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Boredom is Lack of Consciousness

May 28, 2013

baby1.jpg(Can humans be so bad if we start out like this?)

"Within a marriage, the male finds his place in evolution by becoming a protector of a principle of Innocence." 

We are all asleep. How can we wake up? 

by Molecule

The article on boredom in marriage shows the problem.  "Boredom" (lack of consciousness) comes alive as the darkness of Illuminati mind control creeps in.  And, it is creepy.

 At that point, the male loses his identity as protector of the idea of evolution, and he becomes a creep.  Within a marriage, the male finds his place in evolution by becoming a protector of a principle of Innocence. 

The Illuminati knows that Evolution cannot happen without Innocence.  (Be assured, those are the two highest targets of the Illuminati in their war against our natural creativity, courage and powers.  There is no boredom, when a couple sees their marriage as a thread in the tapestry of evolution.  The male is the protector, not so much of the female as of the potential Innocence that she brings into this world through her uterus. 

As Hubble Telescope has shown, there's a whole lot of space out there ... in all those billions and billions of light years of space, for each husband, there should be no place more pure than the top curvature of his wife's uterus.

 It is only through that curvature that the innocence of new consciousness is brought into being. Without that renewal of innocence, evolution comes to a standstill, and then dies.

For those who see boredom as mind control by the Illuminati, the challenges of a marriage are worth the mettle.  Whenever that creep of Illuminati boredom sneaks into a marriage, we need to remind our fellow husbands ... La plaisir d'amour ne dur que moment. (The pleasure of sex lasts but a moment. Sorry for the spelling, my high school French was a long time ago.)  There is no satisfaction in contaminating the purity of the purest place in all of space. 

There was another French saying, which restated, went something like this: Boredom creeps as soon as we think about cultivating someone else's garden.  Evolution, as We Know It, and the beautiful tapestry that we can weave into it, by the strength of our masculine caring about the Innocence of women and children, is the one word that the Illuminati fear the most.
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Makow Comment - I like Molecules' perspective. I have a friend who has a 16 mos old child and he could benefit from seeing his role in the terms described here. For myself, with a  grown-up son, I look elsewhere for inspiration.

It's counter-intuitive but self-seeking is not a reliable source of happiness.  We must live for others. Isn't that what marriage is partly about? I will live for you and you for me.  Call it love. And it won't get boring.

Comments for "Boredom is Lack of Consciousness "

Richard said (May 29, 2013):

That's a powerful insight from the contributor, and needed answer to last week's "marital boredom" debate. I'd forgotten that 'boredom' was such a big deal to everyone in my youth. We thought of boredom as force of nature rather than a state of mind. If you took a girl to a piano bar to impress her with your sophistication or wallet, if she was the disco type that preferred dancing instead of having to converse she'd fidget till she said "I'M BORED" as if it's your fault and responsibility.

Boredom results from seeing activities as entertainment. I recall years ago hearing a teenage intern on a job tell the supervisor he wanted something else to do, "this is no fun!". She replied, "if work were fun, it would be called FUN, not work." It was a classic "adult to child" conversation.

jg said (May 28, 2013):

How very true, first the courage goes then your respect for women and children goes along with it. Homosexuality, perversion, and all other "invented" forms of sexual expression outside of marriage defy the natural order of creation.

The secular humanists who promote this agenda appeal to the rebellious nature of man in his sin and defend it as normal behavior. The new definition of innocence is cooperation with their plan and not God's. What is Godly has now been deemed by them as "bigoted" and those who defend God's Law and Word are now "hateful".

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