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There Won't Be an "Israeli Spring"

June 5, 2013

0714-Israelis.jpgLeft, Israeli schoolchildren write sarcastic messages on shells during the 2006 Lebanon war.

Israelis are the most brainwashed people in the world, 
says Avi Gleitzer, 53, who has lived in Israel for 25 years.

by Avi Gleitzer

Israelis feel lost if their government does not tell them who they are and what to do. Even in the masterminded revolutions, the people took to the street. In Israel, it would take an earthquake to get Israelis into the street.

Israel is a brainwashed nation to the core and always has been.

Israelis are gripped by a combination of fear and pride. They are told from birth that they are the Chosen People, the most advanced people in the world because of their religious tradition and their scientific achievements. At the same time, they are taught they are under constant threat of extinction and must fight for their lives.

To understand how people can swallow such blatant lies, one must remember what they have been subjected to culturally. Israel was essentially settled by displaced persons, people with little Jewish identity. They were blank slates.

After WW2, they were joined by other Jews  with little education from Hungary, Romania ('Khazar - Ashkenazim) and later from other low classes families from Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen ... These last were put in tents, given a party card, told to work for their new garden of Eden and become soldiers at the same time... New sheep, same game !

In the meantime, the Jewish European intelligentsia went to America and the 'elite' North African Jews of Algeria went to France.

Israeli pioneers had no culture, no memories, no roots of any kind, the perfect sheep. Today's Israelis are their grandsons, "perfected" by years of propaganda and western comforts. They want to be good soldiers and good consumers, no less, no more. Considering all that passed, it is a no-brainer that today's Israelis are one of the most disciplined people in the world, standing for their flag before all and enjoying life between the alerts constantly.

The suburbs of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem are not that different from Philadelphia.  The American mentality has been deliberately encouraged.

A lot of TV, reality-talks, ads, football ... a lot of sodas, barbecue and pets, feminism and newspapers.

In the midst of this now self-controlled population came the black religious sects- Haredim - with their opposition to every aspect of 'modern' life -- better to encourage the leftist atheistic Jews to side with the state.

Most Israelis today have not tried to understand by whom they are lead. Despite the relatively uninteresting life they live, they view themselves as privileged, enlightened people, the warhead of America, the elite of the Middle East ... and the world.

The latest insignificant unrest against the cost of living was about demanding more crumbs than questioning the system protected by the government. They want to keep up with their Western cousins. The Left in Israel has always served as a lame stalking horse of the Likud Right and has never been so impotent as now.  The leftist supporters of Arab rights are the ones who hate Arabs the most. There are no Arabs in Ramat Aviv or Hertzliya, the Israeli Riviera.

Israelis have given up on solving the Palestinian problem pretending they have no one to negotiate with. They have turned their attention to internal matters, like getting the religious Jews to pull their weight and stay out of their business.

Hafez Al-Assad, Bashar Assad's father, once said prophetically that "Israel is a knife stabbed in the heart of the Middle East." Israelis have yet to recognize their role in the NWO, and likely never will.

Avi Gleitzer is a photographer who raised two daughters as a single father . He blogs here.

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Comments for "There Won't Be an "Israeli Spring" "

Brian said (June 7, 2013):

Marathon bombings in Boston are an example of American conditioning in the same vein as Israelis. "Boston Strong" indeed. Turning people into citizens from Orwell's "!984". Not as dreary necessarily, at least not everywhere (yet?) But the same brainwashed false patriotism. Living like robotic simpletons indulging in material pleasures with virtually no thinking required, while waving the flag in support of the phony war on terror

Are we resisters all Winstons? Assume your role. Assume the position.

Ray said (June 6, 2013):

Your article is RIGHT on the dot!
Always believed that to be so!
Brainwashed to be the perfect sheep to slaughter!
I always was asking myself that people who are excelling in music, science, philosophy, be so DUMB?

Andrew said (June 5, 2013):

Like there will be no New Jersey Spring.

Avi Gleitzer confirms my take on Israel as the 51st state.

Different language; same TV mind control.

JG said (June 5, 2013):

This "modern day" Israel is a "worldly Israel" that is filled with immorality, murder, and mayhem. It is an Israel created from the lies of WW1 and WW2 which gives it's identity of eternal persecution. How can anything Godly come of a nation that has been founded on "false flag terror" ? This is a state that is primarily funded and supported militarily by a misguided "Israel Colony" called America.

This Israel is the "beast" that all of the "free world" today has now surrendered to. This Israel is an ally to none other than the "beast" that it serves.

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