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May 16, 2013

Knights of Columbus are NOT Masons     says Hernando, a Spanish Reader

I have just seen this article saying that The Knights of Columbus are Masons?
Come on!
Here you have the web and the history of the Knights of Columbus, founded by a priest and giving honours to the Virgin Mary (Mother for Us, the Catholics), to the Pope, etc.
According to this point of view, even all the Catholics could be "secret or infiltrated" Masons.

The priest of my Parish Church could be a secret mason.
The Bishop of my diocese could be mason.
And all the 1.000 millions of Catholics could be masons. The world upside-down!
This person says that the Klu-Klux-Klan was catholic or christian?
Not at all, sir. The fact that they burn a cross in their meetings or rituals don't mean that they were Christians as an association. Perhaps some of the KKK members could be covert Catholics or Christians but NOT the association officially.

The symbols.

Here in Spain, the Civil Guard (a Police Corp) also has the FASCIO, as a symbol, but is not a mason society. The fascio comes from the Romans and in Spain, my country, there were Romans, and called this country HISPANIA.
Probably the Civil Guard (Police, Police, Police) took this symbol as precedent from the Romans or simply as a group symbol, meaning that this Police would be united and grouped as a corp to prosecute the delinquents, NOT AS MASONS, PLEASE!

One could ask then: Do they have the crown in their logo because they only serve the King and Queen? NOOO!! They have this symbol of the crown because in Spain we have as a political system a Parliamentary Monarchy and even our shield in Spain has a crown, though many people would prefer to have a Republic.


Some people, IGNORANT of the real and authentic meaning of things don't interpret things adequately. What I have to hear today is:

1) The Knights of Columbus, founded by an Irish priest who wanted to help the inmigrants to New England, and that forms a society with good relationships with the Church, within the orthodoxy of Catholics belief (faith, Virgin Mary, Pope, etc) is... MASON ?

2) A symbol as the "fascio", the Roman fascio (unknown in the other side of the Atlantic Ocean because the Romans weren't there, is interpreted as... MASON? when there is a Police Corp in Spain called "Guardia Civil" (or Civil Guard) that has the same symbol. Perhaps the Civil Guard is also... MASON?  I don't think so, because dozens and dozens of members of the Civil Guard in Spain have been assassinated by the terrorist group ETA (this is not, as in USA think, a separatist group of the Basque Country, but a TERRORIST GROUP who has murdered around 1.000 people (police, judges, politicians, journalists, civil people, children...)

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