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Immigrant Woman Describes "Gender Shock"

June 12, 2013

guywoman.jpg(left, Guyana woman, not Ambita Persaud)

Female immigrants feel they must embrace feminist values
in order to be accepted into Canadian society.
Many of the hiring managers are feminists.

By Ambita Persaud

Ambita Persaud, 23, a native of Guyana, immigrated to Canada when she was 18 years old.

When I enrolled in some Grade 12 courses,  I was surprised by the amount of feminist indoctrination. I was told constantly that ordinary males were part of "a patriarchy system"  responsible for the oppression of women.

I remember many housewives in Guyana who, despite being labelled as oppressed by the feminists, were quite content with life. I personally know housewives who remained married to their husbands for over 50 years. A majority of them lived a rural, farming lifestyle in Guyana.

In contrast,
Canadian-born and educated women are barely feminine. I feel as if I am dealing with men in female bodies, because some of the women are aggressive, drink like men and conduct themselves aggressively.

Most females obey corporate authority and believe they have more power. Instead, I see women barely 30 years earning over 40K a year, preoccupied with looks and possessions, spending money in order to feel good about themselves. They will never feel completely good, because they do not have the love from a committed man. A man who would stick with them. Many are also falling into the single-mother trap.

I became acquainted with female friends who were very welcoming. However, whenever I spoke about marriage, some of would mock me saying marriage was a burden. Their remarks were not aggressive, per se, but I wanted friends and I believed that in due course, I would have been accepted for my pro-family views.

Instead, my female friends cajoled me into their lifestyle of constant partying, sexting, drinking heavily and having many sexual partners. They called it an "independent lifestyle." Most of my female friends were working well-paid jobs, so they could afford to spend money on their recreational tendencies.

On the other hand, I was stuck with one part-time job. My polite and shy tone, along with my Caribbean accent were impediments.
Female immigrants feel they must embrace feminist values in order to be accepted into Canadian society. Many of the hiring managers are feminists.

Fortunately, I got through with working part-time in an Indian retail store. No job agency helped me get that job. The job counselors already claimed I needed more Canadian experience in order to get Canadian experience.


On some occasions, I saw my female friends kissing each other and doing sexual moves which were unseen in Guyana. The laws of Guyana prohibit homosexual behavior based on religious and moral grounds. In Canadian school, I was taught that homosexuals are persecuted by heterosexuals, and that we should accept homosexuality.

The teacher did not say that we should tolerate homosexual, but to accept the homosexuality as normal. I knew it was immoral to be kissing a woman. It was not homophobic in Guyana to say that same-sex relations are wrong, but of recent, a foreign educated activist is pushing for legislation to legalize homosexuality in Guyana.

It took me months of reading independent news sources to figure out that feminism is not good for a woman. Feminism promotes hatred of men while emasculating them in the process. Even the Caribbean is not immune from the tentacles of radical feminism. The Guyanese feminist activists, some of whom are Women's Studies graduates from American universities and colleges, write articles in Caribbean newspapers.

In addition, the feminists get funded to start organizations promoting feminism in Guyana. Nevertheless, domestic violence rates have not declined, but are increasing in Guyana and the Caribbean. This is because new feminists movement have been provoking men and confronting them, which in turn causes some disastrous results for both parties.


Feminism tried to change me from a quiet and respectful woman into a deviant woman with no sense of dignity. I was able to remove all of the gender-extremist ideologies of modern feminism.

I am in a relationship with a 27 year old Guyanese male, and our Guyanese values are the reason why we have a conflict-free relationship.

The Guyanese men are manly, in control and don't have any fear of anything. Women in Guyana wouldn't call the cops if men are staring at them or making any remarks. Most of the women know how to behave and control men without the feminist ideologies.

In Guyana, men take pride in earning money. It dates back to the old time when men were providing for their families. Nowadays, it seems that with every job there is, men are competing with women. It brings more resentment to men for some reason which is wired to their brain. I think there is some pride with men being a breadwinner and it is not  about control or oppressing women.

Feminism would have destroyed my dignity and morality. I doubt that my boyfriend would have stayed with me if I was confrontational and promiscuous. I do not support feminism as Canada already has laws and regulations which prevent discrimination and deal with domestic issues. I do not need a feminist to dictate how I should live my life.

Note from Ambita:

There is an advertisement on Youtube which depicts two basketball players. One is trying to jump for the hoop, and the other was trying to block the person, but his face ended up by the other's crotch. He said after a pause in the commercial, "What is wrong with that?"

It was an advertisement for Boost Mobile. The propaganda phrase keeps repeating, "What is wrong with being gay?" while people who think it is wrong or criticizes homosexuality is compared to lynch mobs in Africa. Again, the homosexual movement is demonizing people not engaging in their dysfunction. 

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Comments for " Immigrant Woman Describes "Gender Shock""

Doug said (June 13, 2013):

Henry regarding this latest article of yours, this young lady mentions that Guyana men take pride in earning money but that men here have to compete with women in the workplace so they seem to resent having to go to work. I can tell you that this is 100 percent how I am; everyday I look at my job as just another pain in the ass I'd rather not be doing it because all of my bosses are women.

My office is a goddamned hen house where nothing gets done quickly or efficiently because of all the clucking they do. Meetings that could be no more than 15 minutes in length are dragged out for more than 2 hours. I work an 8 hour day.

Today, approximately 5 hours of that day is going to be sitting in meetings with all of these women. So that's 5 hours of work that I'm actually not going to get to do, but that the company is going to have to pay me for regardless.

And to be quite honest with you after a while on a subconscious level it starts to feel humiliating. Then on top of that factor in that I don't even really get to enjoy the money that I earn; I bring it home for my family (because that is my obligation as a man and i do still take pride in that) and we budget every last dime because the NWO has our food and necessities so goddamned expensive... it really is true.

Thank God my wife is more old fashioned and is for the most part a stay at home mom. There was a point where she and I were both working full time trying while also trying to care for our daughter and that made our lives utter chaos. I really don't know how couples do that; I think its a sham designed to destroy the fiber of the family unit. No coincidence that most of those arrangements end up in divorce with children that are dysfunctional as a result.

Malik said (June 13, 2013):

My suggestions/remedies: 1. Never send your daughters to school, any school. The private schools with few exceptions push the same garbage as the government schools.

2. Homeschool and work our way back to the good old fashioned one-room-school-houses, the only kind of instruction that rivals homeschooling.

3. This is a war. Public Education must be called out for what it is, the most destructive force in this society.

Globalist or whatever you want to call them have implemented all their degeneracy through the schools: homosexuality, feminism, vaccines, stupidity, ignorance, flouride is good for you, make sure you use flouride toothpaste in mercury lined tubes, illiteracy, psycho-drugs, anti-family values, hate for one another, you name it. It all starts in school.

Never send your daughters to school, and if you send your sons make sure you debrief and rehabilitate them each day they come home. They're going to need it.

Ray said (June 13, 2013):

An article from a young & intelligent young woman!

Dan said (June 13, 2013):

This is one form of harassment that immigrant women suffer that we'll never see on a TV "after school special".

We mustn't forget that girls and women are under tremendous pressure from the day they enter the clutches of the public school system, or corporate "culture" whose boards and CEOs are on board with Globalism.

JG said (June 12, 2013):

Unfortunately the NWO beast with it's Anti-God agenda has extended its tentacles around the globe now.

I remember going into Canada in the early 1970's and 1980's. The Canadian people had family values back then and were a pleasure to be around. They were a simple and humble people who loved their country and their peaceful co-existence with nature.

I am sorry to hear that this new generation of Canadians has fallen into this Satanic "snare" of feminism and homosexuality.

It has been proven time and time again that once the sexual morality of a nation falls, their destruction follows soon afterward.

It's just another case of accepting what is being jammed down their throat as opposed to taking a stand. They still think they can make peace with the devil by NOT resisting his doctrine and all will be well.

There is no such thing as making "peace with the devil" because there is no peace in him.

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