prevented special people from shining the light.

Some of us may graduate to universal love, the kind that isn't part of the prism of our own needs. Self-less ness is next to God-liness. Let the ego die and be born again!

Apparently, there are as many stars as grains of sand on the earth's beaches. Who do you think will ultimately prevail? God or this pathetic Illuminati freak-show?

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Comments for " What is Love?"

Doug said (April 3, 2013):

Love is a contract and this is the problem today. The PTB want people to remain as children so they can be managed rather than attain freedom on their own through their ability to contract. Marriage love is to forsake all others and to obey terms of marriage contract. A parents
love is to raise their children to be the best they can be, the contract is reciprocated when the parent gets old, the child then cares for the parent.

Love in friendship is simply trust and support. No man stands alone for long. A dogs love for its master is in respect of its master as the leader
of the pack. Love of God is to obey the contract - the ten commandments.

We lose our own natural right - it doesn't get taken from us. Our parents and society do not fulfill the contract of love to us as children so we never learn and do not fulfill our obligation to society nor parents, they no longer learn. We play and watch TV. Even the satanists cannot disobey law - it puts them in peril. Law is always necessary and law is based on
contract. Law is law and its as immutable as the law of gravity and it is far from synonymous with "legal". Legal is the house rules we must obey as

We all have a contract with society - to preserve it in its original purpose - protection us from barbarians and ease of economic load. We are
not doing this and therefore do not receive the benefits of society.

Its a word used to distort the reality of adulthood, love is simply ongoing trust.

LC said (April 2, 2013):

Just want to tell you what a truly wonderful, insightful, uplifting article this was. Absolutely wonderful.

My mother, too, was a loving inspiration who devoted her every breath to the betterment of her family and children. Where are those kinds of women today? Destroyed by The Illuminati's perversion and corruption of Women and Womanhood, which leads any knowledgeable man to despair that he might ever find a woman who understands what being a mother truly means.

Many thanks for your wisdom, Henry, and for sharing it. This as so very special.

Peter said (April 2, 2013):

I know that it is painful to lose her, and missing her.

As we say in prayer of remembrance in the
Byzantine Eastern Rite Catholic and Orthodox Churches,

"May her memory be eternal"

You miss her because she first loved you, and you love her, too.
In this life all things pass away.
Only love endures forever.

John said (April 2, 2013):

Hello Henry---I lost my mother 2 weeks ago, after a (mercifully) swift bout with cancer. (A disease which I'm convinced can be easily cured, but is suppressed by insane satanists, but that's another story.) In January my father wrote "We talked for a long time about the past and future. She is not afraid, she is prepared, and just worries about all of us, especially me. I think that is what real love is." Pretty good definition to me.

We all despair a bit these days, but many people are a lot less worried due to your work, Henry. Keep it coming.

Gene said (April 2, 2013):

To answer your closing question, love will prevail because love is the only real power in the universe. John had it right in 1John 4:8 - “He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” and in 1John 4:16 - “And we have known and believed the love that God hath to us. God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and God in him.” For love not to prevail would mean that God, the all powerful creator, does not prevail. Evil only has power when someone gives up the power of love to it which is why Satan must rely on deceit and illusion. That’s why the truth is so important. Keep revealing the deceit Henry.

Rosie said (April 2, 2013):

Thank you for sharing something so personal with us. I always say that love is my favorite four letter word. I did not read all of the comments, but recently the Lord shared something with me and I want to share it with you.

Non-Christians are very good at pretending to be believers these days. They have heard enough to fake it. But if you ever want to know if someone is a true child of God, start talking about how the bible says, We are to love our enemies.

The world will not understand that at all. Because their father, the devil has no capacity for love, so he can not help them in that area. Many of them confuse love with physical attraction, so when the lust wears off, they are ready to move on. If you start talking to them about loving their enemy, they are going to think you are crazy.

But a real Christian understands that if we want to see the Lord, we have to genuinely love and forgive everyone. That love is a choice and not some emotion that you fall in and out of. When people ask me what I believe the meaning of life is? I say love, because God is love.

Debra said (April 2, 2013):

From personal experience, and maybe it will apply to you (Henry); spiritual awakening is often preceded by extreme sorrow. Not necessarily the sentimental type, but the seeing of the 'Self', that dreadful entity (evil, and distinct from satan) that craves attention and constant gratification. It is a dreadful monster and must be crucified daily. Your 'friends' are those who help you to kill it. So difficult is the task, it may take lifetimes to achieve; but, when achieved, comes True Joy. Daily 'It' must be crucified; not once.

Hakeeem said (April 1, 2013):

Henry, hope all is well. Really enjoyed your article and I can relate to it more than you can imagine. "...Her selfless devotion to her family makes me tear up.....I use the world as distraction and excuse..." - WOW! My mom has a similar place in my heart. She has been such a strong, loving person who has sacrificed and continues to make sacrifices for her loved ones. God bless our mothers' souls.

I also can be left distraught and overwhelmed by the negativity in the world, only to realize that I'm just using it as a distraction and excuse. I guess we each have to use what we know about the new world order in the most positive way possible, which can be a challenge.

I myself, am at the point where I'm no longer obsessed with it, and have used what I have learned as a means to stay away from the mainstream and status quo way of life (much of which is negative). I am now trying to focus more on the good that I can do to develop myself and help others. It takes effort and sacrifice.... basically the characteristics our mothers' mastered. I believe you can take a positive out of everything, even of the most negative. We can take everything as a lesson.

Everything/everyone can either serve as a good example, or a bad example. We can use both for good. Even the bad examples can teach us how NOT to be and help us appreciate the good even more.

"...Often, cold turkey is the fastest way to freedom. I need to kick start my inner life instead of depending on external support. Focus on God. Enjoying myself..." Couldn't have said it better myself, Henry.

James said (April 1, 2013):

Pathetic Illuminati freak-show. By far the best characterization I ever heard for our world, brought to us courtesy of the thieving money printers. At least everybody always knew who and what Ali Baba and the 40 robbers were. But the thieving money printers today have come to calling themselves noble. What perversion. And what a bad loss to live in this time when the evil in our world seems greater than ever before, with hardly a day of reprieve. My only wish is to live when the bastards get flushed down the toilet.

VB said (April 1, 2013):

So much mischief, misery, conspiracies and there is hardly any space or silence in man's life on marvlous earth. Here is J Krishnamurthi speaking with Dr. Allen W Anderson on What is Meditation? i.e. real meditation not as Zen, Hindu, east or west....

part 1

part 2

The search for enlightenment is futile, and meaningless once the silence is known which is immeasurable, unseekable, something thought can't capture.

Brian said (April 1, 2013):

I'm sorry to hear that your dog died. My dogs too died recently, and not a day goes by that I don't miss them.

People who know realize that we need them more than they need us. They come into this putrid existence as a total sacrifice for us. Would we do the same, knowing the total peace and tranquility we would be leaving to do so? This of course is what Christ did, and dogs are pure Divine creatures no less than Him.

You know the song Mr. Bojangles? There's a lyric. "...his dog up and died, and after 20 years he still grieves." A true testament to their Divine status. And yet, in our grief the love we feel is the power that restores our faith in its existence.

The native-american, Red Elk, tells of his ability to visit his dogs in their worlds of spirit. And the indigenous understanding of true spirituality is where we must strive. Then the grieving is redeemed - the bridge gapped with no impediments to love's experience.

JB said (April 1, 2013):

Here are two more songs, The Easter Song, by Second Chapter of Acts:

And Psalm 61 by Matthew Ward of Second Chapter, when he was a young teenager

Richard said (April 1, 2013):

you have been and continue to be a beacon of revelation for many men/ your readers to realise their real place in nature's (God's) order. As a male over 50 I cannot gush too easily with loving comments. But my spirit thanks you so much for you guidence and efforts and must emplore you to stay strong and continue your work. Your presence is a powerful light in a darkening world. You have many mant followers who wish you continued strength and happiness. God bless you


Dear Richard,

Now that's love. Thank you!


William said (April 1, 2013):

I almost gasped as I read this article, because I could have written it myself. Your struggle is my own and like you I've come to realize that we have to keep our thoughts as pure as possible if we are to be effective warriors against darkness. 'Where thoughts go, energy flows', as they say. I too have thrown the odd scrap at the evil wolf when things got too much, but it always comes back for more. Personally I find prayer a very helpful alternative.

Githe said (March 31, 2013):

My dear, darling Mr Makow.

You're overwhelmed with it all because you're doing it without Jesus. You're very noble but doing what you do, without Jesus, will make you burn out or go crazy, or both.

You're confronting evil with no back-up, no revelation of the opposite of evil, no revelation of Truth, Christ and God's goodness because you're still denying Christ.

I have no doubt that what you're doing is orchestrated by God and He has planned all of this before the foundation of the world. He loves your love of the truth but there is more for you than this. There is more for you than staring evil in the face and sighing because it overwhelms and frustrates you.

God wants YOU to have life. You have given others the truth - God wants to feed you HIS truth, the reality of His Son, Jesus Christ. He wants to comfort you and bless you, He wants to give you life.

God wants people warned about what's going on out there and He is pleased with Your love for and proclamation of the truth but Jesus wants Your heart and He wants You to tell people about Him more than telling them about Satan.

He loves you so much, Mr Makow. I pray that the Holy Spirit draws you continuously to Him. He's our only hope.

And be encouraged, Mr Makow. Jesus has already overcome Satan! Satan is not the problem. Our souls are!

JG said (March 31, 2013):

Love is sacrificing for others welfare. Love is never self serving.
Love knows no envy.
Love is never a slave to the lusts of the world.
Love is accepting self as the least and not the greatest.
Love has only one master and that is Jesus Christ. Why? Because the Church is his bride.

Les said (March 31, 2013):

We've both been in this 'game' a while... I'm finding it tiring, myself, and I'm often wondering if it's worth fighting at all. Luckily, the "evil wolf" is still there, clamouring for his meat and will never be denied as long as there is some fascist or oligarch out there to feed upon. The other wolf tempers his ferocity, but we'll always need both to get through this thing and we will get through it. There are casualties in every war, the first one is always truth. We are the truth and it always wins out.

Been blogging a long time, crossed swords with literally thousands of dupes of the Order. I'll always be a soldier, there'll be no medals or parades for me. Just that "Well done, good and faithful servant!" I'll (hopefully) receive from the Master when He deals with Satan and his host permanently. After all, in the end, it's all about Him, not us.

You've always been an inspiration to me, sir. Keep up the good fight!

Thanks Les,

We inspire each other.


Wade said (March 31, 2013):

I was so blessed and edified by your article today about love. I get so caught up in what the
enemy's of our freedom and our souls are doing...I can easily lose my Joy. Thank you so much
for your article today. I need to save it and read it often. I know from conversations I have had
with other people of like precious faith, that the affliction I bear is common among most of us.

B said (March 31, 2013):

And who loves us more than Jesus? Dying for us.
I don't feel helpless because of N.W.O. It´s a spiritual war at first. If you cannot beat an evil force go higher and find God.

When I find the Holy Spirit of Jesus, I find myself full of love. I can´t explain, its just something He does. Only then I can answer the evil with good. Not with my forces (I feel tired), but with His.

People used to forget God is not only love, he is justice too. I think it's all happening because it's our fault. We didn't run to Him. So we slide to Satan.

But at the end everything will be ok (that's my higher hope): Revelation 21 and 22.

My way of fighting Ephesians 6:10 to 18, and lots of gospel music, that very spiritual ones.

Gordon said (March 31, 2013):

Thanks for this confession of the tremendous strain it is on you to reveal the workings of this world. I have had much concern for you over this for a few years as I know first hand what it can do to you when you have to stare into this mess that the devil has created.

Since Adam and Eve, this whole struggle was for the soul of mankind, as Satan has temporary dominion over worldly things that cause us to stray from God. Thanks to the Lord, Satan's dominion ends and all that will remain will be Godly and righteous.

I will pray for your peace of mind through Christ so that you will rely on his strength to get you through your mission. With that, God's will for you will be unstoppable. Be mindful to hate sin and the ways of this world but be compassionate of those still bound to Satan as the only future they might have is with Christ.

Thanks much Gordon,

People need to know the true character of the world they inhabit in order to avoid its snares. It is a worthwhile task.


A said (March 31, 2013):

And you are right about true love.

Real love is proven and not proclaimed when you actually suffering just "lust."

Nothing wrong with lust or wine occasionally because they can be addictions.

Real love is love of family and country.

BTW: I miss my mom too.

Asked who should we should respect, Muhammad said, "Your mother."

When asked a second time, Muhammad said, "Your mother."

And a third, Muhammad said, "Your mother."

Finally asked "besides your mother is their anyone else" -- Muhammad said, "Your father."

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at