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Ontario Sex "Education" Designed by Pervert?

July 16, 2013

 benjamin levin.jpg(left. Benjamin Levin, Former Deputy Minister of Education in Ontario, charged with child pornography,  released on $100,000 bail)

Child sex abuse is now official government policy.

"Grade 6 kids will be taught masturbation; Grade 7 kids about anal sex, as opposed to vaginal intercourse..."

"He had a hand in drafting sex lessons for children that will destroy the innocence of thousands of Ontario children."

Makow comment"1984" is here - Levin is more proof society has been subverted by a Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) satanic cult. Public schools  now groom children for sexual exploitation. Introducing children to sex before puberty is evil and sick. Even after puberty, "sex ed" is an implied invitation to have sex which requires much more emotional and intellectual maturity . Furthermore, the State has no right to promote premarital sex and homosexuality, which is a developmental disorder.  The public gets up in arms over a small sales tax increase, but remains comatose when their children are mentally abused and warped for life. Has the public been lobotomized?

Children used to be taught the 3 R's - Reading, 'Riting and 'Rithmatic. Now they're taught the 3 P's: Perversion, Pornography and Promiscuity.

by Ezra Levant
(Ezra Edited by

Benjamin Levin, Ontario's former Deputy Minister of Education, has been charged with seven counts of child exploitation, including child pornography.

He hasn't just been charged with possessing images of children being sexually abused.

He's been charged with arranging for sexual offences against a child, making child porn and distributing it to others.

Levin's bail conditions include a ban on his using the Internet except at work -- he's a professor at the University of Toronto.

And he's not allowed to use a cellphone that connects to the Internet or has a camera in it.

There are tens of thousands of civil servants in Ontario and, as a matter of statistical probability, a number will be charged with crimes every year.

But this is different.

The charge of making child pornography is the gravest immorality, perhaps second only to murder. This isn't a shoplifting offence.

And the second factor is what Levin does. At U of T, he teaches teachers how to teach kids. And what he did.

He was deputy minister during the development of the proposed, hyper-sexualized curriculum for Ontario grade schools. Those sex lessons will start in Grade 1 -- when children are barely toilet trained.


Charges of arranging for sexual offences against a child, of being a predator, are horrific in their own right. But how much darker is it that Levin had a hand in drafting the graphic sex lessons for young children?

In our legal system, Levin is innocent until proven guilty. But what about our political system?

We must also ask if changing the Ontario curriculum to bring sex lessons to children of tender years was coloured by Levin's alleged proclivities.

The sex lessons developed when he was deputy minister, include teaching Grade 1 kids -- six-year-old girls and boys -- detailed sexual anatomy and vocabulary.

Eight-year-olds are taught homosexuality -- not just its existence, but its legitimacy as a sexual alternative.

The new curriculum is clear on this. A wide range of sexual preferences are to be taught in an encouraging way, and any resistance -- be it religious, cultural or just a child's squeamishness with such adult subjects -- is to be reformed and corrected by teachers.

Grade 6 kids will be taught masturbation; Grade 7 kids about anal sex, as opposed to vaginal intercourse, in a discussion about abstaining from sexual activity. Not objectively, but in an advocacy model.

This is extreme. Who would force such adult subjects on such young kids? And now the senior bureaucrat who promoted this curriculum is charged with sexually exploiting children.

The reason parents want to protect children as young as six from sexual things is not that parents are anti-sex. It's that there is such a thing as an age of innocence. It's appropriate for adults to know about sex.

There ought to be a debate about when that education happens, and with what degree of explicitness, and with what moral teachings to accompany it. But for God's sake, Grade 1?

We criminalize pedophilia and child pornography, but not adult sex and adult pornography, because we draw a distinction between consenting, mature adults who are wise in the ways of the world, and children who we need to protect from harsh, adult realities.

Levin is accused of violating that innocence in his private life.

The trial will show us the facts.

But we already know the facts about his public life: He had a hand in drafting sex lessons for children that will destroy the innocence of thousands of Ontario children.

This column was written for Sun News July 13 2013.

First Comment from Aisha :

Thank you Henry for focusing on this important issue relating to teaching immorality in public issues. I"m  a Muslim with two small children who is debating whether I should send my child to public school or Islamic school. The fact is , I'm paying for the system, and I'm left with the a threat to basic right as citizen, to send my children to school.  I shouldn't be paying money to schools who are not at par in academics with public schools, so that my children are not taught 'sex-ed' at grade 1 level. 

This is more shocking to know that this is happening in Canada, the country which I thought would protect my cultural and religious rights, and would be a beckon of multiculturalism. Many in Muslims in my community have responded with panic, and have either started homeschooling or sending their children to Islamic schools. Please continue to expose the agenda of [lesbian Premier] Katheleen Wynne, who I believe was also instrumental in bringing this law to Ontario, and who won partly with Muslim votes somehow during her career as MP.  

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Ontario Sex "Education" Designed by Pervert? "

Doug L said (July 18, 2013):

Ontario Sex "Education" Designed by Pervert?

All over the world common, ordinary folks are increasingly subjected to heavy handed or even diabolical treatment by their governance.

Laws and legislation is concocted without any askance of constituents, activities are conducted without input from the theoretical employer--the tax payer. Increasingly fear and intimidation is the vehicle of "out of control" governance.

Constitutions are being ridiculed while legislation oppresses.

Cuffed by Cultural Marxism, Subjugated by Agenda 21 intent, Fleeced by Corruption...

I am thankful you are out there, please keep up the work...

What really happened? Global NWO Marxist/Fascism! That's What!

Elaine said (July 17, 2013):

Aren't all sex education programs in the public schools designed by perverts? I think so.

Art Granda said (July 17, 2013):

The world hasn't gone insane, it's always been that way. The difference now, I believe, is God, in His fury (at mankind's wickedness), has removed His hand of protection from our world, allowing evil to flourish before He comes again. It's that free will thing again, don't cha know. We now see the REAL nature of the world in all it's horribleness, yet we continue to choose the path for ourselves and our families that is most convenient for us, such as public schools, churches that teach blatant error, abortion and other massive wars against the innocents. We complain about mass surveillance, yet we choose to continue the use our phones and internet for the most inane of chatter. We could live within our means and survive quite nicely, but again we choose to take loans from elite bankers that we know are evil so that we can have it all now. The operative word in all this is CHOICE.

Our Creator is extremely upset, and rightly so. How much longer can He stand aside while His beloved children decide freely to wallow in filth?

Please, PLEASE read some from this site .... particularly God's rebuke of the modern world. It has shocked this man to the core, and woken him up rudely.

Mary said (July 16, 2013):

I do not understand how any sane-minded parent would send their child to a public school. In this day and age, you have to forget the public school system. What is wrong with people? Really??? As a young mother, I am planning on homeschooling my little one. There is no way I am letting my child be exposed to a satanic cesspool of filth and sexual perversion. Yet, most people I speak to do not seem to share my concerns....

Adam said (July 16, 2013):

The policy of this man who has been charged with activities that are sexually perverse requires the assistance of teachers to implement it. The policy is repugnant and is an affront to common sense. Are there not enough teachers with common sense who talk to each other and have the guts to refuse to teach this abhorrent policy and unite to demand its removal from the curriculum ? ?

Come on ! What is going on here ??

Tony B said (July 16, 2013):

When I was a school kid we had "hygiene" class but no real sex ed. Yet, when we passed puberty, no one had to explain sex to us. It is just too natural as set up by God. THERE IS NO NEED WHATSOEVER TO TEACH SEX TO ANYONE. How the hell do these idiots think people kept getting married and children born down through the centuries with no schools even, much less sex ed.? What a bunch of manufactured crap the people fall for these days.


They're not teaching sex ed. The 3 R's have been replaced by the three P's--perversion, pornography and promiscuity.


JG said (July 16, 2013):

The assault on Godly Morality continues with the same people as the culprits over and over again.
The Anti God agenda of the NWO is being propagated in the Christian West like never before.
It's philosophy is rooted in their non-orthodox rabbinical teachings that excuses moral corruption in an attempt to overthrow the Divine Order of God.
Was Shakespeare right? Has the devil disguised himself as a Jew?


Tnanks JG

Not this Jew (me). Other Jews play a role but the Devil doesn't discriminate. He wants everyone's soul.


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