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US Military - Men Suffer More Sex Assaults than Women

May 17, 2013

With 1,219,510 men serving in 2010, if only 17 percent of all male "rape" victims reported, does this mean 62,941 military men were sexually assaulted by other men that year?

Proportionally, attacks on women are much greater; but there are more male victims by number.
And this was before "Don't Ask; Don't Tell" was repealed.

"Shock Report; 10,700 Men Raped in US Military"
By Judith A. Reisman, Ph.D., and Thomas R. Hampson

(Edited by

The best-kept military secret
is that most sexual assaults in the US military are now homosexual, male-on-male sexual exploitation.

bowed.jpgThe Washington Times reported  March 13: "The Defense Department estimates 19,000 sexual assaults occur each year, but only 17 percent are ever reported. In 2010 ... 8,600 victims were female, and 10,700 victims were male."

Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Brian Lewis stated he "was raped by a senior petty officer ... told by a commander not to report it, and later was diagnosed with a personality disorder and discharged."

Lewis says, "As I demonstrated, men are a majority of the victims in the military. DoD's infamous 'Ask her when she's sober' marginalizes male survivors and sends a message that men cannot be raped and therefore are not real survivors."

With 1,219,510 men serving in 2010, if only 17 percent of all male "rape" victims reported, does this mean, that 62,941 military men were sexually assaulted by other men that year?

Does this mean "only" 5.16 percent of our bravest and best male servicemen were sexually violated by other lust-dominance-driven servicemen in 2010?

wantaction.jpgWere these damning data widely known and debated before the ban on homosexuality was lifted in 2011?

If not, why not? Precisely when did this traumatic rate of military sodomism abuse begin? Did it begin increasing when the "don't ask, don't tell" policy was implemented?

Indeed, whether or not such outrageous male sexual assault estimates are 10,700 or 62,941, these crimes ...could be a significant cause for the massive increase in military suicides - and revengeful violence.

True, "The military is 85 percent men and 15 percent women." Still, according to the Naval Personnel Command (2012 Sexual Assault Awareness Month Training Guide), "about 56 percent of estimated sexual assaults in our military are men, and 44 percent are women."


The politically correct Naval report ignores the Big Porn Elephant in the room as normalizing the homosexist assaults on fellow servicemen.

While "heterosexual" pornography has commonly been used to arouse and then seduce "straights" into homosexual sex, "gay" pornography is widely available in mainstream homosexist publications like The Advocate Classified.

And, buff, "straight" military men are regularly depicted there as preferred, sexual targets.

Unclesamwantyou.jpgNow (May 7) comes the Military Times reporting that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel ordered inspection of all military offices and workplaces worldwide to root out any "materials that create a degrading or offensive work environment."

Last year, Air Force officers searched "troops' desks and cubicles in search of photos, calendars, magazines, screen-savers, computer files and other items that might be considered degrading toward women."

There was no mention of confiscating pornographic items degrading toward men.

The cleanup is a long time a comin'. In 1998 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld The Military Honor & Decency Act partly due to "the special circumstances of the military environment, in which the appearance of professionalism and proper conduct is critical."

On July 1, Frank Rush, acting assistant secretary of defense for force management, signed DoD Instruction 4105.70, banning "Sale or Rental of Sexually Explicit Material on DoD Property."

"We need a cultural change where every service member is treated with dignity and respect," said Secretary Hagel, announcing new initiatives to prevent sexual assault.

"Hagel also unveiled the Defense Department's annual report on sexual assault, which estimates that about 26,000 troops experienced some form of "unwanted sexual contact" during the past year. That's roughly one in every 50 troops in the active-duty force.

But, if 10,700 men and 8,600 women reported the euphemized "unwanted sexual contact" - and if only 17 percent of victims report, how does this reduce to 26,000 military victims? The official reports seem contradictory.

Secretary Hagel wants to eliminate pornography to "really drive the cultural change." Of course, we can have no honorable or trustworthy military until all vestiges of pornography - from cartoons to Internet adverts, videos, films, calendars and phones, and the rapists and sodomites it trains and justifies - are excised from military service, from the Pentagon elites to the privates under them.

Now, does this mean the elite 5,200 child pornography users at the Pentagon will finally be arrested and tried? For, indeed there are "charms By which the property of youth and maidhood may be abused."
Sharp Increase in Homosexual Assaults

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Comments for "US Military - Men Suffer More Sex Assaults than Women "

Dan said (May 18, 2013):

Confirmed in 2012 that the men and women that man the United States top secret nuclear missile stations 24/7 were watching non-stop pornography.

There's a reason for this. Pornography puts the viewer in an altered state of consciousness which has been thoroughly studied. Israeli-American sociologist Dan Ariely did a study testing normal students sexual preferences and limits in a 'cold state' - that's normal consciousness in public. Then he had them privately watch pornography and tested them again. In a state of arousal, the students said they'd try all the perversions listed that had repelled them in the 'cold state'. Not only is there a lowering of inhibition, there's a will to do evil.. Ariely calls it the Jekyll - Hyde effect.

So pornography and homosexual rape culture is being deployed in the US military to erase qualms American soldiers had in Vietnam and previous wars when it came to following genocidal orders.

Predictably Irrational - Chapter 5: The Influence of Arousal

The most popular death metal song during the peak of the Iraq war was "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" by Drowning Pool, from their one-hit album, "Sinner".

It was released only 4 months before 911 just in time for teen enlistees to ship out to Kandahar with it in their headphones.

The song was used by interrogators at the Guantanamo Bay detention camps in 2003.

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