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Bernie Farber - Odyssey of a Professional Jew

August 4, 2013

berniecjc.jpgWhen you're a social worker, you don't have many marketable skills...
Nevertheless, Bernie Farber found a comfortable gig as CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress
silencing critics of Organized Jewry.  But in 2011, the Big Boys decided Bernie and his ilk were superfluous and shuttered the CJC (See "Note" below article.)
Happily, as Ezra Levant explains, Bernie landed a job selling his patented Jewish genocide schtick to Canadian Indians in return for valuable hydro rights. 
Thank God for people like Bernie who  fight injustice and champion the underdog.

Genocide as a money-making proposition.

Levant: "Farber swapped out the phrase "Jewish Holocaust" for "Indian genocide" and swapped in "Canadian government" for "Nazis." It's bizarre, it's embarrassing, but it pays the bills."

by Ezra Levant
(Toronto Sun)

Did you know Canada has committed genocide?

Seriously -- like the Holocaust. Canada did that. We're like Nazis.

burnyhomer.jpgAccording to Bernie Farber, that is.

Farber used to be the boss of the now-defunct Canadian Jewish Congress.

Back then, the CJC took the position that the Holocaust was a unique event in recent history, the totalitarian attempt to methodically kill every Jew.

The CJC used to object when people, usually politicians desperate for media attention, would casually compare something to the Holocaust or genocide, or call their opponents Nazis.

The rationale was clear: If anything can be a Holocaust, then the actual Holocaust couldn't have been that bad.

But Farber has broken that rule with a brazenness not often seen outside the freakier fringes of conspiracy theorists.

He has accused Canada of committing genocide against Canadian Indians. Here is a sample of the kookier things he said on the CBC last week:

"(Genocide) is a strong word but it is a word that significantly applies in this matter ... sadly, what we have done meets the test of the UN Convention of genocide.

canadiangenocide.jpg"Killing members of a group, which we have done ... deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part."

Of course it's not true. Canada does not and never has had a policy of exterminating Indians. Genocides don't normally include billions of dollars a year in government grants to the group in question, affirmative action hiring quotas, land reserves and other privileges.

In Canada's 400-year history, there has been some atrocious conduct towards Indians. But there has been atrocious conduct towards all sorts of people in Canada, including wars, massacres and other hallmarks of pre-Enlightenment life.

The French attacked the English. The English attacked the French. Canada invaded the U.S. and burnt the White House to the ground. Women didn't have the vote until less than a century ago. For most men, it wasn't much earlier than that.

But there was never a genocide. Farber actually claims that when European explorers unwittingly brought diseases to the new world, that was part of genocide, too.

Canada is the most gentle, generous country in the world. It's a weird and desperate stretch to call us a country of genocide. Claiming there was a conspiracy to kill all Indians, even 400 years ago, is historical revisionism. It's slander. It's accusing French and English settlers of being proto-Nazis. Who's being the bigot now?

Why would Farber say this? Perhaps an answer lies in what he now does for a living. After the Canadian Jewish Congress was disbanded, Farber ran as a Liberal in the last Ontario election, in a very Jewish riding, and lost.

michaelDan.jpgSo a wealthy Jewish heir, named Michael Dan, left, hired the man the electorate didn't want.

Dan's company, Gemini Power, wants to build power plants on Indian reserves. Good idea. And Farber's job is to lobby Indian chiefs for permission. So Farber does what he knows. He's swapped out the phrase "Jewish Holocaust" for "Indian genocide" and swapped in "Canadian government" for "Nazis." It's bizarre, it's embarrassing, but it pays the bills.

Farber will do well in the Indian Industry. He's had a lifetime of practice, mobilizing the vocabulary of grievance and victimology.

Most Canadian Jews don't view themselves as victims. Statistically, Jews are amongst the most successful people in Canada.

But Farber is peddling anger and blame in a very different place now, where those toxic ideas may well take root. Canadian Indians could use a message of hope, or entrepreneurialism, or education -- the Jewish experience of how a people that was almost wiped out in the Holocaust bounced back and now is successful.

Those are lessons Indians could profit from hearing -- how to get out of a rut, get ahead, and make some money.

Instead, he's bringing a whole new level of extremism to Idle No More.

It's crazy.

But it's also sad.


Note from Wikipedia- In 2011, the renamed Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) assumed the functions of the CJC after an 18-month restructuring process in which the functions of the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canada-Israel Committee, Quebec-Israel Committee, National Jewish Campus Life and the University Outreach Committee were consolidated.[12]

On July 1, 2011, the CJC posted a message on its website declaring that it had halted its activities and that its functions would be assumed by the newly restructured CIJA.[13]

After the process was completed, CJC Ontario region chair Frank Bialystok, claimed that the CJC had not dissolved telling the Canadian Jewish News, "The national executive of Congress is still intact. Mark Freiman is still the president... and I am still chair of Ontario region". He added, "We have no budget so we can't operate. But we own the name. We own the logo. And only we can decide to fold up. Under the terms of our bylaws, only we can determine our replacements. So technically speaking, until there's a regional plenary, I'm still the regional chair. And until there's a national plenary, Mark is still the national president."[13]


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Comments for "Bernie Farber - Odyssey of a Professional Jew "

Robert said (August 5, 2013):

Repeatedly through the day, the SUN News Network that employs Ezra Levant flashes the message that "In order to rule [in politics]. you have to win." Ironically, this centralizing slogan is hammered into the public mind by a broadcaster that insists it is opposed to government interference in people's lives! It's just another blatant attempt to instil cognitive dissonance in a population being barraged with it from every direction.

The reforms we need are ones that will free us all as individuals from being RULED by anyone else.

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