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Gay Adoption Results in Chaos & Suffering

May 9, 2013

GAY-MARRIAGE.jpg(Left, gay family)

All religious-based adoption agencies in the UK have closed
because they would not sanction child abuse,
i.e. placing heterosexual children in an homosexual environment.
This gratuitous harm is the result of government edict and further confirms our belief that governments  are controlled by Satanists (Illuminati).

"LGBT activists are content to mess up the whole adoption system, then vanish and leave misery for thousands of children."

by Jack S

Before the laws on gay discrimination, there were many adoption agencies operating across the United Kingdom. These charities, many of them Catholic, used to handle more than half of all the adoptions in the UK. They were more successful than the local authorities in finding adoptive families that "worked" because they took more time to vet the prospective parents and because, unlike state officials, really had the welfare of the children at heart.

gay-adoption1.jpgNone of these societies ever had a policy of "anyone can adopt". They placed children only with legally married couples and took many other factors into account  - whether the parents were physically healthy, whether they had any history of crime or mental illness in their family, whether they had a regular job and so on. References and recommendations had to be obtained, records scrutinized. In some cases, these charities had been operating for hundreds of years.

Then along came the LGBT fanatics and demanded to adopt. They claimed that this was somehow their "right". When the adoption societies replied that they believed it was in the best interests of the children to be placed in a home where there is a mother AND and father, the aggressive homosexuals went to court and claimed "discrimination".

All these religious adoption societies one by one have been forced to close down. It started in 2005, under the Labour government that brought in the law, and the last one is closing this year.

Now what is the result? A crisis in adoption. Across England alone there are now 4,600 children waiting to be adopted. Some of them are orphans and others have been taken into council "care" because their parents are incapable of looking after them. They are kept in hostels or placed with temporary foster-families at huge expense to the tax-payer.

These children grow up to be very vulnerable. They perform poorly in school and a very high number of them later live on state benefits, or drift into crime or drug abuse while still in their teens. Many of the girls are lured into prostitution, and even if not, their own children are likely to be born out of wedlock.... so the whole cycle of uncared-for children repeats itself.

timpson.jpgThe government, slave to permissive anti-family notions, has no solution. The Minister for Children and Families, Edward Timpson, left, has issued a circular telling local authorities they must do better in finding adoptive parents, or the responsibility will be taken away from them! 

And where exactly will it be shifted to? Er... that remains to be seen.

The local authorities have been told that they must improve the situation or the government will deal with them sternly. Councils will be offered incentive payments for success in finding childless couples willing to adopt!!!

Local authorities are now advertising in newspapers and on the radio for adoptive parents or even foster-parents and they are running some of their advertisements in homosexual magazines and websites.

Same-sex couples are urged to come forward and claim the surplus children living in "care"....which is now their "right". Unfortunately, there are very few of them. Homosexuals are only 2% of the population and most of them are not interested in adopting children. Most of them do not live in couples.

Those who do would, for the most part, far rather follow their self-indulgent, promiscuous, drug-fueled lifestyle with luxury homes and few responsibilities. There are only 6,000 same-sex couples who have taken advantage of the civil partnership laws, and most of them do not want children. In the 2011 census, 1.1 per cent of the surveyed UK population, approximately 545,000 adults, identified themselves as Gay or Lesbian,

The LGBT activists cannot solve the problems they have caused. They are content to mess up the whole adoption system, then vanish and leave misery for thousands of children.

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First Comment from Richard Evans:

Lombard.jpgA real story about gay adoption that happened in 2009, just before the censorship lock on such news: then-Associate director of Duke University's Center for Health Policy, Frank Lombard, left, was  arrested by the FBI and charged with offering up his adopted 5-year-old African American son for sex to an undercover cop. Lombard's chat handle was "PervDad4Fun" for cryin' out loud. When he thought he was talking to another pedophile, Lombard bragged that he doped the 5 year old black boy and sodomized him all the time.

This man wasn't some trailer trash psychopath; he was a poster boy of the politically correct gay elite. He was in charge of promoting the gay lifestyle as a healthy alternative at an ivy league university. He and his 'partner' lived in an upscale gated community that specifically promoted it's 'gay friendly' atmosphere as a 'wholesome, free environment for children'.

This story didn't get broadcast like the Sandusky case, because Sandusky was posing as a heterosexual, so he was made famous to frame pedophiles as a 'heterosexual thing'. Lombard was an outright gay activist.

The gays are really just tools being used to kick in what's left of natural human culture. The real goal of the hidden cabal that's actually running things is disintegration of family, clan, tribe and nations. Bertrand Russell, Lenin and Trotsky worked all this out by the 1920's. The need to reduce each individual to emotionally isolated creature that's lost the human ability to bond with others. Russell scientifically experimented with children at his Royal Chartered school and plainly wrote that all it takes to erase the bonding ability is to promote masturbation and sex stimulation to children.

We must be honest, the Elephant in the Room is that gay adoption WILL place children in the midst of an openly obsessive/ compulsive sex addiction lifestyle of homosexuals. Lesbians have other problems, but sexual warping is always involved on some level.

It is part of the self-absorbed Narcissism of homosexual overcompensation that what they mean by 'acceptance' is really that society must 'celebrate' THEIR sexual exploits. They want FLAUNT it.

When a young woman and man think of marriage, they think of things like what their child would look and be like. Homosexuals don't have the physiology to make children as male and female. So there's no chemical instinct for parenting from homosexual attraction. They're attraction boils down to seeing each other as suppliers of that 'ol drug like feeling of horniness and orgasms. "Bottom" homosexuals describe a feeling of a emptiness in them where a male identity should have been. The sex partner gives them a delusion of bonding with an absent or abusive father.

We must never forget that what the Global Government wants to do is hand boys over to homosexuals giving the men (or lesbians) the same power and primacy over them that was reserved for bonded parents that cared for them.

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Comments for "Gay Adoption Results in Chaos & Suffering "

Scott said (May 10, 2013):

VERY timely article about the gay adoption, as something related is predictably happening in the US. Congress is hashing out an immigration bill (always avoiding mention the word "illegal" to these immigrants). In this morning's USA Today, an article on this subject included a reference 5 hurdles for the bill. One of the so-called flashpoints is related to gay rights (yes, really). An amendment was proposed to extend benefits and rights to spouses and families of same-sex couples in "long-term, committed relationships."

Millions of law-abiding citizens are unemployed or underemployed, and this is what's being emphasized.

C said (May 9, 2013):

Years ago, I saw a heart-rending interview with the adopted son of a famous sodomite on the Christian Broadcast Network. The young man said that he was raised in a variety of foster homes and was initially delighted to have finally found a father in the celebrity.

Sadly, it was not to be. It soon became apparent that he did not want to be a father and had evil intentions. Eventually the celebrity died of AIDS.

JG said (May 9, 2013):

An innocent child should be protected by law from being placed in a home that condones "degeneration" by same sex marriage. The odds of him being sexually abused by these couples is almost a certainty. The act of legislating perversion like this is the final stage of apostasy for a nation that is about to receive the divine wrath of God.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at