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Heavy Metal Fans Become PC Pussies

June 6, 2013


mrskeith-604x805.jpgLegendary Heavy Metal Singer, Keith Caputo, left,
witches teams after 20-year-career. Fans say,
"You Go, Girl!"


One fan, Zachary Childe feels betrayed.

 "Metal heads" were once testosterone-fueled "hard asses"
 that never towed any line.
Now, fear of a "hate crime"
has turned us into pussies.

by Zachary Childe

As a former fan of the now defunct heavy metal outfit Life of Agony, I write in disbelief and sadness.  Life of Agony, a hardcore, heavy metal band that hailed from Brooklyn, NY was once lead by a baritone-voiced womanizer, Keith Caputo.  The group had a 20-year run, and ended their last show not with a front-man, but a front-woman.

Mina-Caputo-Jeremy-Saffer-200x300.jpgKeith Caputo showed up as "Mina" Caputo, shocking fans not just with longer hair, but dressed as a woman, complete with make-up and accessories. 

At first, he had indulged in a transvestite lifestyle, but he soon progressed deeper down the spiral. 

Soon, he announced that he will have an operation to become a woman.  In reality, that is a misnomer as she will never have menstruation or the ability to bear children.  Mina even joked she will be keeping her penis, and I was only left to picture her (his) manhood wasting away in a formaldehyde jar.  No , he didn't have it removed.

 Sadly,  the entire metal scene, which was once composed of masculine "macho" men, who could care less about being politically correct, are now on board with this tragic spectacle. Comments on metal sites all applaud her bravery and her choice "as long as he is happy."  We are all definitely in a "brave new world" now.  Tolerance is heralded, and TV conditioning is accepted without question.
 "Metal heads" were once testosterone-fueled "hard asses" that never towed any line.  The metal scene was once associated with "Rage Against the Machine," throw your middle finger up against the man, and blow smoke in the face of a cop.  They never tolerated sissies, or even the yuppies who wore collar-shirts.  Once upon a time, it was common to hear the word "faggot," in everyday use.  Now, fear of a "hate crime" has made pussies of us all.


Heavy metal has always been connected to Satanism. From Ronnie James, left,  of DIO's Baphomet horn sign, which he claimed ironically his Italian grandmother used to ward off evil, to the S&M leather-studded look of homosexual Judas Priest front-man Robert Halford, something sinister has definitely been brooding.     The scene also promoted the effeminate long-hair look.  Then, there is the Norway black metal bands convicted of murder and burning down churches.  All of these escalating digressions were taken with an open mind, but it explains their capitulation to gender bending and the PC devil. [Gender bending is part of Satanism - reversing the healthy natural heterosexual design.- Makow] 

As a lifelong fan, I cannot help but feeling sorry for Caputo.  I do not see this as some sort of psychological operation orchestrated by the media.  I believe this has its roots in a broken degenerate society, which appears to be by design.  There is clearly some mental health issue(s) present.  The media preaches acceptance, but why canĀ“t men accept who they are before resorting to unnatural medical depravity.

tom-gabel-transgender.jpgRelated, from a Music Website

"Talk about shocking! Keith Caputo, front man of legendary Brooklyn metal act Life Of Agony is on his way to being a front woman! The band will be playing what looks to be their final shows this weekend. There are many hints to his transition on his Twitter page, with one tweet spelling it out for everybody saying "M2F transexuals like me are the women who give up male privilege for femininity! Threaten the patriarchy!" Also, Caputo's personal website uses the pronoun "her."

While I am shocked, I also have to applaud Caputo for her bravery in going through with (planning) a massive procedure such as this, especially being the public figure that she is. Obviously, this isn't something she decided to do overnight and gave a lot of thought to. And while metal heads usually get stereotyped as immensely homophobic, there is a large sect that believes in the "do whatever makes you happy" motto of which Metal Injection fully subscribes to.

Update: Caputo recently confirmed via tweet that he is keeping his penis, which is officially the most random thing ever written on Metal Injection.

Also - Transgender Man Wins at Women's Wrestling

baphomet_by_emsieow.jpg(Left, The devil himself is a transvestite, says Nathan - see Comments)

First Comment from Phil:

The lyrics on Life of Agony's first album deal with an absent father, and the second speculates about a mother who died when he was young.

Clearly this is a subject that Caputo was haunted by for many years, regardless of the genre he was a part of. LOA wasn't musically very "heavy" anyway, lots of bluesy hard rock in their style, no classical at all.
The article reads like it was written by someone who wasn't as much of a metal-head as they think.

Rage Against the Machine is NOT a prime example of a metal band. Further, I really have to clarify that very few metal musicians or fans are Satanists--much of the imagery's appeal comes from hyperactive adolescent energy finding excitement in rejecting the religion one was raised with, Christianity.
Zachary's mere grazing of Norwegian black metal by invoking the few church burnings shows ignorance of the real arc of what heavy metal was about: whereas some genres are all-embracing, show-up-and-get-a-trophy to its members, metal is all about challenging yourself and others. Who can play more notes the fastest?

Who can dial in the most crushing guitar tone? Etc. It's like a relay race of one-upmanship. And so you had scenes appear upping the ante--thrash in San Francisco, then death mteal in Tampa and Sweden, then black metal in Norway--all faster, heavier, more extreme.
The music was of prime importance--the lyircs and imagery had to keep pace. And believe me, these guys did not sing about their mommy and daddy!
On a final note, if anyone wanted to probe a very interesting figure in metal, they should read about Jon Nodveidt of Swedish black/death band Dissection.

On the surface he is the anti-heavy metal poster child (Satanism, murder, suicide), but he was a visionary musician and his intellectual path reads a bit deeper. He wasn't interested in fame like a glam rocker, and I look at his death in the light of a Japanese samurai who dies in the prime of strength--there is a personal intensity here not to be glossed over by stereotypes.


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Comments for "Heavy Metal Fans Become PC Pussies "

Mathias said (June 10, 2013):

Brody Dalle, lead singer of Spinnerette ex Distillers and partner of Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme tweeted a link that makes me think and believe theres hope for humanity. And it's even there in the subconscious of punk rock. (Btw theres a new documentary called the other F word - Fatherhood, a punk movie).
Some artists in the rock biz like Keith Caputo (Life of Agony) and Tom Gabel (Against Me) might break and surrender to the wicked gender indoctrination engineering but where true love shows up natural truth is always in bloom. Blood is thicker than water they say and somehow nothing else matters to see reality unmasked, this woman in the tweeted article from essentialmums opens her heart and pierces through whats wrong with nowadays rolemodel of a woman:

Dan said (June 7, 2013):

There was never anything 'macho' about Metal stars except muscles and the pretense of 'getting lots of pussy'. Look the bands of the early 70's. I was there, we wondered if they were gay back then. They wore makeup, had pretty hair-dos and wore rubber dildos under their tight spandex leotards. Turn the sound off, and you could see the body language matched performers in gay parade.

it was an attempt to 'gradualize' pubescent males to take on gay mannerisms. In 1971 'Glam rock' and 'Glitter rock' came directly out of the side of Metal just like Eve from Adam's rib. The plan was obviously that teen males would follow suit. And a few did I recall - but they were already queer anyway. It didn't catch on. 'Glam rock' died down with the AIDs epidemic in the early 80's as many of the openly gay glitter rockers died out, like Freddie Mercury.

This new development doesn't surprise me. Sex change is being heavily pushed this year and they're just getting started. There's an animated cartoon called "She-Zow" in which a pubescent boy uses a magic ring to transform himself into a female crime fighter.

I don't think it's going to work.

I really don't understand the statement, "I have to applaud Caputo for her bravery". Don't the fans get it? It's a SCAM. These attention-whores don't deserve your respect. Like Frank Zappa said, "we're only in it for the money".

Frank Zappa exposed this scam decades ago on the 1984 box set, "Thing Fish".

"He's so Gay"

Nathan said (June 7, 2013):

Why is anyone surprised by the direction that the world, via politics has taken.
I find it mind boggling that anyone who knows the Holy King James Bible
would find such perplexity in what is taking place today as far as the so
called gay agenda is concerned.

Two things.
First, the world gay means joyous, happy. Which once they co-opted that word
as a label for the satanic agenda they psychologically begin the process
of making it acceptable. Homosexual does not mean gay. Just as an Arab, any
Arab can not be an anti-semite. But satanic counsel from the devil himself
advised the corrupt to own that title.
But anyone coming from the lineage of Shem, one of three sons of Noah Semitic
(correctly: Shemitic).

So a homosexual can claim he is gay, happy, but it isn't his homosexuality that
makes him gay. He or she can be happy or joyous about juxtaposing their gender.

Second, the devil himself is a transvestite.
Notice in the drawing of baphomet he the devil has breasts.

Jeremy said (June 7, 2013):

Hello Henry,I'm a long time reader of your site. I read your "Heavy Metal Fans PC Pussies" article with great interest.

I've been a metal fan for 26 years.I'm what's known as a "Metal Snob". There is no way that "Life of Agony" loser will ever influence metal fans on any kind of meaningful way. L.O.F. were not that popular in the scene anyway.In reality the biggest problem facing metal today is that the limits of it's extremity was reached a long time ago. In reality you can only play a song a certain speed-after which it's just noise. Right now it's a stagnant musical genre with few original ideas left.

Some great HETEROSEXUAL talented bands to watch out for is VEKTOR( the singer is married, we're good friends with them.) and DESULTOR. I do think metal is dying in this country-the zeigest of this present age is all encompassing.Is it any coincidence that Heavy Metal is still huge in Europe?

Edin said (June 6, 2013):

> "Metal heads" were once testosterone-fueled "hard asses" that never towed any line.
True, but this topic proves that many, if not most metal heads have at least one thing in common with fans of other genres: if their 'idols' do something, they gotta copy it. If the 'idols' play the tough guy act, fans do it too and if the 'idols' claim it's normal or even cool to be gay or act like it, such fans will copy that too or at least approve it, because the 'idols' say so. A fine example of the worship of human being, I must add. As for myself, I'm too stubborn by nature and too much of an individualist and solo player in life to accept something just because someone declares it to be 'cool', especially if it's pushed down people's throats. No PC pussy to be found behind this computer screen.

But we shouldn't be surprised. The powers that be used pop, mainstream rock etc to push this agenda, why should they leave metal heads alone? Individuals differ and therefore their preferences for sights, smells, sounds etc differ too. It's only logical that our rulers want to reach as broad an audience as they can, so they cater to people of different tastes to get as many of them as possible into following this gay shit.

> The scene also promoted the effeminate long-hair look.
So North-American Indians were effeminate too because they had and in many cases still have long hair?

While there certainly were and are bands and individuals in the metal scene who professed the effeminate look (a.o. the '80s bands Poison and Motley Crue who literally did their best to look that way with their particular long hair styles, clothes, make up and moves), most didn't care about it, at least not the ones I got into. Steve Harris and Dave Murray from Iron Maiden never struck me as effeminate with their long hair, neither did the guys from Slayer. The guys from Metallica actually started looking gay only in the '90s after cutting their hair and starting to use bloody make up. And most guys with effeminate looks I met actually have short hair cuts. Guys with such looks will look that way no matter the length of their hair.

To Dan:
Megadeth's Dave Mustain summed it up well: GLAM = Gay L.A. Metal

Al Thompson said (June 6, 2013):

"I also have to applaud Caputo for her bravery in going through with (planning) a massive procedure such as this, especially being the public figure that she is."
This is not bravery. It is cowardice because he/she is afraid to be a man and assume his natural order the way God created. This person is a perfect example of what not to do, and people should never pander to the homo community. Oh, imagine that she is keeping her penis! How noble of her. I've never seen a woman keep her penis; in fact, I've never seen a woman with a penis.

Homos should question the wisdom of their activity and turn away from it, but it is writers like this who "applaud" the feigned bravery of a tranny is completely off the hook. This is a perfect way to destroy a life. Homosexuality is intended to destroy mankind and to destroy any goodness in a man's life.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at