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Sex Addiction now is "Normal"

July 22, 2013

brain.jpgAnnals of satanic Social Engineering:

Sex addicts are called "hypersexuals."

Under satanic dispensation, the new
normal is sick. So, don't be a hyperphobic bigot!
Get sick!

What's your LQ? (libido quotient)

by Hugo Vance

The American Medical Association has announced that sex addiction is normal, based on UCLA sex 'study'. 

They're already calling them 'hypersexuals'.  Since they proceed to name Hollywood celebrities as 'hypersexuals' we know where they're taking it.  Hypersexuality is 'cool'. 

Obviously, this is a necessary position for the 'reverse engineering' of social wisdom on homosexuality.   One difference between procreative 'sexual preference' (aka heterosexuality) and homosexuality is that the latter always carries with it sex addiction.

The impetus for 'heterosexuality' is reproduction of the species. As that's biologically impossible for homosexual pathology, the only impetus left for it is sex addiction.

However, they can't admit this because 'addiction' is a disorder, and they can't allow homosexuality to be identified as 'abnormal'.

This is necessary advance work toward 'normalization' of pedophilia.  Hypersexual symptoms in children has been one of the red flags for suspecting child sexual abuse. 

Now they'll say, "I have good news, your child is a sex prodigy!"  From there it follows that children "born this way" have a right to have sex with Uncle Jane and Aunt Butch.


Sex Addiction Does Not Appear To Be A Disorder, UCLA Study Says

sexad.jpgCelebrities Tiger Woods, Russell Brand and David Duchovny all blamed their copious amounts of sex on a disorder: sex addiction.

But UCLA researchers say sex addiction does not appear to be a disorder, according to their study, which appears in the current online edition of the journal Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology.

The study involved 39 men and 13 women who reported having problems controlling their viewing of sexual images. UCLA scientist Nicole Prause and her colleagues monitored the volunteers' brains while showing them erotic images.

"If they indeed suffer from hypersexuality, or sexual addiction, their brain response to visual sexual stimuli could be expected to be higher, in much the same way that the brains of cocaine addicts have been shown to react to images of the drug in other studies," a UC press release on the study explained.

And yet, that did not happen. Instead of being caused by an actual disorder, hypersexuality may be a result of having a high libido, Prause said.

"Potentially, this is an important finding," she said in the press release. "It is the first time scientists have studied the brain responses specifically of people who identify as having hypersexual problems."

Sex addiction reportedly affects 16 million Americans, CBS reports. And yet, the American Psychiatric Association excluded sex addiction as a disorder in the latest edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, the DSM-5.

Prause conceded that her findings are controversial and told CBS in the video above that she doesn't want to discourage people from seeking help, but thinks that so-called sex rehabs should be examined. Sexual Recovery Institute and other similar sex rehabs did not immediately respond to CBS for comment.


First Comment from Dan:

It seems pretty obvious that the reason the sex addicts brains didn't respond to the "visual sexual stimuli"  provided for the test is that it wasn't extreme enough.

Sex addiction, like porn addiction, requires ever greater extremes to 'get off'.  Everybody know that!   Who do they think they're kidding?

Sex addiction is measured by the consequences the compulsion has in the person's life.    For instance, a married man that doesn't tell his wife he 'occasionally' has anal sex with strangers.   Women that drive to meet men for sex over the internet.  MEN that meet women for sex over the internet.
And of course homosexuals.
It's determined by HIGH RISK BEHAVIOR or sexual obsession that affects work, income, normal relations with friends and family.

Here is the definition of sex addiction the UCLA queers who put this test together are determined to erase.

Sexual Addiction Screening Quiz

ps:  Lesbians are a different topic.  Lesbian same sex interest is driven by other reasons:  alienation from men, typically from child abuse by a man, or rape.

Lesbian sex affairs tend to 'peter out' (no pun intended) into "lesbian bed death".  The phrase was coined by a Seattle sociologist.

Organized lesbian feminists have attacked this revelation.  One school of lesbian therapists say that 'bed death' strikes lesbians because "the patriarchy intrudes on woman-to-woman sex and makes women too self-conscious to sustain sexual relationships."  (it's men's fault).

I'm perplexed as to why feminists would want to deny the fact that lesbians aren't motivated by the same dynamics as male homosexuals - which is sex addiction.  But that might be confessing that homosexuality is neurotic at best, and lesbians are stuck with defending their 'brothers' mental hygiene.

It's a Roman farce...

Scruples - the game of moral dillemas

Comments for "Sex Addiction now is "Normal" "

James T said (July 22, 2013):

I do appreciate Vance's remarking on the all-too-unspoken advancement of pedophilia, which is
already quietly being pushed as an "orientation", particularly by psychologists. Consider these two (sick and biased) articles:
-A woman attempts to make an apologetic for pedophiles and pedophilia.

A commenter of 16 remarks that he is one and has done things with a younger girl and "no harm came of it" (It is hoped that Anonymous will
bag him.) and
-even scientific american got in on it. Both patently Revolting!

Also I've noticed that the conditioning that many people have, has been updated, now if anyone mentions pedophilia and homosexuality in
the same sentance or paragraph they automatically switch off their brains, go cognitive dissonance and start letting fly arrows of apologetics for homosexuality (often with insults).

Arno said (July 22, 2013):

The Bible was right.

Sexual attraction is the source of man's bondage to women and the natural world. A man can never be free until he escapes this trap. Women were intended to be helpmates and companions, not rides.

JG said (July 22, 2013):

Sex addiction is another word for "pleasure junkie". Like drugs and alcohol, it relieves stress only temporarily, thats why an addict always has to come back for more. If that's the case than anxiety is the root of addiction.

Robert said (July 22, 2013):

What we are being told here about sexual (non)addiction is just another means of instilling cognitive dissonance, the purpose of which is to confound thinking and consequently paralyze human will operative at the individual level. Through it all is a two-steps-forward-one-step-back progression down the road to complete moral dissolution.

The Supreme Court of Canada accords respectable "sex worker" status to prostitutes, yet when an Alberta MLA recently tried to provide one of these with gainful employment he was publicly shamed and forced to resign from his party caucus. How does a logical mind deal with such inconsistency? Unless it is awake, it will simply jam.

In these times people should always be alert to this relentless program to subvert their rationality and should filter all information to which they are exposed with the question of the effect it is intended to produce on their thinking.

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