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Biochemist - Love is in Our Cells

April 19, 2013

tree.jpegIf we make ourselves useful to others, for life, or for a Divine project, then we grow again, just like the old tree that still brings useful fruits to nourish life.

"When we look at the organisation of life from the simplest form of life to the most complex, we find that life is based on collaboration, cooperation and altruism built on the sentiment of LOVE. "

by CB


Re. Your article, "Outflanking Death" 
As someone trained in biology and biochemistry, I want to add that even before we come out of the mother's womb, life and death go hand in hand.

The initial cell that received the information that was going to be you begins to travel through cellular divisions, and  arrives at different stages where parts of the new human body weaved under Divine guidance has to renounce cells.

These parts of tissues, such as the skin between our fingers, or the cells that connect our eyelids, or  the placenta and the umbilical cord--at a certain moment must die, because they finished their task, and became useless.

 So it goes with us, as we age, we do not grow physically, and even mentally, and then, as with everything that becomes useless, we have to go away, and leave behind us only some dust and that what we did during our hours of lucidity and potency, good deeds, and bad deeds as well. And the balance for that, only our Creator knows  which were greater.
Nevertheless, I would dare to add that if we persist in making ourselves useful to others, for life, or for a Divine project, then we grow again, just like the old tree that still brings useful fruits to nourish life. It is in spirit, then in motivation and organised thoughts, then in projects and in the fire of action, that we get new life and we may even dare to defy death.

And once the task is finished, if no new motivations come, we say farewell, and go to our eternal destiny, and finally join the Master we served in our journey, in this opportunity that our Creator so lovingly gave us to manifest in the visible world the invisible one; we finally join Him, our Creator, or him, the crafty fallen cherubim that knows his time is short before his final fatal fall.


The functioning of each of our cells is a response to environmental signals including brain signals, and is not controlled by an internal drive.

The signals our brains send to the cells are conditioned by our perceptions, which in turn reflect our beliefs, which act as psychological filters. Thus, if you strongly believe that you are old, you send signals to your whole body of decay and death. You start to behave as an old person, and you accelerate your downfall, your self-destruction.

Biochemist Bruce Lipton says  humanity is beginning a new phase. We have tools of communication that may transform human society and create a community in the image of the cellular community forming our physical bodies.

This is just the normal course of life's path towards something higher, more complex, a fractal repetition of what we see in the macrocosm, to what is happening in the microcosm, at different levels - atoms, molecules, macromolecules, organelles, cells, organisms, societies...

We are in a phase of learning how to better communicate and collaborate, to form a healthy human society, living in harmony with the laws of our Creator, the Creator of the Universe.


This is the opposite of  the Illuminati's effort to make us believe that we live in a mercilessly world, a world of competition and of selection of the fittest and the strongest, according to Darwinian DOGMA.

 When we look at the organisation of life from the simplest form of life to the most complex, we find that life is based on collaboration, cooperation and altruism built on the sentiment of LOVE.

Love is the most evolved form of emotion, and intrinsically is the cement not only of the human collaboration in the traditional family; it is the cement  of any strong and balanced human organisation, for a long time, including the patriotic sentiment, the love for the "fathers land", to the point of dying for its defence.

Milton's version, then Darwin's, and that of other self-proclaimed scientists of the social sciences are just manipulators for egotistic interests of the so called "upper class", motivated by greed and control, real human degenerates. This greedy sick people organised to steal food, water, land, energy and Earth's resources, and freedom for themselves and keep the rest of humanity in wanton, physical and intellectual famine, as slaves for generations and generations...
In computer technology, the "greedy psychopaths"  anticipated increased control. They did not see the liberation of humanity through a level of communication never seen in history, with instant propagation of information and knowledge.

 And this tool, supposed to enslave us, finally is the bearer of freedom, and acceleration towards a better world. But, as any birth, it might be spasmodic and painful, and potentially dangerous.

Nevertheless we must be part of it, because it presages a new way of relating to on another, no longer based on competition, greed, fright, hate, terror, control and domination, but on collaboration, communication, sharing, solidarity, and LOVE, as Christ taught.

We will learn to love each-other as brothers and sisters genuinely, then THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH will COME. And it SHALL come.

Comments for "Biochemist - Love is in Our Cells "

James said (April 21, 2013):

When dark thoughts come, some people succumb to them. They should read CB's article. One of the nicest and most touching things I ever heard against dark thoughts is to think of yourself as the old tree that still brings useful fruits [and happiness] to nourish life. That is pure love, and many will remember it. Everybody should try to follow that recipe if ever the time comes.

Magda said (April 20, 2013):

Greetings Henry, It is important that you discussed this painful issue because death highlights an alternate way of looking at things.

It makes us question our purpose and endeavors in this life. These things we have sought, desired and worked for are they important? If so, am I neglecting perhaps something that is of greater importance. The prophets if they were alive again , what value would they have been assigned? Many were like refugees wandering the earth with sparse possessions and yet they came with messages of glad tidings of a Merciful Creator who wants to guide us......not the other way around.( Most of us unfortunately worship Him according to how we see fit instead of according to his guidance)

These Prophets would have considered losers by today's materialist standards. They did not have collective power, wealth, control of men and as such they would have shunned for the most part by the majority.

What they did have however, were the true standard of success; true faith and a will to better guide and help every person they met despite the personal hardships they suffered in this cause. They were doers of good par excellence, men of virtue and integrity and best of all kindness and good character.

Characteristics that are sadly lacking in the world of today.

Video about the Love of the Creator and many thanks to CB for the article.

Duane said (April 19, 2013):

I think that another thing to add is that the powers that be want homogeny or "sameness" in those they rule as they cant deal with the variance of individual thought and function. This is seen in many corporate & political structures across the spectrum where the dogma is to refelect the beliefs of the board, great leader or the CEO. Variance is ridiculed & punished and, in effect, can be seen as an autoimmune disorder where large and damaging amounts of resources are used to regulate & destroy the cells/men/women of their body which were in reality perfectly healthy parts of the system but who had the temerity to think and act differently from the accepted ideology. "Be part of the herd and chew your cud" is the maxim, forgetting that the herd is simply a food source for the predators.

Cells diversify & specialise and have their own place to be. this could b called "home" or some other appropriate definition within the body. As a result they function and act differently but according to their proper nature. Equality, when seen in these terms must also apply to assuring correct function and purpose to each cell/man/woman for the body to survive and, most importantly, assuring that the person finds their true calling rather than smashing a round peg into a square hole .

The powers try to imitate this with the words of diversity but without the words of home and specialisation and correct function. This results in uprooting people from their homes and proper functions, and creating a homogenous discord that they can identify with. Hence the body attacks itself and eventually becomes sick.

They might say "you cant destroy us". But they do that to themselves anyway by the sickness they create.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at