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FBI Profiler Helped Release Satanist Killers

July 31, 2013

William Ramsey reviews a book by John Douglas who helped
rich Hollywood satanists free "The West Memphis Three," who were
guilty of the ritual murder of three children in 1993.

The book "represents a startling myopia concerning the facts of the case." 

by William Ramsey

In February 2013, famed FBI profiler John Douglas published Law & Disorder: The Relentless FBI Profiler's Relentless Pursuit of Justice, which devotes over 110 pages to his involvement in the West Memphis Three Case. 

Douglas fails to acknowledge the reality of satanically motivated crime, and his involvement contributed to a miscarriage of justice represented by the release of these murderers.  How much was John Douglas paid for his involvement in the case from the $10 to 20 million dollar Hollywood defense fund?

In March 2006, Douglas received a call from Lorri Davis, the wife of Damien Echols.  "Powerful people in Hollywood are fans of yours and believe in the work you do...Would you look at the case?"   Douglas agreed and was hired by the defense team.


In Law & Disorder, John Douglas uncritically retreads every canard proffered by the West Memphis Three and their supporters.  He covers the supposedly egregious first confession of Jessie Misskelley (and conveniently omits all the post-conviction confessions from his narrative) and misstates the facts about occult involvement. 

He repeats the ridiculously simplistic statement that Damien Echols and Jason Baldwin were selected for a witch trial because they wore black and liked heavy metal, neglecting the evidence of Echols' extreme mental disturbance and repeated threats to kill other people prior to the murders.
Douglas provided the defense with his completed analysis of the perpetrator.  In my opinion, his analysis of the killer describes Echols near perfectly:

"...self-centered, egocentric, narcissistic.  He resents people, but he does not avoid social situations.  He looks at social situations as an opportunity to manipulate and use others for his own personal gain...he prefers to perpetrate crimes in close proximity to where he resides..."

Due to the brutality exhibited by the offender at the scene, it can be said with confidence that he would have the reputation from past behavioral "problems" as having an unpredictable and extremely explosive and violent personality."

Immediately after providing his profile, John Douglas states the following:

"Damien and Jason had no indicative violence in their past."

victims3.jpgBy making this statement, Douglas passed over the following statements made to West Memphis Police during their investigation:

1) Shane Divilbiss, who said Echols tried to scratch his eyes out,
2) Laura Maxwell, who said Echols threatened to kill her brother and her parents,
3) Charter Hospital, who recorded that he "has a history of extreme physical aggression toward others."
4) His own mother, who told the hospital she "was most concerned about son not learning to deal with anger and rages."
5) Damien Echols, who admitted to hospital workers in 1992 of a "history of violence."
6) West Memphis Police, who charged him with "terroristic threatening."
7) Jennifer Lynn Ball, who told police Echols went to her house and threatened to kill her.
8) Joe Bartoush, who saw Echols stomp to death a sick dog.

  He finishes the chapter stating:

"In sum, I found not one shred of evidence and nothing in the behavioral backgrounds of Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin or Jesse Miskelley Jr. to suggest that any were guilty of murder."

murder-2.jpgMy book Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders provides ample amounts of evidence and specific facts about the behavior of the West Memphis Three in direct contradiction to John Douglas.

With his completed analysis/profile of the case pointing culpability away from the West Memphis Three, Douglas traveled to the city of West Memphis in 2007 to interview family members.

Douglas met with Pamela Hobbs, mother of victim Steven Branch, and imparted his theory of the case.  "By the time I left, Pam no longer believed the West Memphis Three were guilty of the murder of her son."

He also spoke to John Mark Byers, step-father of victim Christopher Byers.  By the time he was done speaking with Byers, Douglas had convinced him that the West Memphis Three did not commit the crime.  Douglas openly tells the reader that his involvement in the case led both Pamela Hobbs and John Mark Byers to change their opinion about the three teens convicted of the murders.  By his admission, Douglas's reputation and his involvement in the case persuaded two of the parents to change their belief of guilt to innocence.  

It's also surprising that a seemingly objective and seasoned investigator like Douglas would repeatedly refer to Echols as a trusted source for information about the case.
WILLIAM RAMSEY is the author of Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders and Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order. He can be reached -  [email protected]    

WILLIAM RAMSEY is the author of Abomination: Devil Worship and Deception in the West Memphis Three Murders and Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order
He can be reached -  [email protected]     
- See more at:


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First Comment by Paul:

Great article (on the West Memphis Three), like usual. I've been a fan of William Ramsey for a while now.

My only comment is that far from being "myopic", I would take the John Douglas book as prima facie evidence Douglas himself is involved with and participating in these same Satanic cults and rituals that Damien Echols, and indeed, the rest of the global power structure are involved with.

We saw this same pattern with Ted Gunderson, who initially came out as a "crime fighter" looking to "aggressively bust" the Satanic cults. Then I saw him appear side-by-side with the Satanist Michael Aquino on some daytime talk show (either Oprah or Geraldo), and I thought to myself: wtf?

Then I saw that Gunderson married the widow of Satanist Anton LaVey immediately after LaVey passed away, and again: wtf? Then I looked into his background and saw how high up he was in the FBI, who his connections were, and indeed, at this point it would appear Gunderson was little more than a practicing Satanist himself who was simply sent out to "cover" and "defuse" and "misdirect" attention away from Satanic ritual crime by making it look like the FBI was "doing something" about it. Or at least, that seems to be what the prevailing conventional wisdom seems to be saying about him these days.

I think you're seeing something similar with this John Douglas book.

Were I the prosecutor, I would use this book as evidence to open up a criminal investigation into Douglas' background. I think his comments in this book more than warrant that, given the pattern we've seen (over and over and over and over again) with these psychopaths in the past.

Ken Adachi Replies:

The three contemptible statements made by "Paul" in his attempt to assassinate the character and reputation of the late Ted Gundersons, are patently untrue.

1. Ted Gunderson  appeared on the Geraldo show at the request of Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo ALSO  invited satanist Michael Aquino and others to appear on the same show. Just because Ted and Aquino appear on stage together on a show devoted ot the topic of satanism, doesn't mean Ted and Aquino are allies of each other (how stupid can "Paul" be?)

2.  Ted was NEVER married to Anton Levey's widow and there is no public record supporting such a claim.  That is a false rumor repeatedly circulated on the internet by  "ex" CIA   mind controlled characters assigned to discredit and besmirch the name and reputation of Ted Gunderson . You can read all about the "Ted Gunderson Character Assassination Team" at this link

3. Ted Gunderson had spent the last 30 years of his life EXPOSING the infiltration of Satanism into every strata of American society, from judges to law enforcement to national politicians,  and defending the many victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse who came to him and had no voice and no one to tell their story in the 1980s and 1990s. How DARE this imbecile accuse Ted of being a Satanist, foolishly playing into the hands of Ted's government-sponsored characteer assassins who simply MAKE UP the most outrageous lies about him and post it to the internet, as if it were documented fact.

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Comments for " FBI Profiler Helped Release Satanist Killers "

Kevin said (August 20, 2013):

Was reading the article regarding the Damien Echols affair (aka Robin Hood Hills Murders) and was so glad to have found a person NOT GIVEN OVER TO THE OCCULT MIND ON THIS.

I watched the HBO film on that when it was current and some very relevant things stood out:

1) DA confessed about Damiens bedroom being a satanic altar
2) DA also revealed that Damien had NUMEROUS books of great antiquity regarding sorcery, witchcraft, and satanism

3) the boys that were killed all were BLOODLESS which is in accord with ancient satanic sacrifice
4) that the other 2 teens involved were like they had been drugged or under a spell and only had distant memories or pieces of it

In Genesis it tells that EVE WAS BEGUILED and that tells us that Adam was messing around with witchcraft and placed his wife under a trance (dreamstate) which clearly was some form of hallucinogenic substance where she saw a TALKING SNAKE. People using LSD or PAYOTE have the same sorts of claims.

THEN A SMOKING GUN......the wiccans assoc of America sponsored his legal defence but not the others. They also lobbied and GOT that prosecuting DA arrested and put into prison on the basis of LIABLE SLANDERING WICCA & SATANISM, and it seems it is not lawful in the US to publicly suggest any of these are evil, murderous, sacrificing, or devil worshipping.

The dates of the killings during the 13 most holy days on the occult calendar (aka MAYDAYS).

I am a Christian and am highly prophetic and was watching for a major occult turning in this and low and behold DAMIEN WAS RELEASED LAST YEAR ON A FULL PARDON and the DA was charged and put in prison.

When dealing with the occult, you better have a spiritual resource to be able to stand and that DA didnt have it or have it enough.

The whole world is a occult stage and that is what Jesus was telling us regarding the DAYS OF NOAH.

My prayers are with you in writing and revealing that satanic crap for what it is, EVIL. THANKS MUCH!

Carl said (August 2, 2013):

As you probably know Paul Bernardo has ties to freemasonry and his wife at the time Karla Homolka is initiated in some way. Its not clear what order or group Karla is part of but one thing is for sure that she is important to someone.

What is my point and why?

John Douglas was the American FBI "expert" who was called into Canadian courts (!) and gave his "professional opinion" to make sure she got off without consequence. It appears whenever there is a ritual murder, this guy shows up and gives his opinion which seems to make sure satanic ritual murderers of some ilk are not punished.

Jeff said (August 1, 2013):

I met one of the prosecutors who dealt with this case in Little Rock. She taught class where I attended law school. The school put on some big symposium over the release of these 3. She advised me to attend and listen to both sides, but I was so busy I didn't go. She told me this "release" is a bunch of crap and that there weren't even any other viable suspects. I immediately thought of discussing Johnny Depp and Illuminati mind control, but didn't sense much interest from her in such matters, so I dropped it.

James Perloff said (August 1, 2013):

Henry, thank you for posting Ken Adachi's rebuttal remarks. Although the Illuminati set up false opposition, they will also try to discredit the REAL OPPOSITION. It makes no sense to me that Gunderson would be exposing Satanism, validating the works of William Guy Carr, and so forth, if he were a Satanist himself. I believe the interviews with Gunderson reveal him to have been a man of integrity. It's interesting that the Pharisees accused Jesus himself of being satanic--they said he cast out demons by "Beelzebub the prince of devils." Jesus told them "If Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how shall then his kingdom stand?" (Matthew 12:24, 26). I believe this same general principle applies to accusations leveled against men like Gunderson.

JG said (July 31, 2013):

White victims of violent crimes, especially in the South, are often ignored and not reported by the MSM. And if they are victims of racial hate crimes these crimes are almost never given major media attention.

Why? Because it violates the "Southern White Boggy Man" Hollywood myth.

What better victims and their location could they have chosen to run this "Not Guilty Psy Op" in the defense of Sadism.

Tony said (July 31, 2013):

From just the info in this short article, I am led to assume that Echols was demon possessed from an early age. And likely is still. It would be a mistake to have any compassion for this piece of garbage unless it is possible to exorcise his demons and remake him as a human being.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at