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Modern Music = Emotional Engineering

June 8, 2013

musicalbars.jpgWAKE UP PEOPLE! Modern music
was engineered to rot your mind
and pervert your morals -

[Editor's Note: I am not a musician and post this for discussion purposes.]

by Monica

Quite frankly, I find discussions like the one of Heavy Metal, below the usual intelligence quotient of your readers. In the first place, Heavy Metal falls into the same category as ALL "music" created since about 1900 - it is not for entertainment but for complex emotional engineering.

Up until the early part of the last century, music was for both entertainment and for cultural expression, something that built and strengthened society on a much deeper level than mere amusement.

 It was to elevate the heart and mind - and in many orchestral pieces from 1300 to 1800, to elevate them to aid in the contemplation of the divine. "Music doth calm the savage breast" is no idle comment!

In order to dispose Western Civilization to the relaxed morality being promoted to them during two world wars, it was necessary to undermine them emotionally.

Music, being a generally popular accompaniment to entertainment and casual assemblies (ie; dances, bars, restaurants) was the perfect vehicle to re-engineer. Take, for example, the Flapper music (Charleston), Gershwin, Scott Joplin, etc., all very breezy, fluff-for-substance, trivial muzak, irrespective of the technical requirements for musicians.

440.jpgWhen the tuning frequency of 440 hertz was imposed on the music world via the Royal Conservatory of England, through the research of German scientists, it was not for the good of music or those who listened to it, but rather, to have the opposite effect.

Overnight, this poisonous frequency over ruled all musical preferences, for the Conservatory had absolute control of certification, thus all world-wide instruction. (Just try to get a job teaching in music, anywhere, without Royal Conservatory certification!)

Coupled with frivolous, beat-heavy music, indeed a change began to be made manifest in the nature of dance, and people's inhibitions in general when exposed to this music, when out in public, and even more so when few eyes were watching!

It was tidy little coup for the Illuminati, bloodless and largely under appreciated, since the body of research behind it was shrouded in secrecy for years until such time as 440 was so entrenched that it was impossible to repeal.

beatles2.jpgMoral decay through music - subtle, powerfully subversive and largely unnoticed! As they say, the rest is history! Classical music, in all it's glory, was denigrated as "old fashioned" or downright unpleasant in the mass media, and for those who still loved it, 440 was imposed on it to rob it of it's vibrancy and mind soothing and elevating qualities.

Since this is a brief pedigree of ALL modern music, WHY are we being subjected to a debate on heavy metal, like it (or any rock n roll) has any redeeming qualities, other than sentimentality for people who were captivated by it's satanic spell during their vulnerable years?

WAKE UP PEOPLE! Modern music was engineered to rot your mind and pervert your morals - period! It is as utterly Illuminati as the LGBT movement, feminism, abortion and divorce! It cannot be salvaged or excused.

What should you listen to? The best music is always manually generated (not electronic). Learn an instrument - any instrument - ("talent" is a fallacy, playing music is mostly technique and practice) tune it to any hertz divisible by 3 (note, 440 is not one of them) and learn, or better yet experiment and create tunes. Enjoy the experience of something truly rare - real music!

Soothing, happy, lovely music, not something satanically electronically canned, modified and preserved, and connect with some authentic human emotions!


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Jakmak - Here"s a link to a PDF that explains how 440 HZ was forced on professional musicians. Unfortunately the original website was on a server which is no longer active but the PDF has all the content.The pdf can be located on But here is a direct link for the PDF.

First Comment by L.C. Vincent

I completely agree with Monica, precisely!  In fact, my first book, "The 440 Enigma", discusses this subject matter of tuning frequency specifically.   This artificial tuning frequency of A=440Hz (artificial, in that it is unnatural in the sense of being disconnected from the sacred numbers of the universe, which one can see replicated in the Fibonacci series, among other places) was purposely chosen by certain "Powers that Be" at the turn of the last century to create illness, disharmony, conflict, war, and death.   It does not matter how "wonderful" the music may sound to an uncritical ear; it does not matter that an orchestra may be playing a Beethoven sonata; what is critically important is that IF the tuning frequency of the musicians is tuned to A=440Hz, then it is subconsciously promoting all the negatives I have mentioned.  Of course, this standard was imposed by the Royal Conservatory -- with Rockefeller money backing, according to Len Horowitz.  It should also be mentioned that this standard was utterly opposed by vast majority of classical musicians and symphonic orchestras in both England and Europe, who mainly preferred A=432 Hz.   Nevertheless, A=440Hz became the "de facto" tuning standard despite their opposition!

My own research on the subject confirms what Monica stated; sacred tuning demands that any tuning standard be based on the theory that "A" be divisible by 3.  I have found that 432 Hz is the ideal "A" frequency, based on the research I did for my book.

So "JJ" [see Comments] -- like so many others, is totally ignorant of the role frequency plays in the role of the formation of physical matter, as well as THOUGHT, which proceeds the formation of physical matter and directly influences it.  I have studied the science of Cymatics in preparation for writing my book, and it is very clear that the simple change of frequency vibration of only 1 cycle per second can make the difference between harmonious patterns of matter creation (visible on the Cymatic plates) or chaotic, random, destructive patterns.  "JJ" and others like him would do well to study Cymatics.  Once a person does, you realize the tremendous influence which frequency perception has upon human consciousness.  "JJ" is hung up on the outer content of the music -- lyrics, rhythms, beat.  The reality is that while all 3 of these may be put in service to the elevation of society and the individual, or to their destruction, the most potentially subversive aspect of music that nearly no one ever considers is the tuning frequency on which it is based!
Monica Replies:

The research that resulted in the 440 pitch was only part of the massive studies done on sound and it's effect on the human brain. The primary aim of this research was to completely map and understand the functional responses to abroad range of stimuli in order to solidify the ability to impose mind control though transmittable means like radio frequency or micro waves. This was entirely subversive research to forward the NWO agenda. The results were not published in Medical/Research journals, for obvious reasons. That they desired to impose mind control was not something the insiders wanted the general population to know!
For a simplistic introduction to the idea of behaviour modification through music, I recommend This is Your Brain On Music . It is an easy-to-read textbook (also available in Kindle edition) for those who don't believe music really effects anything on a subliminal level. It is not an all-encompassing study but at least it introduces the reader to the "science" of music.

To address the comment that 440 was imposed to set a "standard", the idea is quite absurd! In music that is akin to saying all artists can only use Cerulean as blue in their artwork because it is a superior color and all other shades should be avoided. The right to choose the tuning frequency for the orchestra playing a composition was greatly utilized by all the great composers all through the centuries, and 440 was NOT one of their favorites or "most common", in fact, it was avoided. Handel introduced his Water Music at the tuning frequency of 420 because he felt it best enhanced what he had written. Who would know, better than the composer? The uniformity within the orchestra is simple - all tune to the frequency defined by the composer. The idea that all music should be played at a certain pitch is not only totalitarian but a suppression of artistic scope (laying aside the concrete scientific information).

It is important to remember that this imposition was to take away the beneficial aspects of music, based on rock solid science. Tuning frequencies divisible by 2 produced harmful brain waves that created a heightened state of excitement, confusion and anxiety. Strangely, those divisible by 3 produced quite the opposite, harmonious, placid brain waves that strengthened brain function and mental clarity.

My thanks to LC Vincent for his comment! I have spend much of my life reading and NOTHING done in the 1900's was done by chance. The first few comments left me a bit dumbfounded - are people really that naive? But I suppose that's the spoon-feed-me-information mentality most were taught in public school. I don't want to hear anything contrary to my comfort! Just give me my "dope" and leave me alone to to be led away....

JJ Replies:

The reason that the 440 standard was chosen has everything to do with the number 2. 440 is a number that can continually be either reduced by division or compounded by multiples of the number 2. 

When we begin with 440 hz at A above middle C this then makes every other tone to be played in the standard scale a whole number. 

At its essence, music is a mathematical construct. A construct that is in practice divisible by the number 3. 
This can be traced to the fact that written music was first established by monks who noticed that 3 separate but stable and proportionate tones created what we now know as a triad, or a chord, which is comprised of a root, a third and a 5th tone. 
They then focused on the number 3 as a representation of the holy trinity of father, son, and holy ghost, creating the dominant, subdominant, major, minor, and diminished groups of 3 tone triads. 
When these tones are mapped mathematically, they are most easily understood when each tone is a whole number. 
And this can only happen when the base number for tuning is a number such as 440. 

440 hz is an international standard for a very good reason.

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Modern Music = Emotional Engineering "

Krister said (June 10, 2013):

The Swedish-Estonian author and filmmaker Jyri Lina have taken on himself to produce the music of the late Estonian music composer Toivo Kurmet. His music is harmonic and was forbidden in Soviet-Estonia an Toivi Kurmet, as also Jyri Lina himself, was harassed by the KGB. On Linas homepage you can find samples on the music of Toivo Kurmet, and also order a recently made music-film on Toivo Kurmet by Lina (this film was also recently forbidden to show at the film-house, a division of a Swedish state film-institute, to influence Swedish film-making into political correctness).

The music of Toivo Kurmet

The music-film on Toivo Kurmet (only Swedish and Estonia text as yet).

Art said (June 9, 2013):

Marcos of Brazil [below] got it right the 440 Hz issue needs an in-depth study & debate.

The usual crapola on Rock music. Mozart, Bach, Beethoven haven't been surpassed or equaled by modern Classical composers. Why not!? All they do these days is interpret.

Always harping on the Classical music era is like saying the Classical Greeks have not been surpassed. Hell, they've been surpassed.

Because of the likes of David Bowie (admittedly a serious talent) who actively promoted faggotry & sported satanic lightning flashes in his heyday, & Ozzie Osborne using titles & concepts like Black Sabbath & actively invoking Satan, they then turn against Rock. Hell, they added the Satan essence to it.

Some of those guitar gods & composers out there are serious talents worthy of appreciation & recognition. They've pushed the limits & have established new ground.

Doug said (June 9, 2013):

If anyone doubts the power of music, I would recommend a copy of the Republic Of Plato. A large section of it is devoted to music.

Richard said (June 9, 2013):

I have always believed that audio frequencies shape our perception and mind, body, and spirit, long and short term.

As a longtime musician, I eventually became aware of the negative effect of the 440HZ tuning as logical extension of how they operate. Full spectrum domination.

Music itself, is a powerful force, and the Illuminati/NWO seem to be well aware of. Too important to be left in the hands of a ' useless eater' or a 'cowan' .

I have always been extremely curious about the nature of reality, and our relationship with the physical and spiritual effect that sound produces on the body. Humans marched into battle to the beat of a drum or a patriotic, passionate melody. Human beings also fall in love as music plays on.

We have seen police using sound cannons and audio equipment that can have very immediate and pronounced effects on human beings.

There are alternatives out there, such as the Solfeggio scale which often spoken of by Dr. Len Horowitz.

An old English term adopted as a Masonic term for an outsider who listens secretly to the proceedings of a Masonic lodge outside a lodge building. synonym for eavesdropper
The duty of the tyler is to keep out all cowans and eavesdroppers in order to maintain the secrecy of the meeting.

Cowan is used frequently in the writings of James Shelby Downard.
That is a great article. A few months ago I was getting everyone in the band to play in the Solfeggio tuning.It definitely feels and sounds different.

Check it out if you are interested ..Horowitz's site

Ken Adachi said (June 9, 2013):

Glad to see that Monica connected the dots regarding the changing of the former standard pitch of 432 Hz up to 440 during the Nazi era. People who
criticize her for pointing out the significance of that important observation, are simply IGNORANT of the musical insights and musical
consciousness upon which she based her statements.

Bryan said (June 9, 2013):

For your edification, and in defense of the article, you might want to check out:

on the subject. Simple google search of 440 hz turns up millions of articles.

Marcos (Brazil) said (June 8, 2013):

Texts like Monica's are one of the reasons people think Truth Seekers are nuts. Heavy Metal bands use hypnotic beats, satanic symbols and depraved lyrics that praise hell and Satan. We don't need 440Hz tales to explain their danger.

This is in the same line as David Icke's "lizards" stories. He may speak 99% of truth, but people will only hear the lunacy.

If you want a clear and objective explanation of the evils of heavy metal, check Youtube for "Hells Bells" documentaries. They have just produced a second updated edition.

Monica, if you want to promote your 440Hz theory, then write a post exclusively about it, with arguments that people can debate and refute. Don't just sneak it in a post about another subject.

David said (June 8, 2013):

Monica, I believe, has correctly exposed how rock music, over time, has been part of the engineered moral downfall of our society. As music goes, so goes the nation. It affects and infects. This music does not lift up to a higher noble level, but degrades and destroys. It’s main themes are rebellion, drugs, sex, demons and worse. Anything goes. It is loud, jarring and unedifying.

My motto: whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is fair, whatever is pure, whatever is commendable, if there is anything of excellence and if there is anything praiseworthy-keep thinking about these things.
Rock music fails on these points. David Bowie said it all.

JJ said (June 8, 2013):

First I would like to thank you for your tireless work; however, the latest post on your website covering the development of the 440 standard is pure tripe.

It would take me entirely too long to debunk the idea that modern music is emotional engineering based solely upon tone and pitch. So for efficiency, I invite your readers to simply do a search on the history of concert pitch and read about the development of the 440 standard.

Without this standard, those lacking innate musical talent would be lost and public school offerings like "band class" could not exist.

You are in the public eye Mr. Makow, and with that exposure comes the need to research the posts' of others to evaluate and ensure validity.
If you do not the due diligence, then you run the risk of being labeled a fraud.

And your work then becomes meaningless.



I don't understand your logic. How does posting one potentially erroneous article about the musical scale invalidate everything I have written over 13 years? In that case I hope Monica is wrong about 440 hz, because that means I am a fraud. There is no satanic (Illuminati) Jewish conspiracy, feminism is good for men and women, homosexuality is desirable; and freedom and truth are triumphant. Hallelujah. Thank you JJ.


Robbie said (June 8, 2013):

Music is a “Spiritual creation,” therefore, the question is, “Which spirit is behind the music, God or Satan ?”

David Bowie"

"Rock has always been the DEVIL`S music, you can’t convince me that it isn’t. I honestly believe everything I’ve said, I believe rock and roll is DANGEROUS."

Source: Rolling Stone magazine. 12th February 1976. Page 83.

Vivian said (June 8, 2013):

Since this is a brief pedigree of ALL modern music, WHY are we being subjected to a debate on heavy metal, as though (or any rock n roll) it has any redeeming qualities, other than sentimentality for people who were captivated by it's satanic spell during their vulnerable years?

Believe it or not Roses do bloom in the middle of nowhere, even in the ghetto. There is trash and there is also treasure out there. Of course like anything else the treasure is a little harder to find. People who think like the author are people who can't or have forgotten how to navigate through the forest.

I am into fitness and health. We all know there is food that is better for us and food that is not so great. What you eat of mostly to nourish you, will determine how you flourish. I eat great 90% of the time. But there is no way I am ever going to NOT eat pizza, donuts or ice cream. Maybe there is something in us no matter how clean and self righteous we are, we enjoy a little decadence, NOT the decadence enjoying us.

"Talent" is a fallacy, playing music is mostly technique and practice.

There is a big difference between someone who plays and some who plays at the concert level. My husband is a professional martial artist. Someone may work hard, do a hundred kicks a day. But when you see someone plugged into their natural ability the difference is obvious. People have said my husband is almost psychic in his ability to counter an attack and turn it into offensive advantage effortlessly.

I don't play an instrument. Unless you count my body. I listen to music and know what I like and what influences me. The ones who have no control, are the ones with no control or personal accountability with anything in their lives, food, sex, etc.

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