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Coercing Homosexual Consensus

August 17, 2013

lively.jpg(Left, Scott Lively faces legal punishment in the US for his pro-heterosexual activities in Uganda.)

Anyone who recognizes that homosexuality is dysfunctional and socially subversive is swarmed and shamed by Illuminati controlled government & media. This is Communist-style social engineering.

by Richard Evans & Henry Makow

As you may recall Scott Lively, co-author of 'The Pink Swastika' got in the middle of the Uganda flap a few years ago when the forces of the UN and United States targeted Uganda's government for daring to sustain criminalization of fudge-packing in that unfortunate country.  

JudgeMichaelPonsor200w.jpgNow a US district judge (Michael Ponsor, a Clinton appointee and Rhodes scholar, left) has ruled that a (UN propped) Ugandan gay NGO may press charges against Scott Lively for "Aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime against humanity as an international law violations for which the ATS furnishes jurisdiction."

This is getting ugly, and it's going to come to bloodshed eventually, if they keep this up.   Let's be crystal clear about what the Clinton/UN judge is trying to pull here -- he's ruled that the US falls under international law jurisdiction over what we'd call free speech.

 According to the court decision, Scott Lively, a Massachusetts pastor, reportedly traveled to Uganda, spoke out against homosexuality, linked homosexuality to pornography and pedophilia, and assisted government officials with the drafting of anti-homosexuality legislation.

"Widespread, systematic persecution of LGBTI people constitutes a crime against humanity that unquestionably violates international norms," ruled Judge Michael Ponsor. "Aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime against humanity is one of the limited group of international law violations for which the ATS furnishes jurisdiction."


Not a week has gone by all summer that a celebrity or public official hasn't been condemned by the media for "homophobia".

Today it's a San Antonio city councilwoman Elisa Chan. During an off the record meeting someone took an audio recording of her following conversational remarks:

"By the way, this is politically incorrect," she tells her aides. "I don't think homosexual people should do adoption. They should be banned by adoption. You're going to confuse those kids. They should be banned.

"If you wanted to choose that lifestyle, we don't want to discriminate you, but you shouldn't affect the young people," she continues. "How terrible. ... They're going to be confused. You see two men go into a bedroom. You see two women kissing. Is that not confusing? It's confusing."

"It is actually, what you call, suggestive, for the kids to be corrupt, which is against nature. I'm telling you, anything that is against nature is not right."

What's wrong with that?  The message of these Red Chinese style "public shamings" is to show Americans that they can no longer voice their opinion.

Here's the headline: 'San Antonio councilwoman caught on tape making anti-gay rant.' What is more redolent of a police state than people with an ax to grind making secret recordings of private conversations and releasing them to the media which actually broadcasts it?    


Meanwhile the coercion continues every day. Friday a Russia pole vaulter had to backtrack for saying she didn't agree with athletes who protested Russia's ban against gays soliciting children. Does she have no human rights? Isn't she entitled to an opinion? There are many calls for a boycott of the winter Olympic games in Russia. Can't a country preserve its social character even while the West behaves like Gaderene swine?

In Winnipeg Friday, a socialist member of the legislature apologized and was demoted for merely implying an opponent was homosexual.

 An US air force lieutenant was relieved of duty for supporting objections to same-sex marriage.  In California and now New Jersey, gays are banned from seeking therapy. This is draconian.

The Satanists who control Western society have revealed their true occult character by actively promoting homosexual dysfunction. Their total control of the mass media is demonstrated by the fact the media celebrates every gay marriage, protest or victory.
The mass media's function clearly is propaganda-mind control-social engineering. 

 The charge of "homophobia" is a cheap ruse worthy of them. 
We don't care what gays do; we don't want it forced on us and our children.

Just as "Antisemitism" is resistance to NWO domination and destruction, so-called "homophobia" is not "hate" but resistance to homosexuality being forced on heterosexuals.

Luciferians invert good and evil. They make sick appear healthy. People who resist their own destruction are "haters." People who destroy others are "tolerant, modern and progressive."   Similarly, Communists distort truth and smear their opponents.  This tells you who is in charge. The hatred is all coming from the traitorous Illuminati-controlled Western elite.

The satanic bankers and their lackeys disingenuously spin political dissent as "homophobic" to disarm resistance, and will use the same underhanded tactics to force acceptance of pedophilia.   This is all part of the colonization and enslavement of humanity by the occult Jewish and Masonic Money Power.


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Comments for "Coercing Homosexual Consensus "

Wade said (August 19, 2013):

When we speak of the homosexual issue, I see one very critical point being missed.
In thinking about all the people I know I can count on almost less than one hand the
people who are aware of homosexual "BEHAVIORS".

I believe that if the majority of our fellow citizens really knew and understood the incredibly
grotesque behaviors of, in particular, male homosexuals...along with all the health issues they personally deal with and sometimes they spread to innocent people.

I believe the vast majority of our fellow citizens would have a very different view of homosexuals than the politically correct view promoted by our mainstream media.

The real truth about the homosexual it male or female, is taboo, and will get you fired very fast if you work for mainline media. Should these truths be widely known I believe all adoption of children by homosexuals would be quickly it should be.

Keeping the public in the dark and feeding them lies and propaganda, instead of facts and the truth, is the role played by the mainline media whores.

Peter said (August 19, 2013):

Nice one Henry

Tell it like it is.


Did you here about the gaysters campaign to get people to boycott Russian vodka because of Putins stance.

What an Epic fail that's going to be!
I can't think of a better way of telling people you're ok to talk to than ordering Russian vodka in a bar.

Rob said (August 18, 2013):

A disorder is defined as something that inhibits or interferes with a normal function or established system

Mating is defined as the Pairing or joining of members of the opposite sex for the purpose of reproduction

Any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality is a disorder that interferes with the normal function called mating

This simple truth will never be drowned out by the rhetoric of the homosexual lobby

If you are a parent ask yourself if would you like your child to be told that homosexuality is normal When in fact it interferes with normal behaviour

That kind of homosexual propaganda should be outlawed

David said (August 18, 2013):

One of the central planks of the NWO is drastic reduction of world population (cf. Henry Kissinger's characterizing most of humanity as "useless eaters").

What better way to do that than instill the LGBT agenda into Westerners by way of Lively and Chan's persecution, or corrupting children's innocence via the school curriculum? There is more than enough intelligence in mankind to solve the problem of overpopulation, but the NWO focuses solely on war, debt and its own profit.

These people (Judge Ponsor, are worshipers of death hellbent on hastening humanity's extinction.

Dan said (August 18, 2013):

When a city council member can't object to forcing anal sex lessons on children, democratic government is jammed, and there won't be anything left but violence.

I heard a checkout girl at Texas Art store today say to another girl, "they're getting people to chip their pets so we'll think it's okay when they want to chip us. I'm not sticking around, I'll move to mountains".

It makes my day to hear a young person talk like that! A "chip" off the old blocK!

JG said (August 17, 2013):

This new "Illuminati Psy-op" for the promotion and propagation of "Gay and Lesbian Decadence" into the general population is the latest "social virus" being injected into the world population.
This "GLBT Psy-op" has been going on since the MSM public persecution of Anita Bryant, the once "Florida Orange Girl", who spoke out against "gay wrongs" in the late 1970's.

This "sub culture" agenda was successfully neutralized for a while under the Bush/Reagan Era but now has been uncorked and unleashed on the world by the Marxists "powers that be" to pervert the "masses"!

Sandeep said (August 17, 2013):

It is interesting that the West is condemning Russia and other places that ban homosexual promotion when in fact the West established exactly the same laws many many years ago and upheld them until fairly recently in world history, like this one in the UK (it has been repealed in 2001 unfortunately)

It's just another reminder that the West is turning into a degenerate, satanic-driven nightmare while those that lived these horrors or those that want to prevent them from happening are standing up against them and are being attacked by these shills.

Henry Makow received his Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Toronto in 1982. He welcomes your comments at