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"Screw the Judge - I Homeschooled My Children"

August 10, 2013

judge12.jpg(Left. Judge fined Bernard $50 for every day he home-schooled his children.)

"Screw him.  I moved.  I moved every September and tried to find a rental in the old business section of whatever new town where no damned busy bodies would turn me in again."

by Bernard

Anytime someone bitches about the schools I immediately suggest they home school their kids.  Most of today's selfish, spoiled mothers want the "free" babysitter, never mind that the education-empire taxes citizens much more than all other taxes combined.  Talk about paying through the nose to have your kids alienated from you and otherwise mentally, emotionally and spiritually destroyed!

I kept my own kids out of school everywhere I could and  home schooled them when it was a jail-able offense.  An older brother turned me in to the "authorities" and I had to go to court.  My day in court was to have an arrogant Baltimore judge (Jewish) cut off my first word in my defense with his viciously shouted: "There is no reason for your kids not being in school.  If they are not immediately enrolled you go to jail and will be fined $100 every day they are not there."  That was my "hearing."  This was in the days when $50 per week was good pay on which to raise your whole family.  Most people earned less.

Screw him.  I moved.  I moved every September and tried to find a rental in the old business section of whatever new town where no damned busy bodies would turn me in again.  That alone was a great geography course for my kids.  Consequently, due to not being in government hell hole prisons as children, they have turned out to be very self-sufficient, two of three raising big families - 8 kids and 6 kids, and those who are already grown and working are very successful.  Everyone of those grandkids was/is home schooled and the great grandkids will be also.  They are happy and socially well rounded people.

Parents who whine that they don't have the expertise to home school are just too damned lazy or else whimped out.  Home schooling is so easy, especially in this day of the Internet, that anyone can do it well. 

Don't believe the "professional educators" who have a vested interest in making it appear that they are driven, hard pressed, miracle workers with your kids (while they destroy them).  I work in a school.  Most teachers today are shallow-minded, union-oriented twits who couldn't hold down a real job.  Too many of them love to lord it over someone else's kids and all of them play favorites.  Practically always some girl.  Boys are considered criminals and the women "teachers" all want them on numbing drugs.

I raised my kids without their mother but still found it easy to home school them.  Actually, once I taught them to read phonetically - instead of the government school anti-reading, look-say, bull shit, they pretty much taught themselves, as any kids will if given the chance. 

What we had in those days were dictionaries and encyclopedias, which they learned in no time to use well.  That alone shows why home schooled kids are in constant demand by some of the best universities in the country.  They are practically the ONLY upcoming kids with great work habits and properly developed personalities.  Corporations soak them up too.  They know they are getting a bargain and they won't have to spend time and money to educate such new employees to the simplest duties.

The answer to the criminal schools is the same as the answer to the criminal banks.  Stop using their "convenience," don't give them your business, and they will shortly dry up and close their doors. 

Why abet their criminality?  That makes you a contributor to your own or your own kids' destruction.

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First Comment from Richard:

My grandmother was a cotton farmer's daughter born in 1909 in Missouri.  In farm country, most counties didn't enforce compulsory education after the 3rd grade - by then the child had learned the '3 R's'  "reading, writing, and 'rithmetic".(arithmetic) ,   In the old days farmers relied on large families to work together. Just like in the Genesis stories.

When she turned nine years old, her father told she'd had enough schooling and was needed to take her place with the family collecting the harvest and all the other necessary chores.  But it was 1918, and the county sent out a "truant officer" when she didn't show up for school.

She remembered her father telling the officer, "She's done learned her reading, writing, and 'rithmetic. I need her this year."  She was present because her family had been picking cotton since sunup.

The truant officer and her 'pa' knew each other. Everybody did in the small towns back then.  He said, "Listen Doc, the government says from now on all children have to be in school.  Now if she's not at the school house tomorrow I'm gonna have to come back with the Sheriff to take ya to jail".

Today we automatically take this story as a great victory for freedom and liberation..  Victory over stupidity.  The feminist inclined would say a victory over Patriarchy.  But there's more to the story.  Her family was shorthanded when the children were in school.  It put them under hardship.   The men started drinking too much and became permanent alcoholics.  The girls came home from school wanting "city things".  What they saw in the "Saturday picture show" made it worse.  They fell into daydreaming all the time about moving to the big city and becoming famous movie stars or marrying millionaires.

As they graduated, the family broke up.  Her mother sank into depression and died in her 50's.

Decades passed. My grandmother and her sisters moved off to cities and married ordinary men and had smaller families. They all ended up working ordinary non-glamorous jobs to make ends meet.  

When they all grew old, the happiest of them with no regrets was the oldest sister that had married a farmer in the hometown and stayed there the rest of her life, on the farm.    The bare cold fact is that they spent their lives working for companies owned by big shot Freemasons or the government, instead of putting their labor and allegiance back into the family and clan.

In Biblical terms I see it now as the equivalent of selling their birthright for a bowl of beans.

Comments for ""Screw the Judge - I Homeschooled My Children" "

Lisa said (August 11, 2013):

Thank you for a man’s view on homeschooling. As a mom that started homeschooling over 13 years ago, it amazes me that our government *still* thinks they can tell us what we can do with our offspring.

In a past conversation I remember challenging someone who supported giving their kids over to the schools that one day they (government) would start registering females when they begin their periods. In this day and age that does not seem like a far-fetched statement.

I applaud Bernard for his dedication to his children and to their mental and spiritual well being. He is creating a chain reaction that will go far beyond his site and leave a legacy of one man. To say dead men tell no tales is foolish to believe. They leave a trail into the future of generations in which they touch.

My children 21, 14 and 7 all want to homeschool their children. In fact my oldest was told by a stranger to never have more than one kid. They are a headache. To which my daughter replied, “Oh? I plan on having 8 or 9.” She was 16 at the time this person told her such a thing. I remember laughing at my daughter’s witty but heart truth fact of what she wanted for her life.

This was enjoyable to read on a Sunday afternoon.

Ann said (August 11, 2013):

About the home schooling article. My husband and I are home schooling our child. I do not work, because my husband provides properly. I do not understand mother's that willingly choose to put their children in school if they have the option to be home with them and teach them. I would be so worried about my child with other children and strange adults among him.

I do not understand how any mother can be away from her children. This is a failure in humanity and motherhood. Years ago when people would ask my child if he was "ready to start going to school?" I would quietly tell them I am not sending him to school because I don't want my child to be shot in school. Then Sandy Hook happened, among many other public school horrors.

Thanks for the article.

Hans said (August 11, 2013):

In Germany, 11-year olds had to describe and to colour in drawings of genitalia in class. Eight six-graders fainted, six of them reqired hospital treatment.

Something which had been considered child abuse in past generations is now part of education.

Public education in a satanic society must consequently be considered as satanic education.

John said (August 11, 2013):

Al Thompson's comment [below], "The separation of the child from their parents at an early age is an abomination," reminded me of a personal observation.

I haven't raised kids, but from what I've seen, most 4 year old children are unabashed, confident, and outspoken, and kindergarten destroys this somehow, which is another abomination.

It's also an abomination that public schooling occupies a kid for 13 years, and never addresses their own personal (and God-given) interests, abilities, and natural talents.

An example: If a kid has a natural fascination with rocks and minerals, it will not be until 8th grade in earth science class there will be any teaching beyond merely learning what sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous means. Then it will not be until college they can learn anymore. And this with a heavy poisoning of science-so-falsely called, evolution.

At ages where kids can soak in knowledge like a sponge, schools are squeezing them through a one-size-fits-all mold, and squandering their potential. They shouldn't have to wait years and years to explore their interests and be given advanced instruction.

That alone is pretty damning of the current education system.

Al Thompson said (August 10, 2013):

Bernard did a great job in homeschooling his children. Homeschooling is the best way to make sure the children are brought up with the proper morals and work ethic. They don't always come out just perfect, but at least they are productive.

I had my younger son in 5th grade and the parents were asked to come in and look at the progress of the students. The teacher showed me the paper my son wrote. A lot of the questions were framed so that a lot of personal information was disclosed by the students: i.e. How many guns did your family have in the house? Is your family Republican or Democrat? But the worst part about the paper is that my son's grammar and punctuation was almost none existent. His sentences were run together and there were no capital letters at the beginning of the sentences. I got pissed and asked the teacher what in the hell was he teaching since my son's paper was a complete mess. The teacher actually told me that he didn't want to interfere with his "creativity" by teaching him proper grammar and punctuation.

Then my son told me: "Dad, I must be stupid." I told him he wasn't stupid and I would fix the problem. I pulled him out of school and hired a teacher to help him learn proper English. After just a few weeks, he was ahead of his grade level in reading and writing. He eventually went on to complete a college degree and is currently working at a very good job.

His former teacher actually asked me if I had a opening at my company so that he (the teacher) could work. I couldn't believe it. If he could do such a crappy job with my son, I couldn't imagine the damage he could do in my company.

I have a firm belief that any parent who allows their children to go to public or private school is insane. Taking a child away from the family at such an early age and then leaving them there with a bunch of psychos as if they were in prison is completely crack-brain.

And the colleges and universities are nothing more than self-inflicted mental retardation centers and their value versus expense doesn't make any sense.

The problem is that the state is always promoting their luciferian agenda and they are a part of the false god of the "new world order." It is best to preserve the mind of your child to more wholesome subjects and teach the children skills that they can bring into the marketplace.

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