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Media Must Accept Blame for Race Riots

July 10, 2013

If George Zimmerman is acquitted, the Illuminati media
must accept responsibility for race riots, says L.C. Vincent.
It has been stoking racial tensions from day one.

"First, they labeled Zimmerman a "White Hispanic."   The only motivation for doing this was to agitate and inflame racial animosity.  The liberal progressive universe simply cannot admit that a Black person could commit a crime against another person of color."

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by L.C. Vincent

Will the mainstream media accept responsibility for race riots and deaths if Zimmerman is acquitted?

The media have cheered the prosecution of George Zimmerman, taking their cue from President Obama who declared that "....if I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon."

From that day forward, an incident which Florida police had dismissed as a justifiable killing in self-defense was elevated to a cause celebre by race pimp Al Sharpton and the media. 

martin.jpgThe media continued to publish only one photo of a 12-year-old Trayvon Martin that made him look like a choir boy.  This photo bore little resemblance to the street thug high on marijuana who ultimately assaulted Zimmerman by hiding in the bushes and jumping him as he walked past. 

Rather than call 9/11 as  Zimmerman had, Trayvon Martin repeatedly pummeled Zimmerman while straddling his chest.  Unfortunately for Trayvon, George Zimmerman had a gun which he used to protect his life.

But the media circus was only beginning.  First, they labeled Zimmerman a "White Hispanic."   The only possible motivation for doing this was to inflame racial animosity.  The liberal progressive universe simply cannot admit that a Black person can commit a crime against another person of color.  So they instantly elevated Zimmerman to the ranks of the honkey oppressor class, and presto, Peruvian Latino George Zimmerman immediately became a "White" Hispanic.

Not content with this transformation, the media also edited Zimmerman's 9-11 phone dialogue to make it appear as if he were profiling Martin because he was Black.

recent.jpgWhile helping to prejudice all potential jurors, the mainstream media "accidentally" let slip George Zimmerman's home address, home phone number, home cell phone number, and Social Security number.  The only thing they have (yet) failed to do is to paste a bullseye on his forehead and provide maps with crosshairs on his house so that stalkers can find him and his material witnesses for retribution should he be acquitted.

In the final analysis, the mainstream media, filled with White liberal progressives whose education has been crafted by decades of Illuminati subversion have done everything they could to artificially create racial animosity while reaping the harvest of  advertising revenues for their corporate masters.

If Zimmerman is found "not guilty", will the media be concerned that one or more innocent people may die due to their lies?  Will they lose sleep knowing that innocent people will be murdered in retribution?  No one would be murdered in revenge if they had simply reported the story without the racial gloss.

2013-07-12.jpgTime will tell.  Yet undoubtedly there will be those in the Progressive Liberal Mainstream Media who will derive sick comfort knowing that some "creepy ass cracker" will pay the price should George Zimmerman go free.

If riots and bloodshed should come to America, it will play perfectly into the hands of Illuminati who want to see America at war with itself .

First Comment from Ron:

George Zimmerman is also part Black not just part Latino. His great grand father was Black & he was raised by a half Black grandmother: the daughter of George's Black progenitor. The media asserting that he is White is an incredible stretch.

The following link goes into detail of George's background. 

The media is withholding all the facts as they go against the narrative.

Second Comment by James Perloff:

Great piece by L.C. Vincent.  When I wrote my own article (Media Trials: A Covert Attack on the Jury System?)  I'd actually forgotten that Obama had weighed in on the case.  Obama's words prove how important this show trial is to the Illuminati agenda.  My guess is that the race riots have already been secretly planned, organized and financed.  Afro-Americans will be told "this case proves that black folks can't get justice in America." 

The Illuminati use chaos to create changes. 9-11 was orchestrated to generate Homeland Security.  After the race riots, calls for changes to the justice system will be demanded.  I do believe they have the jury system in their gun-sights, but they may be after other things as well.  Look for Obama to be hailed as the "great peacemaker" as, standing beside the Martin family, he calls for an end to the violence.  Of course, it will then end as if he waved a wand, because the riot organizers will call it off by prearrangement.  In addition to boosting Obama's image and power (his  approval ratings will soar in the polls), Homeland Security may be credited with restoring order to the streets, and have its own power and jurisdictional authority increased. Am I leaving anything out?

By the way, it also occurs to me that the Illuminati could be prepared to play it both ways.
If the jury caves in and declares Zimmerman guilty of second-degree murder, the media could try to provoke conservatives into accepting that the jury system is an outdated failure. Conservatives were seemingly the target of the Casey Anthony verdict, they are the strongest proponents of traditional jury system rights, and the people the Illuminati might most want to weaken on this issue.
So I think, whatever the verdict, the case is a win-win for the illuminati--they will exploit one side or the other to assault the right to trial by jury.

Comments for " Media Must Accept Blame for Race Riots "

Ken Adachi said (July 11, 2013):

Give me a break. LC Vincent is so biased in Zimmerman's favor, the race riot
stuff is just his hook to gain sympathy for his hero by diverting attention to the Illuminated media.

I'm reading statements in this article that are being reported as facts by the author when these statements are simply ASSERTIONS made by Zimmerman
as to what occurred. Supposedly there were no witnesses to this event except the very much alive Zimmerman and the very dead Trayvon Martin.

This scenario is Zimmerman's version of his "self defense" claim. :

" This photo bore little resemblance to the street thug high on marijuana who ultimately assaulted Zimmerman by hiding in the bushes and jumping him as he walked past."

[Really? How do we know? Based on Zimmerman's statement?]

"Rather than call 9/11 as Zimmerman had, Trayvon Martin repeatedly pummeled Zimmerman while straddling his chest. Unfortunately for Trayvon, George Zimmerman had a gun which he used to protect his life."


LC Vincent replies:

Ken Adachi asserts that my commentary was so very “biased” in favor of Zimmerman. The reality is that I am outraged at how the Mainstream Media used every tool at their disposal to whip up racial antagonism in this case. According to all knowledgeable sources, including the local police and the sheriff and the local prosecutors (before they were leaned on and led by the ‘Justice’ Department and Obama’s direct commentary from The White House) this case should have never gone to trial. However, with massive pushback by The ‘Justice’ Department, which organized and paid for numerous ‘spontaneous’ demonstrations on behalf of Trayvon Martin, it should be obvious that if anyone is “biased” here, it is this administration which had no qualms employing race hustler Al Sharpton in service to their agenda.

I did “assert” that Trayvon Martin hid in the bushes and then jumped and assaulted George Zimmerman as he passed by, based on statements made at the trial. And it is true that Trayvon Martin is not around to dispute this “assertion.” However, when this “assertion” is seen in relation to other facts revealed at the trial, the pattern of who instigated this encounter becomes clear based on the preponderance of the evidence.

Both Martin and Zimmerman had access to cell phones. Zimmerman called 911 to cooly report a suspicious person in the neighborhood and never resorted to racial or ethnic slurs, despite attempts by the Illuminati controlled Mainstream Media to edit his audio comments to suggest the opposite; Martin, instead of calling 911, called his girl friend to tell her how he was being followed by a “creepy ass honkey cracker” and indicated he was going to take care of the problem himself. Which one of these factual conversations revealed in court suggest racial or ethnic animus, Mr. Adachi?

In addition, at the trial we learned that George Zimmerman had tutored Black children, and that he had also written a letter to the local police department decrying police brutality upon a Black victim. How unfortunate that Zimmerman’s past history destroys your own argument. Compare Zimmerman’s history of caring sufficiently about his neighborhood to reach out to educate young Black children and patrol his neighborhood to help prevent crime, versus Martin’s run-ins with the police, and the fact that Martin had marijuana in his system at the time of the confrontation, which surely did not contribute to a clear understanding of his situation.

Further, beyond the factual evidence previously mentioned, the audio recordings of Martin and Zimmerman clearly show which of these parties had hostile intent. Do you also dispute the fact that it was Zimmerman who was being pummeled to the ground by Martin, fists flying into his face, based on eye witness testimony?

The entire thrust of my article is that the Mainstream Media, with Obama and The “Justice” Department as cheerleaders, used a case which should have never gone to court to promote needles racial conflict, animus and hostility. They have deliberately pulled every dirty trick, including editing audio tapes, running ‘choirboy’ 12 year old photos of Martin, and labeling Zimmerman a “White” Hispanic – a first in media history – for no other reason THAN to create needless racial division and antagonism.

I am neither on the “side” of Zimmerman or Martin. I am on the side of the evidence, Truth and Justice. This “show trial” was engineered by the Illuminati string pullers behind Obama and The Mainstream Media to cause needless racial conflict, which Obama could very well use to ultimately declare martial law. Sorry you missed this obvious point.

Doug said (July 11, 2013):

Henry, the comments from OO are the typical self-pitying sentiment that I've experienced from other blacks growing up. This is a bogus excuse. How long can the blame game be played? As a white male, I experience more hatred and 'racism' than any other. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood and was hated and harassed by blacks all the time.

As a white male, not only do I experience bias from blacks, but women as well enjoy hating on the white man. OO, take some responsibility for yourself. I work in an office with persons of all different races, but many of them black, whom are not only my superiors, but whom make considerably more money than I. Enough of the blame game. Enough of the "down on our luck" excuses. "You'd have to be black to understand" hah!

Here's a hint: you have an illuminati-programmed image of yourself. Get educated and break that image of yourself and make it whatever you like.
I financed my own education with no assistance from anyone.

I used to be a Janitor. Now I'm a senior business systems analyst. I did it all by myself. But wait, I bet you think it's only because I am white. Well ironically, I know plenty of blacks and Asians and Indians that can share similar stories of picking themselves up by their own bootstraps. Seriously, enough with the excuses.

Modern american blacks fabricate their own problems by having this self-pitying attitude that is drummed into their heads by the media and public schools.

Wade said (July 10, 2013):

Any clear thinking person would agree that the media is, of course, responsible
for race riots in the Zimmerman case, should he be acquitted. The main stream media in our
Country is desperately corrupted and controlled by the Illuminati who are all about causing
as much havoc and ruin as they possibly can.

I also am certain that a great many people just want an excuse to riot and could not care
less about the Zimmerman case.

I would also like to point out that unless a person is actually sitting on the jury and totally
exposed to all the facts and evidence, none of us really have a right to even have an opinion. The
trial by jury may not be perfect, but it is the best system yet conceived. And EVERYONE needs to
respect the jury's matter which way it goes.

Erik said (July 10, 2013):

I was listening to National Petroleum Radio (NPR)today at lunch and was sickened by their take on this tragic shooting. Not surprised as they are more liberal and anti-white than anyone.

They interviewed numerous African Americans and basically played the emotion card, logic was in short supply.

One guy they interviewed kept saying that the kid was just taking a short cut through the gated community. Completely ignored the facts of the case. Compared him to his own son (much like Obama did).

Another guy they interviewed kept inferring that the black community was going to riot and basically he was giving a warning to white America that they needed a scapegoat or blood would flow in the streets.

Let's hope that cooler heads prevail.

Steven said (July 10, 2013):

I seriously doubt that the MSM, the governments , banks or their illuminati owners will accept the blame for anything including any race riots resulting from Mr Zimmerman being acquitted. Instead they will likely blame white people and their alleged racism for the violence.

They will do it because they are anti white and want white people blamed for everything and to divert attention away from themselves.
If you will have noticed George Zimmerman was initially presumed to be a white man so that he could be condemned as a racist by the anti white media for defending himself and attempting to do his job. George is not actually a white man but it is doubtful that this will slow down the politically correct anti white media very much. America should get prepped for race riots no matter what the verdict.

OO said (July 10, 2013):

Blacks are at the bottom of every ladder (social ,economical etc) you can imagine (no emotions involved). Please just hear me out, as blacks it's a constant battle everywhere you go. There is a tremendous amount of prejudice going against u; you really have to be black to understand.

Seeking jobs, going to school (2nd thoughts on that), or just basically getting along in life the pressure we face is out there & some of us (blacks) have either gotten used to it or just oblivious to it. I will not waste your time elaborating on my examples nor will I delve into the Trayvon issue because it really is self-explanatory irrespective of the killer's race, if we flip the roles and assume a black was the murderer I bet it wont take long to solve.

It's so easy to quickly blame the THUG role in a black person to cover up their prejudice. A few words to ponder, during the day I walk amongst people of different races (talk to them , play with them, etc) and they pay me no attention because I am not a threat (roughly 152lb) but at night I walk amongst the same set of individuals and all of a sudden I am a threat, people around me are cautious. " Is it something about the dark " or " something about being black ".?

JG said (July 10, 2013):

The MSM is not interested in "truth", they are only concerned about promoting their agenda of "confusion and chaos". Their goal is to destabilize and divide mainstream America to prevent any kind of solidarity that is a threat to their agenda.

However, this is a case that is designed to abolish the "right to self-defense" as we presently know it.

The NWO has admitted that they can't confiscate all the guns in America right now but if they take away the "right to self defense" it can make those guns a little more worthless.

Race has been used by the MSM to amplify and help engineer a favorable verdict for the Illuminati law makers.

Vivian said (July 10, 2013):

I am half Black and Japanese, but an American all the way through.

I agree the media fanned the flames on this one.
I agree that Zimmerman SHOULD NOT got to jail.

But, I also agree he was wrong for pursuing that kid. He is a neighborhood watchman. Trained and authorized to "Observe and Report", which he did, at first and then decided to pursue. By pursuing this kid(yes at 17 he is a kid), what did he hope to accomplish if this person was supposedly bigger and blacker than the news media led us on to believe,
(BTW-Autopsy report showed he weighed less than 160 lbs when he died)

Yeah I am well aware the body dries up after losing fluids, but not 30-40 lbs in 24 hrs. 5 lbs Max.

Truth be told, if Zimmerman was truly pursuing this big scary thug(which should now include 50% of teenage boys if smoking a little pot, wearing saggy pants and hoodies and into the fighting culture are what you define it by-so now its open season on our young scary males) I would wager he would have stayed his butt in the car if he truly was a big black thug.

This man, had no uniform, no vest, no negotiating skills in dealing with suspects and no mandatory gun training (at the police level).

If the fight came to him vs. he going to it, if he was a Police officer, easily identifiable when he approached Treyvon, this matters.

All his other excuses were stupid, and I do believe Zimmerman's guilty of stupidity, as was Treyvon that day(which at 17 years of age gets more of a pass than a grown man.) I don't believe he should go to jail, but there should be some civil liability.

I just don't want someone to have free reign by being a pretend cop, having permission to pursue someone and then confront and be judge jury and executioner.

Would you?

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