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Reader is Transported by Traditional Latin Mass

April 9, 2013


I'm convinced millions of women could throw away their anti-depressants if they could just experience the real Mass!

"I have had a startling and eye-opening experience witnessing first hand the evil from the local chancery as it moves to suppress the mass I attend, and the complete inability of most parishioners to accurately assess what is happening." 

by Wendy Holland

One Sunday morning last June, through a sequence of spontaneous events, with no forethought, desire, or planning, I ended up at a Tridentine Mass.  I didn't know what a Tridentine Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) was; I had never heard of such a thing.  I was raised by a Protestant mother and Catholic father, neither particularly observant, and as a teen in my early seventies fell away from both religions.  The few times I have had occasion to go to a church service, whether Protestant of Catholic, I felt they were "empty". 

Meanwhile, however, I searched high and low for truth:  Buddhism, various forms of mysticism, Carlos Castaneda books, Yogananda, Unity Church, meditation, Baptist Church, Theosophy, Course in Miracles, etc etc etc, and was serious for extended periods about some of them. 

And then, last June, the universe intervened and crash landed me in a Traditional Latin Mass.  I felt so disoriented by the experience of the Mass.  My mind couldn't grasp what was happening and what these people were doing.

By the second week I was attending traditional masses several times a week... and continuing. The Mass unambiguously, unapologetically and powerfully establishes the true relationship of God and man, that is, man is under God.  At first I felt embarrassed to kneel and say words like:  "We praise Thee. We bless Thee.  We adore Thee.  We give Thee thanks for Thy great glory, Lord God, heavenly King.", my egocentric mind rebelling at this direct acknowledgement of who's who.  Now, however, these words are humbling and moving because of the truth I feel in them.  This is a real and serious attitude adjustment! I'm not the boss of me.


Other prayers are poignant and passionate, a crying out to God:  "For Thou, O God, art my strength:...and why do I go sorrowful whilst the enemy afflicteth me?"  Ironically, there is something strengthening about acknowledging the truth of one's dependence on God, and something powerful about expressing direct adoration.  (These prayers contrast sharply with the bland and boring services of mainstream religions, in which man, not God, is often the focus.)  The Mass is also a powerful reminder of the glorious majesty of God, an aspect of God which has been erased from modern consciousness.  

With no exaggeration, I felt like Christopher Columbus discovering the new vast world, unexplored and overwhelming in its potential. Over the past months, immersed in learning about traditional Catholic teachings, so many mini-nukes have exploded in my mind, that is, various traditional Catholic ideas which would explode my established mental structure, toss everything up in the air to be resettled in a new worldview, more truthful, I believe.   I often feel the palpable presence of God and the heavenly hosts (almost an anguish of joy I could say), and an indescribable Rightness about it.

A recent explosion, for example, was the new-to-me idea, which traditional Catholicism has evidently defended for centuries: the idea of objective truth, that is, we can trust our senses.  As opposed to Descarte's meaningless "I think therefore I am."  (instead of "God created me."), and Kant's idea that we can't really know anything for certain, and others.  All of this insidiously and eventually led to our current subjectivism and relativism. 

Another idea which has been sobering to me is the idea that worship and adoration are owed to value (God), and that this would be intuitively understood by the healthy psyche (from Dietrich von Hildebrand's "Personality and Liturgy").

What? What?  Some of the other "mini-nukes" have been:  homosexuality (really wrong), abortion (How had I never realized that these are little people whose lives are being cut short?), no absolute separation of church and state (You gotta be kidding!!), there is good and there is evil (as opposed to: "It's all good."), even understanding why modest feminine clothing is right (good grief!). 

Also, realization of truth of Satan's minions in the invisible world, i.e demons, and how very, very common that is... really more the norm than not when it comes to extreme states of anger/lust/addiction/hatred/despair, etc., although this understanding has been removed from even the minds of many traditional Catholics.  But this is the truth as taught for 1900 years by the Catholic church. 

One can't read the Roman Missale for long without coming upon a prayer imploring God to protect from the wiles of the devil.  (We have been trained to dismiss ancient peoples as dumb and superstitious, whereas they were smarter and wiser.)  Well, I've had so many "experiences" in the last few months confirming certain teachings that it is mind-boggling, and quite unbelievable to me.  This realm of angels, archangels, demons, Our Lady Queen of Heaven, is true.


I don't blame you if you find this a stretch.  My entrenched secular mind continues to revolt against all of this and thinks the part of me that feels the heavenly hosts at Mass, is nuts.  Ha ha.  Everyone knows only simple superstitious peasants believe this.  Oh dear, Henry, the world is not as it is presented to us.

There is a scene in Absence of Malice with Paul Newman in which a dozen attorneys discuss a case and one of them swears using the name of Jesus Christ.  The head guy turns to the middle-aged secretary taking notes in the corner of the room at her type-writer, and says something like, "Excuse us, Betty, if we offended you." 

In other words, only dumb, uneducated, unimportant, poor people believe, certainly not important, smart, rich, well-educated people.  Naturally we have absorbed this message, as you know, from the thousand ways it has been cunningly slipped into our world view.

Bishop Lefebvre said that the modern Catholic Church is "sterile and incapable of sanctifying society and the family".  What?  Who would have thought a religion ever thought itself capable of sanctifying society.  And I don't think the Bishop was referring only to a moral influence, but to a supernatural reality.  After all, it really is the Real Presence in the communion host.  A fact some Catholics and even priests no longer believe.

One of my first reactions when I stumbled upon the Tridentine Mass, was shock at having stumbled upon this amazing thing. Why didn't everyone know about this? I'm convinced millions of women could throw away their anti-depressants if they could just experience the real mass! (Okay, maybe a few times in order for it to sink in).  


Why is knowledge of this Mass completely unknown to the entire society?  Because, understanding that it is a potent invocation of God and the heavenly hosts, Satan and his visible and invisible helpers hate it.  The entire modern Catholic hierarchy is using every resource to stamp out every tiny little pocket of people trying to practice the Mass of the Ages!!  It's ridiculous, and tells you something about what they know about the Mass.

Over the past months I learned about the Second Vatican Council.  As soon as I started reading about it I knew it was another aspect of the Illuminati take-over of the world, being carried out within the Catholic Church. 

Most traditional Catholics have a hard time understanding why they have to struggle so hard for the simple right to practice traditional rites and sacraments because they don't understand the big picture of what is going on in the world. 

I have had a startling and eye-opening experience witnessing first hand the evil from the local chancery as it moves to suppress the mass I attend, and the complete inability of most parishioners to accurately assess what is happening.  Therefore, they are paralyzed and display horrifying indoctrination by using words like "obedience", "charity" and "prudence" as the ship sinks.

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Comments for "Reader is Transported by Traditional Latin Mass"

Michael said (April 10, 2013):

Every since the Ascension of Our Lord Jesus Christ there have been brash ad hominem attacks against His followers. Throughout history Christians have been beaten, mutilated, dis-enfranchised and killed simply for believing that their Savior was God Incarnate. The world has always hated Christians and has concocted over the centuries a myriad of innuendos, half truths and outright lies to lead ‘the sheep’ astray and away from seeking Truth.

Jesus admonished us, to expect nothing more than that which He received from the world if we are to be his followers. We are to speak out to the community at large and point out that darkness is nothing. It is the mere absence of Light. We must remind our fellow man that one cannot see in the darkness and Truth can only be revealed through the Light which is Christ Jesus. If my world view is that Jesus was indeed God then ‘how foolish would I be’ to not follow his commands.

Is that so hard for non-Christians to understand? You see being a christian requires us to hold a worldview outside of ‘the world’ yet living in it.

Any honest, research and exploration of Christianity can only lead you to the Catholic church with all of its’ warts, blemishes, faults and weaknesses. When you reach this point you will wonder why God would have chosen such an unlikely bunch of sinners to represent His church here on earth... a great mystery indeed.

Regardless of who you are, you have a worldview. Does yours stand up to scrutiny? Does your worldview seek to better mankind? Does your worldview protect the innocent, serve those in need and seek ways to better understand and communicate with your fellow man?

With all of its’ difficulties, transgressors, hindrances and disappointments the Catholic church still advocates the Truth to mankind.

Monica said (April 10, 2013):

While I sympathize with Wendy and appreciate her "discovery" in spirituality, she is about 75 years too late. The Tridentine Mass and all masses for that matter are invalid. Much of what has been said in the comments for this article about the Satanic/Masonic takeover of the Hierarchy of the institutional Catholic Church is true, sadly, so I won't repeat it.
It seems many faithful are unaware that in 2003 the bishops of the world announced universally (many through their official websites) that the Church under their direction is now completely "Charismatic", referring to the infamous Charismatic Movement, which is the heresy of Spiritism (demonic worship and interaction) rightly condemned by the Church hundreds of years ago. In essence they declared they were now championing the "other side" in the spiritual battle and de facto excommunicated not only themselves but all those faithful/obedient to them.

This is completely in accord with anti-Pope Benedict's very public repudiation of the entire Syllabus of Errors in 2004, the embodiment of all Catholic doctrine. In a very public interview Benedict declared it represented "a completely new direction" in Catholic teaching. Indeed!
The Tridentine Mass was not "born" intact, it evolved over a period of many years. It has been freely admitted that it holds many similarities to Satanic rites (which existed prior to the mass's inception). This bears out the assertion that the infiltration of the institutional Catholic Church is many centuries old and the Judaic/Satanic influence is manifest in many of the Church's symbols and rites.
This does not in any way invalidate the authenticity or Divine support of the institutional Catholic Church.

Our Lord Himself told the parable of the wheat and the tares, alluding to the future infiltration of His Church, and how, for the sake of the little souls who would be scandalized and demoralized and would otherwise lose their faith, that God would permit the two, absolute evil and absolute good, to hold sway side by side. He said, in the end, the reaping and thrashing would separate the good seed from the weeds.

Because the institutional Church has been completely taken over by Satanic Masonry, symbolized by the Black Pope, anti-pope Jesuit Francis, now sitting in Peter's seat, it is entirely to the taste of those now in control to reinstate the Tridentine Mass, since it no longer contains the Divine Mysteries (due to the self-excommunication of the hierarchy) but can now be used as a familiar-to-the-faithful tool celebrating Satanism.

This will be anti-pope Francis' "gift" to the duped faithful. A perceived step backwards into the "old" faith, which is really the "new" faith of enlightenment, barefaced Satanic ceremony.

Milton said (April 10, 2013):

What was true of the Catholic church during Martin Luther's time is now true of both Protestants (who now protest nothing) and Catholics.

Catholicism has always been a mixture of Babylonianism and Christianity.In Alexander Hislop's book 'The Two Babylons' for instance he says the the IHS on the sacred wafer bread stands for Isis,Horus and Set.Jesus was never represented by three letters any more than Moses or Daniel.The letters if standing for Jesus and correctly translated would be IES.

The Pope calls himself the 'Pontifex Maximus' the title of the pagan high priest of Rome and claims to be the mediator (Pontifex means a bridge/meaning he is the link between this world and the next) when the Bible says only Jesus is the mediator.The Pope claims that Peter is the foundation of the church whereas the Bible says Jesus is the foundation/corner stone.

Mary has been elevated as co-redemtrix with Christ were in reality she was just a mortal woman like the saints and prophets and cannot mediate.

The Catholics present Christ being crucified again and again in their masses and this is offensive to him according to scripture as it has been done once and for all. The humiliation is over and he is off the cross and in power and majesty.His coming will be as a king not a servant the next time.

Just a few points.I may be a bit errant with the details but i am writing from memory not having it all fresh in my mind.

Kristine said (April 10, 2013):

They talk about God, the Saints and Mary but they forget to mention the name of Jesus Christ. Recently I read an article on the website "Watch unto Prayer" whose Thesis was that Catholicism is a covertly jewish appendage and I think the author was right. There are so many parallels one hardly know where to start listing. Idol worship, for one thing, first and foremost.

Wendy´s expectation of her Catholic Church – to bring her to the threshold of ecstasy time and time again, as well as her suggestion to other women to indulge in this "drug" to make them high also, is truly gut-wrenching. What Wendy is "selling" is NWO feel-good fluff and has nothing to do with Jesus Christ, God, the Holy Spirit or salvation of the eternal soul. I suggest she get a Bible and read it.

Vatican II indeed was to be the instrument of apostasy of the Catholic Church and not just the Catholic Church but all churches which are now expected to join together under the umbrella of ecumenicism. (Read on the net about the enthronement of Lucifer in the Vatican by Malachy Martin).

One of the next steps is to be the disappearing of the cross of Christ (nowhere mentioned in the article by Wendy).

Word is now being shed abroad that the cross of Christ is offensive and moreover, due to it´s ubiquity, has lost it´s effectiveness. This is typical NWO blasphemy but unfortunately many churches are subscribing to this "new" PC philosophy for their churches. My impression is that most churches have by now been infested with low-minded satanists who are aggressively running the whole show. Including the one that Wendy goes to.


Thanks Kristine,

I support any system of belief based on adherence to Divine Design. We don't have to follow the same system, but should respect others, and get on with our own worship.


Robert said (April 10, 2013):

Christ conducted the original Eucharist in Hebrew (the sacred language of the Jewish people for synagogue and Torah at the time), not Latin. While I definitely agree the Western Church has abominated almost everything liturgically in its rite, the only way one returns to the actual Eucharist liturgy is by ignoring the men in Rome. Catholics seem too pettifogged (without any basis in Scripture) about loss of salvation if they turn against the hierarchy-- much to their detriment. The first Christian communities showed no such obeisance.

For my background. Mr. Makow, that legitimates my comments here see

Hans said (April 10, 2013):

You don't need a Catholic mass to be in touch with God. Rather on the contrary. "But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking." The Tridentine Mass is not only in Latin, it uses "manuscript missals", like texts recited by actors. And even that text has been politically circumcised, as the prayer formula "for the conversion of the Jews" has been altered and reads now "for the ""enlightenment"" of the Jews"!!! Jesus Christ is not happy about the mass, and the propagated alteration of his will!

Truth is still the best antidepressant!


Mike said (April 10, 2013):

As far as the "suppression of the Latin Mass" being a satanic conspiracy... your article doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg! I recall reading something years ago with a title something to the effect of Rothchild's Red Symphony and a line buried in the transcript of the interview mentions that the only enemy capable of stopping international communism was the Catholic Church but that "there were plans in motion to change that." On reading that I immediately thought "Of course: that plan was the Second Vatican Council and everything that issued forth 'in the spirit' of that council."

If you want a good conspiracy this one is the mother load.

Dan said (April 10, 2013):

I have been reading for years to try to find the words for the immediate experience of my first Eucharist at Confirmation Mass three years ago. The Eucharist is the key to the power of the Mass. The Tridentine, Latin form isn't necessary for the Mass to be valid. Not everyone has access to an antique cathedral and priest that offers it. One of the most moving Masses I've seen was in poor cinder block building on dirt road on the outskirts of Laredo, in vernacular Spanish.

Having said that, I believe there's a power in the Latin Mass that comes from the evocation of centuries of these exact and powerful ancient phrases intoned by the faithful, especially in a church or cathedral that's had many generations pass through it.

Adrian said (April 10, 2013):

Through God's grace Wendy was granted a higher vision. Wonderful.

However, the characteristics and triggers of mystical states are well known and documented going back thousand of years up to the present. They have nothing to do with a specific set of ideas (aka religion).

I encourage readers to take a look at the late Gopi Krishna's writings on the subject of a biological mechanism behind religious impulse, genius and mysticism. This thesis was based on the metabolic and nervous system changes in his own body but also based on decades of research into contemporary cases. He also conducted an extensive literature search of Indian and world mystical and religious texts.

Luminaries as Claus Nobel of the Nobel Foundation and Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker professor of Life Sciences at the prestigious Max Planck institute in Germany were followers of Krishna's work, unfortunately since the 70's almost buried, but of critical importance to us all.
If Mankind persists long enough on this planet, the anthropomorphic view of God will die out just as the Catholic Anthropomorphic Cosmos died out. God is infinite and there are almost certainly an uncountable number conscious beings in awe of Him elsewhere in the cosmos. To think that one needs the mediation of a Catholic priest and Latin to come closer to God is a weak idea. It worked for Wendy, fine, but the rest of the Catholic baggage renders it inappropriate for the majority.

Andrew said (April 10, 2013):

The current mass is not yet invalid as Christ is still in His Church at this moment. It is moving away from Him though (feminists and homosexuals are trying their best to poison the institution), but I would bet there will be a large schism soon. Jesus tells us "And I say to thee: That thou art Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." - Matthew 16:18. There is hope!

Now, I will say that a Catholic seer known as Maria Divine Mercy is in contact with Christ. He has told her that the current Pope is not His servant and is an impostor. Christ has said that Peter the Roman is actually St. Peter and this prophecy lines up with her messages. They can be found here:

CC said (April 9, 2013):

Regarding "Reader is Transported by the Traditional Latin Mass" I can tell you it is THE MOST SUBLIME AND TRANSCENDENT ACT a human can ever experience. I was mesmerized the first time I saw a REAL priest offering the REAL Sacrifice. It was no longer about "me", it was about HIM, the Omnipotent, the Creator!

I too am a convert, as are probably 40% of the young people that go to our Latin Mass. Strong marriages, big families, home-schooled children, wives who love to be mothers and homemakers…it is a rightly-ordered antidote for this evil-invested world.

May God Bless you Henry!

Christine said (April 9, 2013):

Achilles Cardinal Lienart was a leader of Vatican II. On his deathbed in 1973, he confessed to being a 33rd degree Freemason.

He admitted that changes to the Sacraments invalidate them. He also admitted that the purpose of changing the Sacraments was to effect:

1) the destruction of the Mass

2) the desctruction of the Catholic priesthood

3) the destruction of the Apostolic Succession.

See: scroll down for commentary on Lienart.

The religious service that your friend saw may or may not be a True Mass; it must be offered by a genuinely ordained Catholic priest. Due to the destruction of Catholic bishops, there are no bishops that I know of who can ordain priests.

To be a priest, a Catholic man must be ordained by a Catholic bishop who has been consecrated according to the rite of the Catholic Church. Vatican II changed that. Bishops are now installed, not consecrated.

(The present antipope was never ordained as a Catholic priest, consecrated as a Catholic bishop, or consecrated as Pope. Therefore, he is a fraud and a usurper).

Let us pray to Our Lady of Good Success of Quito, Ecuador that the True Mass, Priesthood, and Apostolic Succession will be restored.

James said (April 9, 2013):

A corresponding version and experience can be found in the current and ancient Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church, which has never experienced the desecration of a Vatican II.

Dennis said (April 9, 2013):

What Wendy Holland writes concerning the True Mass is 100% spot on, including her observation of the "take-over" of the Catholic Church by Satan and his minions. God is in control of everything, and He will chastise us in the hope of us returning to Him with humble and contrite hearts. Thus, He allows the evil that takes place within the "catholic" church, sending us leaders (both spiritual and temporal) that we deserve.

True, the worst enemies of the Church have always been recognized and the Faithful have been warned throughout the ages, however, today the worst enemies of Holy Mother Church are bad Catholics. These are the people who claim the title of Catholic, but do not know the Faith, and consequently do little if anything to put the Faith in action. Hence, God allows Satan to give them what they deserve.

My advice? Pray the Rosary, wear the Brown Scapular, attend the valid sacraments offered by a priest validly ordained in the true Catholic Rite by a validly consecrated Bishop and by all means, avoid the Novus Ordo abomination at all cost, sacrificing friends and family if it comes to that point. God will have all of our love or none of it. Lukewarm is not good enough for Him. His will for us? Our sanctification through the practice of the Faith as practiced by our forefathers during the age of faith.

Connie said (April 9, 2013):

What Wendy Holland is saying is true. This Mass will take your breath away.

Tim said (April 9, 2013):

I read with much interest the article on the True Mass (a better term than “Traditional Mass”). I have not only attended the True Mass since 1986 but have been a choir director for it for 20 years.

The “New Mass” of Vatican II is not a Mass at all – it is invalid, since the monsters who created it changed the very words of Jesus Christ, turning it into merely a memorial meal (like the Protestants).

My advice: See for yourselves! Chances are there is a True Mass within decent driving distance of wherever you, the reader, may live.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at