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Is This a Bad TIME to be Young?

June 24, 2013


A recent Time cover story calls young adults known as millennials "lazy, entitled narcissists." Writer Joel Stein points out,

"The incidence of narcissistic personality disorder is nearly three times as high for people in their 20s as for the generation that's now 65 or older, according to the National Institutes of Health; 58 percent more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982."

"" satirized this cover with the one below it.
"Millennials are narcissists because we f**ked their entire generation over and they don't have anything better to do than j**k off and look at Tumblr. Why they'll starve to death." 

Tell me what you think of twenty-somethings today. I'd especially like to hear from people this age. "Is this a bad time to be young?" [I'll send a free copy of Illuminati to the 20-something with the best response.]

The comments below from readers of the satire represent a good start to this discussion.

Matt: Nice job! After spending the last eight years as a hiring manager interviewing hundreds of "millennials" , or as they are often called in the business world "the Trophy Generation", this is sadly pretty accurate.

Kay: So tired of hearing about how hard it is for people my age to find jobs. I graduated in 2011 and have found not ONE but TWO full time, great paying employment opportunities. The trick is to actually go to school for something that makes you employable. But, alas, common sense seems to elude this generation.

Senior: (To Kay)

I'd put good money that you have a difficult-to-obtain degree in science or engineering (something with that most hated of all topics "math" featuring prominently) and have no obvious tattoos/piercings. Good for you. I have the same experience even though I'm 34. Your peers are going to make you an even bigger success because they are worthless in the real world.

By real world I mean the one that pays not the MTV scripted reality show... they would be great at that one.

Bri: Seriously though. So many kids in the past 5-10 years have gone into college for majors like "gender studies", "philosophy", "international studies"...hahaha. They wanna get paid to travel the world and talk about their experiences in magazines -- and while great for them i guess, that does not save lives or address the major problems we face today as a country. They all need to be a bit more realistic, and get a viable job and maybe make those other things their hobbies; plenty of people are artists and travelers and writers on the side. what ever made these kids think they aught to be guaranteed a career in one of these nonessential fields?

Dan: It's not just the young. The boomers themselves are hosed. If you're 50 or older you're 20% LESS likely to be able to get another job after being laid off as so many were eliminated in 2008-2009 and so on. This is an issue of the wealthy extracting money from the US. It's not a generational war.

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First Comment from Danny:

I am 24 living in Milwaukee, WI and am working as an urban farmer. I have to say that the majority of people starting to farm organically and sustainably are below forty years of age. I have met more than a hundred people at workshops I teach who are in their twenties and these people may not become farmers but they are without a doubt awake and aware. They want to grow food correctly which is really the foundation of civilization. We all need to change the way we eat to protect ourselves from the Illuminati bankers. Healthy food is the best weapon we have against them, for obvious reasons. And despite the absolutely disgusting nature of young people I witnessed in college, there is movements of absolute beauty centered around growing and eating healthy food. "The good food movement" is what the twenty-year-olds can bring to society to change it for good. It is really the only option and really is the best possibility.

Comments for "Is This a Bad TIME to be Young? "

Iva said (June 27, 2013):

I've read many interesting articles on your website and I should have put my input in much sooner but I decided to stay on the sidelines and read until now. I'm not going to be ignorant and speak for the whole world but in my little part of the world "which I call Babylon" I am screwed.

I am 25 I was never taught how to hunt, fish, build a shelter, start a fire. But I was taught to be a obedient little boy go to school then waste thousands of dollars in college to hopefully get a good job afterward, pay off my student loans, then waste even more money on a luxurious house mortgage or rent. Not to mention waste even more of my money "that really has no value" to satisfy my ego and fleshful desires which have somehow been made a slave to.

The end scenario is either I will be in debt paying child support with a possibly failed marriage or Maybe if I am lucky be happily married in debt and barely being able to make ends meet. Lucky because the women are so high strong and independent they don't even need me. I would be obligated to pay child support if I have a child with her, so she can use me to get pregnant and I provide her with a source of income. She is now free to be promiscuous have fun and sleep around with whatever gender she prefers. The Devil music and media seems to be supporting and encouraging it.

I don't blame my family though. Despite my shortcomings they did the best they could. The problem is other forces individuals within my society was raising me as well. Along with influencing them. Forces/People with far from the best of intentions.

The only advice I can give to my generation #1 Don't be a hypocrite learn your belief system and learn it to the best of your abilities. Many people believe in God and that God died for our sins but know not who he is or why he died for our sins and how to honor him. #2 Don't be a slave to your Ego, Lusts, and Flesh-full desires. #3 Be open minded listen and hear people out if they are wrong explain why but hear them out first. #4 Honestly just treat people as you would want to be treated. Let's all get off our high horses. However if you are perfect/upright, sinless then you can stay up there. #5 Age and Experience goes hand-in-hand so who should we respect and honor?

David said (June 25, 2013):

Poster "JG" has it right: the "Boomer" Generation have been a disaster and horrible stewards of the birthright that should have been there for the 20-something generation. Did 20-somethings create such insanity as "zero tolerance", "political correctness", USA PATRIOT ACT, DHS, etc., etc. It was during the term of the first "Boomer" president Bill Clinton that the Social Security trust fund surpluses were wiped out, and that was to have covered the Boomers retirement years! As a Boomer myself (born in 1950's) I fought this trend and these evils as long as I could, but I truly feel we are all on a hellbound train.

Just one example of how the generation of the status quo is harming America's future: City of San Francisco moves to crush a start-up by local teens.

Hakeem said (June 25, 2013):

I'm 28 and a part of the "ME generation". I don't know if it's a BAD time per se.

Quite the contrary, when life is a non-stop party and reality show, how can that be bad? We are the first generation that has had technology at our fingertips, and therefore, access to more porn and garbage than we know what to do with! We waste our time chasing cheap thrills, but we are deceived into thinking we are chasing success and happiness. Do what thou wilt.

"Just live your life" - like the illuminati puppet Rihanna says... And it'll only get worse. People are more and more distracted nowadays, everyone is always on their phones, entertainment is a fingertip away. We are feigns for comfort, entertainment, materialism, attention, etc.

Facebook has made everyone a narcissistic reality tv star, tv sexualized us from an early age and then porn made us sex crazed; pop culture and most music feeds our egos and distorts our view of the world, phones, video games, etc keep us addicted to entertainment and lazy.

On the flip side, there's a lot of good that can come from all this. Imagine being in your 20's or 30's, and realizing the corruption. It's like not truly appreciating the ability to see unless you've been blind.

Well, you don't really know what the truth is, and what waking up is, unless you've been utterly deceived and lied to your whole life. At the end of the day, no matter what the elite scumbags are trying to do, we are all responsible for our own actions.

They simply give us the option, we fall for the bait. The few that wake up, are sincere and have the courage, will make some good come out of all this. These few will truly know that "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" is a truer statement than most will ever know. And therefore realize, if there's a devil, there must be a God.


Thanks Hakeem

Knowing what many of your generation know, at such a young age, is a blessing. You will not be deceived.


KPR said (June 24, 2013):

The 'entitled' young have been sexualized from the time they were toddlers, have spent the better part of their lives so far being 'educated' in America's schools, and they have parents (like myself) who came of age in the 80's and 90's - a time when societal engineering was already in full swing.

Most of these now young adults have parents who are totally clueless, grandparents that aren't much better, and have to find their way in a firmly managed world that embraces nonsense over common sense.

But they're the 'Me Me Me' generation, according to Time?

I can point out the many faults of the 60's BB generation, and I can provide a long list of criticisms of my fellow 'Gen X'ers' and certainly I can get down on the 20 year-olds of today but it strikes me as a complete waste of time. Better use of time and talents can be spent attempting to incorporate these youngsters into the fight against the NWO/JWO - a fight for generations not yet born.

Jeremy said (June 24, 2013):

Indeed it is!

I am a 28 yr old, young South African, and i'm pissed at the de-generation that i find myself in. I'm surrounded by mindless drones who actually take pride in being media drugged homos.

What really gets my nuts in a vice is the misunderstanding and perversion of love! What I mean is, GOD is love, He is the ultimate personification of love and it is all He requires from us, but all my peers are concerned with is pride. Pride is what got Lucifer kicked out of Gods (or Loves) presence, as its a fruit of fear (fear, not hate, is loves counterpart. I'd explain why but it would stick better if your readers find out on their own) and the two can not coexist. it is what got Eve to eat the fruit because she was told she would be like God, and its all that the media pushes on us.

Love has been perverted now, its lust, its sex, and its self satisfaction. Humility (a fruit of love) is frowned upon and now more than ever we are lost, with no moral compass, all because we don't understand love (or God)

Anna said (June 24, 2013):

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad time to be young, but it’s definitely... a hard time to be twenty-something.

I believe it has a lot to do with the extreme approach of permissive parenting and the “just-believe-in-yourself” attitude. We were raised to be happy by all costs, to fulfill our dreams, to achieve all our goals and focus on our careers and our own success. Can you see how many times I used the word “our” in the previous sentence?
When it’s all about us – how could we not grow up to be narcissistic..?

I can see it getting even worse with the younger generations – just look at the sport events in your average school – every kid gets a “participation trophy”, because we would never allow them to experience disappointment or any kind of failure.

How are they supposed to learn how to get up, if they could never fall down?

Dan said (June 24, 2013):

I sure don't envy them. Twenty years ago I knew 20-year-old people who could reason as well my grandfather's generation.

Today I'm not so sure. I see a few very brilliant young minds on YouTube, though living among their peers must be frustrating.

People that see through the scams get ostracized in this society. People that speak publicly about it get black-listed.

This is doubly so for youth, because they can be considered much more a threat than I. I'm past the age to be a threat anymore at the local level. That's one of the benefits of being a "grumpy old man". I can rant on about "the gub'ment" because it's expected.

JG said (June 24, 2013):

I really feel for the " young generation" in America today, they have had so much taken from them.

Prayer was taken from them in public schools along with the "pledge of allegiance " and Christmas Carols that mention the name of Jesus Christ.

More of them are growing up missing one parent or both than ever before.

There are no more Junior Achievement Centers in their neighborhoods to help develop a skill for them.

A lot of the jobs their parents once did are either "outsourced" to third world countries or "illegally insourced" to immigrants or foreigners on temporary work visas.

I know some very great people of this "young generation" and I can't even imagine the level of greatness they would have achieved if they only had some of the advantages that their parents once had.

The "me generation " are the people who took these things from them.

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