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Misfits Used to Attack Hetero Institutions

April 12, 2013


The "Prom" Dance is a dying institution because
 (Illuminati) Satanists champion misfits. Indeed dances
in general are disappearing from campuses as hetero dating
& courtship have been replaced by homo "cruising" i.e. anonymous sex.

"In posts, less than three months ago, there's no mention at all of feeling like a female, and not a hint of cross dressing."

by Richard Evans

A high school senior named George, who prefers to be called Tony, decided he's a "she" recently, and asked permission to wear a dress to the prom. The Assistant Principal said no, because of the dress code.

You see, about 20 years ago Houston re-imposed the dress code to curb gang identification.  Gang members use clothing to express their identity.

george13.jpgAs a result, 'Tony' felt great anxiety about being denied expression of his new identity as a "girl."  In February, he took his request to the Principal, who said she'd have to bring it up for a vote at the school board.

That's when out of thin air the Communist Jewish (Illuminati) ACLU became involved.  How did they hear about it?  The media didn't say.  We are left to speculate.  Either the student called them - which seems unlikely, or a mole on the school board did. 

Just one letter to the Principal asserting that "Tony's right to express her gender identity was protected by both federal statutes and the federal constitution" and that was it.   No school board meeting was held - it wasn't even put to a school board vote -- much less parents, or the general public.   The media has not interviewed other students about how they feel about it.   Instead, ACLU senior staff attorney crowed that George "was thrilled. You could hear the excitement in her voice about the fact that she would be able to go to  the prom in what she wanted to wear and attend in a way that she feels comfortable and able to be herself."

This is the first time I've heard of the ACLU having executive order authority over public schools.  

MY OWN QUICK RESEARCH on the student, George Zamazal on a social network site turned up, "george zamazal wants some sex but sex chat works too. So whose game?"  22, Male  El Campo, Texas   

There's more.  George put up a Youtube  called "George: the story of Me" in which he introduces himself as 19 years old, gay, and "into drugs".  He posted it in January this year - less than three months ago.  There's no mention at all of feeling like a female, and not a hint of cross dressing.
He says he gets bored.   He says he recently shaved his head.  He mentions his mom didn't like it. Now here's a direct quote: "It's not about shaving your head, it's about dropping all your inhibitions, your fears".  Then he lapses into unintelligible rambling for 13 minutes.

aclucommunist2.jpgThis disturbed adolescent needs the kind of understanding he'd get from NARTH, not exploitation by the ACLU.  He's a product of single overworked mom neglect and a culture in which the inmates are running the asylum.   He's borderline.   It's typical of people conceived by accident in meaningless sex encounters.  

There has been an exponential boom of such children in the subverted West.    Do you see what's going on here?  Not only are these damaged teens not being properly helped by the school system, the 'gay laws' are being constructed to make damn sure that help itself will be against the law.

They're dooming such people to short, miserable lives.  With the help of the professional subversives at the ACLU and media, George's delusions are being blown out of proportion with 'fame'.   What do you think is going to go on inside his head "after the ball", when he finds himself back in ignored isolation in his mom's apartment?    

NY DAILY NEWS "Tony Zamazal is fighting for his right to wear a dress to his prom."

It's sickening how the media uses damaged people.   

row1.jpgROE VS. WADE

Another example of how the ACLU uses the downtrodden for their political agendas was "Jane Roe" from Roe vs. Wade.   In 1969, an impoverished unmarried, pregnant girl was approached in a Dallas courthouse by two ACLU feminist lawyers who convinced her to claim her pregnancy was the result of rape - the only way to obtain a legal abortion at the time. 

The problem was that it wasn't true, so the Texas court refused the abortion.  This is the case the ACLU took to the Supreme Court resulting in abortion becoming a form of birth control in the United States.   

The ACLU lawyers persuaded "Roe" she was a lesbian and for several years was kept by lesbian handlers.  When she grew up in the 1980s, she asserted that she had been the "pawn" of the ACLU.  She never wanted an abortion -- she was seeking a divorce from her husband -- but the feminist attorney Sarah Weddington used the case as a means of attempting to overturn a Texas' law making most abortions illegal. Weddington took the case all the way to the Supreme Court, which invalidated every pro-life state law in the nation protecting unborn children and the rest is history.

mccovey.jpg"Roe" actually never had an abortion - she gave the baby up for adoption.  Many years later, she exposed the seamy, manipulative side of the ACLU and lesbian networking in a published book in 1984,  'I Am Roe'.  She 'came out' with her real name of  Norma McCorvey, renouncing lesbianism and abortion.  

In 2005 she petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the abortion law,  arguing that the case should be heard once again in light of evidence that the procedure harms women, but the petition was denied. She was arrested on the first day of U.S. Senate hearings for the confirmation to the Supreme Court of the United States of Sonia Sotomayor.

Meanwhile George or Tony will be allowed to create a spectacle and disrupt what is a special event in the lives of heterosexual youths.  This is another way of saying their sexual institutions must be relegated and downplayed to avoid offending offending tiny sexual minorities.  This is nothing but a veiled occult attack on the sexual identity of the vast majority.


Makow Comment -  Thanks to the ACLU & Illuminati media, any disturbed man who wants to pee in a woman's washroom can be elevated to Rosa Parks status.

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Comments for "Misfits Used to Attack Hetero Institutions "

Les said (April 13, 2013):

m afraid the time has come when we can no longer assume that we can protest anything so controversial as this and not expect retribution for it, either legally or in the form of ignorant peer pressure. People have, for too long, allowed themselves to be duped by politically-correct morons and have been programmed into docility. So-called "progressives" have hijacked morality and redefined it to suit their insane and self-serving view of the 'perfect' society.

Everything will come at great personal cost, now. Of course, there are many ways to get the word out. Eventually, when they tighten the noose on the Internet and neuter the last great venue of information and expression and means of curbing the insanity that the globalists are fomenting, there will have to be a return to the posting of bills in public places... don't toss out your word processors, just yet! Use graffiti, if you have to, the sky's the limit.

You're calling this sickness exactly what it is, a perverse and unholy affliction of reason and sensibility. People can't seem to grasp how easily this fits in with a totalitarian agenda for world domination, being too concerned with being politically correct and acceptable in the eyes of other dupes and their socialist gurus. Never give up! Be as dedicated as they are to tearing down society, in preserving it. They've already lost, they just don't realize it. Just as we face "principalities and powers", conversely, they face God's wrath. I wouldn't want to live in any other times than these, great events are about to take place!

Ron said (April 12, 2013):

When the University of Texas at San Antonio hired its first transgendered instructor a decade ago, what the students call "chicks with dicks," the women employees were horrified to find a 6 foot 5 inch 240 pound thing with a penis using the ladies room.

When the ladies without penises objected for fear of rape or health issues, they were ignored. Since he/she/it was undergoing the transformation process and he/she/it was a military veteran, the government was paying the huge cost of the transgendering process.

For the record, there's nothing that can prepare you for a huge middle-aged man in an ill-fitting dress, size 15 or bigger men's shoes, and an even more ill-fitting women's wig perched atop his head. Even the students, who have been brainwashed into accepting the LBGT dogma, seemed appalled. The headline in the story uses the word "misfits." Freaks would be more accurate.

Dan said (April 12, 2013):

Proponents of the so-called 'gay movement' believe that by celebrating sodomy and sex addiction, and destroying the definition of marriage and family, sexual deviants can become equal to normal people. They believe that expressing pride in their sex addictions, they prove that deviants are superior. Like feminists, they believe that equality can be achieved by focusing solely on their 'rights'.

The ACLU's case with George is that gender is a fashion choice, not a biological fact. Oddly, they aren't making a case that George was 'born this way', since his Youtube and previous sex ad disqualify him from diagnosis as a real transexual. His documented history is symptomatic of identity disturbance typical of adolescent borderline personality disorder.

The ACLU would love nothing better than for this boy to get beaten or threatening posts on his social network pages. The whole thing smacks of a setup for exactly that. GLAAD would cream their jeans, for they advertise these deranged misfits as BAIT. Don't fall into their "bully" trap.

The best way to beat the gay narcissistic approach is to completely ignore them in public. Instead, we need to call attention to the fact that the ACLU is taking advantage of mentally ill minors in these cases.

Tony said (April 12, 2013):

"How do we combat the creeping evil of this irrational logic taking over our culture?"

With manly ridicule. Call a faggot a faggot, laugh at his stupidity and shun the idiot. Why worry yourself over something so basic? Just use good ol' fashioned right reason and separate yourself from such perversion. ZERO TOLERATION. An absolutely proper place to apply it. If men just act manly the laws will reverse in less than a year.

Women can act as illogically on the subject as they are manipulated, as always. Who cares anymore?

This is supposed to be a "Christian nation." Ask any Protestant. Well, Christians, at least, have a duty to not tolerate evil, period. Can't have it both ways with pusillanimous bullshit concerning some evil doers' feelings.

Hell, when I was young in this country, if some asshole went pussying around in women's clothes he was liable to be castrated before the sun came up the next morning. ZERO TOLERATION. Try it, you'll like it.

Dan said (April 11, 2013):

A bill was put before the Texas Legislature in 2011 that strikes a clause that sex education in Texas public school had to inform students that the homosexual lifestyle is a health hazard (anal sex is the sure way to contract HIV/AIDS).

"...information on how to cope with and rebuff unwanted physical and verbal sexual advances, as well as the importance of avoiding the sexual exploitation of other persons;....... [and emphasis, provided in a factual manner and from a public health perspective, that homosexuality is not a lifestyle acceptable to the general public"] H.B. No. 604

This effectively makes it illegal for public school teachers and staff to warn students of any 'downside' to the homosexual 'lifestyle'. Never mind endangering public health at large through bisexuals spreading disease to unwitting women.
The bill PASSED!

There is an appalling lack of civil responsibility on the part of elected representatives on the matter of suppressing the health risks of sex addiction 'lifestyles' as well as dangerous disinformation drilled into public school students. It should be grounds for impeachment. Where is the ACLU to the rescue?

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at