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Things Get Ugly in Venuzuela

April 21, 2013

venez.jpgA Brazilian website documents a brutal military crackdown
including murders of supporters of Henrique Capriles. They believe the
re-election of Nicolas Meduro, Chavez's designated successor, was a fraud. 
The website also claims that Meduro is a Cuban agent, and that Castro arranged for
Chavez's demise in order to install their agent. (Scroll down on Brazilian site for videos)

Marcos: "Because of Facebook and twitter, there are more than 3200 examples of fraud. Videos of military guys dumping ballots in holes in the ground, burning votes, shooting at people in cold blood.  When people took to the streets "en masse", the Venezuelan Marxists flipped out.
Eight protesters were murdered, army on the streets, massive repression. People who voted for Capriles are being persecuted.
Dilma, Argentina's Kirchner, Uruguay's Mujica, and other Marxist politicians hurried to support and inaugurate Cuba-trained Maduro before things got ugly.

For us in Brazil, it became clear that Lula's Workers Party will never leave power democratically. Inflation is rising, industrial output has fallen 5%, a recession is coming. If people get angry, they will manipulate the election. Brazil has 99% of ballots in electronic form and there is NO paper trail. The machines are made by Diebold, the company caught red handed in fraud events.


The crackdown in Venezuela videos and audio
(Google translation edited by

Some readers have insisted that I present "evidence" of the violence occurring in Venezuela since the announcement on Sunday 14 of the fraudulent victory of Chavez's chosen successor Nicolas Maduro.

I would have thought that the reports, photos and videos that I present would be enough but I see not. Certainly some deluded people here, brainwashed by the media and Brazilian universities want to see blood splashing and see the killer with the gun still smoking in his hand to believe in what I have reported.

fraud.jpgWell, today's edition is almost entirely illustrated by video and audio, and is dedicated to the unbelieving naive pigs who insist on blaming this disorder on the opposition. It should be noted that the good citizens of Venezuela also have no right to have guns to defend themselves because if it were, there would have been a bloodbath of unimaginable proportions.

To understand the dissatisfaction of Venezuelans with these elections, do a quick summary of the facts. In the elections for the presidency on October 7 of last year, the CNE gave Chávez the winner, even though this victory was based on fraud. However, on that occasion the opponent Henrique Capriles - do not know why - without hesitation allowed Chavez to steal the victory and didn't even for an audit at the polls.

Now that Chavez is dead, it appears that the fraud was too large to ignore.  Capriles decided to no longer accept that you usurp the position and disrespect the voters, and called the people to a peaceful demonstration in front of the headquarters of the CNE and demanded that an audit be done on 100% of the votes.

The request for a recount was presented on Monday, April 15th, but the president of the Electoral Body, Tibisay Lucena, took a long time to approve it. Only yesterday she agreed on counting 46% of votes. Perhaps trying not to lose his only chance, Capriles accepted this (jnstead of a 100% count). The Castro brothers were in  hurry to inaugurate Maduro, so UNASUR (the Latin American Nations Union) met in an extraordinary session in Lima (Peru), with the excuse of doing an evaluation of the USA statement about not accepting the Maduro's victory until impartial auditing is performed. The Latin-American Marxist leaders took the opportunity to denounce a US-backed coup d`état from the opposition and gave all their support to Maduro.

chavez=jpg(left, Chavez & Meduro)
There is no doubt that in the rush to elect Maduro, Cuba  has actually governed Venezuela since last December.  As a result, every move that the opposition does will be seen as a real coup.

If, however, there were respect for the Venezuelan Constitution and laws, none of this would be happening because Maduro usurped the position since Chavez appeared not to take office on January 10 and, once heeded the request of the audit, this would be achieved within 30 days - as the laws governing the CNE - and only then would the possession that actually had won a majority of votes. This anticipation of possession is illegal and unconstitutional, but it is known that for Communists, laws serve to be applied only to enemies.

This afternoon I received information that can not help but share, even if it is for future investigation. The site "Dollar Today" published an article which reported that the email accounts of Diosdado Cabello, president of the National Assembly (AN) had been hacked, and from the post office was one that had been sent by "Victor A. Marcial-Vega, MD ", from Puerto Rico, whose title was:" The Vice President Nicolás Maduro President Chavez left to die. "

This email was sent on March 5, when it announced the death of Chavez at 10:46 PM. The messages exchanged between Cabello and several others can be viewed at this link by clicking on the first item in the column on the left in blue, indicating that there was a link.

Well, that and a lot of people have suspected a hypothesis which may not correspond to reality but it makes sense. Maduro was the "anointed" by Castro since the 80s, as divulged in previous editions, but Castro could not take over the country through his agent because Chavez served them well, was always open and his wallet had been playing the "socialist revolution".

castro-chavez.jpgWhen he was diagnosed with cancer, Fidel insisted that he seek treatment in Havana because there he could be eliminated under the guise of a "fatality". Dr Rafael Marquina himself said more than once that if Chavez had if treated in another country, most likely would have been cured. But that was not what the Castro wanted, because they are older and know them little time life, hence the urgency to induct Maduro, his agent docile to higher orders do ALL that you have the king, as is in fact doing.

Well, to finish this edition, I leave them with an audio where the Sports Director of Zulia state, Leonet Cabezas, announces the resignation of all officials who voted for Capriles and threat to their children. In this audio he claims to have to know who voted for each employee, showing a well-authoritarianism that marks this new government and announcing that the vote was not secret.

---Thanks to Marcos

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