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Transgender Man Wins in Women's Wrestling

June 4, 2013



It's OK to beat up women if you "become" one.
Fallon Fox is a biological male who had a sex change. He gets paid to beat up women wrestlers. Feminists defend this because they hate gender.

By Brian


     Professional sports are used to push the same New World Order agenda as Hollywood and the mainstream media. A prime example is  Fallon Fox, a male-to-female transsexual who is fighting as a woman in the featherweight division in several low level mixed martial arts promotions. Her (?) influence is being felt all the way to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship.)

     Henry Makow has written extensively on the Illuminati's war on gender designed to undermine society, marriage & family. Thus, the Illuminati promote the idea that gender is a flexible "feeling," not a fixed biological & psychological state. This undermines traditional societal notions of identity, and morality, making people easier to manipulate. It plays into the depopulation agenda outlined in the UN's notorious Agenda 21.

 On an esoteric level, the various secret societies hold androgyny and homosexuality in high esteem. Their worship of the hermaphroditic goat demon Baphomet has been widely documented.

fox2.jpgEnter Fallon Fox. For 31 years, Fox lived as a man. (S)he went through puberty as a boy, developed male musculature and bone density, as well as the strength and athletic explosiveness a man is capable of.

     At 31, (s)he had sexual reassignment surgery, and decided to try out mixed martial arts. Fox fought several matches before her transsexual status was discovered. Her opponents were unwittingly engaging in cage fights against a man. Fox is a biological male who gets paid to beat up women.

     Fox now has a 4-0 record as a pro, 7-0 overall. Only one of her opponents has made it out of the first round. I have 17 years of martial arts experience, and in my Brazilian jiujitsu days trained alongside some pro MMA (MIXED MARTIAL ARTS) fighters. In my opinion, Fox relied less on technique, and more on superior physicality. Exactly what you would expect from a man who cut off his manhood and began fighting women for money.

     Numerous female fighters, including UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, her next opponent Miesha Tate, and Fox's last victim Alanna Jones, have spoken against the idea of a biological male being allowed to fight women. UFC fighter Matt Mitrione spoke out against this travesty and was promptly suspended for his "trans-phobic" remarks. Strangely, no feminists have spoken out against Fox's violence against women.

     Fallon Fox isn't intentionally pushing the elite agenda, although in one fight s/he wore a shirt with a Baphomet image. Rather, s/he is a confused individual, a victim of the agenda in her own right, who has made a series of bad choices leading to this point.

     The elite agenda comes into play with the fight commissions that license her to fight natural women, the UFC's corporate crackdown on any male fighters who speak out against her participation, and the mainstream media's positive coverage of her while demonizing anyone with opposing views.

      Furthermore, feminists seem more concerned with Fox's feelings, and her "right" to declare herself a woman, than they are with the safety of the actual women she's pummeling in the cage. 


      Roy Hibbert, the Indiana Pacers center, was discussing his series against the Heat when he said the Heat's offense got him "stretched out". Thinking that sounded a little gay, he quickly said "no homo", a slang phrase young guys use, indicating that his previous sentence wasn't meant to have gay innuendo. He issued an immediate apology, but the NBA still fined him $75,000. The NBA has a history of leveling stiff penalties for mildly "homophobic" remarks.

     Carlos Arredondo, the cowboy-hat wearing, American flag waving "hero" of the Boston bombing, AND Jeff Bauman is the now famous double amputee who Arredondo allegedly saved have both been making appearances at Boston Redsox and Boston Bruins games, linking the bombing propaganda to sports, and keeping the trauma of the false flag event fresh in the eyes of the public.

     Recently, UFC fighter Nate Diaz was suspended for using the word fag on twitter.

     Sports have clearly become a potent carrier of elite Communist (Illuminati) programming. Sports don't promote freedom of thought and speech.    Enjoy the game, but stay vigilant.

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First Comment from Dan:

Around 1990 there were scandal when it was revealed that Soviet female athletes had been injecting "androgenic' (male)  steroids and hormones from 1966 on.  East German female athletes had long had a reputation for looking and sounding freakishly man-like.   It came out that it was actually a Stasi (German KGB) human experiment to make genetically 'enhanced' women.    Result?  Shooting up girls with male hormones and steroids from puberty on made them steamroll over the best Western female athletes - who hadn't been genetically modified. [1.]

The 'gorilla in the room' aspect of the Gay Agenda is that real science is under court gag order.  When transsexual monstrosities beat women, where are the lawsuits?

I really don't think the Gay Agenda is going to pan out.  The National Socialists had a run of about 9 years that they whatever they did, they couldn't lose. But few people know that the table was tilted, the game was rigged. It's the same for the Gay Agenda, which has been having it's meteoric rise to power since 2010.

I agree with Ray's call [see comments] for a boycott of sports that make viewers endure 'gay worship' along with it.   Stop paying them to be subjected to homosexual brainwashing sessions.

Believe me, if millions of people cancel their satellite TV, they return to providing it for free to consumers.  The Illuminati don't need money - they print the money from thin air.  Like Ted Turner or somebody said in the '80's, money's just a way of keeping score for them.   Having us pay ever-increasing fees for our brainwashing, our warrant-less surveillance, and perpetual wars, lets them monitor how gullible we are.

[1] Hormonal doping and androgeny of athletes: a secret program of the German Democratic Republic government

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Transgender Man Wins in Women's Wrestling "

Malik said (June 5, 2013):

In reading the article and several comments I think people have it all wrong. I mean the way the Illuminati is using sports. They are not using sports to bring people into the homosexual agenda. What they are using sports for is to announce the gains that they have made.

The events cited in the article are their way of celebrating the fact that the social engineering of society has reached another milestone. They have been pushing homosexuality in the grade schools for almost 3 generations now. The number of adults indoctrinated/acclimated to sexual degeneracy is now passed critical mass. They're already working on the next long term psy-ops. Homosexuality is firmly entrenched/mainstreamed in Western Society. These media events are them letting us know it.

I believe boycotting government controlled primary schools is the way to defeat this debauchery. People are indoctrinated by the schools. If they never go to school the chances of being indoctrinated are severely diminished.

If you follow the National Education Association (NEA) which is the largest teachers union their agenda is overwhelmingly dominated by feminist and homosexual goals. How can any sane, decent person in good conscience send there children into this everyday - at a time when they are least able to resist and/or defend themselves. We are wrong for doing this to our children knowing what these people represent.

Art said (June 5, 2013):

Oh for goodness sake, it is not possible to change ones sex. You can change the sexual organs but sex is determined by ones chromosomes, and those cannot be changed no matter how much one wants or feels like the opposite gender. A male cell is a male cell, and vice versa. Enough of this already. This "dude" needs to be summarily ejected from that pointless sport and made to wear a sign of shame about how ignorant he is. End of.

Ray said (June 4, 2013):


The best policy, is not to patronize or watch any sport which has political correctness idiocy implemented!

Don't go! Keep your money to yourself & not giving it to some politically correct scum.

Don't watch it on TV! Boycott the add being shown on those programs!
Hit them, where it's HURT! In the money pocket!

AUSTIN said (June 4, 2013):

Henry the movie called 'Adjustment Bureau' starring Matt Damon, is all about a couple who were never supposed to meet, but because of a glitch (in the Matrix?) they did. People from the 'Bureau' followed them and tried to interfere with their relationship, but in the end they won out and were able to stay together - because the secret brotherhood that owned the 'Bureau' allowed them to (from memory).

This movie is basic "Illuminati Operations 101" - the only thing they didn't advertise publicly, was their name...

Al Thompson said (June 4, 2013):

I think we should be asking the bigger question: Does it break the commandments to beat up on anyone, even in the name of professional sports?
Is this the kind of activity we should be engaging in a civilized society?

With only around 4% of the population, the homos are getting a lot of attention. This along with the Boy Scouts of America, I can hardly imagine how we all got along without the homos. It's getting stupid already.

JG said (June 4, 2013):

I don't know if the Illuminati will have all the success they think by using athletes as role models to promote their "pervert all" agenda.

Most people I know do not accept today's athletes as role models anymore. They can make them wear pink wristbands and shower with admitted gays but all that is going to do is earn them less respect than they already have. I really don't feel sorry for these athletes, they have forfeited dignity in exchange for the dollars.

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