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Feminism Turned Mom into Monster

July 29, 2013

afamily.jpgMy mom fell for the whole feminist shit agenda,
 and now my family and I are paying the price...

by Scottie

The baby boomer generation has been living off the fumes of an America that is now gone, and is crumbling into a demoralized modern Babylon.

Nobody, especially older baby boomers give a damn about anything. I see so many older males in their late 50's,60's and early 70's paying more attention to Viargra and more worried about how many rounds of golf they are able to get in....rather than helping the up and coming generation. It's all about ME ME ME.

For example, my parents were married 30+ years. I had a nice family, two older brothers and one older sister. I was the baby in the family . I'm currently 21.  On New Years day, 2008. my mother left my father. I was only 16 years old at the time and was being suspended from the Catholic high school I was attending. (I could write a whole article on the Catholic school system and the hypocrisy , but I'll save that for another day) 

Only six months after my parents divorce, my mother found a man named John McGrath on putting the story aside for a moment let me say this, Match.Com and all of these other dating sites are enabling people to easily dump their once lifetime partners, and simply shop on the web for a new piece of meat. 

So to put it in simple terms...My mother who is now 61, dumped my father after 31 years of marriage, found a new husband on and moved in with this man. My mother would not let my father keep the family home. We had an acre of land, a 2-story home and a really nice house. 

My father paid every bill and even commuted an hour and one half to Cleveland, OH everyday from where we lived, every day because he could not find his kind of work in the area that we lived in which is economically devastated. My father commuted and paid the bills on time and never cheated once on my mother...

All my mother had to do was buy groceries...and help somewhat with my Catholic high school tuition...(which was extremely expensive, but they are doing it for God...right! no not really, and the high school treated you like garbage if you did not play football)

Anyways what I am trying to say is that modern day women, especially American women have been brainwashed by this sick,demented culture. TV channels such as Lifetime highly contribute to this sick Illuminati agenda being shoved down our throats every day. 

My mom , I love her and would always help her...but I feel betrayed because she fell for this manipulated culture , being molded into our everyday lives just because a few wealthy degenerative families can keep their monopoly on our credit creation. Henry I had a very nice house, lots of nice land, now I am living in a motel with my father in the middle of the country out in North East Ohio. 

The divorce economically devastated my family, but not my mother. She has her new husband (meal-ticket) and is living in his house and working for him. She just purchased a new car , but the car is registered in her husband's name. So my mother left my dad, my family and is now helping a stranger she did not even know 5 years ago with his car-payments and mortgage. I contribute all of this to the sick demented New World Order . 

Henry, as I said my father was a caring man and he registered my old house in both his name and my mothers...Even though he made all the house payments towards the marriage. But once the divorce came, my mother demanded that my father buy her out, and give her half of what the house is worth, or sell it and give her half...

.She didn't even have the compassion to let my father keep that house and let my siblings and I to always have a place to call home...nope but she has her new house. My mother is basically with a dude she didn't even know 5 years ago that she met on, let my boyhood home go in foreclosure and has ultimately changed the course of my life.

All of my friends, especially close friends have parents that stuck it out and stayed together because they knew that getting divorced would have devastated their children's future both mentally and economically. For instance my best friend Erick, has two loving parents that supported him and through their moral decisions.

 Erick is now able to go to college and have a positive my mother threw away any chance of me going to college, it was more important to her to dump my dad after 31 years of marriage and say to herself ,"YOU ARE TOO CONTROLLING, I AM NO LONGER DEALING WITH YOUR BEHAVIOR". Meaning my father was a old-fashioned man who wasn't going to have a wife who walked all over him while he paid every single bill to support his family. 

My mother was always seeking attention and probably what caused her inflated ego was the manipulated culture she saw on TV,RADIO etc... TV is constantly degrading men and making them look like complete foots, as if they never grew up. For instance the show called Ray Ramono is a great example to show just how stupid and emasculated men are being portrayed as on TV.....Henry I would love to keep writing more about my parents divorce but there is just so much to say that I simply cannot put it all into words. I will make a video for you tommorow and post it on youtube.
In conclusion though Henry, young kids, especially people in their 20's now are being manipulated by this horrific infiltration by the NWO, mostly by their subversion through entertainment and media.

My mom fell for the whole feminist shit agenda, and now my family and I are paying the price...and as for college...forget college, I have the whole internet in my hands with amazing knowledge and articles, in which I can educate my self, rather than pay a over-paid liberal professor a exorbitant salary for spouting the new world order talking points.

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Comments for "Feminism Turned Mom into Monster"

Stan said (July 30, 2013):

Scottie seems a bit confused. He starts of excoriating older men, babyboomer males, for walking away from a rigged craps table. He follows up with writing about how his father committed his life to caring and providing for the family just to have the faithless wife run off with some bubba and destroy the family, the family's wealth, and the children.

Doesn't he realize that these men are most likely burned out and traumatized. Doesn't he realize that these men were the ones who built the wealth of this nation that has been nearly completed dissipated in the past 20 to 30 years? He blames men who are tired, beat up, have had their lives and retirements mostly all stolen. It is the common American male experience among men 55 and above.

Scottie needs to get off his duff and start addressing the system that allowed his faithless and Narcissistic mother to bleed life from everyone else in the family, not demean the men who were victimized by seeing their whole life demeaned and dismissed for a short term sex holiday for his ex-wife with another man.

Scottie, needs to grow up. His mother gave him a bad rap. Get over it. Maybe buy some Viagra and go golf.

Jacqueline in Amsterdam said (July 30, 2013):

Women like Scottie's mom are a disgrace to the "real" female race. As I see it, feminism is a plague, as it tries to change women into selfishly behaving "b*tches making their ex bleed financially.

I have been married once , which marriage sadly ended in a divorce. There was one thing I made very clear. I did not want alimony for myself as I had a job that paid well. Just a small amount in child support, which amount was 67 Dutch guilders which was in dollars in 1982 USD 40.39 each month.

My ex-husband (who sadly died at the age of 35) had the right to start a new life with a new wife without having to worry about money.

These days divorced women get up to 12 years of financial support. There is a discussion going on to lower the number of years they have to be paid. Sometimes a woman who has a very well paying job ,has to pay alimony for her ex husband/partner.

I really don't understand these women. By demanding alimony she, in a way, is still attached to and depending on the ex she so desperately wanted to get rid of. Has she no pride? I'd say "take care of and provide for yourself without depending on anyone but yourself".

Joseph said (July 30, 2013):

I am a 40 year old male and an anomaly, and the reason for that is because I absolutely REFUSE to get divorced once I commit in front of God "for better or worse".

Every single problem we see today concerning crumbling marriage commitments and infidelity can be traced to the loosening of the divorce laws.
At one time, having a judge grant a divorce was beyond difficult, because they understood that it was a covenant with GOD.

The homosexual agenda has made marriage nothing but a business contract.

It's no different than two kids playing house and then calling it quits when cartoons come on the tele.

Getting a divorce today is easier than declaring bankruptcy!(But they're not too different if you think about it)

People might look down upon my mother because she submitted to my father, but she did that because he loved her, and in return she made him feel the strength and vigor needed to spend his best years toiling away at a mundane job so that his family could flourish.

Each day that I age, I realize how lucky I was to learn how to truly love a woman from my father.
I know that one day I will find the right one, but I am willing to wait, because as I said. marriage is forever and it's about time we starting taking that right of passage back from the homosexual community.

Doug said (July 30, 2013):

Vivian pitches the average bullshit sob story about the under appreciated house wife who (mentally, thus emotionally) feels that she is no longer appreciated, who (mentally, thus emotionally) does not feel sexy anymore. Hey Vivian, NO F**KIN' SHIT SHERLOCK!

At 61 years of age, YOU ARE NOT SEXY. And after 31 years of marriage and several children, I would have hoped that the woman would have moved beyond self-centered, emotive reasoning. But apparently not. Instead she acted like a teenager and put her ego ahead of everything else and screwed over her whole family. I'm sure this lady never once considered that her husband, who she believed was "oh so neglecting and non appreciative of me...

I just can't take it John McGrath, give me your manhood and make me feel like a sexy 21 year old again"... sorry for the aside but guaranteed thats how it (she) went down... I'm sure she never took into account that her husband spent the whole of his life sacrificing of himself at a mundane job that he despised to give she and they kids what they desire and as well, what they needed. Did she ever stop and go "hmm, he commutes and hour and a half one way, works for 9 hours, and then drives back an hour and a half... no wonder he's too tired to have sex with my bored, wanton lust-filled ass"?

Dear Vivian, I think not. How dare you try to shame Scottie for this article. He was spot-on the money. She had too much time on her hands and trolled the internet for a new man, like a whore looking for her John. How funny that she found a man named John to sponge off of next. While her husband was busting his ass for her, for them, she was betraying her family!!! When you have a marriage and a family, it is not about you. It's much more than you. And Scottie is right. She watched smut on television, listened to smut on the radio, and the out come was that she made her own life into smut and took her loved ones down with her.

This woman deserves to be exiled like Napoleon. Scottie, fight the good fight and don't listen to this indoctrinated, emotional form of thinking that women fall victim to every day. We have more women than ever at every level of government here in the US and its more screwed up than ever... that is no coincidence.

Mark said (July 30, 2013):

"When I was a child, I used to speak like a child, think like a child, reason like a child; when I became a man, I did away with childish things." 1 Corinthians 13

I understand your Mom took the bait of feminist programming and from what you say, made some bad decisions. But take a look at yourself- complaining that you can’t have a house, your life is ruined because of what your Mom did. Do you have two strong legs? A sound mind? Have you ever thought that maybe your Dad could use some help? 21 years old and in the prime of your health and strength and you say

your Mom threw away your chance of going to school? Really? Go to a community college or technical school or job training program.. . Get some job skills and later on you can buy your own house. Other people do this- many of them worse off than you- and you can do it too. It’s time to stop complaining about being a victim and stand up and be a man- which comes from an inner decision to take control of your destiny whether people understand and support you or not- and they probably won’t…Start where you are. Take your life into your own hands for God’s sake and stop whining

Dan said (July 30, 2013):

I appreciate where Vivian [below] was coming from, suggesting Scottie may have undervalued the housewife role to "all she had to do was buy groceries". But to give Scottie some credit, maybe that's all she actually did contribute. Some women just aren't suited for family life. My hunch is that women that invest a great deal in family are the least likely to pull the plug on it to cash in on community property divorce law.

Vivian said (July 29, 2013):

all my mother had to do was buy groceries...and help somewhat with my Catholic highschool tuition...(which was extremely expensive, but they are doing it for God...right! no not really, and the highschool treated you like garbage if you did not play football) -

Wow, with such little regard with what a wife and mother actually does for her family, no wonder when women hear the false whisperings of recognition and reward from the devil's lips, no wonder she is so easily swayed.

Believe me, I have heard the flip side of why a man cheats or replaces his wife with a younger woman. Its usually the wife becomes the do all behind the scenes(you know like the accounting, NUTRITIOUS meal planning, taxi for the kids, stocking the shelves etc, dinner parties for husbands friends) then he stops seeing her as this hot sexy babe because she has taken the role of care taker and let's face it, most successful men are "asset orientated" meaning the car, the house and etc are things that are bought including trophy wife now that he had the brood mare the first 20 years of marriage.

I would never say this is all men, but a lot of men are guilty of throwing their families away for some a$$.

Please look back and tell me that you see value in what your mom did, even though it wasn't monetary. I see value in my father even though my family and I were threatened on a regular basis, he was a drunkard and abused our pets as a way of breaking us kids and untold weird mental actions of a man who's only emotion was fear and hatred. I hope you grow from your suffering as I did. I grew to be stronger than my father, a fact he loved and hated at the same time.

TJ said (July 29, 2013):

Laughed at the reference to the Lifetime Channel.
In every Lifetime Movie, I guarantee that the woman's going to turn to the man and say, "YOU LIED TO ME!"

Lifetime's basic message to women is that they are the victims of men--and that therefore, as victims, they have a license to do anything they please, just as the young man says.

JG said (July 29, 2013):

This woman has made a bed for herself that she will have to lay in one day.

The man she "hooked up" with is obviously a low life scumbag. What kind of a man would take away another man's wife away from him and his children?

What this woman doesn't understand is that she has already "tagged" herself as a disloyal adulterer. That's why the new car is not in her name.

Once this man's intrigue of this woman has faded away she will be cut loose and there will be no home to go back to.

What a price to pay!

Al Thompson said (July 29, 2013):

I'm 66 years old and went through a similar experience with my wife. My situation was quite a bit different; but I became divorced after 32 years of marriage. That was the worst experience I every had in my life. It is like being cut in two, bleeding profusely, but I didn't die. This is probably why divorce is forbidden under the natural law with the exception of fornication.

Most government and religious systems are basically lies. If you have read Henry's site for any amount of time, you'll realize that most religious and government people are full of crap, but there is hope.

The best thing you can do for yourself is to try to keep your moral standards high, and learn what you need to learn on your own. I wouldn't bother with a college education because all you will learn is even more communist twaddle than you've already been exposed to.

When people like you refuse to go to college, that's less money these communist nwo bastards have to spend in destroying civilization. Stop patronizing their insane movies, don't go to their perverted theaters, and keep your rocket in your pocket until you get married.

One of the best books I've read regarding education is one I reviewed by Aaron Clarey: Worthless I wish I had seen a book like this when I was your age. My view on the subject is that the skills pay the bills, the rest is just a bunch of poppycock. With the advent of the internet, formal education is now obsolete with very few exceptions. Liberals, progressives, and people of their ilk have nothing to teach to anybody. Public education is a dispensary for acute mental diseases.

You just keep supporting your dad and pray for your mom to get a brain. Maybe your parents marriage will be restored.

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